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  1. Robertson pulls out due to dental abscess, at least we have an able replacement.
  2. Maybe that will alert Eck to the fact he’s fit.
  3. Unless Eck saw him hobble off at the weekend and omitted him without asking Steve Bruce if he’d be fit.
  4. I’m confused, Eck said in his conference today he was injured.
  5. Does anyone know why Marshall has been frozen out for the last couple of years?
  6. Had Gordon still been first choice at Celtic I’d have had no problem with him taking the number one slot for the entire campaign after this news but his lack of action is a concern, I’d keep him in the squad but I hope Bain starts. Ive got a bad feeling Eck will pick Gordon though.
  7. We have 10 qualifiers, with the travelling to the away games he’s decided it’s too much.
  8. Forgot about him actually as a striker I’d maybe try him in Fletcher role.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/mar/11/allan-mcgregor-decides-to-retire-from-international-duty-with-scotland-euro-2020
  10. I’d get Harper in the squad for experience and to have a look at some point. Rhodes just hasn’t played enough games to be considered in my opinion.
  11. If Burke was to start up front I think we’d see a change of tactics, I don’t see him as a target man. McBurnie probably has more ability to fulfil the Fletcher role. Beyond those 2 I’m struggling to think of anyone who could come in.
  12. McGregor, whilst our best keeper by some distance was lucky to be welcomed back last time so if this is true I’d tell him to poke it.
  13. With Fletch probably out there’s a slot available up front. Id imagine McBurnie will step in, chance for him to cement a starting place although I’m not convinced he’s good enough despite his goals for Swansea.
  14. Naismith certainly helped us out of a hole at the start of the Nations League campaign so I’d see this as a loss, for the squad, not for the first 11. There’s a good chance we’ve seen the last of him in a Scotland jersey now.
  15. Looked pretty ropey at Ross County last season and I’d think that’s a better yardstick than league 1.
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