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  1. Are you sure she didn't just ask if you wanted a hand with packing your shopping and the bloke was rolling his eyes thinking 'deaf al bat off on one'?
  2. House of Lords knock back Internal Market Bill by biggest majority in 20 years: https://www.parliament.uk/business/news/2020/october/lords-debates-internal-market-bill/ Not really sure what happens now but it would be pretty 2020 if we saw in the New Year with the House Of Lords on fire. Unelected lords usurping the will of the common people like Boris and Dom.
  3. Wales Circuit Breaker confirmed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54598136
  4. Nah mate - thought it would just be a dodgy pint or something but after about 4-5 days water was coming out of my arse pretty much seconds after going in my mouth; could actually hear it going through my system! Had to scoop some of this liquid shit in a tube for tests and nurse told me environmental health would be in touch within 5 days if it was anything serious - they were around that afternoon asking where I'd ate in the last three weeks. There were 4 others who had the same and we'd all been this kebab shop - when they visited they found rat shit; not wiping up raw chicken; food stored
  5. We stuck to it pretty well through the first lockdown and wee lass didn’t see her granny/grandad in person for months. When it opened up I had two mates from Stoke who booked to come up because neither wanted to go abroad or to the south coast because it was full of thick folk spreading Covid. I was going point out we weren’t particularly keen on having thick folk spreading it up here either but the hotel my wife works in was fully booked with folk travelling from throughout the UK, including Aberdeen when that was in lockdown, so seemed pointless. Imagine if we
  6. Guts have been funny since had food poisoning in my late teens that was so bad it shut down a kebab house in Stoke. However, it’s now got to the point I have to run a Tier system much like government: Tier 1: Stay Alert; Control your anus and; Save Wife. Tier 2 Dairy: Don’t eat out beyond 6pm in the company of strangers unless resident in a hotel where your room is on first couple of floors. Spend prolonged periods outside drinking hoping it’s not that cold that the stench of your farts cling to you no matter how much you move about. Bowling and Gyms banned as ov
  7. I'll never forget the look of horror on my wife's face when she realised one of my farts had just gone spectacularly wrong. Don't know what hurt more - being asked as a 40 year old bloke if I'd just shit myself with such disdain it was dripping from her voice like the jobby from my boxers or; that she was more worried for the new carpet than the state of my inner mechanisms. I'm now no longer allowed to eat mayonnaise.
  8. Thought this was quite interesting - on the one hand only 15% of Covid patients were admitted with it whereas the other 85% must have either caught it there or, likely in the majority of cases, were tested for it and were asymptomatic. On the other hand 55 ICU beds being taken up must be eating into capacity.
  9. 1990-2019 - not enough 5-3-2 2020 - 5-3-2 utopia
  10. Not sure of her policy on it to be honest and awaiting 'Brown Wings Over Scotland' to investigate.
  11. It's a tricky one that will illicit differing and conflicting opinions at either end of the spectrum but for me I'd go for Joanna Cherry as next SNP leader.
  12. Rishi getting the ducks in a row for a staggered re-introduction of full lockdown? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54481817
  13. Yeah potentially hotels could do ok out of it if folk book rooms relatively cheaply so they can get a meal out. Would imagine restaurants and pubs will be hit harder.
  14. I ran out of fingers so made a fanny of it first time sorry - the £40m would nowhere near cover it.
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