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  1. Comedy Cooper now concedes penalty!
  2. High stakes game and Liam Cooper is on comedy hour.
  3. I do agree with the point premier league isn't great in bottom half and would say La Liga bottom half teams do play more structured football against top teams which is reflected in results. What's promising for premier league is you look at squads likes of Leicester and Wolves are building and they should be capable of pushing on and challenging Arsenal and Man. Man. United at least next year for europa (Wolves will probably be in it anyway). I really don't see what issue is for say Tierney to go there. Let's say Man. City sign Ben Chilwell for 50m. Leicester then have that to play with and Rodgers has managed Tierney for last 3 years so seems obvious move to me. Ultimately you'll have to defend against world class players, Augero, Salah, KDB, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Hazard if he stays etc. Who out of interest is the highest class foreign player in SPL these days? Morelos with his grand total of 3 caps for Colombia? Late 90s/early 00s you had Gazza, Brian Laudrup, Di Canio, Van Hoojidonk, Van Brocknhurst, Albertz, Larsson and Moravcik as attacking options at Old Firm so lots of fantastic quality so any young Scottish defender growing up was much more tested than nowadays. Dundee had Canigga and Ravenelli for a while, Hearts had Juanjo, Hibs had that really good French guy (forget his name) and Kilmarnock had some good foreign players aswell.
  4. It is someone in work at least.
  5. Maybe a chance he'll make his debut tomorrow. Arsenal can't finish 4th (unless they win 8-0 and Spurs lose) so you'd imagine for a dead rubber they'd rest their regular 11 with europa final. Edit: O.k looks like I got the wrong one again!😂 Actually is the Arsenal one not got some Scottish blood as apparently he's a Rangers fan and wants to play for them one day. Great grandfather referenced so assume he's eligable for Scotland if you dig enough in his family background. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4227640/charlie-gilmour-arsenal-exit/
  6. Shinnie got his move to Derby then. Might push his level up a bit as they're in the play offs season in season out.
  7. I was just thinking of the pots for the 2022 WC draw although don't know if they'll use world rankings instead. In any case qualifying for a WC is near impossible these days.
  8. Forgot about the summer games....Belgium is write off, Cyprus important though as a) it will be another embarrasment not to beat them at home and b) 3rd would be under serious threat then, Are they even going to appoint a manager before those games?!
  9. Saw a bit of Kenny Mclean live yesterday. Was hitting some lovely slide rule passes into the space Hutton was supposed to be positioned in and he played a big part in the first goal. Injury then forced him out. Seems to have enjoyed himself this morning though! (new town crier of Norwich.😂) Interested how often he's used by Norwich next season but started their last 10 which is promising sign.
  10. Hamburg have done some really weird selections lately, not just Bates on bench but Lassoga, Aaron Hunt and Lewis Holtby have been on the bench and not in 18 and Hamburg have lost 4 of their last 5 and might not even make the play off place. Not a club what's going on in manager's head. Is Jack Harper still certain to sign for Getafe? That would be cracking move as they don't have big squad and yet on brink of qualifying for top 4 if they win one more game.
  11. Liam Henderson started for Verona today. They've nosedived down Seria B so no promotion for him and he'll remain in the wilderness.
  12. Was actually on the bench for their last qualifier. Like the conundurm on the left here, they have issue trying to fit him and Seamus Coleman into the same 11.
  13. The two away games in Georgia are the missed opportunities of the last decade. Win in Georgia in 2007 and I think would've only needed a point at home to Italy which would've been very achievable given how that game panned out. Win there in 2015 and play off would've been secured and maybe still a chance of finishing above Poland for 2nd place.
  14. You missed out Coutts who is still at Sheffield United. Assume he's injured as he was a regular not so long ago. Rhodes is only on loan at Norwich and barely been used so think he'll be sent back to Sheff Weds. Haven't seen much of Hanley either so can see them moving him on.
  15. Yeah no chance v Serbia but they've got a good chance of getting there automatically. Think someone said on here Scotland may have the chance to play both play offs at Hampden so pray for that I think.
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