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  1. TartanTokyo

    What Happened at Friday Nights Ticket Pickup?

    He was completely out of order. Put his hands on the staff member (woman with curly blonde hair), basically acting like a dirty old man. Didn’t hear what he said but can imagine from the way he was acting and her reaction. If you saw someone acting like that with a lassie on the street or train at home you’d either lamp him or alert the police. Being pished on cheap bevvy in a foreign country is no excuse. Someone at the front of the queue rightly had a word with him and got a volley of abuse as a result. The G4S boy stood idly by. We had our tickets in hand so didn’t see if anything else happened. However, clearly the staff were already concerned with the numbers filling the lobby and the prick in the yellow shirt would hardly have put them at ease. the SFA girls were good. Set up quick and got things moving but perhaps better plans could have been made with the hotel to find a more suitable space as said above.
  2. TartanTokyo

    A Night Out in Luton?

    Some of the comments on here are way off the mark. Shxthole, hell hole, dump? None of these come anywhere close to describing how bad Luton is.
  3. TartanTokyo

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy. Thanks for arranging. Could you put me (Russell Campbell) down for 4 seats please? cheers
  4. TartanTokyo

    SSC Renewals

    In the past did they use “from” before the membership price? Sounds to me that the discounted membership fee will have some conditions such as £40 if signing up a junior also or a season ticket package. Can’t knock the £5 junior price although again wonder if that will be conditional.
  5. TartanTokyo

    SSC Renewals

    Potentially although would be a surprising investment on a stadium they haven’t guaranteed continued use of. Could be a requirement for the Euros I suppose to have electronic entry systems. Can’t see them doing it just for the purposes of policing home points. What’s to stop you giving your chipped card to someone else?
  6. TartanTokyo

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Was at Stoke v West Brom today. Best league in the world? Aside from a couple of tidy finishes, this game was bereft of any quality. Fletch was decent enough in the first half but woeful after the break before being subbed. Burke only got the last ten minutes or so and barely touched the ball - they hardly shipped it wide left at all. What is clear is that he won't develop with West Brom. They are a truly awful team.
  7. TartanTokyo

    Watching Slovakia match in London

    Is that in Islington? There is an Albion is Blackfriars too but is a Youngs pub so doubt they show football. edit, I stand corrected. See that the one in Blackfriars does show sport.
  8. Any suggestions of where to watch the Slovakia match in London? Due to work commitments, I can't make it up to Glasgow. Can hopefully ditch my customers before kick off and hot foot it to a pub. Will be in Shoreditch so somewhere central/north-east would be ideal. failing that it will back to the hotel and no doubt causing alarm for people in the rooms next door as I scream at the telly.
  9. TartanTokyo

    Can we come up with some new Chants/Songs

    Here's a quick effort without changing too much. Hey wee man wi the big stick in yer hand wont you play a simple melody?Just to remind me o' the girl I left behind me wont you play a simple melody?For ahm comin' back Bonnie Mary ahm comin home to youAhm comin back in the good old summer timeWhen the bagpipes are playin for auld lang syneAnd we'll roam the hills togetherAmong the purple heatherBonnie Mary o' Argyll.For we held a grand procession as we marched To see our teamTen Thousand tartan army - the likes ye've never seenWe will never be mistaken of being fae the land beyond CarlisleWhen they hear us singin' Bonnie Mary o' ArgyllFor we're a' Scotsmen everyone a ScotsmanBuffalo Bill frae Mary HillNever worked and never willAye man believe it if ye canThere was Hielan JocksIn tartan socksScotsmen Every wan.
  10. f it was the one by the bridge at Bewick, it was Tessa Hartmann and Pat Kane that were on. They did a live vote of the audience and Yes came out on top by a large margin.
  11. Yeah, that's the one. Was an outdoor broadcast (well in a marquee anyway) if I remember rightly. I'd put money on it being the same guy.
  12. I'm sure I've seen him before. Possibly QT or might have been Newsnight pre Indy Ref. Whatever it was, he was giving it the same big man, chest beating, no surrender routine.
  13. TartanTokyo

    Kids clothing?

    Cheers Scott. Plenty to choose from there but couldn't see any 10-11 or 11-12 years old sizes. Will have a proper look through later.
  14. TartanTokyo

    Kids clothing?

    Any tips on where to find decent Scotland tops/t-shirts for kids, other than the official stuff on JD? My 10 year-old daughter fancied the last away shirt but only stock left is going to be too big. Haven't been able to find any on ebay. She's not keen on the current tops or the training ones with Vauxhall on the front. Doesn't need to be official gear. Cheers
  15. TartanTokyo

    Jonah Lomu

    Was chatting with someone tonight who was really upset about his passing. Turns out that when she was 14 she was diagnosed with the same rare kidney disease. She went through a tough time with initial treatment. Her dad met Lomu at a rugby dinner around that time. Couple of days later, she received a letter and a card from him, saying he knew what she was going thought and to stay strong. As many have said today, a genuinely good person and an inspiration to many. That 30 seconds of action against England alone must have inspired countless kids to take up the sport.