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  1. Oh right, that feels a little better. Two home games would be like winning the lottery tbh. Team can at least beat likes of Albania and Israel at home still and will be facing similar standard sides in play offs (as long as Serbs go in automatically).
  2. Problem with play offs is isn't it just a one off game in neutral venue? Would feel more confident if it was two legged game as usual. We all know how s*** the team is away from Hampden last 10 years. I agree though, do not want to face Serbia at any cost. They need to qualify automatically which will look probable if they hold on to beat Portugal.
  3. Provan just seems to be that dour co-commentator and plays up to it. Have to say after reading the above I will certainly be searching for some of his Daily Record old columns! Worst one on there used to be Charlie Nicholas, now there was a bitter old player with little good to say about the NT/Anthem etc.
  4. Did Hayley McQueen not do the game today (was in pub watching Wales and left at full time). She was presenter on Thursday so you get two hours of eyeing up her midrift as consolation at least. 😁
  5. I've heard him many times shout "yes" when Scotland have scored a big goal. Maybe it's forced but he's been doing Scottish football now since late 90s so even though he's English I'm sure deep down he has a decent amount of affection and wants Scotland to qualify for a tournament as much as anyone else does. Don't see the big issue really. Everyone knows things are s*** and have been for some time so if lead commentators and reporters are pointing this out to McLeish and SFA and making them squirm all the better.
  6. Fifa used GD in last campaign didn't they so guessing that instead of head to head although that was in part to those five team groups so results against bottom teams were taken off at the end to see who made play offs. No such problem this time. According to wiki page it's GD again. Edit: No head-to-head I think! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020_qualifying
  7. I wasn't against McLeish coming back tbh, did fine last time and well the list of credible candidates dosen't exactly stretch to 2 pages in the contacts book. Kazhak humilation just knocked the stuffing out and really know McLeish is part of the stale and malaise atmosphere the Scottish game finds itself in. Job is crying out to be given to someone outside that environment who at least has a vision and fresh ideas.
  8. Oh right I stand corrected. I just assumed it would either be finishing 3rd so in pot 3 like this campaign or Fifa rankings which again you have to win games if you want to move up them (seeing as playing the friendly route loophold has been stopped). Going back to pot 4 and you might aswell pack up the NT.
  9. Cyprus usually give home nations teams in transition a beating on home turf, they won 5-2 v ROI and beat Wales 3-1 in Euro 2008 qualifying. Wales only won there 1-0 with a late Bale goal in 2015 when they actually qualified. Think Belgium barely won there aswell. That will imo be a harder game than Kazhakstan so fully expected points to be dropped there. 2nd is long gone already, just make sure the home games are won to secure third as small chance then you can get o.k group for WC IF it's a kind draw.
  10. Don't a fair few clubs in Russian league play on plastic pitches, I remember the main Luznikhi stadium in Moscow hosted the CL final and that had a plastic pitch that had to be ripped up. Anyway Russia are comfortably second best team in group so for me challenge is already over even if it isn't reflected in points different yet.
  11. Sorry to say but after watching the full 90 minutes on Thursday I have next to no interest in this group now. It's over. Russia will finish 5-6 points clear in second seeing as they can win 4-0 in Astana in second gear. Scotland will probably scrape 3rd (which needs to happen to have even slightest chance in next WC group) but really rest of campaign is just waiting for McLeish to be dismissed and then hoping a new manager bounce works for the play off.
  12. Never understood why the Israel game gets lumped in the worst ever results category. They're a decent team on home turf, beat Austria 4-2 tonight. Also went down to 10 men at 1-1. Kazhakstan is ten times worse on the ineptness scale.
  13. Surprised someone like Barry Douglas wasn't called up given the fitness doubts over Tierney and Robbo. Would've been a decent two games for him to slot in and get his Scotland career underway.
  14. 8-0 Belgium is what we want (I presume 2nd would be decided on GD?)
  15. Tierney in danger of stagnating at Celtic. Fair enough he's a fan and probably deep down wants to stay for 10 in a row but reality is he needs to move on now when you see what Robbo has achieved south of the border. Celtic don't even play much CL anymore so for example Leicester could yet quality for europa league and come in for him if Chilwell leaves, probably same level as Celtic. I could understand more players staying in Scotland if the teams did better in europe. It was only around 10 years ago Celtic AND Rangers were both making knock out rounds of champions league, now you get just one in it and they have to win three rounds to make group stage. Worse for me is europa league. Could be wrong but don't think a side outside the old firm has made group stages since Aberdeen had that nice little run to the knock outs in 2007-08. Pretty embarassing when you think since then likes of Dundalk and St Pats Athletic from ROI have both player in group stage, Irish league is part time.
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