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  1. When I was 19/20 still living at home my mum and dad were being very weird then my mum out of nowhere stuttered it would be ok if I was gay, I could tell them and they would fully support my decision. I must be one of the only blokes who has had to come out as heterosexual to their parents and just admit to being sh*t at pulling.
  2. I took the ‘Masked Singer’ on ITV as a sign from god to start building a f**k off big boat pronto.
  3. Nah mate - the fella who did it had a wand and could have got it right down in the corner if that was the aim plus we had a headless chicken up top who would have chased it down so the defender had to put it out. This was basically always about halfway inside the opposition's half a few yards beyond or over the winger. Swear down looking back it was blatant.
  4. Know a guy who runs a slaughterhouse and they were saying there's potentially 20- 40% tariff going on imports of meat they're processing from EU and then potentially the same on meat exported back to EU so they'll be uncompetitive overnight in that space and have to refocus purely internally & ROW. They went to a meeting with the Scottish Government and were basically told nobody knows what's going to happen.
  5. There was a couple of seasons at Stoke around that time if we won the kick off first half our second touch was always launching it down the line way beyond the winger's reach. By the end the winger had even stopped chasing it - nobody really knew of spread-betting back then so we just used to go mental how shit it was hoofing it into the third row of the stand every kick-off but looking back its blatantly obvious.
  6. Are you participating in some form of monkey/ typewriter type of experiment?
  7. I'm on the Oatcake for Stoke and that is definitely slowing down too. It has 19,000 members with 7500 being the peak in 2010 probably when we were signing someone semi-decent. In the last 24 hours there has been 1000 online and that's when an evening game on Sky has been on and we've actually won away from home!
  8. We moved to England in 86 when I was six and within a few months of me joining school they showed Andy and Fergie's wedding in class because it was during the week. When they got all the class 1's and 2's in the room they asked if anyone wanted to do something else instead and I was the only one. Still remember it vividly as pretty daunting having a whole room look at you like some weirdo - it was bizarre. It wasn't even as a protest but my dad had gone on for weeks how shit it would be so being offered a way out seemed a great solution. I ended up in the spare classroom next door, which was an absolute shithole just used for storage with barely room for me to sit at a desk, on my own unsupervised.
  9. Congratulations - that pretty much makes you a transphobe.
  10. Worryingly though one of the main players has just rolled a dice, clippity clopped the horsey piece three steps forward and one up before shouting 'Hiho Silver!' then fucked off play golf.
  11. Saw the stream v Stoke and couldn't believe how crap Huddersfield were - I thought those brothers had turned you around. Mad how much money both teams got from the premiership but are totally inadequate to deal with the championship. We got battered by Preston and their side cost over ten times less than ours to assemble
  12. He got a bit tarnished at Stoke along with the rest when we were so shit that we've been barely able to turn it around after 4+ years sliding. He got more shit than most because when he wasn't playing he seemed to pile the beef on. For the first few seasons though he was ace to watch - could be completely crap all game then open a can of beans with his left peg or; be completely brilliant all game then double foot someone 70 yards from our goal and get sent off. His left foot was an absolute wand though.
  13. Its interesting, and a bit dispiriting, to see how much it has changed in my lifetime from my first game watching Aberdeen: 85-94: Ø Only once in 10 years did the old firm finish 1st and 2nd Ø Only once was the gap between 1st and 2nd over 10 points Ø It was 2 points for a win but 44 games so loads closer than what was to come. 95-11 Ø Only once the Old Firm didn’t finish 1st and 2nd Ø Only once was the gap between the diddies and the winner under 10 points. Ø Only 3 times was the gap between 2nd and 3rd under 10 points and was actually over 20 points seven times. Ø Over half these seasons the gap between 1st and nearest diddy was 30+ points. Ø Every season apart from three the gap between 1st and nearest diddy was 20+ points Ø Less games but 3 points for a win 12-17 Ø Gap between 2nd and 3rd was single figure every season apart from 2014 when it was 10. Ø Teams finishing 2-6th don’t have to watch their side play much stronger opponents from the old firm one in five league games. Essentially the SPL is in place so the diddies can be cannon fodder for the old firm so that they in turn can be cannon fodder in Europe. I gave up going SPL games about 10 years ago and wouldn’t even consider returning. Stoke were boring in the EPL too once the novelty wore off as essentially playing for 8th unless the moons and stars align like they did for Leicester – VAR is fucking it up even further and there does seem to be a whiff of WWE about it. In the Championship though over the last 4 seasons the gap between the last play-off spot in 6th and the final relegation spot in 22nd has been under 35 points so it’s a right competitive league. Although Stoke have been absolutely terrible every game means something and teams actually try to win away from home without parking the bus the mad bastards.
  14. Just had a look and 4 of the guests were looking at individual profiles - wtf is that about!
  15. I’ve been confused since I read a post where Phart gave an example of someone on Twitter arguing a bloke having relations with a girl who has a cock is heterosexual. Pretty much then spent the rest of the day trying to decide if I’d prefer to suck girl dick or lick man vaj and where this placed me on the rainbow spectrum. Then discovered I haven’t got a fucking clue what a “pansexual” is even after checking the definition so searched video evidence of it on XHamster for some clarity. Obviously can’t post the most relevant video returned on here but not sure it was the correct interpretation either. As example from the comments we have: 1) ‘OOOOOO Croque Monsieur – someone’s doing ok for themselves’ 2) ‘Pretty sure this should be re-categorised as “interracial pansexual” as, I’m no expert by any means, but that looks like a white fella with a wok sticking out his arse’ 3) ‘He’s pretty good hitting them ping pong balls with it in fairness – look at the topspin he gets!’ I'm 40 this year and already feel too old for this sh!t.
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