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  1. Aye, BUT - I thought by your reckoning that playing against diddy players like St Johnstone, etc. didn't really count when considering how good a player might be?
  2. I'm absolutely fkin sick fed up to the back teeth with the SNP's softly softly approach. It's way beyond time they were taking the gloves off. That's if they could get off their knees asking permission for another indyref long enough of course.
  3. No, it makes getting the fck away from these absolute loonies in Westminster more important.
  4. Fantastic attitude from the guy. 👍
  5. Come off it, Scotty. What about all the non-TV camera shots? Are you seriously saying a load of folk were coerced into being kidnapped by the state and made to agree just never to see their loved ones again? Where is there the tiniest sliver of evidence for this? What makes me think I'll regret asking this?
  6. You don't seriously believe that? So where did all the people go if they didn't get on these planes?
  7. Fkin hell - you are either at the wind-up or you've completely lost it!
  8. Really? You've never mentioned that before. Did he cure cancer, design a 6G network and organise an orderly Brexit withdrawal at the same time? I'm all for our players getting praised but FFS...
  9. Have you put this in the Comments on his site? If not, might be worth doing so. Too many on there see the guy as the Messiah. He's a brilliant investigative journalist but he's not right ALL the time. Whether he is on this or not I'm not sure as I haven't done any research myself, but it's well worth the opposite PoV being presented on there. Maybe he'd even let you do it as a post?
  10. You make some good points there, particularly the last one. However, that would've been so far off what the polls were saying that it would've then just been TOO obvious. The Yes side's private polling actually had us ahead for several weeks before news slipped out and "the Vow" was brought to the table. thplinth also makes a good point too though - just how did these smug, complacent bstrds already know the result?
  11. He hasn't been seen since the score was 2-0 to Connah's Quay Nomads at Rugby Park though.
  12. Glenrothes was a fix - no doubt about that. The Government would've fallen. NO poll at any time predicted that result, Labour winning by, I think, about 7,500 votes. It was utterly stunning and came from nowhere. Anyway, my main point was do you think it's beyond them? I don't. If there's a will then there's a way. And there was one hell of a will back then. It'll be worse next time if we're even "allowed" a next time. The Yes side thought they'd win by sitting round campfires shoogling tambourines and singing kumbaya. They expected the other side just to fight fair and there was no danger of that considering the stakes. Someone on here said back then something along the lines of "If Dundee isn't 65-75% Yes then we'll know it was a fix." Can't remember the exact figure they used but the actual figure came in about 56% after 2 or 3 fire alarms during the count. It's hard NOT to be suspicious. I also know that it's VERY hard for me to just accept that my country actually voted AGAINST it's own independence and bear that humiliation and that no doubt affects how I think about events back then.
  13. Or the Glenrothes by-election? You saw the utter panic from the Establishment as Yes moved into the lead in the polls in 2014. Do you seriously think it's beyond them? I for one wouldn't put ANYTHING past them when it comes to keeping hold of their cash cow. Why no exit poll in 2014 for the first time ever in any vote held in the UK? The discrepancy would be too obvious perhaps? With all the verification checks in the world, how can you see later whether or not your ballot paper is as you completed it?
  14. Too easy to fiddle. What was it some English High Court judge said? Something about the system would bring shame on a banana republic or something like that. Can't remember the exact quote or circumstances. However, sending 700,000 postal ballots from England's cash cow down to England to be counted doesn't sound like the best idea I've ever heard.
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