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  1. Commentator slip ‘extra time beckons for England’
  2. Don't disagree at all and it'll be interesting to see if things have moved on from France 98 where there was the stench sponsors had a part to play in Ronaldo playing when he pretty obviously wasn't fit.
  3. My beef isn't really with an Olympic gymnast I'll probably forget about in a month but more around the lack of nuance in everything and increasing levels of moral myopia governed by likes and retweets rather than discussion. Yeah I'd known about her pulling out of the all round as a few places were reporting it yesterday morning but was undecided for the weekend/ next week. Only found out from an article on the BBC last night that she had been out for over a year and only returned April this year I think it is. Unfortunately Twitter's whole business model is based on bad faith decisions given in a limited number of characters and it's impact can't be underestimated as it effectively controls the narrative/direction of society in specific moments with reflection postponed until later. The easy answer in this is for a full on luvvie capricious spewing of platitudes whereas the more difficult question of whether their management committee has failed in its duty of care isn't being raised yet although that may well follow. If she does compete in the individuals it opens up another can of worms in that nobody would want see her do a Ronaldo or hurt herself but if she did perform poorly then the management again would have questions to answer with her being in that position. If on the other hand she wins gold then the fairytale Hollywood ending is there but it would still raise difficult questions. Nobody is likely to touch the one how you can go from unable to perform due to mental health issues to gold medallist in the space of a week understandably because, although it is a pretty pertinent question in improving understanding, it would turn toxic immediately. The other is that she would be fully vindicated in her actions given the reward but would the moral to take from the story of putting yourself first at the expense of the team be healthy particularly? Not her load to carry but it's still an interesting question like if England are ok with Kane and Sterling to take a dive why shouldn't kids when they return to football this season? Morgan is a knob but he does raise a valid point in that the social media hypocrisy is ridiculous and dangerous. Nobody is really interested in his mental health when he stormed off and came back basically because he's a knob. He's not an Olympic Goat but he is in a fairly cut-throat business that would be churlish to admit he wasn't at the top end of so maybe the weatherman exposed a vulnerability that day. Essentially going from his feed though there's everything from poking fun at his meltdown to being fat, racist, misogynist and all the the way through to nonce.
  4. Said before if she ends up pulling out of the whole thing then fair enough and from that it wouldn't seem you could go from the 'Twisties' one day then a few days later be seriously competing unless I'm missing something?
  5. It's vexed me all day being honest - Twitter is just a sewer where all that counts is who has the biggest gang numbers be it in faux outrage or sincerity. Guilty as charged on the verbose comment.
  6. Must just be natural but as a middle aged bloke I understand current culture less and less. Doubt Mental Dave in our old pub team would have called me brave if I subbed myself off in the Tunstall Alliance League 5 cup final for squaffing a pass five minutes in leaving us down to 10 whilst shouting platitudes and proffering oranges from the side-line. If she pulls out completely I’ll buy its mental health rather than just fucking it up on the first bit of apparatus and chucking toys out the pram. Can see a Hollywood finale though where she wins the four individual titles next week and everyone hails her rise from adversity as vindication of putting herself before the team which would succinctly sum up where we are as a society. The hypocrisy will be likely nobody will give a shit for wellbeing of the other team members who carried on to battle to a meaningless silver in terms of US sporting demands and then probably have to watch the person who cost them possibly their best shot at gold then beat them individually.
  7. Probably the most newsworthy part of this is that, aside from Bojo shitting in the Queen's handbag, he seems absolutely bullet proof: LK also seems to be wearing a jacket cut and tailored from Cummings' ecdysis on leaving Downing Street.
  8. Not so much alcohol but possibly through verging on a cocoa induced coma I discovered aspects of myself I didn’t really care for whilst on a trip at Cadbury World last week. All was going swimmingly as wandering about the place in 25 degree heat there was various aged mums in various stages of dress ranging from classic summer all the way through to it being harder to imagine what they actually looked like clothed vs naked – each to their own but when did braless become fashion especially with the more squint titted ladies! My wife was ogling the scene as someone would a motorway accident as milk chocolatey tanned scousers and brummies with eyebrows bigger than their skirts roamed about the place feral like pole-dancing Oompa Loompas and she seemed genuinely impressed I wasn’t frothing at the mouth humping at her leg like some deranged sex pest. Basking in my glory and plotting how best to convert this into additional holiday sexy time I took my seat in the 4-D cinema wearing a pair of the stupid 3-D glasses momentarily wandering what the additional dimension could possibly be. Unfortunately things began to unravel as we docked on the Cadbury mothership where the Caramel bunny was waiting to greet us sat on the flight deck cross legged wearing nothing but a pink bow and salacious smile as she began to recite the inflight safety briefing in her overtly sexually dripping brogue. On asking myself if I was really actually aroused by a cartoon rabbit whose sole interest in me was purely to punt confectionary I found out the additional dimension of the cinema was basically the seat violently vibrating my arse as we descended onto the Crunchie rollercoaster. At this point my brain went all University Challenge on me whereby rather than answering the question at hand it instead basically stated ‘nominate penis!’ and on looking down it was a tail of mixed emotion. On the one hand was relieved I wasn’t sporting an obvious overt erection in a cinema surrounded by at least three school parties whereas on the other was a bit gutted not to have to violently avert my eyes for fear of it bashing me square in the coupon potentially risking blindness. As the seat descended back to a gentle hum I found myself contemplating whether I’d finally discovered my kink in life is violent anus shaking whilst watching retro cartoons. I found absolutely no solace in the realisation either that at my base level I’m just an average bloke who would likely fall for 80’s style sexually targeted advertising thus making purchasing decisions purely via a stirring of my genitals. Worse still, if I had access to one of those suits they have on ‘Ready Player One’ I’d probably have interrupted her midway through the safety briefing by bending that that fucking bunny right over the control deck feeding her Fruit Pastels round the front whilst slapping and prodding at her fluffy tailed derriere round the back with a Christmas sized tube demanding she told me she was a bad bad girl who preferred Nestle Rowntree’s products more! I ate the free Wispas, Dairy Milks and Curly Wurlys but the Caramels remain untouched in the fridge for fear of flashbacks.
  9. I was genuinely disappointed Rashford missed and Maguire scored and Sterling negated responsibility - Karma is a strange mistress
  10. I thought last night was worse too. Henry v Ireland, Hand of God or a single Sterling splash are all shite baggery but can be deflected as a momentary weakness. Last night was premeditated and were at it all game - Kane kept dropping into positions purely to get free kicks to swing in the box. There was a couple of times he stayed on his feet but only to get in a better position to fall over so they could launch it on to slab heads bonce. Sterling’s reaction to the equaliser summed it up - his first thought was a massive splash dive second was celebrating the goal.
  11. Cynical and horrible- it’s pretty obvious one of their tactics is to fall on their arse 30 yards from goal so they can chuck a set piece in and cheat for penos. It’s not a one off and this is a chosen tactic. Maguire is like a pound shop Pepe too the amount of times he went up for a header and claimed a free kick off Braithwaite. They were the better side after 70 minutes but they can’t moan about Johnny Foreigners anymore. Out the Argentine and Uruguay play book some of that. Hope the Italians beat them - got a trip to Alton Towers and will defo buy a photo of me on the Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita, etc resplendent in my toga with my bollocks painted red, white and green flapping magnificently everywhere in ultra high definition
  12. Sorry hadn't realised this was duplicate. It does include his follow-up response which is brilliant too though in fairness!
  13. For me one thing the SG got right, and did a lot better than down south, was essentially crisis communication. One of the basics of that is if you leave a void someone else will fill it and you risk it being any old bollocks. Boris and his ensemble cast went for filling it with their own bollocks with various different confusing messaging/graphs whereas we had a consistent speaker giving a consistent message. There was however definitely times it was used to the SNP advantage where bad news stories were released the same day as big announcements on Covid and although the Salmond thing was a pretty big story overall it would probably have been much bigger had the media nowt else focus on. It also took the focus away from the education shambles too as if it wasn't for Covid the postponing of the report until June would have got a lot more traction than it did. The main issue for me came at the end of the first wave where we'd played by all the rules and our wee lass hadn't seen her granny/granda in months. England came out with far worse numbers and there was either no way, or no want, to stopping visitors coming up. From there the SG response was almost redundant anyway and any statement of attempting zero Covid was either a lie, strategically unachievable or both. As much as there has been faff about the edges and the presentation of it the SG haven't the capability to do anything meaningfully different really. In a way, when the time is right, it should also present them with a bit of an open goal in Independence discussions (this is what you could have won!) around health, border control and furlough to an extent but I've not got the confidence they have the want or ability to translate it into anything meaningful.
  14. Can't argue with any of that and wouldn't be surprised if when they say they're keeping an eye on the science what they're actually meaning is waiting see what happens in Scotland following the Wembley jaunt and what that does to hospital/ ICU numbers. Wouldn't be surprised if down south numbers sky rocket shortly following Ukraine game and definitely will if they win the bloody thing. However, the plan now seems to be they're happy enough with the vaccinated numbers and are now just going see what happens as it rips through everyone during the summer. Once 'Freedom Day' is announced down south and all there'll be a sizeable demographic who won't even bother getting tested/ self isolating anymore so I'm pretty much resigned to either getting it or having to stop in my house to avoid getting it - Given my wife works in a hotel even that would be pointless. If I go see my granny in her care home though I'll carry on doing it from the window. For me this wave isn't really the worry at the moment as letting it rip through could even weaken it's severity - its if it mutates the wrong way somewhere else as our border control is fucking hopeless so far.
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