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  1. It's obvious the cock out is absolute bollocks for him being cancelled. I personally wouldn't watch him because he's said racist and misogynistic stuff for 30 years. If I was the theatre I wouldn't book him for those reasons. To book him, then cancel him for it and then still claim they're not censoring is completely inept. The issue for me is I've a 'pakki' wife but he isn't being deplatformed for racism because he's been doing that for thirty years. He's being deplatformed in my opinion for the trans stuff and quite obviously don't want to report it following the success Chapelle and Gervais had off the back of it There's folk who've been who detail his material and in the current climate is it not hugely suspicious that he's told transphobic jokes but that is not featuring at all in the reason for his cancellation. There's a screenshot of a deleted tweet where he says he's transitioning after the show and going to appear on Strictly so its defo in there. So either the trans jokes have nothing to do with it raising concerns the theatre are therefore transphobic or racism and having his cock out are being used as an excuse for the real motivation here.
  2. So a bloke advertising he'll get his cock out not for the first time in a show adults have to buy tickets to attend gets cancelled for actually getting his cock out because a vocal minority took offence whilst the same vocal minority champion blokes getting their cock out in female spaces in front of a more family centric audience with little or no say in whether they wish to affirm their performance. Seems suitably on point and on brand for 2022. Suggested on Twitter he's been cancelled for transphobic material which would seem more likely in the current climate than one 'pakki' 'joke', women being crap at fiscal policy and flopping a real or fake knob out.
  3. Now that's my type of football player! In seriousness though the lad has a fair football brain on him for a 20 year old - different position but shades of Lambert about him in that regard and it can't be coached.
  4. To be honest I can see it only getting worse as basically this was engineered as a two horse race about 30 years back. In the current cost of living crisis folk are genuinely going to question the value of going to watch the other ten clubs in the league - genuinely what is the point? The same will happen in the EPL but they've at least got a massive tv deal to cushion the blow for the cannon fodder whereas a number of Championship clubs could be fucked - only have to look at some of attendances in the EFL cup to see folk voting with their feet lower down the food chain. Stoke are pretty decent value at £50 for an adult and two kids in the family section but how many folk are going to be affording many of them through the winter and spring?
  5. Yeah Dundee is just about big enough to support two clubs but nowhere near big enough to carry four.
  6. Had a look on their big 3's transfer record over the last 3 years and they've spent over £30m on players from their respecive diddy clubs. AZ got £10m for a left back and then spent £3m of it off of another dutch club. De Jong went from William II for £1m plus 10% sell-on so got £7.5m when he went to Barca. Rangers and Celtic colectively have spent £3m and got Turnbull, Siegrest Soutar and Wright and haven't brought through a decent scottish talent in yonks although hopefully Rangers look like they might have a few.
  7. I reckon I'll probably give it a go as hopefully it has the budget of the later GOT series but with the story telling of the earlier series. The original suffered from some dodgy actors too who they had to keep from the outset - Sansa Stark was bloody awful.
  8. Only Murders in the Building is orate from the first few episodes although the appearence of Sting may swing it over to the other thread.
  9. Game of Thrones is about a week of my life I won't get back. First half was decent but the baddies always won and second half was just chucked together with the most bland talentless character suddenly just calling the shots.
  10. They mentioned the gap between the forwards and defenders being massive then somehow blame the centre midfield who spend games chasing shadows. McTominay may not be top 4 but Kante and Kante would be blowing out their arse. The wingers not tracking back or offering enough going forward is surely an issue when Brighton's wingback scores twice.
  11. Eighty year old uterus owner banned from a swimming pool for asking a person in a swimsuit watching young girls getting changed if they had a cock.
  12. Amnesty finds Ukraine making bases in schools and hospitals when military facilities and dense wood available. In fairness they'd have probably lost by now doing it that way but adds perspective a little deeper than big bad Russia just bombing civillians for shits and giggles because mad Vlad is a Bond villain caricature.
  13. Kremlin spokesman says the generator for Nord II being shipped to Russia from Germany is delayed because the Russians are awaiting paperwork to confirm it wouldn't break sanction protocol them accepting it from Germany. Credit where its due - that's top trolling! If they're skint too surely they'd want it up and running otherwise it's a not bad pokerface they're playing with. China on the other hand have sanctioned Taiwan but not semi conductors as that would harm themselves more than Taiwan. Our strategy in comparison seems all over the shop apart from the profiteering. I genuinely think we're fucked.
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