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  1. Their run rate is better than ours despite losing so not killing off PNG quicker could bite our arse
  2. Bangladesh have this in the bag I reckon- hopefully clear up the Oman tail up quick to dent their run rate
  3. Bangladesh post 153 - Oman hopefully have a decent chance of chasing that down given they smacked PNG's 130 out in 13 overs not losing a wicket.
  4. In its alternate meaning: absolute; complete (used for emphasis). "a perfect stranger"
  5. Be perfect Scotland if three teams finished on 2 wins each and we went out on the lowest net run rate 🤣 Just checked the Bangladesh score and they look handily placed to have a bash in the last six overs so Oman could have a serious total to chase down.
  6. Could be done with getting this Vanua out!
  7. Thought we were about to put the afterburners on and rack up 180 plus but wee wobble at the end gives PNG a bit of a sniff/ confidence boost. Never change Scotland 🤣
  8. Chris Packham knocked on earlier in the week suggesting rewilding her land would be helpful Instead seems to have taken the opportunity at the Welsh parliament to strategically profer a diversionary tut and point her finger at the politicians being all words with no action without media calling hypocrisy 🙄
  9. I can just about get my head around Sandra off Facebook spouting bollocks getting something removed off Youtube but David Davis at a party conference? Surely debating and countering whatever he's said is more productive/ constructive than censoring an elected member of parliament. Don't often agree with him, and would rather take a kick in the swingers than vote for his party, but this seems completely unhealthy.
  10. The difference in psyche between us and Wales would be fascinating to understand. Following their draw in Prague they’d essentially got a similar task as us needing 6 points from Estonia (a); Belarus (h) and; Belgium (h) so fuck one up and they need something off the top seed. Their manager ahead of the Estonia away game said in his conference they’d respect their opponents then in the next sentence called them a footballing backwater that an established team like them should be beating. They were subsequently pretty much as crap as us and pinched a 0-1 but remained confident/ arrogant they’ll get the remaining 3 points needed. We on the other hand gave Faroes respect in the build-up deserved without some overblown sense of our ability but then overdid it translating on to the pitch to the point we allowed them to look tactically and technically better than us for at least 60 minutes. They’re a nation of 30,000 folk who on their day are capable of frustrating middling sides and nicking a result if things fall for them – completely different thing here though when they actually deserved a result as the better team! Wales will go into the next game vs Belarus bullish they’ll do it without much fuss as they seem borderline delusional in their ability whereas wouldn’t be surprised if we turn out a nervy performance where Moldova grow in confidence with nowt to lose then; we end up tuning into Austria for a favour and/or needing something v Denmark. Beating a side like Moldova away to make things easy for ourselves seems to go against our DNA and if we manage it would show real progress mentally.
  11. Saw on SSN last night Moldova got a consolation goal at 94 minutes and were down to ten men. They grabbed the ball and all sprinted back to the centre circle to go for an equalizer-sent the absolute fear through me as they're obviously not for rolling over and having their tummy tickled
  12. Good to get the six points on the board and keep it in our own hands. My only concern is we still seem to lack a coherent plan on playing lower ranked teams we're looking to beat. Good teams make their own luck and we are hopefully building something but we could easily have come out of these games with 0-4 points. As well as we played second half vs Israel we very nearly criminally handed them the lead for the third time and the Faroese are probably kicking themselves as they must have fancied an upset deep into second half
  13. So slow then just launch it from halfway into the box aimlessly
  14. Still bugs me now - they'd just lost to Lithuania at home match day 2 so our draw away there first game was suddenly not a disaster. We therefore went into the Czech game 4 points ahead but they had a game in hand - we had a shot to nothing over there because if we won they'd be struggling 7 points behind with 6 games left and two of them being Spain. Just realised there if we had beaten them then only beat Lichtenstein away and Lithuania home we'd still have got 13 points so they'd need something from a Spain game. If we drew they would still likely need snookers coming to us later in the campaign. Instead he basically shit out putting his eggs in one basket to park the bus clinging for a 0-0 just inviting them to score despite their confidence no doubt taking a dent. On top of that it made no sense on the pitch because instead of passing it about a bit like the Barca formation he was allegedly copying we continued to bunt it forward at a 5 foot 10 target man in our usual fashion but even less effectively than usual as they were stood out on the fucking wing for some unfathomable reason.
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