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  1. Well the Dutch league has just started whereas Sligo Rovers were quite a way into their season so it's nowt to do with that. Time to face facts: our league is just sh*te. Utd were really unfortunate the way the 2nd goal dropped perfectly into the guy's path, but after that their goalie started doing his best Stewart Kennedy at Wembley impersonation. Disgraceful result and performance.
  2. It was an absolute fkin howler though! 😂 I don't think I've ever seen a worse one. He got 2 or 3 caps after that game and I've never been as desperate to see a player score for Scotland. Sadly not to be though and for those of us who were there (and celebrating for a full minute before saying, "WTF do ye mean he missed?!") it's well nigh impossible not to think of that incident when you hear his name.
  3. You got as many people as possible voting for them - May 21 remember? If that doesn't deliver the referendum they promised then what? Just keep voting for them time and time again even when it becomes obvious they've no intention of doing anything?
  4. That was a joke of a penalty. Not sure how Goldson was supposed to get out the road? Even worse to book the guy for it! Pretty funny though. 😂
  5. Aye, but... remember the "There will be a currency union" from indyref1, followed by a simple "No there won't" from the Better Together side even though they knew there likely would be? Doesn't matter what's true as they'll say absolutely anything to put folk off voting Yes and this is a biggie - stopping you from going to see your granny in Carlisle. We'll get the exact same thing again, no matter the reality on the ground and we'd better be 100% prepared for it. As for the second point... trade is a 2-way process, something that's conveniently forgotten by the unionist side when putting out their scare stories. It should be rammed down their throats every time they come out with it that they need to sell the idea of a trade war to the businesses in England sending goods up here first. Evidence so far appears to be that we'll just meekly go on the defensive again.
  6. Evans shouldn't have been near the team. We had a perfectly good defence at the time and Jock Stein started arseing around with it, even having 3 in the centre of defence v England, in the run-up to the WC. There was no need to try and accommodate Evans, EC winner or not. McLeish got a right raw deal out of that. We'd be happy with EC winners in the team now right enough!
  7. He was anything but committed. He said himself that he pulled out of squads for no reason at all if he didn't deem it to be an important international. He became a better Scotland player in many folks' eyes after he became Rangers player-manager. He was anything but popular in the early 80's with his below-par performances for the national side.
  8. This, but with the slight amendment that they wouldn't be remaining within their union. They'd be becoming English. If that's what they want then fair enough. Let them fck off all the way down to Berwick and beyond. The rest of us can get on with rebuilding Scotland - the WHOLE of Scotland - into the nation we know she can and should be.
  9. I'd get it done if I was you. I had my wrist fused 10 years ago cos of osteoarthritis (the joint eventually wore out and I've heard every joke imaginable). In my experience there's absolutely nothing like the pain of osteoarthritis, it's way beyond fkin hideous. I couldn't get it done fast enough. Getting rid of that horrible feeling of not knowing when the sudden pain is going to shoot you through the roof will be like a new lease of life for you. Good luck.
  10. This should be a good watch on Sunday night - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52439322 I remember seeing the team do a lap of honour at half-time in the first game after the Spain WC, against East Germany I think. Pretty sure I heard it mentioned that footage had been found from the tournament. Certainly hope so as Nevin's goal was meant to be something else.
  11. daviebee


    One thing's for sure - they wouldn't be grovelling to us for permission.
  12. We ended up with the worst-case scenario last night in having a badly off-form Hanley being the only one of the 3 in his natural position and nobody else available. I doubt very much if we'll ever see a back 3 like that again, or similar circumstances.
  13. daviebee


    It could indeed, IF that's what you were actually saying., but of course you wouldn't be.
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