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  1. Fuck me you'd think the SAS were parachuting in to save Scotland's vaccination program by the way it is being reported - the army have been involved down south from for the last couple of weeks. As far as I can tell SNP are getting battered because they've only vaccinated 6% compared to 8% in England. However, Scotland have vaccinated 80% of care homes compared to 50% in England which takes longer to rollout but would seem far more strategically savvy given that's where a large proportion of the deaths were/are. Problem is daft bastards who tune in to nowt but the BBC will readi
  2. Plus is there a sub-ruling if your dog decides the best place to take a shit is on top of another dog's mammoth jobby? Honestly it was fucking huge! Hands up I was ready to leave it but a couple walked around the corner and were looking at me weird so peer pressured into picking it up. The frosty coating on the devil dog's broke so I could feel ice cold liquid dog poo oozing in my fingers through the thin bag and gave me the absolute boke. They looked at me even weirder that I was almost sick picking up what they thought was my own dog's jobby. Only thing I could think of after was
  3. Always remember the algorithms (aka- search history) on here when I started 10+ years ago directing me to Mature Dating. Now it's currently banners for an online lighting supplier and tablets for erectile disfunction so the TAMB's maybe need an update because I ordered two table lamps just last week.
  4. Nuclear button just been pressed? https://wingsoverscotland.com/a-duty-of-candour/#more-123214 Too big to be swept under the carpet or will NS's popularity currently ride it out piece of piss?
  5. It's difficult not to go full partisan when the first learning activity comes through at 9.45am 'tell us about your Christmas' - red rag meet bull.
  6. If you like their other stouts then you'll be in for a treat I reckon. Had a couple Christmas Eve and lovely but Santa's footprints had a bit of strange gate afterwards. Sapian and the guest wheat beer are fantastic if you haven't tried them before and tick your usual boxes.
  7. I had a look at Christmas and gave it a miss too because of the price. Got change from 50 quid for 24 beers from Williams Bros including a glass instead: https://www.williamsbrosbrew.com/beer
  8. I would say 3-5 hours of quality online teaching via Zoom isn't unreasonable for secondary like WM have requested. In fairness to two secondary schools my mates have kids at they're trying to deliver the timetable unchanged. Genuine question - if the lesson is delivered via Zoom and is recorded does it still need transcribed? My wee lass is in primary and we've been told no change from last time. Now with the best will in the world a system put in place during such unprecedented circumstances last year can't have been perfect. That we are going to review it over the next month suggests t
  9. I agree it can't be done by diktat but their needs to be some sort of minimum standard else there is going to be schools absolutely smashing it whilst others take the piss. If there is no minimum standard either it leaves parents with nothing tangible to raise issues against. They'd either have to accept the school is doing the best it can or point ad-hoc at what they hear others doing.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-55564578 What could possibly go wrong? SG surely has to have the bollocks to demand a minimum standard across schools whilst giving them the freedom to deliver. Leaving it up to individual schools just gives them a get out of jail free card as they'll simply point to the SG for lack of guidance as an excuse.
  11. Even for Trump this would seem brazen after a riot in Washington - he's almost begging to be impeached or believes he's invincible:
  12. Absolutely wild if it is and there's nothing much in the comments refuting it. Be interesting to see if that gets any mainstream attention.
  13. It must be mind melting for black folk watching white folk stage a half arsed coup and still not get shot.
  14. Wonder if Venezuela are contemplating dropping in a puppet government and robbing all their resources in the name of democracy?
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