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  1. Some amount of p*sh in their media, e.g. we HELD them to a draw. It was the other fkin way round!
  2. daviebee


    That must've been the quietest game a Scotland goalie's ever had at Wembley. Apart from that skidding shot from Mount I don't remember him ever touching the ball with his hands except when he was collecting it for a bye kick.
  3. An absolutely magnificent performance. Not a single less than 8 out of 10 in that team tonight. Even better than Serbia. Only needed a goal to make it perfect. Where was the shredding of our right-hand side? SOD was immense, they all were. Let's hope Grant Hanley takes Kane out of his back pocket so it doesn't slow him down on Tuesday. Andy Robertson? World class. Really proud of every single one of them.
  4. daviebee


    How long have we been saying that? Maybe we'll get another think tank or something.
  5. Folk wanting Forrest at RWB. Considering we're hardly likely to be up the park very much we'd be better sticking Hendry out there and bringing in another central defender. Some folk want Patterson. Has he ever played in front of a crowd? Foden's recently roasted Robertson so what might he do to Patterson if they move him across there? And if they keep him on the right he'll have Sterling to contend with instead. Can't remember feeling less positive about a match.
  6. A fully fit and focused Griffiths would've buried some of these. Annoying to think he didn't burst a gut trying to get fit enough to make the squad. Where are strikers going to come from? Wish I knew cos I don't see anyone coming through. Keepers either come to that.
  7. The one cross he did put in was utterly lamentable - no pace on the ball whatsoever. A striker would've needed the neck muscles of a fkin orangutan to do anything with it. That one in the first half where he ran into Christie - fck me. I knew it was going to be bad when his first touch ran through his legs and out. I've always liked the guy but he served up some dross yesterday. Can't possibly be considered for Wembley going by that display.
  8. The goal was Marshall's fault. I don't see how it can even be up for debate. 1. He's not going to join in with the attack. 2. He's not going to challenge an onrushing striker way out there. So... WTF was he doing? He stays where a keeper should be and that goal just doesn't happen. It absolutely beggars belief. He's completely fked his teammates over. 1 down and putting pressure on is a hell of a lot different than trying to chase a 2-goal deficit that can very quickly become worse when you're committed to going forward. I hope they had another conga going in the dressing
  9. The whole midfield just didn't function. McGinn - marked out the game; Armstrong - did eff all but we all wanted him in after his Netherlands performance; McTominay - I've never seen the player in dark blue that plays for Man U; Christie - been off form for months. No spark, no creativity and meanwhile an on-form player who finished the season as Portugal's player of the month wasn't considered good enough for our 26. Add to that an utterly disastrous performance from O'Donnell and a goalie doing something so fkin ridiculous that it defies belief and it's no surprise that it all
  10. Brilliant strike from the guy but Marshall's fault 100%. Fkin ridiculous being all the way out there. He did brilliantly getting us to the tournament but that was one major fkin clanger.
  11. Back down to earth with a thump. Losing KT was a shattering blow though. I've always felt SOD got a rough time on here but he was beyond fkin awful today. Even his throw-ins were sh*te. That move in the 1st half when he blocked Christie FFS! Expected a lot from our midfield but they were a huge disappointment.
  12. Must be the first time I've ever heard persistent fouling described as "being cute" and an "art form". Got to love the English commentators.
  13. I've got this as well as another that came out at the time, an official UEFA one called "Scotland - A Tribute". (My flag is also on the back cover of The Squad one! ) Do you have the capability of converting them to DVD? If so you can have them (or just The Squad) if you just send a DVD copy back.
  14. I doubt they were that fussed it was the most turgid, boring fitba ever witnessed.
  15. I'd be happy for us to stink the place out all the way to the final with 10 men across the goal line. Worked for Greece in 2004.
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