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  1. Didn't something similar happen with Scott Allan? These agents are a pain in the arse.
  2. How that bastard has the brass neck to show his face in public is a total mystery to me.
  3. If it's Shane Duffy, he already socially distances from opposition forwards.
  4. Why would they do it NOW? There's a wee thing called a global pandemic going on and concentrating peoples' minds. Couple that with "a week is a long time in politics" and you have your answer. Wait until 3 or 4 weeks out from the election and watch the media go at it hell for leather.
  5. Well it probably is essential given that their fans will likely lynch them if they turn up at Celtic Park.
  6. I think they said they wanted to "go out on a high" for the last show! No doubt they'll be bringing all the old favourites back. It just remains to be seen whether it's cringingly unfunny or embarrassingly unfunny. Imagine getting changed into a costume to do a scene, spouting 4 or 5 minutes of complete and utter p*sh and then getting changed back again!
  7. The BBC News earlier were practically boasting about the UK being "the first to approve 2 vaccines". Reeks of desperation to me. It's the first time I've caught their programme in a while and I couldn't believe that death total. The daily figure as well was utterly horrific and sadly they'll probably be putting more attention into keeping the "number" below 1000 by whatever statistical manipulation necessary. A month's additional warning and a big stretch of water all the way round. Anywhere else "leaders" like that would've been dragged through the streets and lynched.
  8. The fact that Wishart chose Reply to All smacked of running to his pals shouting, "Look at me sorting this guy out." He's an absolute bell-end. Put cash on him being the first SNP member to accept a peerage.
  9. Add Eric Black to that list as well. A player like that would walk straight into the team now.
  10. These were the days - when we could tell European Cup winners to GTF out the team!
  11. Not only that but he was out of the squad altogether after the WC. It's not a popular opinion, but his performances until then had largely been lacklustre with occasional flashes of brilliance which made them all the more frustrating. Even Brazilian journalists at the '82 WC were asking him why he played so differently for his club compared to his country. At the same time Kevin Keegan was dropped from the England squad and the difference between the 2 players was stark. Keegan whined like a fairy while King Kenny said, "I'll keep working hard and hopefully it'll be impossible to leave
  12. Dalglish came on as a sub against Brazil and didn't feature at all v the USSR.
  13. Sad news. I was at Dundee Tech in the early 80's and saw a lot of that fabulous United side, especially in Europe. Some big names came to Tannadice and got absolutely skelped. I feel a wee bit guilty that as a non-fan I got to see matches like the 5-0 hammering of Borussia Moenchengladbach and the EC semi-final defeat of Roma when younger fans have been put through the wringer in recent years.. I remember queueing with my pals for tickets for the Roma game - just a fiver each(!) - and it didn't seem all that unusual that a wee Scottish club would be about to take part in such a game. T
  14. Steven Caulker has played (and scored) for England. He shouldn't be within a light year of a Scotland jersey unless he's marking Dykes at Wembley next year.
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