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  1. Any talk Bayern might loan him out in next 12 months? As well as he's progressing it's a huge ask for him to break through there.
  2. Lampard said today he's out for 3/4 months so wouldn't be available for play offs if the plan is to play those games in September or October?
  3. McGinn's really struggled so far, certainly not fit enough to start games but desperation given the situation against relegation. Probably shows he wouldn't have made much impact in the March play offs if he'd been fit and called up so good thing at least they won't be played for a few more months. Gives likes of him and Tierney chance to really get up to speed.
  4. Leighton was brilliant against Brazil in the World cup aswell (less said about Morocco). That said Goram was very secure during euro 96. Other certs for me are Hendry, McCall, Collins and Gary Mac.
  5. Matt Ritchie been the best Scottish player on the pitch today. Lovely strike. Gilmour on the bench for Chelsea btw.
  6. What was CIS team? Russia?
  7. Fantastic performance against the Swiss. High tempo, good passing and movement and all those chances in the first half. Goram made a fantastic save in last 5 minutes, clawing a header out of the top corner but again that was the only save he made all game. Durie did o.k when he was moved wide later on in the game, I think a problem was just having him as the fixed targetman which restricted moves. Gary Mac wasted a few counter attacks with extra touch although Swiss should've had a player sent off for tugging him back. Overall a good level of performance in that tournament, much better than 1998.
  8. Yeah I was wondering how the rankings worked back then as were coming off finishing 4th in the 94 world cup qualifiers which was pretty brutal given Italy and Portugal were in it. The group for 96 was certainly not something a pot 4 team would get although I assume given Greece did make the US world cup there were one of those pot 2 teams that just got ranked that high because of a good few months. 98 qualifiers was a pretty good group aswell.
  9. John Spencer was actually coming off a really good season for an emerging Chelsea team, 13 premier league goals for them in 95/96. What we'd give for that now eh? He was o.k in that game but was more playing as a deep second striker and dropping into midfield when out of the ball. Of course Chelsea then sold him on when they signed Vialli and Zola but he still scored at a decent rate for QPR. Kevin Gallagher had actually only scored twice that season although I presume at that time he was behind Shearer and Sutton so wouldn't have started much, him and Scott Booth playing as wide players v the Dutch was more a square pegs selection.
  10. Surely they'll just scrap the nations league. (if it's played it will be BCD). Hardly worth it when you think all it really offers is the odd backdoor route into play offs. Seems they want to play all the lost internationals in December but to me it makes more sense to do the world cup qualifying draw and get that started at some point next season (can play the euro play offs in March 2021 which may be infront of a crowd).
  11. Funny how the mind plays tricks. I always thought the penalty was around the hour mark but it was pretty late on in the game, 78th minute so similar to Swiss game when they scored and comfortably held out for the 1-1. Ally McCoist was also on the pitch when it was given. I presume Gary Mac had been the regular penalty taker in the lead up as John Collins was also very good penalty taker. Yeah start of second half England upped the tempo just by getting likes of McManaman to run directly though the centre and after about five minutes of this the first goal happened. Then Goram saved brilliant from a Sheringham header. After this England again sat back on the 1-0 up to the penalty. Swiss game and seeing how many chances were actually missed is going to be another interesting one.
  12. Just been watching the first half of the Wembley game, England have hardly had an attack. Goram's touched the ball about 5 times and four of them were goal kicks. Big Ron and Brian Moore laying into England on the comms. Spencer had some nice touches upfront but no real conviction when he gets near the box. John Collins been good again. Might skip the second half though!
  13. Just watched full 90 minutes v the Dutch. Thought it was going to be another 6-0 from the opening 10 minutes, probably would've been if the Collins penalty had been given. Can't believe how bad the defending from corners was in that game. Constantly missing the first ball to clear and really lucky all the scrambles in six yard box didn't go in, Goram made some good blocks. Gary Mac, John Collins and McCall was a very solid and decent midfield trio. Had Collins as MOTM, so calm on the ball and no surprised he did well at Monaco a year or so later. Played o.k in the first half after the dodgy opening 10 minutes. Second half probably summed up Craig Brown once play went over the halfway line. Started on the front foot and then he takes off Gallagher and puts on Billy McKinlay! (looked like he'd just come out of jail). Hardly an attack for the rest of the half although Holland really didn't threaten at all until last 10 minutes. One final thought, where on earth were all the wingers hiding at that point? Looking at the squad and seems Eoin Jess lurking on the bench was only one in the squad. Playing 4-3-3 and it was just strikers putting in a shift out wide. Was Pat Nevin nae good at that point, he'd played in the run up to the tournament.
  14. Looking forward to watching the Holland and Swiss games, no real highlights of those two on Youtube. See how many chances were missed at 1-0 in the last game. England game was good performance from memory. Everyone remembers the missed penalty but Seaman made an amazing save from Durie header at 1-0 aswell. Was proably as good as the 99 Wembley performance, just didn't get the breaks in typical Scotland tournament fashion.
  15. Sorry mate, not been on this forum for a few months with the stop in play. Mods please delete.
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