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  1. Ended 3-0 to Portugal. We each now have the same goal difference but, having scored one more goal, we only need a draw against Portugal to go through. Thinks to himself - "We're as good as out"! 😬
  2. The U19's are currently 4-0 up against San Marino (half time). These boys have got a steep learning curve before they find out that these are the sort of games you're supposed to struggle in and just manage to snatch an injury time winner/face-saver.
  3. What's worrying is that we're the only country not to win it since England quit the competition. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the SFA performance school regime.
  4. Cairney's an odd one. I personally think he's a very good player but can he fit our system - somehow I doubt it. The role he has at Fulham, as a playmaker with little or no defensive responsibilities works only if you surround him with ball winners and runners and trust him to create at least 3 or 4 chances a game. He's shown, albeit in limited appearances, no sign of doing that in a Scotland jersey and it would be a hell of a gamble to try it in 2 must win games. These are going to be blood and guts games and we're going to have to dig deep to get results. Maybe Cairney's time will come but I don't think it's now.
  5. Saw Josh Adam against Atletico Madrid and Chelsea in the ICC Futures tournament end of last season. Looked the best player on the park in both games. Outstanding prospect.
  6. Very poor tonight - we at least looked an occasional threat in the reverse fixture a few months back. England were faster, stronger and more skilful. In any "team of the night" there wouldn't be a single Scot amomgst them. 26 shots to our 4 66% possession Player ratings Doohan - Very poor for first goal which wasn't even in the corner - and from 30 yards out !? Smith - Survived a bit of a first half roasting to achieve something approaching parity in second half. Pass marks. Taylor - Have to say I rated this lad but he had his worse performance in a Soctland jersey. Failed to stop them crossing at will and constantly targetted in the air by England. Mare! Bates - Never looked comfortable and, though our tallest defender never seemed to get his head on anything. Porteous - Pass marks for him though well beaten in the air at corners. Would be a contender for a step up to the senior squad if he was just a tad taller. Cadden - Lots of effort but his lack of ball control was an embarassment at times. Campbell - see Cadden. McCrorie - Never a defensive midfielder, not on that display. Gilmour - tidy but largely anonymous. Still only 17 though so there's hope. Morgan - Not only his worst performance in a Scotland jersey but the worst by far I've ever seen him in any game - no pace, no control. Thought he could step up to the senior squad straight away but now not so sure. Shaw - Thankless task but did nothing to suggest he was an asset on the field.
  7. The gulf in class was glaringly obvious after half an hour, but we expected that. Positives were; The shape looked better. No suicidal back passes from McGinn. The negatives; Too many to list
  8. He does play defensive midfield for Fulham. I thought he had his best game for us last night. It was on the wings where we were getting murdered.
  9. Let's remember that the starting eleven was the same as the one against Albania and we played them off the park in the first half. Tonight, however, showed that a team that goes head to head in formation, with genuine wing backs, will show the weakness in playing players out of position - their wing backs caused us problems all night and ours caused them none. Back to 4-2-3-1 for me. Only pass marks tonight were; McGregor (A) - could have been a gubbing without him. McDonald - I've never rated him but thought he did well tonight. McGinn - almost expect him to make at least one the suicidal pass (which he did) but otherwise our driving force throughout the match.
  10. Lost the stream for the last 10 minutes - damn! Real backs to the wall stuff - I'd hate to see the possession statistics.
  11. 0-0 Half Time Started well but now being pinned back. Mallan off, Gilmour on, please!!
  12. Try http://www.hesgoal.com/ Usually good stream
  13. Considering they're supposed to have 6 players in Serie A, Albania were surprisingly poor. More good pointers than bad from tonight. McGregor - Important save tonight and looked secure; surely nailed the Number 1 slot for now. O'Donnell - surprisingly effective tactic of playing 60 yard diagonals for him to win in the air. Solid display but looked knackered in last ten minutes. Mulgrew - Easy enough night for him. Steady display. Souttar - Looked very good tonight but possibly lucky to be still on the pitch after clattering the guy who was through on goal but convincing the ref it was an accident. Tierney - My MoM. Always looked composed and found time to get forward. Robertson - Absolutely dreadful first 45 but came onto a game in the second half. Not sure we get the best out of him in the wing back position. McDonald - Perhaps it was only coincidence that Albania came more into the game when he went off so maybe he's doing a lot of that unseen work - it's just that I don't see it. McGinn - Does he have to do the suicidal backpass every game?! Twice he did it tonight. Somebody have a word with him. Otherwise, he was the best player on the pitch. Don't know how many balls he won but it looked a lot. McGregor - Always looking to create and on another night could have had a few goals. Pretty much made himself first choice for the attacking midfield role. Russell - started very brightly but faded and was almost anonymous in the second half. Naismith - Thank God we called him up. Missed sitter, created first and scored second goal. You know what you're getting with him. His talent is limited but his application is never less than 100%. Subs Armstrong - Pretty disappointed with him tonight. Never seemed to really get going or make much of an impact. Griffiths - Looked lively without looking particularly dangerous. McTominay - Strange decision to bring him on and play him in an advanced role but, fair play to him, he gave it a go and looked to have quite quick feet for a big lad.
  14. McGregor Tierney Souttar Mulgrew Robertson McTominey McGinn Forrest McGregor Fraser Griffiths Think we need McTominey's height for set pieces as neither Souttar or Mulgrew are particularly good in the air. We also need to win the battle in midfield before we earn the right to play so that means either McGregor or Armstrong starting. For me, McGregor's ball retention is much better so he starts with Armstrong coming on later when there'll be much more space for his trademark runs. Fingers crossed - let's just get through this one, get the three points and hope we have more options in the next round of games.
  15. Jack Harper on target for Malaga in local derby against Almeira. Great goal.
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