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  1. daviebee

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Hopefully he'll turn out to be the real deal but we'd maybe best wait a while before getting too excited. Remember Ross Forbes looking like a world-beater when he first came into the Motherwell team? Now at Dumbarton.
  2. daviebee

    Scotland Goals From Direct Free Kicks

    He did. The 2nd goal in a 3-1 win v Denmark in '75.
  3. daviebee

    Scotland Goals From Direct Free Kicks

    John Collins v Saudi Arabia sometime in the 80's. His debut as well.
  4. You could do a series like the Enid Blyton "Five" ones - Five At The Back - It's The Only Way Forward Five In Defence - All The Top Sides Do It, etc, etc. Have you heard of a guy called Richard McMunn? He gives free advice on his website - http://richard-mcmunn.com/ - and has the credentials to back up what he's talking about. I think he's published about 150 bestsellers on Amazon. Obviously his ultimate aim is to sell you something but you might get some good info. He has a lot of stuff on YouTube as well. Good luck.
  5. The SNP didn't bring Thatcher in. LABOUR did that by being a shower of clueless, useless, incompetent bastards who'd made a mess of everything. Thatcher was always on her way and, just like Brexit, the English wanted her so we were getting her too. And once the bitch was in there was no shifting her with her unassailable majority. Folk up here kept loyally voting Labour though cos the Daily Record kept telling them to "send her a message". A lot of good it done us as well.
  6. So the SNP should've propped up a lame duck UK government who were offering nothing in return for this support and who had royally f*cked Scotland over in the Devolution vote? An interesting concept.
  7. daviebee


    I'd go along with that although Bill Shankly said George Best was the greatest ever cos "a team of Bests would always beat a team of Peles." Don't think there's much between Pele and Maradona but Pele just shades it for me. As for 3rd - Messi before Cruyff, Eusebio, Best? All about opinions.
  8. daviebee

    Racism in football

    I don't remember bananas being thrown at Paul Wilson. However, there were chants from Rangers fans about him being a "darkie" to which the Celtic fans would chant back that they'd rather be one of them than a hun. The Mark Walters stuff is definitely true and at its worst at Parkhead and Tynecastle.
  9. daviebee

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I never got the hype round that guy. I finish in about 10 seconds all the time but don't get any plaudits for it. :(
  10. Well it's Aberdonians you're talking about... They probably did chuck coins but had strings attached to them.
  11. daviebee

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    Who's the erse of a summariser who practically wills the ball into our net? Every decision we get we're lucky, all the ones that go against us are quite right, the other team have barely got out of first gear... We slag off the English commentators for being too partisan but fck me...
  12. daviebee

    Team for albania

    Set up the goal beautifully.
  13. daviebee

    SFA cut yer losses

    It was a "good performance". Fck knows what he thinks a bad one would be like.
  14. daviebee

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    He asked for "commitment" from the SFA at the time, saying he didn't want to be in just until the end of the group. He got that commitment and then fked off first chance he got! I don't blame anyone holding that against him. And he's a fkin dinosaur who was out of work for a reason.