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  1. Just noticed Mulgrew playing for Wigan tonight, when did he sign?
  2. Burke starting tonight for West Brom, he’s come off the bench in both their league games.
  3. The SFA were on his case a few years back after he brought out the 82 home, unsurprisingly they weren’t happy.
  4. I’ve bought a couple from them, the best being the 86 home which in my opinion was a perfect reproduction. The delivery time is a pain but it’s worth the wait.
  5. There was an interview with Snoddy in November where he discussed his mother being ill and wanted to use the international breaks to spend time with family. Dont think there’s been any update since then.
  6. Be interesting to see where he ends up next season, hopefully not rotting away in some Portuguese teams reserves.
  7. Is Gauld still injured aye? Thought he looked decent in his first couple of Hibs games.
  8. McLeish has totally devalued this qualifying tournament due to having the nations league playoff in his hipper. The discussion he had regarding McGregor’s retirement in his squad announcement press conference was a joke. Fans will vote with their feet if he’s still in charge come June.
  9. Burke proved last night he’s definitely not a striker. Looked a hell of a lot better when we went wide later on, it’ll be interesting to see if his loan move gets him a permanent move to another Championship club or indeed a place at WBA next season as he needs games.
  10. Not sure what the situation is with Snoddy’s mum now but that was the original issue, Ritchie asked not to be considered for a period of time and has never said anything further. Daryl Broadfoot implied a while ago that Bardsley was a waster and a negative effect on the squad who didn’t meet Strachan’s demands on discipline. The one that really annoys me is the silence re Marshall, he was Strachans first choice for the most part.
  11. Robertson pulls out due to dental abscess, at least we have an able replacement.
  12. Maybe that will alert Eck to the fact he’s fit.
  13. Unless Eck saw him hobble off at the weekend and omitted him without asking Steve Bruce if he’d be fit.
  14. I’m confused, Eck said in his conference today he was injured.
  15. Does anyone know why Marshall has been frozen out for the last couple of years?
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