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  1. Having watched Craig Gordon pretty much every week during both spells at Hearts i think he is playing as well as i have ever seen him. I would certainly put him in the top three with Goram and Leighton.
  2. I have my contacts. The way everyone was talking was all the tickets would be hoovered up by the people on high points regardless of whether they would be going or not given the price. less than 400 of the 460 tickets have been bought by the 918 people on 20 points and above to date.
  3. Still plenty available for 22 pointers, given there are 638 on 22 and above maybe harvesting isn't the issue some of you believe.
  4. I wouldn't, he was awful in the period between injuries this season, the fact we have looked a lot more solid since Dikamona has replaced him says a lot. Was genuinely excited about a back 4 at Hearts of Smith, Halkett, Souttar and Hickey at the start of the season, Souttar and Halkett along with Berra are a big part of the reason we are in the current mess.
  5. it was on the Tartan Army facebook page. Its wasn't the SSC, it was the SFA.
  6. indeed, i was speaking to him on Friday as well. Only been back to one game since after being a regular for 25 years.
  7. but your membership doesn't expire until 31/12/19 so it is still valid till then surely?
  8. I do rate Souttar highly, has come on massively since he first arrived, there were a lot of clubs looking at him in the summer and if it wasn't for injuries he would be been sold already. To be fair Halkett has only played around 10 games for Hearts and has had to play alongside Smith, Dikamona, Berra, Souttar and Hickey at centre half because of our ridiculous injury list. However, from what i have seen so far, he reminds me of Souttar a couple of years ago in as much as he takes risks and tries to play football in areas where he shouldn't be which has cost us. Looking forward to seeing a hearts back 4 of Smith, Souttar, Halkett and Hickey if we can ever get them all fit at the same time. If Souttar can get fit and have a good second half to the season i reckon both him and Hickey will be off down south in the summer for decent money.
  9. Certainly a far better defender than Halkett and sadly now Berra. Supposedly back in January after yet another setback.
  10. You wouldn't take a shot with Hickey or Porteous but you would with Paterson? As much as i love Paterson he ain't a defender, he was good in the Championship season for Hearts when he wasn't exposed but was found wanting when we played the bigger teams and the same has happened in his few appearances for Scotland. My first choice would be Tierney, McKenna, Souttar and Robertson but then Souttar isn't going to be playing much football anytime soon so i really don't know. From what i have seen from Halkett so far at Hearts he is isn't the answer either. Hickey is such an exciting talent, one of the few bright spots in a pretty disappointing 2019 being a Hearts fan. He has played all across the back 4 in the last 6 months and has looked comfortable wherever he has played, he is going to be a big player for Scotland in the future so be as well getting him involved for the next set of games.
  11. cheers Davy, that's the money sent across
  12. Can i get 5 seats on this trip please Davy?
  13. 120 days in advance of the game is today
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