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  1. Before yesterdays game Rangers could feasibly have caught celtic, albeit needing to score a shit load of goals. Now they will need assistance from other teams....canny imagine who would want to try and help Rangers though?
  2. The White Ceelo

    Unpopular Opinions

    Now the family are demanding we bring her "home" I would also assume they will demand we house and feed them both also, with the occasional celebrity appearance on tv for her story.
  3. Sorry for not conforming that there is no possibility of celtic losing the league. Is there an unwritten rule somewhere?
  4. Until quarter to 5 today I genuinely thought it would have been celtic finishing 2nd, I now believe Rangers have shat it again and have totally capitulated but will still finish second. Hard to say if Morales is the cause of the result today but he certainly didn't do Rangers any favours this season by his complete and utter petulance (dickheadedness), twice now in the next league game since he has been sent off we lose points ! Not sure what has happened to Lafferty, but if Rangers are playing the long ball then surely he would have been the better target man knocking it down to the midfield, he was on fire for Hearts but seems to have become too comfortable just picking up a wage I feel..
  5. The White Ceelo

    Unpopular Opinions

    Hypothetical question, bring her "Home" put a suicide bomb on her and invite her to houses of parliament/Buck palace or MI5...would she set it off?
  6. The White Ceelo

    The Brexit Thread

    AT&T or similar, not sure if thats feasible though?
  7. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Found you already xxx
  8. For that cash I would recommend an Alienware laptop, superfast and amazing graphics
  9. And some of your stuff is utter shit, lets not make it personal tho My 3 weeks are nearly up
  10. Why would you assume that from my post? and YES you are correct
  11. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Celtic...

    1st post eh, which alter ego are you?? Looks like you wont have too much to say..I like the idea of speaking with emoji
  12. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Celtic...

    You seem to know a lot about Rangers games, do you switch them off at 85 mins?
  13. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Away and lay down in a dark room the pair of you, hurtin much? New club/Old club not my fault, still playing out of Ibrox whoever they are so will get my support. Doubt even auld maw Teresa was whiter than white, so people in Glass houses etc All the clubs in Glasgow were new at one time. Let's no start another 50 pages on this shite
  14. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Which one of you has their tongue in their cheek??
  15. The White Ceelo

    The Mighty Celtic...

    What amount is they have in the bank? and your team fought tooth and nail to keep....Shot Brown. Forget buying disco lights and spend big on players, is that not what the fans really want?