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  1. I forgot about the prolific Fraser Hornby who's bagged an impressive 4 goals in his entire senior career! We're in dire straits as far as forward options go. I just don't see anyone coming through.
  2. That back 3 never has though as far as I'm aware. Not so long ago we had the McKenna - Bates partnership and couldn't see how we could move to a back 3 as we didn't have anyone else!
  3. I'd say our best back 3 is Hendry - Hanley - Tierney. That's 2 EPL players and a CL one. We'd have killed for that just 2 or 3 years ago.
  4. Aye that's true enough - wasn't really thinking that way. Risky strategy all the same. A lot of fitba to be played between now and then as well. I'm just concerned at our alternative options as we basically dinnae have any!
  5. This'll be interesting when we're left with Adams and Nisbet. Drop a level and you've got McBurnie, Shankland and Griffiths. Drop another one and you've got Stewart and Hardie. If Clarke overlooks any of the former 3 then it pretty much looks like it's game over for their international careers. After all, if you can't get into a squad v one of the minnows of world fitba when there's no prolific strikers in there then when can you? I don't see anyone at U21 level either. Maybe he'll shove McTominay up front as I think he started off as a striker. Worrying problem when a win will guarantee you a play-off.
  6. One thing's for sure after last night... it should never be Ryan Fraser.
  7. A few short years ago that would've resulted in a draw or a defeat so I suppose we have to be happy/relieved. It WAS dire though. Lost count of the times we overhit what seemed to be simple passes. McTominay really needs to get the finger out and put in a performance for us.
  8. Agreed, although empty space for McTominay would be just as good. He's been rank fkin rotten. Fraser as well - total waste of a jersey over there at RWB.
  9. Well maybe he could take them kung fu style. 😄
  10. McGregor and McTominay both hit excellent penalties in the shoot-outs. I'd be happy with either one of them. Dykes was very lucky with his mishit in Austria and that one the other night was utterly lamentable - the goalie just had to stand there. Fkin pathetic attempt. Him continuing on penalties is a luxury we can't afford.
  11. Don't they carefully review EVERY goal though? I thought it was the VAR guys that'd contact the ref - "You might want to look at this..." Hard to tell nowadays with these barmy new rules. FFS it's a matter of time before a clearly offside attacker gets his leg broken by a defender when play should've been stopped about a minute before.
  12. If Dykes had taken a step forward then that would've been offside. I thought it was off at first but he was playing everyone on.
  13. Hard game to rate players cos of that first half. Clarke would've been justified in sending McTominay on a train back to Manchester at HT but then he had a really good 2nd half. Patterson was awful in the first half yet folk are rating him the same as Robertson and Tierney who played to a high standard throughout? All about opinions I suppose! Could've been 9's across the board if Adams had buried that chance in the first minute. Not sure what good a striker is who just sclaffs at clear chances.
  14. Eh? He was co-commentator on Germany v Romania the other night. Hopefully retired from our games. Get sick of him willing the ball into our net.
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