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  1. If he really is the best left back in the world, he’ll have no problem batting away some competition from a Greek nobody.
  2. Writing Scotland Lesbian XI is weirdo behaviour.
  3. Great to see McFadden come third. Gave me some of my favourite moments watching Scotland.
  4. I remember we had 7 left footers start in the England game. 4 in the defence, Gordon, Snodgrass & Griffiths.
  5. Matt Ritchie isn’t interested in Scotland. I haven’t listened to it but apparently he didn’t want to talk about Scotland at all when he was interviewed by Simon Ferry.
  6. I agree, there’s definitely something there. I only caught the highlights from Sunday’s game but he set up a chance with a great run, was unlucky with his chance but did lose his man for the goal they conceded.
  7. Seems like a really positive move.
  8. I would have Tierney in the team every time. Probably right back cos I feel our options at right back are even worse than our options at centre back.
  9. Why not? Will Dortmund let Haaland play the triple headers?
  10. Cared enough to comment on the thread though.
  11. If we were at home in the final I would really fancy our chances but being away from home is going to be very difficult.
  12. Anyone know Braveheartlynch and if he is planning to do a video for the upcoming game/s? The Germany preview was my favourite.
  13. Will be a sellout anyway
  14. Think we’ve just got to be grateful we still have a chance of qualifying.
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