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  1. https://www.sportoptions.com/Scotland-EU2020-Playoff-31320
  2. That’s a big positive. I’d forgotten about Souttar.
  3. Aye I got the home top. It’s the real deal as far as I’m concerned.
  4. Don’t think so, the guy that posted it said there were other numbered ones pictured next to it.
  5. Rumours going about that this is our new away strip.
  6. Gutted McGinn and McTominay look likely to miss out in March but the obvious choice is retain Jack, put Christie in at no 10 and bring Fraser in at right wing. Bigger concern to me is Marshall being dropped, he’s not world class but he’s streets ahead of McGillivray and McLaughlin.
  7. He’d scored 3 or 4 and was a regular before the last international break and looked decent in the couple of games I watched. Took a knock with the U21’s and has been on the bench for his club for the two games since.
  8. Which is a massive part of our problem. I can grudgingly accept us being unable to dictate play against the likes of Belgium but when it happens against Israel or Kazakstan it’s shameful. Gilmour is one who longer term could fulfil a role similar.
  9. Announced today that the other semi is a 1700 ko so we’ll know our potential final opponents before we start our semi.
  10. Pretty much the same team that started the last two games bar Robbo in for Taylor. Could be a case for McTominay replacing Jack although that’d be pretty harsh on Jack after his last two performances.
  11. He did the same with Strachan and McLeish to be fair which surprised me as I presumed they’d be mates from their Aberdeen/Scotland days. He just comes across as a bitter old man these days.
  12. I’ve watched a couple of his games since he’s been in Belgium, his height makes him an obvious target man but he’s deceptively quick as well. I wouldn’t be averse to him being called up if he continues his form in Belgium.
  13. He’s making the most of this opportunity. Ive read a few bits on his time over there and he’s very highly rated by their coaching staff.
  14. Best- 86 home, 86 away and 82 away. Worst- pink away, roseberry away and possibly the new home.(I’ll reserve judgement till I’ve seen it in the flesh.)
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