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  1. Just a wee gas burner with a kettle. It's a must if your camping, need a coffee in the morning 😁
  2. I've been driving around Norway for the last cpl of weeks with the family, some amazing places to visit.
  3. I'm hoping to travel from Norway, the flight and digs are already booked, so hoping we get a chance of a ticket. I'm sure there will be a few Danish based TA wanting to go to the game aswell, so hopefully the SFA will take that into account when deciding on wether to accept tickets or not.
  4. Unfortunately I was one of the abusive people at Wembley that night. Not proud of the way I behaved, but turned up with my ssc card to collect my ticket only to be told it had already been handed out. They have admitted handing it out in error now, but at the time I was told to "go away, your tickets gone" so I had a few choice words for them. The two lassies on the counter could not care that I had come over from Norway to see the game. Eventually a Wembley supervisor was able to get them to see sense and I got a ticket just in time to see the 2nd half. No good to me is it? I have been refunded for my ticket but they have stopped replying to my emails regarding compensation for my flights and digs,to see a game that they ruined for me. I have been kicked out the ssc. I will just be saving myself £55 the next time they open for membership. Seems you can go see Scotland without being a member anyhow. Waste of time.
  5. I was out of order for my foul and abusive language , but for them to say I am getting a refund without admission of liability then say they had handed out my ticket erroneously is just too confusing. If they handed my ticket out in error surely they are liable. I called the girl an effing arsehole, not because she had handed my ticket to someone else but because she would not even listen to me when I tried to tell her that she was in the wrong and could she sort it. ? I will not be giving these people any more of my time or money in the future. After more than 12years following Scotland my time is up. ? Here is part of the email. Make what you want of it. I also accept that you missed some of the match and for that reason, and without admission of liability, the cost of your ticket for the match will be refunded. It was your decision not to stay for the remainder of the match. What is totally unacceptable however was the way you conducted yourself when advised that the tickets, albeit erroneously, had already been picked up. The barrage of foul and abusive language presented by you and personally directed to my colleague, will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated. This behaviour is in breach of and directly contravenes the terms and conditions of your membership and as a consequence your membership to Scotland Supporters’ Club will be terminated, without refund or appeal, with immediate effect. Formal notification of termination will be sent under separate cover.
  6. I understand what your saying pal but I'm sure if it was yourself that was standing there and being told "your tickets gone just go away" you would probably have had a few things to say aswell.
  7. Very unfortunate indeed. And no I'm not complaining. Did say I'm not proud of my behavior to them in my email and apologized for my language. At the end of the day if they had been at the least wee bit interested in listening to me and trying to figure out what had happened to my ticket none of this would have been an issue. They have admitted handing the ticket out but no explanation as to how it happened. Still it seems you don't need to be a member to go to the games these days anyhow ? Not that I will be back anytime soon as this has really soured my passion for our national team.
  8. Update, I will receive a refund for my ticket that they admit giving out without id being shown, but my membership to the supporters club will be terminated for my foul and abusive language.
  9. My m8 has spoke to them and they have admitted handing the tickets out to someone else. I have emailed them but no reply as yet. Still don't understand why they would hand both tickets over to one person tho. According to my friend I am getting treated separately as my language towards the girl was a bit colorful. Not proud of the way I acted but her attitude was terrible and the way I was treated was a disgrace.
  10. Got to the ticket office only to be told my ticket had already been handed out. How my ticket can be handed out to someone else is beyond me. The rules as they well know is you need to show id for every ticket collected. Was brushed aside from the wee ginger lassie as if it was my fault. "Your tickets already been collected, go away " was all the help I was given. Eventually with the help of a Wembley manager I got in at half time, was to late for me tho. I'm finished for good, won't be renewing my support. Gutted
  11. Pass, tackle, close down, defend, attack, and supply a decent cross ball. If we could do these things better it would be a start. Never mind formations or squad selection, as professional footballers surely they must be able to get the basics right no matter who is the manager. ?
  12. Alright Porty Traveller . I have sent you a text about getting on a bus fi Aberdeen for the Republic of Ireland game. You can get back to me on here or by text. Cheers m8.
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