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  1. The LBC interview was the first time i'd heard Bannon speak. Your thoughts there are exactly what i took away from that interview. Seems he's on a Eurotrash tour to trumpet (apologies) the likes of your Robinsons across the continent.
  2. Presumably the Norwegians are able to do that because they're not part of the EU? It'd contravene single market employment laws i'd imagine?
  3. When folk say 'Westminster could launch a first-strike nuclear attack on Holyrood, and folk STILL wouldn't vote for independence', they're only half joking.
  4. All across the celtic fringes of these islands, prayers are being said....
  5. That's been doing my head in whenever i've seen Croatia play. It's either Rakitic or Modric playing as deep as the centre backs. Why??
  6. In Ireland most folk watch the game on RTE with Irish commentators, then when England get papped out switch over to the BBC for Ian Wright's tears. Best of both worlds!
  7. In Ireland, like the UK, all WC games are on the 'protected list' meaning they must be shown on a free to air channel. So far they've always been shown by the state broadcaster - RTE. The coverage is pretty much the same, except without all the England cheerleading. I seem to recall around 15 years ago (when the BBC had the rights to show live Scottish league games) they broadcast the Old Firm games (and only the OF games) to the whole of the UK. Rather than just taking the usual Sportscene feed and broadcasting it across the whole network, they sent up Lineker and co to do coverage for those outside Scotland. Presumably nobody south of the border would have been able to understand Rob McLean's accent.
  8. And in answer to exile.... the confusion you describe in your post annoys me. The fact that Scots isn't properly codified or taught as 'correct' means it ends up being relegated to 'slang'.
  9. Every language is just a dialect, with an army. Just thought i'd throw that in there to preempt any Scots-haters.
  10. No, it's the perfect phrase. In fact it would have been really difficult to punch the issue into the electorate's consciousness without it. Have you read the book 'Don't think of an elephant'? Essential reading IMO. Here's a torrent link.
  11. Dave78

    Rory Gallagher

    I only heard of the guy when i saw a news story about the annual festival they hold in his honour in Donegal. https://www.rorygallagherfestival.com/ Seems to be massively under-rated/forgotten.
  12. ...is the correct answer. He's one of those Scots that would literally die in a ditch clutching their union jack before they countenance Scottish independence. Yesterday, after Fluffy made clear what Scotland's place in the union actually is, it occurred to me that 'unionists' isn't an accurate term for them. 'Loyalists' would be more appropriate.
  13. She's one of those aptly named politicians int she? It's like i'm a teenager again watching a Catatonia video on MTV.
  14. Ooft! I think that'd be even MORE unpalatable to the loyalists Or are you talking about federalism in the context of a united Ireland? I've heard of that being touted, but of course it won't fly for the same reason as it won't for the UK. It'd require breaking up the structure of the Republic into devolved provinces, which there's no appetite for. It's unification or bust for the nationalist folk i've spoken to over the years here.
  15. Any idea why James Kelly has it as 45-55? Are they different polls? https://scotgoespop.blogspot.com/2018/06/sensational-yougov-poll-suggests-snp.html Edit: Ahh, just realised Kelly must be discounting the 'don't knows'. Interesting that 70% felt the best years are yet to come for NI. I think that's a combination of 2 things: 1. Nationalists who look forward to a better future in a united Ireland. 2. Nordieland couldnae get any fuckin worse! So, roll on a united Ireland.