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  1. I thought it was quite an even game at Hampden, both teams could've won that night. Mind you just had a look at the Austria team that night and Sabitzer was unused sub and Aranutovic wasn't involved so along with the big targetman who scored twice they're going to be much better in final third for return game especially if Alaba is pushed more forward (basically their Tierney).
  2. Nisbet took his goal v Holland well so shouldn't be discounted. Need to get away from this idea though you need a big targetman for every single minute of every single game, as said above the three Danish CBs are hardly going to be scared of Lyndon Dykes. So Adams central dropping deep and linking play with likes of Fraser and another quick option the other side is probably the best bet, Adams was fine holding it up v England from what I saw.
  3. Didn't Johnny Russell get a few call ups after moving to the MLS? So might not be totally off the radar. That said, given his stats in Portugal leagues you'd think a few mid table Spanish clubs would be looking at him? If Burke can get a move to La Liga you'd think Gauld would be a target.
  4. Better scorer than Dykes by a mile. 22 goals in his last championship season. Took him a while to get going in premier league but 13 premier league goals since 5th July 2020 is solid enough, scored v likes of Man. City and Chelsea in last year. I think he'll score a few in the group as long as he keeps starting games so think in long run he'll have a reasonable scoring record at international level.
  5. A point in Copenhagen would be one of the best qualification results in years. After dodgy first 15 minutes they've strolled it v Wales. Also completely battered Austria and Israel away. Top 8 team in europe currently if not higher.
  6. As I said of course can try to improve it but it's really not the bee all, end all at international level. Wales won with just 36% possesion v Turkey and they weren't troubled that much. And as I mentioned before Sweden got that 0-0 with Spain with 20%. They also beat Poland 3-2 with 33%! Both of those have those have many who can pass a ball at club level aswell.
  7. What's the story with the Bilbao lad given they only bring Basques through there? Similar story to Jack Harper (wherever he is now)? Or Basque with a parent from Scotland? Is he involved in youth set ups as Spain will probably want to get him involved in their ones if he looks promising so need to act quick rather than snail pace. Edit: Just seen he's 21 so a bit older than I was expecting. Spanish teams tend to keep them playing in cantera (b teams) up to 21-22 unless it's an exceptional talent but 22-23 is when they really should be breaking into first team squad.
  8. There's been decent attacking moves at various points in the three games. I think if people are just expecting Scotland in next 5-10 years to become a 60-70% pass merchants they'll be disappointed as it's simply not in the DNA or indeed British fan culture. Dosen't mean the team can't get better at it (easiest way to do that would be Gilmour to be automatic starter from now on and Turnbull to get some starts) but honestly the biggest thing lost in last 20 years has been resilience. Think back to the 90s, backs to the wall (despite having boderline world class midfielders available) but such a tough team to score against and opponents had to work hard for their goals. Not so much now, the best defensive performance in last 18 months imo was Belgrade and that had a goal conceded with player unmarked in six yard box. Lucky at Wembley in first 15 minutes aswell with a similar instance. People going on about Wales but they just spent the first 60 minutes of the Swiss game aimlessly booting the ball in vague direction of Kiefer Moore upfront and were completely outplayed. But they stuck in the game at 1-0 and got something. Sweden had 20% possesion v Spain but they know how to grind out results and got the 0-0 in the end. That's what's missing, can only hope with more experience the team can do better in 2024 if qualified.
  9. Ideally I'd just go with 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. Fits most of the key players in their best positons....apart from Tierney. So guess can only be played when he's injured as he's obviously too good to leave out and wouldn't want him being LCB in back 4 as he can't get forward then. I think that formation would mean more fluid play in final third rather than the hit and miss system in place now.
  10. Is it that much of a problem in the qualifiers, 2 v Austria, 4 v faroes etc. Small sample size but 7 goals from first 3 games is o.k given Austria and Israel only scored 5 from first. Israel played Denmark but they've also played Moldova away. Also stuck 3 past Israel and what was it 4 away to Albania so I think scoring v fellow mid rank teams isn't an issue even if it's not the striker scoring. Just looking at our Welsh friends...scored the grand total of 11 goals in 10 games when they qualified for euro 2016. However they only conceded 4 goals and somehow kept clean sheets home and away to Belgium. For euro 2020 they only scored 10 goals in 8 games. However again conceded just 6. With Scotland 16 goals in 10 game but conceded 19. Lack of anything close to 90s defender remains a huge issue.
  11. McInnes...chuckle. That's exactly why I simply wouldn't want Clarke sacked at any point in next 6 months. Clearly the players enjoy playing for him and camp is a better place than it's been for a long time and his system isn't too bad, just slow changing things when plan A isn't working. Perhaps Calum Davidson if he continues on current trajectory can be a contender in 2-3 years time. In terms of progress I'd say finishing 2nd in a qualifying group would represent it, when was the last time that happened, 2003? Still very possible as I think Austria will drop a few points with their remaining games.
  12. In short term.....play Adams as CF with likes of Fraser around him for rest of the qualifiers. I think Christie-Adams-Fraser will be a decent enough and mobile front 3 particularly for the away games. Gilmour will start every game he's available for now which is good. If not then yes Clarke needs sacking. Turnbull needs to be given a proper chance aswell, surprised he didn't come on last night either once it became dead last 10 minutes. Think Patterson coming on for last few minutes was just to introduce him to international football so I expect him to start a few of the qualifiers. Not sure what to do at the back, have to hope a young CB comes through but ultimately Tierney and McTominay will still be needed in backline with the mediocre options. Keeper also a big concern although Marshall will probably remain for another 18 months as number one.
  13. Actually thought McGinn was one who stood up in all three games. Got around the pitch like he always does and tried to make things happen, just lacking that composure but he certainly got into many scoring positions. Probably his tournament summed up Scotland's tournament, competitive in many areas but no killer instinct. Biggest disappointment? Probably McTominay. First game completely passed him by, was better v England but could've easily cost a goal with error when Mount missed from a few yards and disappointing tonight. Of course playing at the back but ultimately two headers were scored from crosses so again something you'd want him to nulify. Most consistant run of performances from Robertson in Scotland shirt aswell as mentioned above.
  14. Turkey were easily the worst team at this tournament so avoided the wooden spoon at least. Russia were really bad aswell even if they did win a game. Those two must've qualified for about 6-7 tournaments between them since 1998.
  15. SFA will be happy keeping him in for world cu qualfiers, why would you want them to conduct another managerial search? They'd probably come up with McLeish again! I think he stays in if team gets to world cup play offs. Only in danger not qualfying for not euros which is only 3 years away so really in that cycle already. Perhaps by then someone like Calum Davidson can be serious contender as he's on good path winning trophies. It's disappointing but the players seem happy playing for Clarke given it seems the most solid and content camp for a long long time and the system is o.k if exposed by top level teams so will be thereabouts in the qualifiers imo. It's a long way from the depths of Levein a decade ago.
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