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  1. Not sure on numbers retiring here and the report doesn't really give details of why Scotland has a projected 28% increase in pensioners and folk retiring here may play a part. On looking at our demographics though 41.3% are 35 - 65 and 36.33% are 5-35. If we take the 35-50 year olds they account for 21.6% so presuming majority retire and are still living in 25 years means the 10-25 year olds who'll replace them only account for 18.6% of population.
  2. I just read the article you posted and didn't believe the 1m figure you were worrying about. The 400k came from the census in 2011, is referenced in Huffington Post and, on reading it, the report cites where their figure came from. The report also states 232k of those are in employment so already includes dependents. The main reason I took from the report for pushing immigration is within next 25 years Scotland faces a 25% increase in pensioners vs a 1% increase in wage earners compared to 33 vs 11 UK wide. As such a baby boom would be counter productive as would have a further increase in non taxpayers over the 25 year period. In terms of us being taxed to pay for it the report notes immigrants cost us 3bn and contribute 4.3bn with Poles contributing 250m themselves. They are also generally in higher paid employment given they're 8% of population but earn 9-10% of income so not just berry pickers. It also notes the IMF believes a 1% increase in workforce generates 3% productivity growth. As such think they pay for themselves. The aim as a worst case scenario is to have 350k more folk in 25 years with 90% coming from migration. As such we would have the existing 425k plus 315k. The report also states this will also come from returning Scots and other UK folk coming here. At the moment 500k of folk in Scotland are English so if we include them as immigrants they make up over 50%. Of the existing 425k formal immigrants two thirds are EU and the other third includes US whilst the fifth biggest being India at 5% or 20k. If these ratios are applied to the worst case scenario you would have 680k English, 375k eu and 186k non eu inc US/ Can and 4.5m Scots which is 78%. and including English folk would be around 90%. At the moment 4% of population are from ethnic backgrounds and nothing in the report suggests this will get close to double figures that I could see. In terms of 60 years the divergence given means it's almost pointless plus if we look back 60 years the world population has almost doubled, UK is up 20% and Scotland is up 4% so not sure what value it brought.
  3. Foreign immigrants in Scotland were c.400k at last count all in so the 400k would include kids. Would note that 400k at last count was 7% of population compared to 12% UK wide. The 400k figure is double already from 2002 so we're still catching up plus there doesn't seem much issue in assimilating them. The policy in the link also includes migration from UK and returning Scottish folk and gives no split of non-uk vs UK. It would also depend on immigration policy but eu citizens don't seem interested in moving extended family. My wife is non-eu and we couldn't get any member of her family over simply for being related. The only caveat is if they have nobody locally to look after them and can't look after themselves. The percentage of folk over 65 has increased from 14% to 19% in last 30 years. Coupled to Scottish population being 5.4m compared to 5.2m in 70s they need to generate tax revenue short, medium and long term even to standstill. Agree we need a baby boom but that won't generate tax for 30 years unless Brexit goes tits up and we need chimney sweeps.
  4. Saw the last 30 minutes and the standard looked pretty decent - was Napier No10? The captain looked pretty good too. Definitely looked to be at least a couple who could step up.
  5. Hand ball rule is ruining this tournament. Japan lass just had the ball smashed at her and her arm was barely away from her side.
  6. I've got visions of my Mrs making the screen gesture so she could check I'd pulled out in time
  7. or just want to be left in peace to sing some songs on a Saturday afternoon.
  8. ThistleWhistle

    Next PM

    Listening to the news this morning it’s scary that the distinct lack of ethics in fudging the result was not only tolerated, or even accepted, but almost venerated as mastery in the dark arts of politics (radio 4). Who needs ethics to run a country aye?
  9. Same mate – UEFA aren’t adhering to it in the men’s u21s and the English Premier League distanced themselves from it as soon as this farce panned out. If a penalty travels at 80mph it takes 500 milliseconds to reach the goal and it takes a male keeper 600 milliseconds to reach the post so the attacker already has a distinct advantage. Enforcing that they expressly can’t move until the player touches the ball (an Olympic sprinter takes c.200 milliseconds to react to the gun) increases their advantage significantly. All a player has to do under the new rules is stutter until the keeper commits themselves and then they can claim another go if they miss the first time too. What it is trying to stop is keepers being miles off their line as the player runs in and could stop that easily enough with a foamy spray a yard of the line. The other thing is about 75% of penalties are currently being scored which seems a pretty reasonable ratio. If that increases then the excitement comes out of it and penalty shootouts will more and more get down to centre backs missing.
  10. I checked at 70 minutes and proudly told my wife not even Scotland could fuck it up now.
  11. It is a bit galling too that they’re not doing the same in the men’s U21 tournament and the premier league have confirmed they won’t be using it to check on this. As such, there’s already seemingly a realisation in the men’s game that the rule is pish – why they don’t just get the ref to spray foam a yard from the line is beyond me. I think the players need a look at themselves too as they seemed to go gung-ho at 3-0 up then were like rabbit caught in headlights once they scored. A sub should have been made though sooner even if just to clarify that they should have been defending what they had rather than aiming for more goals. It’ll be even more annoying tonight that it’ll likely prove 3-0 was more than enough.
  12. I think although they have justifiable cause about moaning about the officiating but in the cold light of day will realise it came down to collective inexperience. Not allowing the subs to get into position before the Argentinians to take the free kick was bizarre plus the injury time was just nonsense and the new keeper rule is going to cause bedlam as can’t see how a keeper can save a peno now – all the striker has to do is stutter to make them move and they have a free re-take. However, all the way through they have been scenario planning for being in touch at the last game to give them a shot. Nobody could expect them to be 3-0 up and our inexperience showed really – at that point NZ or Cameroon would have had to win 5-0 and Chile 6-0 so should have just parked the bus. For their first goal at least 5 of our team got caught in front of the ball and it all fell in from there. They really wanted to be the first Scotland team to get to a knockout round but once the dust settles they’ll realise they have achieved their goal in raising the profile of the women’s side anyway. I watched them on Alba four years ago to take the piss and would never have imagined now I’m genuinely gutted they got knocked out. Literally nobody spoke about the Euros at work and how many folk on here gave much of a shit two years ago? Hopefully keep the momentum up with qualification into the Euros 2021 in England and have learnt from the errors of the previous two tournaments. Can’t see many retiring between now and then and the qualifying group seems ok on paper (Finland 32 and Portugal 30) so hopefully there isn’t a hangover from this tournament.
  13. Penalty shootouts will be an absolute farce and all
  14. I honestly don't know what the keeper can do. The rule is to stop keepers being yards off their line rather than what just happened
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