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  1. The White Ceelo


    No need for a VPN, go into your Router settings on My Virgin account and turn off Homesafe. i was using IPvanish VPN until I found out about Homesafe setting. Ps, make sure you cancel your subscription to the VPN as they continue taking money from your account after the trial period
  2. The White Ceelo


    Do you clear the cache regularly,? Are you using a firestick?
  3. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    Few assumptions there, How much does Rangers make from armed forces day? If Rangers made it a solid orange sash I could agree with you. a quick Google search shows dozens of clubs with a sash, crystal palace has the almost the exact same strip. I do believe bigotry in this area of the countryis MOSTLY banter with Celtic, some take it to extremes which is obviously wrong. ( I fully accept this is hard to believe) I don't see any evidence that Rangers actively encourage bigotry.
  4. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    You asked the question, do keep up
  5. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    It is certainly diluting year on year. The OO is diminishing with most members over 50, so I would assume that will be gone in 2 more generations. Everone outside west and central Scotland cannot grasp this is more 90 Mins banter more than anything else, from the outside it looks like a massive bigotry problem, that's my only assumption why the authorities turn a blind eye. Then again I'm a Hun so probably got this all wrong and would really love to be up to my knees in my friends, family and neighbours blood
  6. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    Not on the front page this time but Durrant has apologised for what he said.
  7. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    What is so wrong about armed forces day, doing nobody no harm. Cringe, possibly, or is it subliminally something else? The strips are as you say, designed to get sales and a reaction. Rangers are unique in Scotland they can do this and wind society up.(works too) Dundee Utd play in Tangerine. Is it an Orange sash on the away kit? TRAYNOR IS A DICK Without tit for tat we all would need to have watched Emmerdale and Corrie instead 😱 Ps, another good post bud, you must be getting old. 🤔
  8. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    He is a clown for saying it, pretty sure he would shake the popes hand rather than shoot him if they ever met. Would go as fas as to say so would most of the Rangers fans if it came to it. Ps, do you acknowledge his apology?
  9. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    Stay off the bevvy during the week bud, and even better stay off the TAMB. Irony can only describe most Rangers loathing here. Some cannot grasp their hatred of all things Rangers, Rangers fans, Royals, Britishness, Orange etc in absolutely no different to loathing the pope, Catholics, irishness etc. fuck the pope is no different to fuck the queen but Ormond, Scotty et al are too cute to say that, we are just referred to as "your lot" scum" fucktards etc. Ironic isn't it?
  10. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    Wil never be eradicated, nothing to do with Rangers. Back up what you claim with facts, where have Rangers EVER told their fans to say or sing this? Yet another TAMB sensationalist claim. us lot thrive on it, hmm, no, we tolerate it. I would say "you lot" thrive on it as it continues to be highlighted by the usual suspects. Without it us lot are nothing...childish and pathetic statement. without it would you ever praise Rangers for anything, I seriously doubt it, after all, they are still quintessentially British. Doesn't really suit your loathing of all things red,white and blue.
  11. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Rangers

    Well said, and just like this story, Durrant was pandering to the masses. £70 -£100 a ticket, gonny say anything to keep them coming back next time. This will NEVER be eradicated in central Scotland and I bet we all sleep well tonight even though we have read such scandal......just surprised big Laff a lot hasn't been more chastised by the usual suspects. Daily Record and Sun every day dig up shite on Rangers, if this is headline news then we really are fucked as a country.
  12. The White Ceelo


    Glad you tried it and like it, set top box or firestick lets you view it on the tele that's all, and as I pointed out before, I can pack either in my bag and watch it anywhere in the world. Had mine 2 year now
  13. Could I use this as a defence if I get drug tested before flying offshore 🙏👅
  14. Ohh, don't know about that..I saw a big fat guy in a Celtic shirt in Benidorm. Never been back since.
  15. Hope your right bud, I find Ojaria frustrating to watch as he looks to try and be a superstar when more straight forward passes to be made. He must get a lot of time on the ball in training. Jack, Dorrans and possibly Rossiter will all be ahead of him soon.