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  1. that show has been past its sell by date for at least a decade, garbage
  2. Why are UKIP voters often picky about their Christmas dinners? An aversion to Brussels sprouts
  3. would a EFTA membership guarantee as RUK heads for the cliff edge no deal switch a lot of the 53%. gotta imagine so
  4. The narrative that to be centre right needs to be interwoven with unionism is up for challenge surely. Let's say Yes had just sneaked home in 2014 and we were now either indy or in a transitional state. Would the Tories be still clinging to the old days and what was? Campaigning for a return to the UK? Or just moved on and focusing on holding govt to account on matters pertinent to them like taxation, law and order etc? it would be useful to corner the electorate on both directions, if Tories are a lost cause would a SNP voice contrary to the leadership politically ever be possible. Unlikely I suppose.
  5. Is there anyone in the Scottish Conservative ranks at Holyrood that could conceivably be soft on indy? I've long thought getting a centre right voice backing it, or at least not diametrically against, would be a huge boost to Yes. The ref in 2014 was quite left wing in nature which made sense as we were in midst of an austerity Cameron govt, but the economics and confidence on it was where we fell down. A conservative, thrifty, pro enterprise voice in favour of Indy but without the clinging to Downing street would be a huge advantage for making a grab of those Scots who voted No in Indyref, and those in more recent times have switched from Labour to Tory. Ruth has so nailed her colours to Britain she is a lost cause, could however a successor be found helpful to us in the wider movement if we laid up a bit on Tories...............bad narrative that Kezia used to such (lack of) success against the SNP.
  6. that Labour, never mind Corbyn Labour, now totally disavow PFI tells you all you need to know
  7. introducing as part of a range of measures would have been a game changer but this looks like it falls into the 'look like you are doing something' category. vast majority of people will be unaffected and booze culture will continue as normal.
  8. every single one you'd assume will prob watch it, but they might drop it depending on how quality holds up in forthcoming weeks
  9. those shiny new school buildings that Blair's govt delivered in the midst of economic prosperity heralded an investment in the future, so the story went. prob too complex for the public to follow, but no question it was classic short termism - a perpetual problem with governments chasing easy votes.
  10. the one dimensional identity politics narrative on display from the first guest, the Baroness is staggering from a person totally dripping with privilege being a member of the unelected Lords. what about attracting the best candidates irrespective of gender, age, race, faith or any other criteria and let democracy and the voters decide who will represent them best. better still why not let peers face an election of their own, after all its high time we reformed the institutions you say Baroness..... hello, are you still there, hello.....
  11. You remember when owning double tape deck ghetto blaster that allowed cassette piracy was the epitome of being edgy
  12. not a fan of Priti's right wing Brexit rhetoric, but she does have an appropriate name it must be said.
  13. Watched it on YouTube. Had been talking with pals recently how QT was no longer treated very seriously by the parties. Back in the day you have senior figures but now it seems mostly the domain of junior ministers parroting off their prepared agendas, obscure media or sporting people who's opinions are not constricted in this way but are pretty much just randoms and the natural go tos - Melanie Philips, Shami, Farage, that editor of money week etc. More depressing than the panels are the loaded audiences with 'members of the public' asking questiond turning out to be elected councillors. Bit of a shambles all round really. The skill for panel members is just to get a round of applause from their group and try not to screw up. If you do just repeat some platitude like how great the arms forces are, how the Queen has done a good job, how MPs are a disgrace, how banker bonuses are evil and how police should be doing less paperwork and more arresting.
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