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  1. Fair enough but my whole beef is my ability to choose how I live my life is being diluted by do gooders to protect the few and not the majority.
  2. My whole point in this is I personally don’t like being dictated to regarding how I live my life. The drink driving level being changed has been proven not to save any more lives but will still prevent me enjoying a pint with a meal or enjoying a pint in a beer garden in the countryside on a nice summer day. The sugar tax will also prove to be no deterrent in obesity as it is inactivity in children that are making them obese. Our parents are still alive and that is all through max salt and Sugar levels in our food and drinks, don’t you think they should be dead before 90. 2 for 1 deals on beer, wine etc are not necessary if drank in moderation, but we need to save the few who have no control or support. If governments were to open gyms, all weather football parks, swimming pools etc to the public FOC then families could all excercise together possibly reducing the obesity crisis. Instead we invest in artwork beside motorways, lighting bridges and buildings etc.
  3. Football related and in the news, you just mind and not hurt your balls sitting on the fence in your beige trousers. Reading between the lines, I am no more a full hun than you are...just sayin.
  4. Not surprised your the first to comment. Football related and in the news. Got to admire your ability to read minds. Go for a bit of personal abuse and maybe the mods will close the thread in record time. Just another Tim not wanting to accept Celtic are closely associated with historic child abuse so you use diversory tactics from the off. Go on, once and for all admit something negative about your club.
  5. I bow to your superior knowledge of the English language but I diverge, are you too thick to use the ignore button? Just askin...
  6. Set aside millions in compo for their role in historic child abuse associated with their club. I wonder if it will catch on?
  7. Not got a problem with that. Nope, all my own work. This is the only football forum I use. Whos next?
  8. Well done 💤💤💤💤 I don't like Celtic or any other club so yes happily a bigot I don't like LGBT so I'm happily homophobic I don't like religious organisations so happily atheist or Islamophobe or buddistophbe if that's a thing I don't like gypsies so you can probably call me a nazi also i don't trust asylum seekers so no doubt a label there also would prefer to be living in an independent Scotland but have grown to seriously dislike SNP, so yet another phobe At least I'm honest..👍
  9. Quality comeback 🤒👏👏Better get to bed early, Rangers are on quite late tomorrow. £ for £ who's the worst team in your league?
  10. I think they can get drink, however the guy on the park was already banned from the club so only face recognition software would have stopped him getting in. 14weeks in jail is not enough as he will be lucky to serve 4. Entry onto any sport field should carry a mandatory 6 months. Sports people must shit themselves when a loony is approaching. willing to bet even Erica Roe would not have streaked if she was going down for 6 months. Allowing fans on at league winning games or cup finals is not setting any good behaviors. All off at all times. If winning teams fans invade then void the game.
  11. Ok HIV's does that make it any easier, wee play on spoon burners since we are all still into name calling...do keep up
  12. My tuppenth worth on the 5 years since the last ref is that the SNP are too strong in Scotland and require an alternative party whom would champion Independence but not as their main priority. personally I have not supported all SNP changes regarding suger taxes, multi buys, min pricing alcohol, drink driving levels, immigration, possible fat tax etc not forgetting the income tax changes. These points will be rammed down the SNP throats not forgetting any individuals Twitter views. If we had 2 parties at each other's throats but with the same overal agenda we could persuade the fence sitters to ultimately vote yes. Folks would also see there is a separate choice for Holyrood after the victory. SNP would ultimately benefit but not with Sturgeon at the helm.
  13. Time to increase my Raytheon and Lockheed Martin share percentage.
  14. You really are obsessed, don't watch them then...but we both know that won't happen.
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