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  1. ThistleWhistle

    Russia 2018

    One thing I like about Southgate is he does something no England manager has done in a long time - play to your strengths rather than worrying about everyone else. If you're good at set pieces get the fucking thing in the mixer and make them deal with it. Being semi-neutral I think if your record ended 3 wins, a draw and three defeats it wouldn't be an unfair reflection as can't say you've been particularly great but then you haven't needed to be. On the other hand can't see Croatia beating you and the two best teams left in it could be a proper ding-dong that takes it out of them for the final. Whatever happens enjoy this week as must be an amazing experience.
  2. ThistleWhistle

    Russia 2018

    Och I'm not as bothered as I thought I might have been. Southgate's a decent bloke, the majority of the team aren't like the full blown melts of previous generations and a healthy chunk of the media seem genuinely excited rather than entitled and obnoxious of previous tournaments. My mates down there all have kids between 8-12 so this must be completely amazing for them. If they get to the final and beat France or Belgium then hats off to them because nobody could have seen it coming. Only gripe would be the 'Its coming home' pish when the tournament was invented by a French bloke and they didn't play in it the first three times it was staged but even then some of the memes are a pisser.
  3. ThistleWhistle

    Russia 2018

    Late Alli Winner Looming?
  4. ThistleWhistle

    Wanky Phrases

    'It's coming home!'
  5. ThistleWhistle

    Russia 2018

    It was weird that they were trying to suggest that they'd possibly chucked it for the easier route when they nearly got caught on the counter a couple of times in the last 15 minutes. They were definitely going for an equaliser for me. Think the major concern for them should be that the tactical genius that is Roberto Martinez exposed a couple of pretty big problem with their system. Pin their wingbacks back and there is oceans of space to play in-front of them and; they struggle to keep the ball so look long all the time. It is a dangerous weapon to have but if they do it all the time then the opposition can just drop off. However, Sterling is more likely to drop short so that may not be such an issue next game. Think they definitely risk underestimating Colombia though and their defence seems pacey enough to deal with balls over the top. Also, the keeper has a mistake in him that could cost them a game.
  6. ThistleWhistle

    Russia 2018

    Good Evening Britain is car crash tele
  7. ThistleWhistle

    Congratulations USA

    Watched the second half - loved the look of the stadium they played in. Think their coach had announced he was leaving but still a good result beating them over there.
  8. ThistleWhistle

    Mark F***** Lawrenson...

    If you mean that you would like to see more of her analysing games I agree totally and think she has been one of the best quite easily. Aluko has been ok too and both seemed to have bothered their arse to do some research. The female commentator was alright too especially compared to Clive Tyldsley. Only criticism would be she spoke too much which would be easy to attribute to her sex but suspect it is because her background seems to be radio commentary. If you mean you want to see more of her in a literal sense though then Google search ‘Alex Scott Womens Health’. Her thighs are massive!!! Totally agree that Martin O’Neil is a creepy wee weirdo too.
  9. ThistleWhistle

    Iceland is a Nice Land

    And during the Coupe De Monde There was the chance for two hearts to bond A lassie whose marriage was in trouble Fancied getting re-pumped by Barney Rubble He thought it was all a farce Until his balls were thunder-clapping off her arse Oh Iceland is a nice land
  10. ThistleWhistle

    Welcome to Scotland

    Good god Scottish football is depressing. A limited side getting overly excited about beating diddy teams over and over and over and over so the answer is for the main, previously skint, competitor to sign 33 year old defenders with no resale value with the sole mission to stop 9,10,100 in a row.
  11. ThistleWhistle

    russia poisioning

    At least he's out in time to watch the wedding.
  12. ThistleWhistle

    Who do you think will win world cup?

    Wowers that's 1000 packets or 5000 stickers. If the Kolarov Ratio remains consistent I'll get 197 more of him at cost of 40 quid. Fucker could at least smile instead of looking at me like I'd wiped my arse on his dog. Hopefully by the Euros my nephew will be getting sticky fingers by other means and have grown out of this.
  13. ThistleWhistle

    Who do you think will win world cup?

    Bought the Panini album for my nephew and the French squad looks the best on empty numbered rectangles. I have three of the same Serbian fella out of 14 packs so already pissed off with it but nephew's well excited. Might tell him it'll be cancelled anyway because we're all about to die of nuclear Armageddon so we're unlikely to complete the set in the hope it saves me having to add further to my collection of Victor Kolarovs.
  14. ThistleWhistle

    russia poisioning

    Can't believe it makes specific reference to door handles. Instead of breaking in to his house and applying it to his lavy seat or toothbrush where he'd die inside unseen they KGB shady types decided it was best to stand outside in some form of protective gear looking dodgy ambivalent to the rain and paint it on something accessible to milk men and paperboys as per their crack training protocols. I was numb finishing reading 1984 - I'm scared sh!tless living what feels the genesis of it's reality.
  15. ThistleWhistle

    russia poisioning

    Pity Bob Hoskins has passed - it would have made a hell of a BT advert.