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  1. Tartan Chris


    This latest call off was genuine...he hasn't played for Fulham since Burnley game on August 26th so a little bit different to likes of Matt Phillips, McBurnie and Fraser perhaps. I feel this will be like McTominay, little bit of noise over England but he'll be in the squad for Israel providin he's fit, capped and that's the end of that.
  2. Tartan Chris


    Amazed he's not played a competitive game yet. I know he's had injuries recently but he's been great for Fulham last two years. Strachan really should've called him up a bit more for the 2018 qualifiers.
  3. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    At West Brom Dwight Gayle and Jay Rodriguez are very much the first choice strikers. Harvey Barnes is playing really well btw in the number 10 position (wasn't there talk on here he had some Scottish blood). Then you have Matt Phillips in the wide role... Going to be a struggle for Burke to start many games tbh, best he can do is come on as a sub and score or set up a goal and then he might eventually get a run of games. Hasn't really looked like doing that in his spell at WBA so far. Maybe a loan to another championship club in January where he can get a regular game.
  4. Tartan Chris

    Continental players

    Is Gauld actually playing much on loan this season?
  5. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    His Brother who plays for Peterbrough said his dream is to play with him for the Ivory Coast in the future.
  6. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I agree it's disappointing to see players running around fresh just 3-4 days after a Scotland game. Ryan Fraser another who played Belgium game, then got injured or something and was great for Bournemouth today. I think a problem here is the negativity around Scotland nowadays. If you go back 5-6 years ago Wales had a similar problem. Would call up a squad and within a few days 5-6 players would pull out...before playing for their clubs the following weekend. Suddenly they qualify for euro 2016 and no one is pulling out of squads anymore unless they have a really bad injury. Norn Iron is probably the same. Scotland make euro 2020 and watch the injury pull outs magically lessen. It's human nature to want to be part of something successful. I do think currently a few of the players do think Scotland needs them more than they need it. Hopefully that mentality will change soon.
  7. Tartan Chris

    St Faddy De Paris 11 years ago today

    Great game. Dunno why but watching it I actually felt comfortable that Scotland would hold on to the 1-0 for once. I can't remember if Craig Gordon had that many saves to make afterwards but never really felt it would go to 1-1, think there were 20 minutes left after the goal. Probably not the best France era as Zidane had just retired and their performances at next few tournaments were very poor but hardly anyone wins a competitive game in France. I was trying to work out why this wasn't played at Stade de France, was it due to the Rugby World cup that started a few weeks later?
  8. Tartan Chris

    Nation League Group C

    Serbia always tend to do well v British teams, plenty of flair and can also match these teams physically. Remember World cup 2014 group? 4 points off Scotland and beat Wales 6-1! They didn't even qualify in the end. And of course last group they finished top of a group that had Wales, ROI and Austria in it. If they are in a different pot to Scotland ones to avoid I think.
  9. Tartan Chris

    Nation League Group C

    Ah right just assumed if Iceland lost every game as is looking likely they'd slide down the rankings in next few months and be in pot 3 instead of 2 which makes it harder to qualify. I'd actually be pretty happy if Scotland get them as a second seed. Think their golden run is over. Think Scotland have won every competitive game played against them.
  10. Tartan Chris

    Nation League Group C

    Think Norn Iron and Iceland are actually really good examples of teams who've overachieved last 4 years and are now in groups beyond their abilities so this new format is penalising teams who've played well recently. Not complaining but they could be good ones to pick up if they're still in pot 2 or whatever when the euros draw is made. I'd still prefer to get 2nd in those groups than have to rely on a play. Achievable if Scotland are in pot 3 which seems will happen if this group is won and then you draw a weak seed from the first two pots like the two above.
  11. Tartan Chris

    Nation League Group C

    4 points against Israel should be very realistic and things would be looking very good then. Albania would need to win in Israel then and no guarentee that will happen.
  12. Tartan Chris

    EURO 2020 Qualifying

    As the last 20 years have shown need to be in pot 3 to have realistic chance of qualifying imo. Big couple of months ahead.
  13. Tartan Chris

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    I thought Bill Leslie did the games, he certainly did when Crocker went to Setanta for a bit.
  14. Tartan Chris

    Nation League Group C

    Disappointed that McBurnie got injured....would've started him for this game with Griffiths just off him. Surprised Phillips didn't start yesterday, maybe he's being saved for Monday. Naismith did fine when he came on so another I'd consider starting.
  15. Tartan Chris

    Nation League Group C

    They are good at the back though. Hysaj is a very good full back for Napoli and they have two keepers as regulars in Seria A. If they were playing Belgium I'm sure they'd have lost but doubt they'd have given goals away in that manner. Remember two years ago at the euros France took 90 minutes to score a goal v them. I can see this being a Lithuania/Macedonia home result early in the campaign that kills any momentum.