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  1. Bad enough the thought that my standing order for Women for Independence was going in her pocket, but nicking cash for a foodbank??? Hope they jail the cow. I know getting 56 candidates elected came as a shock to the SNP but FFS they could surely have done better than this fkin airheid?
  2. A guy walks into a bar and says, "Gimme a Morelos." The barman says, "What's that?" He says, "Just one half then I'm off."
  3. According to the BBC: "Dozens of managers from around the world - with club and international experience - have shown an interest in the vacant Scotland job." They're tipping either Gemmill or Mackay as interim manager to oversee the upcoming double header. I can hardly wait. Maxwell is supposedly reporting back on the applications in the next 7-10 days. Fkin ridiculous the way this has dragged on considering they should've raced down to the dugout 10 minutes into the Kazakhstan game and hunted the erse.
  4. Well if you ever need a draw away to the mighty Andorra then Gemmill's your man. That would be an utterly uninspiring appointment which means it's likely to happen.
  5. Go to your GP ASAP. Don't forget the Samaritans are always available to talk to as well. Good luck.
  6. Well with no VAR the wrong team would be looking forward to a CL semi-final so that's got to be a good thing. As for player behaviour, I'd like to see these fkin imbeciles booked on the spot for yakking in the ref's ear when he's either trying to listen on his earpiece or is on his way over to do the review. And while we're on about the players, do they still have that rule in rugby where any dissent at a penalty means the kick is moved 10 yards further forward? That'd be a good rule to introduce into fitba when a free kick is awarded. Too many of these players nowadays are spoilt, overpaid, prima donna pansies.
  7. Well we all know that's where it all falls down. They've probably already sounded out Walter Smith.
  8. You're not making much sense. Other teams can do it with inferior players if they're organised and play to a system, but we couldn't so we shouldn't even bother?
  9. Betting odds are simple - stake the denominator and if you win you get back the numerator + denominator. What's the problem? Just multiply top and bottom for different stakes at the same odds. e.g. odds of 11/5 - stick a fiver on and get back £16, stake £20 and get back £64.
  10. Billy Stark - 100% record. Worst ever was Vogts. Still have nightmares about the guy.
  11. Well that's just fkin daft.
  12. That must've been some rollercoaster for you last night! Brilliant entertainment for the neutral. I started watching the Liverpool game to see Andy Robertson and then it's 2-2 in the other match inside about 12 minutes! Typical.
  13. There is. It's a real p1sser how far you have to scroll back on a DoB webform now. 11/04/63 UK: Gerry and The Pacemakers How Do You Do It? USA: The Chiffons He's So Fine
  14. Sadly I think you're right and I bitterly regret buying the 5-match package. Apparently they'll be discussing the team's "form" tomorrow which means f-all. You're wrong about Belgium though as they'll put at least 7 past the disorganised shambles that'll be in front of them. FFS we thought San Marino could score when they went up the park! We can only hope their minds will be on their summer holidays once the game's safe about 15 minutes in. What a time to be alive and supporting Scotland. FFS
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