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  1. MgGinn. We have good cover in most other positions, but no one else in the squad can do what he can do. I dont think he has even peaked in a Scotland shirt. I think the play off games and the World Cup are where he takes it to the next level. Bye bye Villa.
  2. 1. Saint Stevie Clarke 2. Super John McGinn 3. Billy Gilmours Maw. 4. RoberTeirney 5. Grant Hanleys Fitness Coach
  3. Gordon Patterson Hendry Hanley Teirney Robbo Gilmour McGregor McGinn Dykes Adams
  4. Clarke wont have forgotten the first half in Copenhagen. Dont think there is any chance of us lining up anything other than 3-5-2. Gordon Hendry Cooper Tierney SOD Robbo McGinn Gilmour McGregor Dykes Adams
  5. Its a fair point. The Faroes have invested heavily in their football with all weather pitches in every town and other indoor facilities. Similar to what Iceland did, they have had similar results. If we were to invest a similar amount of money on a per capita basis with the focus of getting as many kids playing football as possible, regardless of their ability to pay, then we might grow a bigger pool of talent for the academy programmes to farm from. I think we have got better at this kind of thing in recent years, but we could be doing so much more.
  6. Thats not quite true. The entire team were shite and McFadden was having to do everything on his own. A mix of bad decision making and trying too hard meant nothing was coming off for him. Subbing him at half time was a total slap in the face and quite embarassing for someone who had been a very important player in that team for such a long period of time. Levein was under so much pressure after Prague that he bowed to public opinion to play McFadden and Boyd. Subbing McFadden was his "f#ck you, I was right" moment and displayed a horrendously bad understanding of man management. The fact the team were just as shite 2nd half and needed a Stephen McManus injury time winner to get him off the hook shouldnt be forgotten. He could have tweaked things at half time and made the subs on 60 mins and avoided any criticism.
  7. That was a hard watch tonight. I think a lot of the problem, apart from being up against a very well organised side on a plastic pitch in the middle if the north atlantic, was the amount of energy expended on Saturday. I think Clarke is on a hiding to nothing there though. If he makes wholesale changes and doesnt win he gets slaughtered. He sticks by the majority of the squad and we get a jaded performance like that, he gets slaughtered. Its definitely something Ive noticed this campaign and at the Euros, however, is that we dont seem to manage a number of games in a short space of time very well. We need to get better at that and utilise our squad more. Thankfully in November, the game that matters is first up, so hopefully we dont get that kind of lethargic performance again.
  8. Its a fair point. I did try picking a team myself but gave up when I realised Id only make the 2 changes (Hanley for McTominay or McGregor and Christie in for Adams) I really couldnt make a case for changing anyone else. Gordon Hendry Hanley Tierney Patterson Gilmour Robbo Christie McTominay McGinn Dykes Good partnerships all over the pitch.
  9. He chose to play Craig Mackail Smith instead of Kenny Miller who had flown his family over to Prague for his 50th cap. Seriously poor man management. He could easily have played the same tactics with Miller in the team and no one would have batted an eyelid. He created a rod for his own back by over thinking the situation and trying to be smart. He lost the entire support that night and it was remarkable he lasted as ling as he did after that. Dont even get me started on hanging Faddy out to dry v Lichtenstein at Hampden.
  10. Im still dreaming of a team of Billy Gilmours..... 😆😆😆
  11. Not really sure what Stevie Clarke will do here. He certainly hinted heavily at the press conference that he trusted his entire squad and that he had to balance consistency of selection with fresh legs to ensure we maintain the intensity that will be required to get the 3 points. Saturday will have taken a lot out of the team so I wouldnt be surprised to see more than just the 2 enforced changes.
  12. I have a real soft spot for SOD and I thought Clarke would have picked him 100% on Saturday just due to the magnutude of the game and his past loyalty to him. The fact that he went for Patterson maybe says something about the direction of travel. There is no doubt that SOD has more experience and has put in some pretty big performances for us recently, but Patterson is younger, more athletic and technically better on the ball. The only question marks going forward are decision making and game time, which pretty much go hand in hand. Havent seen much of young Ramsay but Aberdeen fans seem pretty excited about him, soone of our problem positions is suddenly looking very healthy indeed. If we could just find ourselves a Zahavi......
  13. Time to resurrect the Christain Dailly song methinks..... "We all dream of a team of Billy Gilmours, a team of Billy Gilmours......." 😆
  14. Not been on the board for ages. Just popped back on last week to see what was going on post Lithuania. Sad to see the board go. It was and probably still is a very valuable resource for sharing information about all things Scotland.
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