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  1. If he conducted the interview bet the prince would have been offered a happier ending.
  2. Wasnt even subtle was it. He was almost orgasmic every time they put any pressure on in the last ten minutes then sounded thoroughly deflated at full time.
  3. Read about the policeman one yesterday but fuck me the clip of the guy getting set alight is horrendous. Do you think this is because it has been going on so long that anarchy was inevitable or that it has been helped along with outside interference - US maybe interfering or even possibly China to gain legitimacy in reasserting control?
  4. I’m predicting ambivalence until about 5 minutes before kick-off with Cyprus then 90 minutes of frustration followed by despair up to the Kazakhstan game then; a few months of straw clutching after we just about beat them causing me to dream we might qualify through the playoffs with a bit of luck conveniently forgetting how sh!t we’ve been for yonks.
  5. Absolutely raging - watched Babestation for about six hours last night and not a single one of them was wearing a poppy!
  6. My four year old. We visited my wife’s family in Nepal during the half term for the first time since having the wee lass and to be honest I was absolutely petrified how she’d get on in a third world country. She absolutely loved it, was in absolute awe with what she called the different world her mum is from and the consistency of her jobbies were ‘good to firm’ throughout. When I got in from work on the Monday after she came running over and said: ‘Daddy, daddy we all had to tell one story from our holiday to the class so I told them…..’ I’m expecting she’s told them about her granny/ aunties or about seeing temples or mountains or the different world her mum is from but nope instead she told everyone - ‘…….about that time we saw that buffalo do a massive poo in the street so everyone laughed – it was super cool!’ Class clown here we come!
  7. All that would achieve is to provide yet another example of the rudimentary misuse of the technology’s application as its already plainly clear and obvious you speak out your arse!
  8. In fairness Adam could have had access to a skateboard and still not caught Bale.
  9. I've been pretty sure that Bojo is going to piss getting a majority but it might not be as clear cut. It looks like they could lose some of their traditional seats to the Lib Dems or, less likely, Labour in Leave areas. I think they could hoover up traditional Labour seats on the back of Brexit like Stoke but it would depend if the locals deem the deal sufficient or if Brexit could take a skelp of their votes. It would be absolutely mind-bogglingly fuck witted if Scotland hand them the seats they need for a majority but as things are you never know. If SNP don't get their vote out then who knows. The other thing is the Tory message 'get brexit done' is simple, if disingenuous, but some folk are daft enough to believe that'll be Brexit completed rather than it actually just being the end of the beginning.
  10. But this would seem like they’ve done the dishes a few times then have taken the hump at not getting their hole off of the back of it so think it is a good idea to shag their wife’s uglier sister in the hope it results in the reaction they’re wanting next time!! Playing with fire if you ask me and pretty much why we bought a dishwasher.
  11. Sorry wasn’t meaning at coming over confrontational but my melon medley at lunch was off so you bore the brunt. I don’t agree with it but I don’t really understand the logic either. SNP returned over 50% MP’s at last election but that doesn’t seem to have been enough to push for a mandate for another referendum with 50+ seemingly the benchmark so providing more Tory MPs is detrimental to that from the off. The other thing is Scotland voted remain which is essentially ignored as we’re viewed as a region. Whether we vote Tory or not at the next GE we’re getting Tory anyway nailed on and all a few more Scottish MPs does is strengthen the case against another referendum. Makes no sense at all really.
  12. How would losing seats to the Tories help independence?
  13. I'm pretty sure Stoke will go full Tory - they're absolutely mental for leaving EU.
  14. This is essentially why I can’t really get excited about Scotland becoming independent or not. There’s folk in Hong Kong risking god knows to avoid losing sovereignty to China; Nepal, with barely a pot to piss in, are refusing to dilute their sovereignty despite China trying to essentially buy them; Chileans protesting in their millions trying to shake off US corruption and Catalans don’t seem to be wavering in their support. Here though a fella who previously voted for us to be an independent country has taken umbrage at the party who were voted by the majority of said country that then subsequently had the audacity to represent that country’s substantive position from the referendum at a parliament we were assured we were a valued, even equal, partner of. Got to give the English their due in their nationalistic bandwagon they’re not giving two f**ks that the NHS is going to be devoured by US pharmaceuticals (Channel 4 last night), that the Good Friday agreement is essentially shagged or that the drop in immigration they were hoping for is going to actually get worse (or they’ll get no pension). They’ve actually got the bollox to demand they leave, however foolhardy, whereas even if we did squeak a win I’m pretty sure we’d sh!t out within two years.
  15. I’m in no way shape or form an activist but get annoyed when media are, probably purposefully, spoon feeding folk bullshit and they populace in general are lapping it up without question. The economist who created it even admitted its fairly rudimentary limitations. The problem for the SNP is they hitched their wagon to the GERS in the days it was positive so seem hamstrung by it. Personally I think they need to bite the bullet and explain why it is bollox then take the flak for their change in stance. Scotland’s deficit is £10bn so if you take the 30,000 Scottish uni students at £10k a year fees = £300m and give 5,000,000 folk a £6 prescription a quarter that’s £120m so that would be less than £500m. Unemployment is around 4% Scotland and UK and pensioners make up between 18-19% of UK/Scotland’s population so no massive difference there – so what else since 2015 is generating our massive spike in deficit way in excess of our % as a population? If it was down to SNP wanton spending surely the Scottish Conservatives and the also rans would make massive play on this. If it is down to the SNP attracting less tax revenue to Scotland than the UK are managing surely again they would make massive plays on this. However, the last round of GERS made it pretty obvious that it is essentially nothing more than jiggery pokery with the debt figures to make Scotland look crap by giving it way more than 8-9% population share of debt payments. Plus if Scotland did cost England why is there no real ‘ENP’ looking for a break-up from us and someone would have created the English version of the blue book or put it on the side of a bus surely? It’s hugely frustrating that Johnson is going to come out of this smelling of roses and have some sympathy with the SNP as they are trying to represent the views of Scotland who voted remain. Surely they’re right to argue why are NI getting a customs union and we’re not as that’s their job in the ‘UK’ parliament. However, the end goal definitely seems to be muddled and it’s pretty dangerous to accept that the benchmark, in order to beg for a referendum, is that they need to be returning 85%+ MPs and/or winning a majority in a parliament designed to make it impossible as that simply won’t carry on forever.
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