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  1. Canny wait to see Rangers playing with 11 on the park, wtf does Gerrard see in Ojaria?
  2. The White Ceelo

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Jesus H Christ, will you no learn, there is no longer an "old firm" Unfortunately for you, if Hearts are there or there abouts in Jan, Celtic /Rangers will be linked to half your team, promising to sign them in the summer.
  3. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    Big chap, calm doon it's only banter..honestly would you be so pissed off if any of your sons didnae follow Celtic?
  4. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    I'm definitely not calling you a moron, but do yourself a favour and look up the word "oxymoron" 🤘
  5. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    Do you have any concept of irony?
  6. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    No going to tell you, but will give you a clue. Are you going to pick their burds for them?
  7. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    Shallow but not surprising, my son is a season ticket holder at Old Trafford, not my place to encourage or discourage who he follows...ps how much are you wanting for the Chelsea shirt?
  8. Sunday afternoon over there big chap, no about time you went and spoke with the man in the wee dark booth. It is true tho, we have also thrown our tellies out the window cos the BBC and STV covered the popes visit to Ireland?
  9. The White Ceelo

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Again, you really don't want opinions?
  10. The White Ceelo

    Pick the top 3 now.

    So you didnae really want opinions? Killie are flying 👅
  11. The White Ceelo

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Rangers, Celtic and Killie
  12. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    No argument from me, I follow the team that play home games from Ibrox park, play home games in blue, and are 5th in the league. They go by the name Rangers. They are still in all competitions and I will celebrate wins whenever they come. I am not really interested what they achieved last week, month, year or century, only what they might achieve Thursday, Sunday and beyond. I will bear no tattoos in support of the team. I have not encouraged any of my family to follow my "team". They are not my passion, that is exclusively the reserve of looking after my wife and kids. I do not follow, follow them home and away. I do not buy any merchandise of theirs. I have many friends and family whom are not Rangers supporters. Newco, Oldco, Sevco, The Rangers or Huns don't phase me, They have idiots and scum playing for them, played for them and follow them. I cannot change that or are responsible for it. My main point is , I am not obsessed by them.
  13. The White Ceelo

    The Brexit Thread

    I don't think many will leave Scotland after independence, however if loads of unionists come to Scotland in the case of a united Ireland then independence becomes harder. Lots of plastic paddies took a passport but only to help them get to Europe on holidays, work etc. I really don't think many will return to the mothership. The second referendum needs to happen soon
  14. The White Ceelo

    league cup

    Without Scotlands Barca, Aberdeen would be on 4 in a row surrounded by clubs of similar stature. Celtic would be lucky to finish mid table, but we already knew that. 2nd was hypothetical but they are still only 1st of the losers so as you say, nothing to be proud of... Personaly I would still prefer Del Boy at Ibrox
  15. Brilliant if it really helps, especially for children and oap's with arthritis. Canny help but think that many people would use this as an excuse and not give up the spliff. The medicianal stuff has no psychotropic effects.