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  1. The tit walked right into the "haverin' to you" comment he got back from NS. Talk aboot leading wi yer chin!
  2. Of course, paradoxically, the better the SNP are doing and the stronger the demand for independence, the less likely the Tories will be to "grant us permission" for a referendum that might see their cash cow walk away. Done up like fkin kippers.
  3. So what happens next? I take it we wait until we're taken out of the EU against our will on January 31st? Then what? Wait for some other significant date, e.g. the next Holyrood elections where we might be able to tell Johnson that we'd really, really like a referendum?
  4. That's reasonable. Many folk feel like they're stuck in the wrong body. The problem is the loudmouths trying to browbeat everyone into this multiple genders nonsense. Absolute fkin horsedung. There are only 2 no matter how much they scream about it.
  5. If he's got an eye for goal it must be a fkin gless wan.
  6. Must've had them down on my coupon for an away win that day then.
  7. Gordon McQueen would've been there too but he was out suspended. Changed days indeed.
  8. I thought he'd peaked with his embarrassing crawling up their arses during the 2018 WC.
  9. The clubs down there don't give a flying f*ck about it so I'm not sure why we would. There used to be something magical about the FA Cup but money's killed it unfortunately, and until English fitba implodes that magic won't come back any time soon.
  10. Pretty much spot on and if a plane full of holidaymakers gets blasted out of the sky by some crazy loose cannon group in retaliation, well... c'est la vie eh? Fkin madness.
  11. Well it would if it was happening every week but it isn't. All we've had so far is a single video that may or may not be conclusive. (Once is once more than enough of course.) The way some folk are going on you'd think we were back to the bad old days of what Mark Walters had to put up with. We're not. Morelos gets stick for the reasons mentioned by plenty other posters above, not cos he's black.
  12. How many red cards did you see Steven Naismith get? Morelos gets abuse cos he's a diver, a fouler who gets away with far too much, and generally a complete and utter arse. The fans also know he's likely to react, no other reason. His colour has nothing to do with it.
  13. Aye, when you lay a team on Betfair you're backing them NOT to win so any other result will do you. You're basically functioning as the bookie, e.g. the lay odds on Everton were 11.5. I took £2 that some punter wanted to stake at these odds. If Everton won I'd have had to pay out £21.
  14. Aye that was him, dunno if he still posts. He was backing short-priced winners. If he still does it I doubt if his nerves survived the Celtic-Accies game a few weeks back! I confidently expect to lose my 50 quid but at least it'll be exciting watching live fitba when I care who wins or doesn't. Just a bit of fun.
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