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  1. That's essentially what Tplinth was asking as there is no clear strategy coming out of the SNP other than to just keep trusting them. I have no idea how they get out of this but strategically if independence is still their game then a few things they shouldn't be doing like: making such a pigs arse of the exam marks that Labour have an easy win on flagging up poor kids were going get shafted or; pursuing GRA which is going to affect the demography that was particularly reticent to support independence last time.
  2. Sorry mate but not buying it. That would involve JS agreeing to have his arse left hanging out the window and hoping for the best once upgrades confirmed. In terms of it outmanoeuvring the Yoons the SG essentially played their hand whilst showing their opponents their cards. That UK government in-turn decide to ignore them and plough on regardless isn't a stroke of tactical genius but pure luck in their opponent's incompetence.
  3. Doing the Catalan thing would give BoJo the opportunity to ride a tank into Glasgow which would likely appeal to him and probably a depressingly large slice of the Yoon vote.
  4. The crux of his argument is we're at a dead end at the most opportune moment to potentially deliver independence. Unless there is a massive rabbit going to be pulled from a hat the strategy seems to be to vote for them so they can ask WM with a triple/quadruple/infinite sized mandate from the Scottish public until the arse falls out the SNP vote.
  5. Agree again - I’m pretty staunch ‘Yes’ but can’t get behind decisions taken that seems short-term myopic with the main driver being maintaining voting share rather than actually improving the education of kids from poor backgrounds moving forward. I’d much rather seeing the SNP have the balls to admit that the model has provided a reflection nobody likes and are willing to kowtow this year to projected results whilst moving forward acknowledge that they need to somehow close this attainment gap in reality. Lead by doing stuff rather than by telling as many people as possible what you think they want to hear - leave that shit to New Labour and old Tories.
  6. Not sure about that - would say SG got caught in a shit storm and at least had provision to operate an umbrella once it became obvious it wasn't a shower. They've, on the other hand, seen the storm coming, criticised us for being stupidly caught in it and then decided to just think 'Fuck it' and gone out topless anyway whilst taking the piss out of our umbrella despite being covered in excrement themselves. BBC Scotland obviously report late utilisation of the umbrella as 'SNP bad' and ask someone clad up to their neck in faeces for comment.
  7. Yeah on SISO - it's a tad harsh on the teachers as essentially they're being asked to predict the future but was the shortest way of trying to describe the point I was trying to make. Agree too on the above with my concern now is this seems the easiest route/ path of least resistance to take in that it appeases parents, teachers and pupils. It does save gifted kids from poor areas going through the appeals process but my criticism would be their achievements are now diluted because other kids have attained the same grade who wouldn’t have otherwise. However the kids from poorer backgrounds getting this boost into uni, who might have not got the grades previously via examination, now have a window of opportunity. Idealistic, and with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight, but how I’d have liked to see it play out is: Ø SQA had some form of mechanism to refer the results back to teachers as a first draft. Basically this could have told them to wise up and no way can we get this level of increases through without some serious questions being asked during a pandemic. Come back with something more realistic based on your own school’s previous performance + < 5% on previous pass rate. Ø In failing to do the above the Scottish Government should have used the results as the catalyst to at least try to tackle head-on the attainment gap now everybody in the country has experienced as subtly as a sledgehammer. Given they’re getting hammered on education anyway they could have used this as the benchmark/ starting point to be judged against moving forward and put a strategy in place to try to tackle it with a major benefit/threat keeping it in the public eye. For me the current fudge runs the risk of sweeping this under the carpet again and hope folk go back not noticing, or not caring, poor kids get the shitty end of the educational stick. Ø To appease students and parents, especially the ones shafted by this, just guarantee their university/college places that they’ve been accepted on even provisionally. This would look like a munificent way out of the problem whilst simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the modelling. Additionally it would help towards solving the problem of funding given foreign student fees are going to fall off a cliff. Ø Anyone not going on to higher education can then appeal if they’re unhappy with their grading. If it is uplifted it then maintains its integrity in comparison to now where it could be looked upon as a ‘gimmie’. The tutoring stuff is definitely a factor as essentially, even though time is finite those with the resource can simply pay for somebody else’s. Lass at my work her daughter was on for flunking maths last year and paid someone to come in 3 evenings a week so she ended up with an A. There’s probably countless kids from schools in poor areas who could have pissed an A if they had access to facilities/teaching like her school in a posher area in the first place let alone 1 on 1 tutoring for an additional 6 hours a week.
  8. Totally agree the system isn't infallible as essentially it removes the human element and is emotionally inert. One thing that is obviously unfair is you can have kids in poor areas whose grades have been savaged but then can appeal and hope for the best. However, rich kids benefiting the other way don't seem to have the opposite in that their grade could be downgraded on appeal. The other problem with the computer model is SISO - given what's been predicted during a global pandemic smashes previous grading it has to be questioned what's gone into the sausage machine in order to generate such results which, in turn, was then causation for the swingeing cuts to scores. The system doesn't care if Wayne from the arse end of Dundee should've got an A but that given the historical performance there was no way 9 other Wayne's from there too should have been getting an A as well. There's three options for me: 1) We accept this is a 'gimmie', go purely with predicted scores and sweep it under the carpet as quickly as possible which in the long run does nobody any favours. 2) We accept that the teaching marks are a more accurate measure of pupil attainment than the computer modelling and then investigate what was the causation of such a surge in attainment. 3) We accept that the computer model is a more accurate reflection of what would have happened and accept what is reflected back to us is pretty ugly. Short term deal with those who have been disadvantaged by SISO and long term try to come up with some way of closing the gap that has escaped everyone for generations. For me its option 3 and that the upsurge in performance is not down to a change in teaching style but in how the results were originally collated and recorded. In any other study the validity of the data, and methodology garnering it, would be hugely scrutinized given how much an outlier it is. It's kind of ironic too in that the point of education is so we can measure and understand where we've been in the past to help understand where we are in the present to then in-turn manage the future.
  9. This doesn't sit right for me and the U-turn is more down to political pressure rather than redress of misconceived unfairness that's merely manifested this year. An emotionless audit system has essentially spewed out a set of results that shows historically poor kids get shafted vs affluent kids and folk simply don't like it. For me that should be the focus to correct moving forward and not trying to fudge this set of figures to simply appease folk with next year's election in mind as at the moment we seem nonsensically to be blaming the mirror for what it reflects. If the exams had gone ahead do you think the results would have been closer to what the SQA churned out dispassionately based on previous years modelling or what the teachers predicted? For me its the prior and, although far from ideal, the system seems capable of dealing with wonder kids coming through in disadvantages schools. What it isn't set up to deal with is a massive surge in wonder kids which would leave the results as an outlier so far wide of the last 5 years that in any other study you'd be questioning the validity of the data collected and methodology in garnering it. If on the other hand you believe it would be closer to the teacher predictions then what's changed this year to generate such results? The abilities of the pupils across the board won't have changed so dramatically and its not down to some teachers overinflating pass marks unethically to the detriment of: teachers whose results tally closer to historical norms; previous pupils hamstrung by those norms or; future pupils whose results will more likely reflect what the SQA churned out this year. The biggest change is the environment so if the attainment gap has been closed between poor and rich kids this year as teachers results seem to suggest is it down to the wonders of Zoom video conferencing despite poorer kids being less likely to have broadband and laptops? It seems a bit like turkeys voting 'yes' to Christmas for me as if this result is indeed ratified it would give future governments ammunition for a future cost cutting exercise given the apparent success in adversity this year. What would stop one senior teacher Zooming a class to multiple classes with junior teachers/ prison wardens manning the classroom/ marking duties? Part of this is down to my own petty jealousy as in my own field if a quarter of my files came back from audit questionable it certainly wouldn't be the auditor, regulator or government getting an ass whooping.
  10. Think the stream's would increase viewing overall but it would rob Peter to pay Paul a bit as it would defo affect tv audiences. It would also probably make the problem worse in that the OF would possibly have an even bigger slice of the revenue unless it was shared better. On sharing the tickets it would make sense in that it would level the playing field a bit so would hopefully make it a bit more interesting. Probably never get off the ground as the OF would lose a skelp of income but it would also probably mean a drop in ticket revenue for Aberdeen and Hibs as the 4 OF games probably wouldn't cover the x% of home games they had to hand over to everyone else. No idea how we'll improve it but the main stakeholders seem to continually find new ways to make it worse.
  11. Was there ever a review into how the police fucked up the Carl Beech case so badly or has it been swept under the carpet? There was just something that didn't sit right in that whole thing - the details of his sentence seemed to be on the radio news on the way home from work for days almost like it was a warning.
  12. Potentially the sell on fees could make them more than the transfer itself if he bangs them in in the Champions League. The initial fee is just more out of interest to see where one of the better players in the SPL ranks against the mental market down south. If Rangers have their pants pulled down then they in turn are likely to do the same to one of the diddies here who in turn will then do this to the next club down the ladder. If Rangers get a decent fee then went for Shankland for example and had a bit more to chuck at United then they would have a bit more to chuck at a replacement and teams see the value in developing talent rather than just picking up short term shite journey men that they'll lose money on.
  13. I'm not really interested in it for a pop at Rangers but to see what the going rate for one of the SPL's best players with European experience minus tapped in the head discount is. For the gap to close ideally the diddies should be selling promising players from their academy to the OF with sell-on clauses then the OF flog them for silly money following European experience. When Ajax sold De Jong for 80m euros Williem II got 8-10m of it - obviously he's a rare talent but imagine the trickle down effect of the OF selling a Scottish trained player regularly like Ajax/PSV do and it would be a game changer for the league.
  14. Totally but there must come a point, and personally think the Scottish game has gone way beyond it, where the lack of competition in the league starts affecting profit. Even in developing players it must affect sell-on prices when there are only OF games, and a few European games when they themselves aren't cannon fodder, that players can be properly scouted in competitive games. Be interesting to see what Morelos goes for when Lille themselves will be looking to turn a profit on him within 24 months rather than keep him long term.
  15. The only way it'll change is if the OF get bored of horsing everyone and can't see it as they'll be wrapped up in the annual coin tossing event of who wins the tin pot league for infinity as the stars to badge ratio continues to shrink. Can't be arsed going watch United to prop up the pretence of a competition. If they have a good season then they'll spend 8 games trying not to get skelped by the OF and possibly another 2 in the cup if its a really good year. That's potentially 20-25% of the season spent playing 2 sides with resources that are becoming increasing futile to try and compete with - what's the point in spending hundreds of pounds on that? To compound it Covid-19 has probably put a spanner in most academies so the OF will continue buying relative crap that won't allow them to progress as far as they want in Europe and the diddies will chuck thousands of pounds in wages that they can't recoup on knackered/ crap journeymen from the arse end of the English leagues.
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