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  1. 5 absolutely brilliant goals but the one from Suarez was definitely the pick. Amazing.
  2. 4:08. That's offside, but the way Julien's run comes from behind the other 2 Celtic players you can't blame the linesman for missing it. He only gets one look as well. No defenders are claiming either, including McGregor who'd normally be chasing the ref. Celtic seemed to me to be better when they went down to 10 men. Got to admire their mentality - playing as bad as that and still coming out with the trophy.
  3. Has Morelos really improved his discipline or have refs been told not to book the dirty wee bstrd? Should've been carded for persistent fouling/diving and then off for that one on Julien. Result was a bit of a travesty given how the game went but you've got to stick the ball in the net. The goal was a really tight call but hopefully it'll shut the paranoid "we never get any decisions" brigade up for a while.
  4. Anybody else amazed that the ongoing McTominay debate hasn't prompted a The Dark Knight resurrection? Unless of course he already lurks among us...
  5. That wouldn't be a downside. Getting them away from Gemmill and Houston would be highly desirable.
  6. Amen to that. The folk we need to push us over the line won't even think about media bias. How many will know that the SNP recently wrote a stern letter to the BBC about being referred to as the Scottish Nationalist Party? Just a slip of the tongue I'm sure, and I'm betting that their stern letter achieves the sum total of fck all. However, going through them like a dose of salts in front of a live mic...
  7. I'm sure he won't have time but there'll be people detailed to go through every bit of coverage in the MSM and broadcast media.
  8. Maybe if a law was introduced whereby those responsible for letting a nutter out could be held criminally responsible for any future violent acts committed by said nutter, that could help concentrate a few minds.
  9. Everyone's probably seen it but it's still one of the funniest stories ever... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43632914
  10. You don't actually HAVE to. FFS go enjoy your evening.
  11. I remember Reporting Scotland running a feature on it. Quite a few years ago now. I don't really intend looking up every post-war semi-final and running calculations on them, got better things to do tonight. Everyone knows it went on. If by any chance there was a weaker team and one of the OF was missing then the other invariably got the weaker side. It's maybe not so prevalent now as the capacity of Hampden has been greatly reduced since the terracing days and so it's easier to fill on cup final day.
  12. Got you now. 👍 Forgot about all the different ways the top seeds could play the bottom ones! Still unlikely though and yet it happened. A bit like Celtic and Rangers not meeting in semis.
  13. Where are you getting 23% from? You need the total number of possible outcomes, i.e. Team 1 could play any of 2-8, then keep going with all your other possible combos. You're saying that there's nearly a 1 in 4 chance of that exact combination happening in a purely random draw of 8 teams? However, if Team 1 is drawn against Team 2 then there are still another 14 possible outcomes that could occur. Same if Team 1 plays against 3, 4, etc. All looks pretty mathematically impossible to me. That is of course with no seedings and it is purely random. Apologies if I've picked you up wrong. I see Kumnio has had a go at it but he was assuming seeding.
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