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  1. Liverpool have just signed a left-back from Olympiakos for 11.7M, a Greek international. Not sure what to make of that. Seems a hell of a lot of money just to be an understudy.
  2. Did Neale Cooper make it into a squad once? Seem to vaguely recall that.
  3. It's not that long since Simon Murray started a season in similarly impressive fashion so maybe best not to get too carried away, as desperate as we all are to find an answer to this problem position.
  4. It is. Been a wee bit of backtracking this week at least. Amazing what a few cancelled direct debits can achieve. Certainly a lot more than "go to your local branch meetings and make your voice heard" when the folk at the top aren't interested in listening.
  5. Decent enough article but seems to fall apart when he gets to the bit about the press. When have they EVER given NS, the SNP or anything even remotely connected to "separatism" an easy ride?
  6. I think you can only really do this with raw chicken. I wouldn't defrost cooked chicken and freeze it again (maybe that's just me though). Once raw chicken is cooked it's a different product so you're ok to refreeze.
  7. This has to be the ultimate lose-lose scenario. Mark results down based on the schools' overall previous performances and the political point-scorers are all over you accusing you of discriminating against less affluent areas; accept them as the teachers put forward and be accused of having the overall pass rates inflated to cover up for your lamentable failure to tackle the issues in the Scottish education system, etc, etc. Not a decision I'd like to be anywhere near. I just hope those pupils adversely affected can have their appeals upheld.
  8. Aye and the main problem is we've only got until the end of the year to do all that. Once we're out of Europe we're well and truly fked.
  9. Surely Dornan just needs to self ID as a woman to get back in the mix? It'd be a good test of their idiotic policy.
  10. Doubt it unless it's a trans one, but then that's a whole new argument...
  11. Found it in a FB group. The guy isn't on for long but manages to say more than most of our reps put together.
  12. Did anybody see the guy from Cairn O'Mohr winery on Reporting Scotland last week? I'm amazed they showed it actually. Brilliant straight talking. If only our representatives had the balls to do the same.
  13. daviebee

    Alan Hansen

    One time he left his roommate sleeping when it was time to go to the Scotland team talk as well. Wasn't his responsibility to wake him up apparently. An absolute knob-end. Thankfully Stein finally seemed to have enough of him when we were 2-0 down at home to the Swiss.
  14. Aye just what we want - I couldn't get a game for my own country so I'm happy to play for you lot instead. There's no indication that Gunn intends changing his mind but he can GTF if he does. We should never be anybody's second choice.
  15. Suppose that's another question. Strachan, McAllister, Nicol, Gillespie? Not sure who the 5th would be assuming these 4 are right. Hansen? Was he still in the Liverpool team at that time?
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