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  1. It does make some sense from the point of view that the SNP would be seen to be helping England get what they voted for - champions of democracy and all that. What he's overlooking is how that'd be perceived up here, especially by a salivating MSM that still bring up 1979 whenever they can. The SNP should never fall into the trap of siding with a tit like Johnson.
  2. Therein lies the problem. You could make headguards compulsory, but if you take away the risk of serious injury/death then that'll lessen boxing's appeal to many (sadly). Maybe one way would be where someone is so far behind at the halfway point that the ref calls a halt as there'd be little point in continuing. Also stop this nonsense of feeding an up-and-coming prospect a steady stream of easy opponents to build his record up, some of whom take the fight at very short notice. As I said, I used to be a fight fan. Just not sure how you can justify it in this day and age.
  3. No. The object of F1 isn't to maim or injure someone.
  4. I didn't know that. TBH I wouldn't blame him for being pissed off at that. It wouldn't surprise me if there are some within the SNP that are a bit jealous of what he's done with his site, taking it from nothing to being a major platform for the Yes side. I don't know the guy and have only heard the same about his persona as everyone else but there's no doubt he was a major asset in the run-up to the first referendum. Hopefully he can get back to the forensic analysis he does best. He was brilliant at that and often made me wonder why the SNP weren't doing it instead of meekly accepting all the p*sh from the MSM.
  5. Check the Treaty of the Union. Been breached enough times. Hope you're right although they'd then likely render it so toothless that there'd be no point having one.
  6. Not a cat in hell's chance he's a unionist plant. Look at his Wee Blue Book last time round. Many Yes folk reckoned if it had arrived quicker it might've made the difference. He has gone off the rails a bit though. We need him back to his best, debunking unionist lies rather than fighting with everybody supposedly on his side,.
  7. It'll all be immaterial anyway when the Tories shut down Holyrood.
  8. After yet another senseless ring death, can this "sport" be justified any longer? Why despite advances in medical procedures and safety precautions are so many boxers still being killed or left seriously impaired? Is it a simple stats thing, i.e. more fights therefore more risks of accidents? Or, and I sincerely hope it's not the case, are some fights going on too long as boxing needs to be seen to compete with the (arguably) more exciting and dangerous UFC? When Chris Eubank Jr's father and trainer is telling him to "aim for the body" cos his opponent was in an obvious bad way, why was the referee letting things go on? Not that long ago in Edinburgh a young guy was hospitalised after the crowd were even shouting at the ref to stop things. In this latest tragedy, boxer Patrick Day was "a mile behind" in his fight going into the final round. Why let him continue then? Maybe cos every boxer has "a puncher's chance"? Boxing lets some nobodies become somebodies and escape a life of crime and poverty, but shouldn't society be evolving to the level where other choices should be open to these young folk? Nobody should be earning a living by getting their head pounded. There's an argument that it'll just go underground where there'll be less medical procedures in place, but there's ALREADY a thriving underground scene. There'll always be a public willing to pay to watch 2 guys knock 7 bells out each other. I used to be a boxing fan, back in the days of Hagler, Hearns, Leonard, etc. You can't justify this any longer though. It's not a sport. You can play tennis, rugby, fitba, etc., but you can't "play" boxing. Time for it to go IMO.
  9. I don't think your San Marino analysis is very fair tbh. We won the game 6-0, a higher scoreline than we've achieved at Hampden in all our previous encounters with them, even with far better players. If the conditions hadn't become as farcical in the 2nd half I reckon we'd have matched Russia's and Belgium's totals against them as well. BTW, I'd say that's the best I've ever seen San Marino play in Glasgow as on all their previous visits they've been far, far worse, seldom coming further than 40 yards from their own goal. Not getting carried away, but credit where credit's due.
  10. What happened? I was too busy swearing at the ref for missing the obvious last man foul on the halfway line. Next thing I see we've got a free kick just outside the box!
  11. Aye, "the Clown!" I remember him with great affection. Some performance. To me it was more exciting watching fitba on the telly back then. Highlights programmes were always a big thing. Even European games you could only get on the highlights. Some bstrd always told you the score though! I even remember having to look at the paper in the morning to see if Celtic had gone through in the European Cup the night before. Benfica they were playing - went to the toss of a coin I think. Changed days!
  12. Probably something they dreamed about doing when they were bairns. Fantastic reactions from both players. 👍
  13. I was more thinking about the fact he was off at half-time!
  14. Still younger than me. Pele was everybody's favourite am my primary school. Hagi is my all-time fave foreign player though, an absolute magician. I remember him beating some Arsenal player all ends up in some European final. Even in slow motion it was hard to see just what he'd actually done. Mesmerising.
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