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  1. It's a football site and asking opinions about a minutes silence happening tomorrow. No opinions or am I supposed to ignore it? Only asked opinions. I knew as soon as i posted the ones with the hate would respond so thanks. Just wanted to know what others thought of the others that died that day. It is great to hear opinions though on that day. I will be remembering them. You will not as expected. If you are at the game please dont boo. The other real celtic fans wont.
  2. woof. the other one. If you think that a thread about a disaster at ibrox is a wind up. Then it is you that has the problems pal. At Ibrox tomorrow there is a miutes silence. Are you against that or for it? Simple question. Noit a wind up. If you think I am winding people up about peoples deaths then you think again.
  3. The thickness is in the first fish you catch. Then you choose to keep it or throw it away. My team get fecking slated on here and have done for years. I will tell youse this boys. 54 and counting!!! Dont botr about old firm game tomorrow. Best game the world has ever seen.
  4. Knew that post would root them out. Didnt think it would be you though and disappointed tbh. Thought you were better than that. Old saying if the cap fits. You have just proved it and I am so sad.
  5. The Celtic fans will to a man and woman will respect it. I truly believe that. One minutes silence for 66 fans who went to a game of football and never came home. Life is more than just a game. People on here who call people scum will know that it is them who are the true ones. Never met a celtic fan who would boo at the 66 or make songs up about the stricken. I am ashamed of the country who have a club whose support who think it is funny to sing a song about them and its not celtic Sad. Not getting knickers in a twist. Just looking forward to the biggest game in history and the two
  6. Start reading my friend. I think you will find i am not not the only hopeless case that would buy a poppy. Is that the summation of your argument? Is every one who buys a poppy a hopeless case in our country? Or just anyone on here that disagrees with you? My only answer to you and likes of .. well you know who.. is just start reading about why the young guys fought from evey corner against the nazis. Just read. you dont want to wear a poppy for them. Fine. I remember the scottish soldiers who fought and died. And my family did. Blown up in Scappa Flow where I took my gran to see w
  7. Still wouldnt swap my days watching that game for a million years to watch a genius. Have you or I got a grip on reality? Wish I had seen best, baxter and johnstone. But I seen cooper and gascoigne. that will do.
  8. I know my pal. We shpuld not remember the people who fought against nazis etc. And died for free speech which you and I are lucky to have. The hate you have for Scots who fought against nazis will never be remembered. The men who fought against that will. It's very simple. Have a good and free scottish new year. I will remember them. That's my right. And yours to hate them.
  9. Feck them blue gaz. If they want to hate the scottish soldiers who fought and died. let them. My grandad, your relatives I am sure and also his/hers probably did. But he/she now has the right to not respect or remember who fought for scotland in the two world wars. Leave him to it ma pal. Respect doesnt enter the world they live in so let it go and feel sorry for them. BTW do you know who is my new foto now? Friend and colleague who played in the best rangers team ever.
  10. I will e no problem. The hate in scotland could easily go to way back to it was in the killing times. that is what is happening in syria now. do you know when the killing times were in scotland my friend? And I am not taking piss here ma pal. Not trying to catch you out or anything as you will know more things about things I dont know. But the killing times were a bad time in Scotland. and to mind are not much better now. Watch tomorrows game at ibrox and tell me anything has changed. two tribes.
  11. Correct. And the people on the other side have gone further their way to prove to their pals how much they hate the brits. Pathetic state of affairs. But hey, it's Scotland no Syria. But it could be the way some people hate in this nation. I fear for that.
  12. I know my pal. One day I was getting takn to fir park to see peter marinello, joe wark and willie pettigrew. Next I was taken to ibrox to see 65000 at ibrox in greigs testimonial. Still feel guilty so dont make me any worse. I only went where I was taken, thats my excuse. But hated the bigotry mate. Still love the well and of course Davie Cooper. The tie that binds us
  13. Going to join too och aye. I was a well supporter until about 12 then got taken as a kid to ibrox. But love the well. Worked at the college for 23 years and prob went to more games at fir park than ibrox. But it's a feckin enigma of a support. 30000 at cup final then first home game get less than 5000. I got my students, at wells request, to do a study on it. Fecked if we ever got a conclusion. After all the years I have my opinion. Bigotry. Buses leave every week from motherwell to ibrox and parkhead. Simple!! No need for the year long survey. But I will pay money to join as well
  14. You guys/girls could gain a PhD out of a study of this. And me!! Seriously I think you do a great job unthankingly. But like everything else things need to change. Like you I actually care about the board as I do about Scotland. I know many people who have left because of personal abuse. Don't let it happen here.
  15. Well said Scotty. I am no in to religion the way you are ma friend. But if you know the big man could you tell him to have a word wi parkie? He, the righteous don on the bored. Who can call people scumbags amen. Ask the lord if man should be calling other man scumbags. And there i endeth my question to thee. Will macy and parklife and neil r be able to go where the buffallo go?
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