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  1. On basis that all players are fit and a reflection of Clarke's perceived preferences I'd think the team will be as follows; Marshall, Palmer/ Cooper/Tierney/ Robertson ( C). Christie/ Mc Ginn/Mc Gregor ( VC)/Mc Tominay/ Forrest. Griffiths. Subs; Mc Laughlin ( G), Hanley/ Mc Kenna ( Def) Fraser/ Jack ( MF). Burke/ Naismith. Several squad players might edge in such as Findlay, Gallagher, Taylor, Mc Lean, Fleck, Shankland and Mc Burnie. Also Souttar who if he can get a 2 months or so injury free period could return to a starting position at right central defence. As for Alan Mc Gregor . Would be great if he returns but I can't see it. Interesting few months upcoming.
  2. Apologies if I've dismissed Cooper but I seem to recollect that many Leeds fans felt he was very prone to costly mistakes not least in the play off match against Derby last season. Would be delighted if this was no longer the case. Certainly Clarke appears to rate him.
  3. This is the biggie as the other parts of the team will I'm sure sort themselves out by March or we will have adequate cover. Methinks for all his failings Mc Kenna will get the nod for left central defence------ tho according to Darren Jackson in a Q and A last night he feels Clarke will select Tierney. As for right central defence. Based not on my preference but on Clarke's comments and inferences I feel it's between Cooper who he seems to like or Hanley due to his experience. In the continued absence of Souttar my preference remains Mulgrew albeit his skills are waning with age. Beyond him I would plump for Gallagher for his composure, heading ability and distribution. Closely followed by Findlay who I feel would keep things simple by playing to his strengths. Hanley is a no no as he gives me the fear when on the ball and when tackling. Cooper meantime just doesn't seem to even have the support of his club fans. Would be great if we could arrest the ageing process and bring back a Dave Narey or even more recently a Colin Calderwood🤔
  4. So he has decided to call time on his international career!!! No loss whatsoever imho. He represents the worst example of picking and choosing his national games whilst continuing to play for his club side. I still seethe at his decision to pull out of the Slovakia/ Slovenia double header " as a precaution" but still managed to play for Newcastle a few days later. My seethe worsens as I believe he could easily have been the difference in getting us to the play offs rather than drawing against the Slovenes. On separate point I do hope the ' press' report that Clarke asked him to come back is pish. For all that I appreciate Clarke should look at all possible options to improve the squad, any approach to a character like Ritchie would lessen my regard for the manager. If we get to EURO 2020 I wonder if Ritchie may reconsider🤔
  5. Prepared to accept if Paterson is overlooked this time that this will either be due to him not wanting to be selected or a a fall out with Clarke. Gallagher should I feel be included. More so if Mulgrew and Findlay miss out. Surely he is ahead of Devlin.
  6. Noticed he wasn't on subs bench on Sunday. Anybody know if he was injured?
  7. Anybody know what the official attendance was on Thursday?
  8. " Next doors dug" Don't agree. He disny track back. Get him to the vet.
  9. Big Dec might not be Maldini but ask any Motherwell or Livingston fan tonight and they will tell you his call up is much deserved. We are all proud of you.
  10. marinello


    Hear a lot about our selection problems at right back and striker. Am I missing something as surely Paterson now that he is back fit can be considered for either positions. IMO he has never let us down and should at least be in the squad.
  11. Not sure. He is on loan to Alaves but is yet to play ( even as a sub!!)
  12. Yup, feeling sore. Remember though that we have just lost to the best in world and the WC quarter finalists. That's what can happen to a 47 th ranked team!! As for the revisionists re Strachan and Mc Leish. C' Mon get a grip. Strachan with his very increasingly odd selections and plain stupid statements was a busted flush. Mc Leish was clearly not cutting it. Getting to Nation's League doesn't disguise this IMO as the opposition were truly low grade. Qualification was the least tone expected and even then we fell over the line. The future is promising. The manager is sound. As for the squad we know we are strong enough in midfield to dominate the team's we are likely to face. Goalie will do. Defence and attack need attended and will be under Clarke; Defence; Centre backs to be drawn from Mc Kenna, Souttar, Mulgrew and Halkett. Cooper and perhaps Lindsay or indeed Gallagher at Motherwell as back ups. Then there is Tierney who could ( and has) played left centre back. These I feel are all promising options. As for RB we have IMO Paterson who is now fit. Back ups could be O'Donnell and again Tierney. ( If Mc Grain could switch Tierney could do likewise). Strikers. Got to get Griff back with back up provided by Naisy who I feel has enough petrol left in tank to hurt the standard of opposition to be faced in March. Fletcher too if he is still available? What was outcome of his chat with Clarke? Snoddy is also a consideration as are Russell and Phillips who last night never stopped trying. As for Mc Burnie. No. Having endured first hand his ' efforts' in Astana and last Friday he surely shows the absurdity of the English transfer system. 20million---- God help us all. There are solid grounds for hope. Just need a lot of factors to fall into place at same time. BELIEVE.
  13. I'm surprised now he is back fit ( he is playing tonight from start ) that Paterson of Cardiff is not in squad. Whilst not the greatest player I feel he offers variety in so far as he can play defence, midfield and attack.
  14. Appologies if covered elsewhere but when is the announcement made.
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