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  1. 120 days in advance of the game is today
  2. 6 of us staying in Bologna interested in a bus if anyone is running one/ has space on one.
  3. No he didn't attend in the end, i did wonder why there were loads of people handing out anti-facists leaflets. Was a bit preoccupied with the draw while walking to the ground on Sunday.
  4. Maybe stop the late kick offs, don’t remember too much Edinburgh derby trouble with the lunchtime ones but the last 4 or 5 have all been evening ones and seem to be a lot worse. the next one is scheduled for 17:30 on a Saturday night down at Easter Road, what could possibly go wrong
  5. No he wasn’t there last night, said he would rather go guising with Mrs Hannibal after Sunday and all the incidents around the ground on Sunday. Shitebag 😂
  6. Unfortunately so, since the singing section were formed at the start of the season it seems the amount of idiots in the hearts support have increased dramatically. I’m sure she will come out with one this week, she loves a statement. I would have argued with your second point last season, but not now, hopefully swift action is taken.
  7. I did laugh 10 minutes before kick off a Hibs fan ran on the track. Got to section G gave it the big come on And got into the Wheatfield and threw a few punches. Stewards grabbed him and a Hearts fan ran onto the track and punched him in the face. This was following by multiple smoke bombs being thrown. Its been years since someone got huckled like that, arm up the back then doing the original walk of shame along the front of the Wheatfield.
  8. they showed a replay of that on the big screen while Lustig was getting treatment which increased the abuse the Hearts fans were giving Collum. they didn't show any replays after that
  9. Don't think either set of fans did themselves any favours yesterday, some of the behaviour on the way to, during and after the game was horrendous, not quite sure how so many people managed to get so tanked up on drink by midday. The hello hello brigade were probably the same ones who were chucking their scarves onto the pitch after the third went in, absolute embarrassment to the club. spot on, wasn't that fussed either way in the Hampden/Murrayfield decision but having seen the chaos not only getting to the game (over the Forth Bridge) and getting home again i am glad its Hampden.
  10. Hearts ticket sales have sneaked over the 29k mark so heading for a crowd well over 60k which is tremendous. Probably would have sold out had the club not limited sales to anyone with a purchase history. How are the ticket sales for the other semi? Assume we will be over 100k between the two semis which is great.
  11. think its £32 and £30 for the top section and lower section which are gold and bronze for category A games £28 and £20 for category B games. going by that my season ticket at £340 for me and £55 for the kids in the wheatfield was good value.
  12. That will be Section M of the Roseburn. only section H&J of the Roseburn are on sale to Hearts fans at the moment so there is the potential for more tickets for Killie in sections K&L. the prices at Tynecastle are a bit ridiculous this season.
  13. Aye good to see him back after his injuries, he played very well and moved the ball about nicely. Morrison had another good game on the right side,
  14. Hope so, a win tonight and the fact its pay day for most people this week should hopefully shift the remaining tickets
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