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  1. Burke starting tonight for Alaves.
  2. Fraser Hornby has joined Reims on a 4 year deal.
  3. Campbell Money for me, was very unlucky that he was understudy to Goram/Leighton at various points. Then St Mirren got relegated, he retired and Nicky Walker got a cap.
  4. Watched a lot of McGinn when he was at St Mirren and probably would’ve been called up had he not been in a team constantly fighting off relegation particularly with our lack of options there. He’s steady defensively but offers much more than O Donnell going forward, not a massive upgrade but an upgrade nonetheless.
  5. He’s got a talent for bullying defenders which is something I like in a striker and something we don’t really have in anyone other than Paterson. He’d be down the pecking order for me right now but as Naismith is close to being done and Rhodes/Martin/Fletcher probably are finished at international level for various reasons I’d get him on board and get him capped.
  6. Another pic of the new away top. I’m guessing it’ll be out this month.
  7. We’ll be fine if it’s Belgrade, Oslo will be unlikely as they’ve announced the allocation and it’s under 1400.
  8. Findlay and Brophy have been impressive for Killie tonight.
  9. Haha, just noticed that after I posted. Is that his first goal since his winner against Cyprus?
  10. Any idea what their plans are for selling tickets, i.e. are they doing the same as us and making tickets available once their semi final is over? Of our group we’re a mixture of 12 and 13 pointers so aren’t too optimistic of getting Scotland end tickets(if we get past Israel).
  11. Due to the allocation we’ve been given being quite poor for this is anyone trying to get tickets from Norwegian or Serbian FA for the home end?
  12. I’ll be surprised if they’re back for long. Dunnottar are worth checking out, Scottish based and a hell of a lot more trustworthy. They've only released one Scotland top so far(90 away)but it’s a belter and they have more planned before playoffs. https://dunnottar.scot/
  13. I’m not questioning his ability at all, it’s just worth considering that while we’re desperate for all these players to come good and start racking up the caps there will be players(and I’m not necessarily saying he is one)who think it’s more important to have a nice lifestyle and to a degree be out of the public eye.
  14. Regarding Gauld, it’s not inconceivable that he doesn’t have a massive desire to become an international player. As hard as that is for us as fans to grasp I get the impression he’s happy with his lifestyle ie decent wage, good weather etc and as a result is happy to play away for average teams in Portugal.
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