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  1. No, I just can't provide proof at the moment that would satisfy the likes of yourself.
  2. It was quite a bit pre-Internet so the web isn't returning anything on my searches, probably cos it was one of those "blink and you'll miss it" things. I don't have exact dates that squads were named either so won't be wading through newspaper archives as I don't have time. I've contacted the player's club to see if they maybe have a historian who can give me exact details, but I did find someone else online quite out of the blue who remembers it happening. I appreciate that won't be enough though so maybe best we park this one for now until I hear back.
  3. Was Rioch ever called up for England? Not sure if he was so this could've been a good guess. He only had a 4-year Scotland career though which surprised me. Nothing to do with wartime internationals.
  4. It's NOT a woman. Trick question? Not really... the 3 listed criteria apply although it was a bit unusual.
  5. Sullivan was never called up for England to the best of my knowledge.
  6. Good answer - Matteo fits apart from the 6-year career bit. Forgot about him. Not the guy I'm thinking about. Aside - pisses me off that Gary Naysmith lost out on the chance to reach 50 caps cos of Craig Broon's flirtation with that erse.
  7. Who was called up to the FULL England squad, never played and went on to have a 6-year Scotland career?
  8. Interesting name cropped up in Romania's 4-2 gubbing of England (sadly "the Young Lions" are now out😞 Ianis Hagi - son of the great man himself. I wonder if he'll turn out anything like as good as his old man? The only player I can think of who had a father playing at a decent level but ended up much better would be Frank Lampard.
  9. Maybe in HG Wells' The Country of the Blind. Absolute stonewaller. How the ref needed to study the TV as long was a mystery. Must've had the shopping channel on.
  10. Except THAT defence contained Charlie Mulgrew. We did show a lot of calmness under pressure though which was pleasing considering what we were up against.
  11. Exactly. We were suddenly looking in trouble so the game should've been broken up with subs. Once it got to 3-2 it was only going one way and how the fuck the ref even needed VAR to give the penalty was beyond me. Howard was as near the ball as I was sitting here on my couch.
  12. She plays for Chelsea. Maybe we could breed her with Billy Gilmour?
  13. At 3-2 you just knew. You just fkin knew. We always fck up but that's a whole new level FFS.
  14. How in the name of fuck could they arse it up from there??? Fuck me!
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