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  1. Whats the deal here if we do qualify? Do we get tickets for the Home and Away team anyway? So that SFA will get a small % of hampden in any case?
  2. Hi Davy Can I book 4 on the bus please. Payment sent there ref username on here. Thanks again for the service!
  3. Do we get a refund if we selected Special Delivery then?
  4. Also just made payment for 6 seats under username. Thanks
  5. Hi Davy, If there anymore seats left I would like to book 6 seats please. Thanks
  6. Might be of interest... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2135761/peru-scotland-ricardo-gareca-sfa/
  7. Some of the south stand upper now available for purchase.
  8. Anyone know where our official alloction sections were?
  9. Aye fingers crossed. Was there last week and went in home end but that was different story as their FA were encouraging it! Jeans and t-shirt might be way forward
  10. Currently sitting on 2 points and travelling over regardless. Do not like the warning not to buy home end tickets. Slim chance that there will be enough going to 2 points though!
  11. I have 1 spare home end ticket available in section RD. I can email the PDF or arrange collection if preferable. The ticket was €30 but open to offers rather than having an empty seat that could go to someone.
  12. Not sure why the £35 tickets would be in the top tier? That info has all the away section in the bottom tier.
  13. Bought 6 at £35 no issues. No indication of where the tickets are for but going by the seating plans posted on other thread likely behind goal.
  14. I think it was Mcleish first game in charge against Georgia at home. Big Craig Beattie with last minute shinned winner i Think.
  15. Just a quick update on this. I know have 4 tickets left for sale in the Malta section with the rest of the Scotland fans. These are all together I can also email a pdf of the tickets to print out as they are only paper tickets and you can print out yourself. (I reckon cheapskate Malta FA saving on postage to scotland). If you have paypal payment can be done through there. PM for details.
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