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  1. I remember him randomly been signed by Liverpool and Klopp sticking him upfront last ten minutes for a game. Was a decent prospect a few years back (capped by England in a friendly) but as said had loads of personal troubles in last few years. Seems like change of environment has helped him but I have my doubts aswell to this.
  2. I was sure I read a while ago the actual final for these were supposed to be taking place at neutral venue e.g. you play the first one at Hampden and if you win that you then play at a stadium in Germany, Holland or France. That would be far more logical as then TA would actually know the venue rather than this ridiculous last minute dash.
  3. Like so many over last decade, he was called up much later than he should've been. First got capped in 2011. He was already key player and assist king at Leeds for a few seasons. He also got a bad injury on his debut at Hull on opening day of 2014 season so missed I think all of the 2016 euros group. Given how tight that turned out to be mayb a set piece from him would've made a difference in the final shake up. Yeah last two years he's actually played very well at club level for Villa and West Ham but fallen out of favour for the national team so something that could've happened a year ago when he asked to be left out for personal reasons. Goal in Zagreb obvious highlight.
  4. Michael O'Neill has done an amazing job really. They've always had a solid core of defenders to pick from but really their forward options are much worse than a decade ago when Healy was in his pomp. To qualify for one tournament and get play offs in the other two campaigns is amazing consistancy.
  5. Racism aside, Bulgaria look woeful even on home turf. Would be happy with Israel aswell. I assume if Romania go through Norway come into play? Edit: Ah seen it's likely to be Norway-Serbs in other play off.
  6. I was flicking through the scores the other day and noticed Alcocorn were 3 up at Sporting Gijon at half time. Is Jack Harper playing much there? Given lack of updates on him this season I assume he isn't.
  7. I think I've said consistantly since draw was made Cyprus could easily be a Georgia style banana skin away tie particularly if there are numerous call offs. It wouldn't shock me at all if that is a draw or even worse. Yes I would expect to beat Kazakhstan at home. Edit: The point I was trying to make is after the horrific first game I can't remember too many on here expecting to finish 3rd so Clarke would do o.k to at least salvage that if he can take 4 points from last two games.
  8. Disappointing to me McBurnie was "unavailable" for these games. Him scoring a couple tonight could've really got him going at international level and pretty much nailed down the lone striker role.
  9. I've said before I don't get the McGregor hype either. McTom-McGinn simply has to be the two infront of the defence and then you have more forward thinking midfielder with a goal and a forward pass in him. Whether that's Armstrong (really needs more minutes at club level so hopefully loan in January), Christie or recall for Tom Cairney.
  10. Think I've asked this before but does 3rd in group mean Pot 3 for World cup groups or is that done on the world ranking? Guess them looking to do a nations league for World cup qualfying maybe means it won't matter a huge amount and might make more sense to stay lower ranked.
  11. San Marino is on a whole different level of being inept. Andorra won a game on Friday and you also have likes of Malta, Gilbraltar etc who can score the odd goal and get some points on the board. The fact Scotland even in this state can comfortably knock six past them shows how bad they are. I actually read the other week they have really strict eligability criteria, they don't pick players of San Marino descent who grow up outside the country. Seems a bit silly when there's no real hope of small progress with how they do things now.
  12. As pointless as this win was (bar McGinn hopefully feeling more at home at international level) it does mean avoid defeat in Cyprus (Russia knocked 4 past them) and 3rd place should be secured. Under 2016 qualifying that would've meant a two legged play off. If McLeish had stayed in I'm not convinced he'd have even managed 3rd in the group e.g. 1-1 draw with Cyprus instead of the late win so would cut Clarke some slack for that if he does achieve it. The average finishing position for Scotland in qualifying groups is usually 4th over last decade.
  13. Can't see Matt Ritchie..... Has it actually been explained why Cairney wasn't called this time? Last season he could never get going for many reasons but he's fit and playing very well this season, the most obvious contender to play infront of two CMs.
  14. They played very well last night, deserved at least a draw. Martin Odegaard been arguably best midfielder in La Liga this season. They'd be favourites tbh.
  15. Well Steve Clarke beat them (just)......They generally don't travel well so you should always be beating them at home but think I said when draw was called they always give teams games in Nicosia so can see that being a draw or another humbling loss. Anyway 7 points from last 3 should just about get 3rd.
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