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  1. You mean your messages in this thread have been WITHOUT a drink in you?? 😂 Just taking the piss loon. Sure we will hear you all the way fae Canada on Jun 18!
  2. Replying to this to see what replies come through as had posted something similar a wee while ago. I'm London based and got folks booked to come down for it. We have a few pub bookings near the Strand but open to changing it if there's a makeshift TA epicentre of sorts to head for. Shame about Trafalgar but regardless of fan zone, it was never going to be as no-holds-barred as it usually is for obvious reasons. Covent Gdn not ideal and full of tourists/heavily patrolled so would prob be moved on rather quickly. Alternative would be taking drinks and doing something in Hyde Pa
  3. What pub have you booked for the game out of interest? Looking into booking something for me/others but cannae decide where.
  4. It's a while away yet, but, with restrictions on pubs and the likes in place until after the game against England, I'm curious to get an idea of what other supporters are doing on the day of the game? More specifically, in lieu of a free-for-all Trafalgar gathering and for the game itself? Appreciate lots of people will be cancelling their plans to travel down without a ticket, which makes sense. I live in London and have booked a few pubs for during the day (FYI for any travelling down, we are still subject to 2hr slots at most places down here until after June 21 so be strategic time wi
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