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  1. daviebee

    John Fleck

    Collins was on a different planet compared to what we've got at the moment.
  2. None. This is a good site for telling you what games are going to be on - https://www.live-footballontv.com/. (Sorry - see it's been answered on another thread.)
  3. Harsh red card. As if Morelos would hit something he aimed a kick at. WTF is Aberdeen's problem when they see these blue jerseys?
  4. daviebee

    John Fleck

    Unfortunately we're pretty much fked on the first 3 points as well.
  5. daviebee

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Anybody else old enough to have been there that night... 1-0 down and came back to win 6-1 with 6 different scorers: By the time of the qualifiers for the 1990 WC a few short years later they'd gone up several levels and Roxburgh was never done telling us how good they were and how us and France would be battling for 2nd place. The players must've been scared sh1tless at them.
  6. daviebee

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I see Wolves released former "wonderkid" Jordan Allan who played for Airdrie before he was 15. He obviously still has time on his side but it'd be nice if just once...
  7. In 2003 we had a cracking summer and I picked a fully ripe melon on July 19th. Remember it well cos it was so unusual and they're not normally ready until late August at the earliest. 2006 was another hot one. Again, I picked a melon in July. Got a couple of big ones this year (oooh matron) but they won't be ready this month. Still, it's a nice change from the crappy weather we usually get. I think we had our heating on one day last summer.
  8. daviebee

    Russia 2018

    It was announced after the Tunisia game - Harry Kane got it.
  9. How can this be when they destroyed teams with "scintillating, attacking football, the best we've seen in the competition"?
  10. daviebee

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Unfortunately there are a few reasons - the SFA, a total dinosaur manager and clubs who'd rather sign sh*te from the lower leagues in England or someone with a foreign name than give youngsters a chance. Sort all that out (not much chance with the SFA as turkeys don't vote for Christmas) and we could certainly do it with a favourable draw. I'd say it'd take 10-15 years to be challenging properly though. Not holding my breath. It's been a bit depressing watching this WC and seeing what also-rans we are.
  11. daviebee

    Russia 2018

    2004/06 was their chance to do something IMO. Those were among the best teams they've ever sent to tournaments but again only got as far as the quarters which was probably the limit for even those teams. Why some of them are chugging themselves into a frenzy over the present mob is beyond me. I've even seen Alli being called "the best young player in the world" FFS! Truly fkin delusional.
  12. daviebee

    Russia 2018

    I think they were all off the pitch at the time (actually on top of some of the photographers!). Not sure what the exact laws of the game are relating to kick-offs though.
  13. I've had the TV on mute since the group stages ended. Time to listen to the commentary again though cos it's fkin hysterical once they've been papped oot - "One wonders what might've been, etc, etc..." Aye, if only ye hadnae actually been sh*te!
  14. Surely not? Harry Kane plays for them. Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!' and all that.
  15. Just means it'll be all the funnier when they inevitably fall flat on their pusses again. Jammiest shower of one-dimensional, rely on set-pieces, no-marks ever to reach a last 4. As pointed out on another thread they couldn't even score from open play with fck all in front of them! I'm sure I heard some reporter say, "It's not the end, it's the beginning!" It's not even that. Simply a flash in the pan before now and again over-achieving their way into the occasional last 8.