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  1. That Stay Close actually finished quite strongly apart from the 2 weird characters. I couldn't for the life of me see what they brought to the story, they were just ridiculous. The other things I didn't get were the baldie guy who suddenly appeared in one scene and who I wrongly assumed was the missing psycho and why the main character wasn't all that surprised to see him. Also, where did her expert hand-to-hand fighting skills suddenly come from? 😂 Entertaining enough I suppose.
  2. I forgot about these 2 weirdos. They just seemed to appear out of left field and start torturing some random lassie. I'm sure it's all an integral part of the plot, whatever TF that's actually meant to be!
  3. I watched Episode 2 of Stay Close last night. Let's see if I've got this right... "There's a deranged psycho back after being missing for 17 years... he's after me and my family.... I went to his wife's house and I'm sure he was downstairs in the basement... I'm going back - you distract her and I'll go down into the dark basement and have a look and see if he's there..." Between that and the million other things that seem to be going on... I don't know. Maybe give it another couple of episodes and see if it picks up or becomes so bad that it's compulsive viewing.
  4. Most of the stuff folk are recommending don't seem to be available on Prime or Netflix. ☚ī¸ I've been watching something called Salvation. All about saving the world from an asteroid so has all the usual cliche stuff. Pretty entertaining all the same. Found The I-Land as well but don't know WTF to make of that. Just checked - both years old and now cancelled!
  5. Did it go away? I found this - https://www.ismp.org/resources/prevent-shoulder-injuries-during-covid-19-vaccinations - it's from The Institute for Safe Medication Practices. I could've written these fkin symptoms myself. At the chiropractor today and they told me there's been quite a few folk complaining about the same thing.
  6. Weeks. Didn't really want to bother a doctor though cos they've got enough on their plates. I'm assuming it's been the jags as I'm totally pain-free on the non-jagged side which does just as much physical work as the jagged one.
  7. Anybody else had an absolute bstrd of a painful shoulder since getting jagged? It feels like the beginning of a frozen shoulder - reaching up, back or to the side is fkin hideous. I got no other symptoms after my 3 jags but tbh I would've preferred a few days with flu-like issues to this. Hopefully it'll wear off in time but not pleasant right now. đŸ˜Ŧ
  8. It's really weird the sum of money being talked about. Given how cash-strapped the Ibrox club is and the fact that there wasn't exactly a bidding war going on, I'm surprised Everton came in so high. Still, a great move for Paterson and I'm sure it'll work out as he looks a cracking prospect.
  9. McGregor has been superb for us recently and his partnership with Billy Gilmour seems to bring something greater than the sum of the parts. McTominay has a bit of convincing to do in a Scotland jersey and I wouldn't be dropping CalMac for him just yet. Last time McTominay played in midfield for us I was convinced he was colour blind. I'd love to see the player in dark blue that turns it on for Man U but we're still waiting. Not his fault he's been played so out of position of course.
  10. Aye, no point watching any more of that. When you're continually going, "Who TF is this guy again?" then there's little point! I really need to have characters eased in 1 or 2 at a time rather than a whole townful on the first show. 😂
  11. Is that Don't Look Up any good? It keeps getting planked in front of me on my Netflix screensaver.
  12. Not just a second chance though is it? How often is that now? When you compare his attitude to the likes of Johnny Russell who regularly travelled the width of the Atlantic and back without seeing a minute of action it puts it right into perspective. Can't even be bothered making it the distance from Newcastle to be assessed by the team doctors? He can fck right off.
  13. In yesterday's game he was continually demanding the ball and moving into space for a pass only to see it launched up the park so high it was coming down with snow on it. WTF's the guy supposed to do? Norwich are p*sh.
  14. The Rain - I must surely hold the record for lasting a whole 25 minutes into this complete and utter p*sh. One of these shows where you're tempted to keep going just to see if it can possibly get any worse. There were 20 minutes left though and it was my night for dangling my goolies in a tank of piranha fish.
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