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  1. Rangers/Celtic message board: The world's facin a global crisis like we've never seen afore, yet all these feenyin/hun bastirts care aboot is winnin/stoppin us gettin another title. Wan thing's for sure - if WE were 13 points ahead/behind then the league would already be declared null and void/over with them awarded the title. These bastirts at the ShFA/SFA will dae onythin tae help them get/stop 10 in a row. Consensus in Scottish fitba is well nigh impossible.
  2. Gary Naysmith played for us in midfield against Iceland and scored a cracker. You could stick him in there instead of the Canadian (a Scottish-born one to be fair).
  3. Here's an interesting one - Nottingham Forest... check out that left side: Willie Fraser (born in Australia but played twice for us in 1954, always thought you couldn't do that back then?) Tommy Gemmell Colin Calderwood Kenny Burns Frank Gray Archie Gemmill John McGovern Jim Baxter Ian Wallace John O'Hare John Robertson Subs: Alan Hutton Willie Young Peter Cormack Asa Hartford Eoin Jess
  4. Liverpool: Tommy Younger Steve Nicol Alan Hansen Ron Yeats Andy Robertson Billy Liddell Gary McAllister Graeme Souness John Wark Ian St John Kenny Dalglish Subs: Gary Gillespie Peter Cormack Don Hutchison Manager: Bill Shankly Reckon that team would take a bit of beating!
  5. Always cracks me up that thought of the Hibby jumping out the plane! Fkin genius. From what I recall he had this really intricate web of stories that took most folk in and then he killed the character off. That was the end of it until someone started up a thread titled "Khraeigh - did he really exist?" or something like that. One poster (calmac_man?) did some detective work and the truth emerged. No idea why the guy did it but there's probably a film waiting to be made there.
  6. Aye that was Big Bill the Bigoted Busman! Listening to him after a game was always educational... every Rangers player played great and the ones that were on the bench or sometimes not even in the squad should've been playing... every Celtic player played sh*te, etc. and when one did have a semi-reasonable game, they only did so cos a Rangers player was ordering them about on the park! The only exception one time was John Collins who had "no' a bad game fir a dago!" He really had to be experienced to be believed! Cannae remember that other driver but then I'd no reason to. Surprised that Sherpie would've left anybody in London though. Not like him.
  7. However this pans out it can only be bad for the SNP. Although the MSM are disappointed that an innocent man isn't going to be put away for a few years, this is tempered by the "civil war" they see brewing. Hard to argue with that either. Clearly the SNP is infested with folk for whom independence is way down their list of priorities. How was it one of the accusers described herself - "indy lite" or something? FFS and she wanted to represent the party in parliament?! The party is going to split in 2 - those who want independence and the "Nicola's so wonderful I think I'm gonnae greet" drones. It's easy to envisage a unionist coalition in power after the next Holyrood election and independence off the agenda for years. (Not that it'd ever be back on with Sturgeon at the helm of course.)
  8. Aye, I get the feeling it's, "Vote for us and give us yet another fkin mandate..." They've morphed/are morphing into New Labour and heaven help anyone that dares criticise as you get the full wrath of the zealots unleashed on you. Some of the sycophantic p*sh I see about NS on FB would make you heave. Having said that, if she called a referendum tonight I'd vote Yes. It's not about her. We'll still be independent long after she's a footnote in a history book.
  9. I doubt you'll get the chance to vote Yes while NS is in charge. However, why would you want us under England's control rather than us being an independent nation where it'd be far easier to get rid of the likes of Sturgeon? Do you really think we'd be better off being shackled to that fkin buffoon Johnson forever? (Share your frustration with NS btw.)
  10. That's horrible, pal. All the best to you and yours.
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