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  1. Today is my last day on the board. I don't post in my own board name and I'm not required by the new custodians. It's been a blast. Thank you all.
  2. Your praise is praise above all other praises. I live for your praise.
  3. Aye, you've said. We're STILL enjoying the conspiracy nonsense going on here. And the accusations of strange behaviour and all the other pish.
  4. The usual way. But it's the first time someone's called me a frog.
  5. "Her" hole. Unless discussions have been taking place that I'm not aware of, to my knowledge we had not agreed anything with anyone until we were in the position to make the announcement we have made. And no-one has offered anyone money. And no-one has or will receive money. We have found someone who is prepared to cover the running costs in a way of their own choosing. We liked their approach and outlook and ideas for the future of the Board and we are happy to hand it over - lock, stock and barrel. We are being entertained by all the conspiracy theories and outlandish accusations though. So, please keep it up until we're not here any longer to be entertained. Love you all.
  6. I'm afraid I go with the old furniture. It's a complete regime change. Probably.
  7. You can take that up with the new custodians in due course.
  8. Yes. Things are moving along nicely. We are very confident that this place will now remain where it is. We can't say much more because we're still talking.
  9. That would be a decision for the new Board managers.
  10. We believe that we are closing in on a solution that might see a seamless transfer of responsibility for running the board. Hopefully.
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