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  1. hannibal smith

    league cup

    Hearts have now sold over 23k for the semi.
  2. hannibal smith

    league cup

    Think we will sell over 25k, assume Celtic would be the same. Be disappointed if it was less than 50k anyway.
  3. Yeah our prices for home and away fans are ridiculous this season
  4. hannibal smith

    league cup

    Hearts have done the same for their game at Murrayfield, started selling from the halfway line on both sides, sold around 18,000 so far from the season ticket plus one sales. General sale starts tomorrow.
  5. hannibal smith

    Nations League

    No I don’t, the draw for the groups is December 2018, the draw for the play offs is November 2019.
  6. hannibal smith

    Nations League

    One thing i have been trying to get my head around is how they allocate the play off places from the other groups after next years qualification process. There will be 20 teams qualify through the normal process next year which, say for example, are all 12 teams in League A and 8 teams in League B. As there is a play off for League A, B, C and D would the 4 League A slots filter down to League B and so on for League C? So assuming there are no major upsets in the main qualifications the top 8 raked teams in group C are all guaranteed a play off in March 2020 at least?
  7. hannibal smith

    Time for Eck to go already!

    I would agree Clarke before any of them but I would much prefer a foreigner.
  8. hannibal smith

    Nations League

    Aye sorry I meant March 2020.
  9. hannibal smith

    Nations League

    Looking ahead to the nations league play offs should we win the group and not qualify through the normal route, it appears according to Wikipedia (I know) that the draw will take place in November 2019 for the games in March 2019 and of the 4 teams in the hat the two with the best record get to play their semi final at home and there will be a toss of the coin following the semi final draw to decide which semi finalist will play at home in the final.
  10. hannibal smith

    league cup

    Suppose the SPFL may think they will get higher overall attendances with playing the Hearts v Celtic at Murrayfield and Rangers V Aberdeen at Hampden.
  11. hannibal smith

    league cup

    A lot more of the current Celtic team have played at Murrayfield than the hearts team.
  12. hannibal smith

    league cup

    Hearts v Celtic 1.30 at Murrayfield Rangers V Aberdeen 4-30 at Hampden
  13. hannibal smith

    league cup

    one of 11 League semi finals not played at Hampden in the last 15 years.
  14. hannibal smith

    league cup

    They could move the Hearts v Hibs and Dundee v Celtic league games from the 31st to the 27th and 28th and then have the Hearts v Celtic semi on the Wednesday 31st at Hampden. Neither Hibs or Dundee have a game scheduled now on the weekend of the 27th.
  15. hannibal smith

    St Johnstone

    Ah did you catch up with Garvie