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  1. National side for me but I'm pretty much like a junky in Boots waiting on their methadone these days as the original high is long gone and it's now just a sad decent including having to buy clothing from JD Sports. However I may finally have kicked it as Only Connect and a Nazi documentary are on that fancy watching instead.
  2. I defo think there is an element of that in Stoke as they voted for Labour for years, got some fella called Tristan who had never ate a cheese oatcake in his puff, educated Cambridge, dad was a peer, was essentially a soft tory and he quit to run the V&A so how is he ever representative of the local area? I think if there is a snap election its places like this and Sunderland the Brexit party will make gains and Labour could get completely hammered. I’ve mates who aren’t thick but see UKIP/Brexit being akin to SNP up here!!
  3. Have you read the one where he's explaining economics to his daughter? That's quite interesting and his main beef seems to be with the banks rather than the EU. During his negotiation as Greece finance minister his problem with the restructure from memory was the new payment terms essentially would not only bankrupt Greece but it would transfer the debt from the banks to EU taxpayers. Did Saudi Arabia not seriously threaten to sell oil in Euros at one point before the bank crisis as it was more stable than the dollar then the euro took an absolute pounding?
  4. Given her previous record I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was the next leader of the Scottish Conservative party.
  5. We could have drawn with England who reached the semis and probably gave USA their toughest game. We should have drawn with Japan who were hugely unlucky to go out to Netherlands who got to the final. The Argentina game no doubt showed naivety as 3-0 was more than enough and should have shut up shop. Kerr should be criticised for it but the players have to take responsibility too – I distinctly remember Kim Little stamping her feet and going mental between Howard giving away the penalty and it actually being awarded which was far too late. Players like her and Coursie should have been going mental when it went 3-1 but they lacked leadership on the pitch totally. I think Kerr should now be judged on the Euros to see if lessons have been learnt although it is more difficult to get out the groups. However, getting pished and reading the riot act to players who really were at that moment out their collective depth isn’t a great start. In terms of the u19’s there are a couple of individuals in there that look like potential superstars – lass at Hibs (Napier?) scored a beauty in the Champions League and is already one of their best players as I understand it.
  6. I’m pretty much the same to be honest especially when the BBC take such an interest but if SNP stick to timescales the Holyrood election it should hopefully be moot anyway. However, if it does go down this route my concern is that the Wings party cause a similar reaction the Conservative Party had to the Brexit party as it would likely attract the more ardent independence supporters. The dichotomy would then be do the SNP allow them to get a foothold or do they move back toward trying to appease their core vote? If it is the later this would then have the potential to lose soft no’s who have turned. There is also a doubt that keeps nipping away in that is Wings trying to diversify given his income will tail-off if/when vote ‘yes’?
  7. If last time is anything to go by we'll find out in about 2 years time.
  8. Personally thought he played pretty well yesterday and he must be well respected within the team to go about shouting in folks faces like that. He was involved in the build up to a couple of the goals and he must be highly thought of to play next to Pogba when he runs about all over the pitch. I think his strengths compliment McGinn's weaknesses and for me he is a better player than McGregor.
  9. Murdo Fraser in the Times and Scotsman suggesting London rule isn't working for their party as their priorities differ from what Scottish Tories need and essentially wants a separate party in Scotland in order to successfully keep Scotland under London rule. Shark hurdling will be an Olympic sport at this rate and the womens gold medal will go to someone with a cock.
  10. it's where there is a disequilibrium between the amount supplied to market vs the amount demanded.
  11. The Canadian cock waxing case is a blessing as it'll raise awareness of how mental an idea it is allowing self ID. What I find suspicious is that 6% of UK population are homosexual. In a 2015 US survey of 3000 trans identifying women over 60% responded as being attracted to women. Purely off of Wiki and it also comments that trans men being attracted to men are very much in the minority, so although a bit of a leap, would seem more in line with the 6% figure. For me there should be a self ID test and if a series of fanny pics gives them a hard on then they're 94% likely to be a bloke who wants access to shit in female toilets and get a cock wax. If on the other hand a slideshow of boabys immediately causes them to complain of suffering a headache then they're defo female and should be treated as such.
  12. Google street name and assult brings up a couple of reports on it with three options being considered. Unprovoked attack on a white guy is one but seems a bit unlikely given he bypasses a white guy to get to a white guy. Second is mistaken identity. Third is it started outside a bar with at least one witness and CCTV. Given those arrested are 14-16 it poses more questions than it solves. YouTube comments ascribing this as purely a racially motivated crime seem premature at best. No doubting they're feral wee fuckers but would be interesting to know what really triggered it.
  13. Not sure on numbers retiring here and the report doesn't really give details of why Scotland has a projected 28% increase in pensioners and folk retiring here may play a part. On looking at our demographics though 41.3% are 35 - 65 and 36.33% are 5-35. If we take the 35-50 year olds they account for 21.6% so presuming majority retire and are still living in 25 years means the 10-25 year olds who'll replace them only account for 18.6% of population.
  14. I just read the article you posted and didn't believe the 1m figure you were worrying about. The 400k came from the census in 2011, is referenced in Huffington Post and, on reading it, the report cites where their figure came from. The report also states 232k of those are in employment so already includes dependents. The main reason I took from the report for pushing immigration is within next 25 years Scotland faces a 25% increase in pensioners vs a 1% increase in wage earners compared to 33 vs 11 UK wide. As such a baby boom would be counter productive as would have a further increase in non taxpayers over the 25 year period. In terms of us being taxed to pay for it the report notes immigrants cost us 3bn and contribute 4.3bn with Poles contributing 250m themselves. They are also generally in higher paid employment given they're 8% of population but earn 9-10% of income so not just berry pickers. It also notes the IMF believes a 1% increase in workforce generates 3% productivity growth. As such think they pay for themselves. The aim as a worst case scenario is to have 350k more folk in 25 years with 90% coming from migration. As such we would have the existing 425k plus 315k. The report also states this will also come from returning Scots and other UK folk coming here. At the moment 500k of folk in Scotland are English so if we include them as immigrants they make up over 50%. Of the existing 425k formal immigrants two thirds are EU and the other third includes US whilst the fifth biggest being India at 5% or 20k. If these ratios are applied to the worst case scenario you would have 680k English, 375k eu and 186k non eu inc US/ Can and 4.5m Scots which is 78%. and including English folk would be around 90%. At the moment 4% of population are from ethnic backgrounds and nothing in the report suggests this will get close to double figures that I could see. In terms of 60 years the divergence given means it's almost pointless plus if we look back 60 years the world population has almost doubled, UK is up 20% and Scotland is up 4% so not sure what value it brought.
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