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  1. No one taking anything for granted but this Kazakhstan team are nothing like as good as Georgia was then or now.
  2. Like a combination of a theme park and the back lot in Hollywood. Dripping money and today about to change its name after the parliament decided to name the place after the president who resigned after 30+ years in office. People are brand new and clearly intrigued by the TA' s form of dress and daftness. Very cold as in it would cut the face off you!!
  3. Was up at Astana Arena today. Got speaking to Kazakhstan press officer who said they will be without their captain . They will also have their best midfielder unavailable. Nice to know it's not just us who lose players. Btw they feel their best hope is a draw.
  4. Just hope this doesn't resemble the Matt Ritchie situation before our Slovakia/Slovenia double header when his reason for pulling out the squad was " precautionary" !!! Ritchie then of course played for his club team on the next available opportunity 😠 I still seethe about Ritchie as he could easily have been the difference in getting us to the play offs.
  5. Spoke to SFA today who said our allocation has now been taken up in full. I'm still looking for a ticket. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Posted elsewhere but if anyone has an extra match ticket for Kazakhstan ( away) I'd be very happy to take it off your hands. Will be happy to visit for pick up.
  7. Anyone got an extra ticket. Happy to visit owner for pick up.
  8. Wee bit off topic but anyone know what the official attendance was at the Albania game on Saturday?
  9. Just looking at the Portugal programme from just over 1 month ago. Amazing that out of the 21 players listed a total of 10 are unavailable this time around. This figure does not include Griffiths, Jack , Devlin or Ritchie!!!! Either Mc Leish is incredibly unlucky or perhaps his players are at odds with him.
  10. I appreciate the picture is looking brighter with the form of Mc Kenna and Hendry plus the experience of Mulgrew. But with question marks hanging over Hanley, Martin, Souttar , Berra and Lindsay I dont think it would be unreasonable for Mc Leish to be looking at Tom Aldred of Motherwell for the games in May/June. His attributes centre on his no nonsense approach and solid dependability which have been vital to Motherwell`s recovery since he came up from Bury in January. Add to this he is only 27. BTW before anyone questions his Scottish credentials please note that his mum is Scottish. He is worth a shout I feel.
  11. Was at Croatia`s WC Play Off home match against Greece on Thursday past. Met with Dejan who is the secretary of the Croatian TA . Sporting his kilt and other Scottish paraphernalia he asked that his regards be passed to all troops. Also met up with other Croatian fans. All of them take a keen interest in Scotland and were very disappointed re Slovenia game. Their hospitality was something else. As for Greece game. Croatia won in canter . Greece are hopeless. I`m sure we would have given the Croats a better game.
  12. His comments on this matter should be added to the list of stupid comments he has made over the years. Ranging from his statement in recent times that his players struggled with simple passing to his castigation of a female journalist that she should stick to child birth he really is an unlikeable guy. Tries to pass himself off as being smart when in reality he isn`t. His only defence is that he seems to say these things when he is under pressure. If he could just stay away from a microphone or ensure that he only speaks from a script prepared by someone with a degree of basic tact then I could stomach him staying. The players seem to like him.
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