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  1. hannibal smith

    Berra Out for 6 Months

    Since Souttar came back from injury last season he has been excellent alongside Berra. Be interesting to see how he fares in Berra’s absence having taken on the armband. Still only 21 but seems to have cut out the brain farts that he was prone to in his teens.
  2. hannibal smith

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Absolutely, no danger Brown was getting a ban and potentially missing the old firm game
  3. hannibal smith

    Nations League

    If we qualify through that route the ticket situation will be interesting !!!!!
  4. hannibal smith

    Hearts v Celtic

    Think he had to withdraw from the Peru and Mexico squad due to injury, he hasn’t had much luck over the last 12 months. He will be a regular soon, tremendous talent
  5. hannibal smith

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Good to hear, think he will do very well down there.
  6. hannibal smith

    Hearts v Celtic

    Enjoyed that. Thought Souttar was excellent today, especially when Berra went off. Hard to believe he is still only 21
  7. hannibal smith


    £22 for us in the away end at Killie in a few weeks time.
  8. hannibal smith

    Davy Bus - TEL AVIV to Sammy Ofer Stadium, HAIFA

    thanks davy, i have sent the money across
  9. hannibal smith


    22 quid for behind the goal at Hamilton at the weekend. Prices are fine
  10. hannibal smith

    Davy Bus - TEL AVIV to Sammy Ofer Stadium, HAIFA

    Hi Davy, could you put me down for 4 seats please and I will transfer the cash? Thanks, Ally
  11. hannibal smith


    Now you mention it I do recall him saying that, you could then imagine my surprise when I saw pictures on Facebook of Mr Ormond at the game 😂
  12. hannibal smith

    league cup

    we are £18 and £5 at Dunfermline. games at Tynecastle in the groups were £15 and £5 and up at Cove it was £10 and £5.
  13. hannibal smith


    Did you not pay £88 for a friendly a few months ago? 😏 £80 for the 4 games isn’t bad at all.
  14. hannibal smith

    league cup

    Just as well you have that 5 goal lead !!!
  15. hannibal smith

    Seaon ticket sales

    think Hearts are over the 12,000 now, will be doing well to match last years total after the season we had.