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  1. Bottom of League Two is a scary place to be. The last 3 to drop down to the Lowland League are firmly entrenched in the bottom half there with seemingly little indication that they'll head back up the way. At least Brechin are making a decent fist of things being joint top of the Highland League at the moment. Sad to see these familiar names disappear.
  2. There was also major unrest in the Dutch camp with half of them fighting the other half.
  3. That didn't work all that great last time of course. 🙂
  4. That was a weird game. It looked to me like Denmark didn't give a flying rat's arse. No urgency, no determination, nothing. Body language all wrong. I'd be fkin raging if I was a Danish fan who'd spent good money going to watch that.
  5. 2 absolutely cracking games today, probably the best of the WC so far.
  6. You're not making any sense here. If the SNP can't do anything then what's the point of them? Why send 50 of them to WM and give them a majority at Holyrood? Why aren't they kicking up fck in the HoC and disrupting things in that anachronistic institution every day of the week? Too busy being good wee parliamentarians and worrying whether they'll get to the subsidised restaurant before the filet mignon runs out? Every election they say they're getting an indyref and then it just gets kicked further down the road. "Independence" is now the SNP's equivalent of "the oil is running out".
  7. Well the SNP Deputy Leader has just put the blockers on your personal preference with his car crash interview the other day. He might as well have said, "What??? ME resign? Aye, fck that!" One by one the SNP close the avenues off. Still, we could use the next WM GE to ask for another Section 30 as outlined by your policy convener. And when WM tells you now is not the time and the newly-elected SNP MPs get 5 years' worth of salaries and pensions, I'm sure that's a cross they'll bear on our behalf, albeit reluctantly of course. Even the Daily Record - the Daily fkin Record FFS - were telling Sturgeon to get on with calling a referendum after the EU ref and she still dithered around doing SFA. Do you know what the Record's been like down the decades? I'm talking LONG before the Vow. Are you old enough to remember the sneering contempt from these bstrds towards anyone not slavishly voting for their beloved Labour Party and who thought that Scotland could go it alone? And yet here they were calling on NS to get on with a referendum, one that would likely see the demise of the UK. Fkin hell, if Sturgeon was in charge in the 13th Century she would've let the whole English army across the bridge at Stirling while she arsed about wondering if her own was properly gender balanced.
  8. Their time was probably 2018 and they did finish 3rd in the WC that year, only losing to the eventual winners. That's them done now though.
  9. Your wee guru promised a "no ifs, no buts" referendum on October 19th next year. You not been watching the news? Look, pal - don't have a fkin go at me for pointing out what should be obvious to you if you'd just open your eyes. We were definitely getting a referendum next year. It wasn't my idiotic decision to then go to the UKSC (something that could've been done donkeys ago) and it's not me back-pedalling from the de facto referendum as fast as my legs can go. Sturgeon will NEVER deliver independence. Maybe she's too busy concentrating on the day job? Pity she's sh*te at that as well.
  10. You've seen the big graphic of all The National front pages promising a referendum and how it's on its way, right? Don't ask me what I'd do. Ask your guru why she hasn't done what she said SHE would do. Just found it...
  11. I lost faith in them long ago. It's obvious they've been totally infiltrated by careerists that like their salaries and expense accounts too much while they just have to blame the Tories for everything. They're more than happy with their position as the dominant political force at both UK and Scottish level and are content to let the short money from Westminster roll into the party coffers. The SNP are now the biggest barrier to Scottish independence. I'm amazed folk haven't woken up to the perpetual can-kicking.
  12. Aye, Sturgeon and her coven fair did a number on the guy. Hopefully the defence side of things will become public knowledge sometime.
  13. So, backtracking it is then... from the SNP's own policy convener: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/snp-policy-chief-de-facto-referendum-win-could-be-used-to-secure-rerun-of-2014/ar-AA14yyS1 Never mind the "no ifs, no buts" referendum on October 19th next year, never mind treating the next GE as a de facto indyref, we're going to... er... use it to ask for a Section 30. Fkin hell they must think folks heids button up the back! "Just vote for us and we'll ask for a Section 30 and when we're told now is not the time - well, we've got another 5 years' worth of salaries and expenses to pick up." I don't know what the answer is, but it's clearly not the SNP in its present form.
  14. No doubt we would've come calling eventually, but he didn't want to wait or try and fight his way into the manager's thoughts. Australia was obviously an easier option. What's more galling is watching Jason Cummings getting to experience a World Cup. He's so sh*te he didn't even get considered by us when we'd next to no strikers to choose from.
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