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  1. Fucking Spurs and Arsenal? That's like the Avengers assembling with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor then supplemented with Bananaman and Inspector Gadget
  2. Not to worry our world leading track n trace will come into its own!! Given the melting pot of some countries being on they way to vaccination whilst others are a petri dish for new variants this thing could have a few waves to go yet before it is even remotely under control.
  3. Visiting my folks yesterday and walked in on my mum yesterday watching the fucking funeral on catch-up. It took me a couple of seconds to work out what was happening but I was more disappointed rather than disgusted and walked back to the kitchen despite her protestations she'd just put it on for a minute and she'd changed channel. Flicking on the kettle it popped in my head this must be a bit like what she felt like that time she caught me having a w@nk in my mid-teens over a buffet of porno mags.
  4. I'm torn whether he should stay or go because could easily see a scenario where Tuchel is out on his arse by the end of the year. If they fail through both routes to qualify for the Champions League for next season he'll straight away be on a shooglie peg if he has a bad start next season particularly as his football thus far has been eye bleedingly bad to watch. On the other hand if Gilmour hangs about and never establishes himself then he could end up in the same boat as Josh McEachran. He was going to be the next big thing for yonks yet never established himself and after various l
  5. Makes a difference arguing who is most in form rather than over who is least shit for a change
  6. I always thought it was the Greens and Lib Dems that hoovered up the cosplay demographic?
  7. On the other hand If the golfing gods are smiling on you it’s absolutely wonderful. Few years back I was in a charity match play thing that ran through the season and I was off 25 so pretty shit but in the first round the handicap was restricted to 20. Got drawn vs a guy off 6 so basically just expected an absolute humping. First couple of holes scrambled to stay level and then the first par 3 he lands 6 feet from the hole and was well smug whilst I’m 70 yards back in some pretty thick crap. Just tried to dig it out as much as possible but somehow managed to blade
  8. For anyone thinking of purchasing these t-shirts it would be useful to know if they fit true to size or whether it would be advisable to take a size up please aaid?
  9. Nowt screams returning to normal more than Scotland getting beat in front of a crowd of 25-30k either 😂
  10. Played my first round in a while at the weekend and was absolutely shitting it on the first tee shot. Tried to hit it way too hard but caught enough of the top of it that it fizzed and although it never got more than a couple of inches off the ground it was flying straight. Went to bend down to pick my tee up thinking it would trundle on ok as it was a Links course and downhill but then I heard a ‘donk’ and on looking up again realised I’d hit the stake for the junior tee so now the ball was fizzing back towards me coming to a standstill about 10-20 yards straight in front of my feet – could
  11. Heard it on Radio 4 a couple of days ago and they spoke about it for a good couple of minutes without once mentioning what had caused it - funny that aye!
  12. It's as good as it could be and hopefully got a chance of making it to the Euros. It could also protect him as the games will be coming thick and fast with 8 games by 23/5 still to play in the Premiership plus the Europa League. Was convinced he was f@@ked when it happened but hopefully with a bit of luck, and Arsenal not being dicks about it, he should be fit with a few weeks to spare .
  13. Wonder if that disclaimer will be sufficient for him to avoid the first Ministry of Love being named in his honour or if he's booked into the Salmond Suite already for re-education 'Incomplete paperwork and cases I simply can't win - AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!................................................I had all the information required to make irrefutable defence'.
  14. For me it was more down to the collective unit not being able to play the formation particularly well synergistically rather than a failing of a single part. The midfield were chasing shadows vs Israel in particular because the gap from front to back was too wide. We need to condense the pitch particularly if we go 3-4-3 – watching Chelsea you could almost chuck a blanket over them at some points and restrict the space between the lines whereas Israel in particular were dropping into acres of space almost anywhere on the pitch.
  15. Christ remember Lambert clear as day - was in our local in Stoke watching it on tele and turned to my mate just after it became obvious his teeth had flown everywhere that that was us now likely fucked for the playoffs. The reports yesterday seemed to be suggesting Arsenal’s fears are he’ll be out for weeks which is, fingers crossed, better than fearing months so could benefit us from a selfish perspective – like you say though the longer waiting on the scan then the more twitchy arse it gets. The system is set up to accommodate him and him bursting out from the bac
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