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  1. Ta. I should have made clearer i was talking about Ireland. Maybe if we get an incident of that happening, the debate will come up. But as of yet, the trans stuff just isn't an issue here.
  2. Yep, spot on. At the same time, the SNP do need to accept the ground has shifted. Why do you think that is? I'm not kidding when i say nobody gives a fuck here, and that it takes up zero political bandwidth (even from those at the fringes). Could it be that this issue just doesn't exercise the voters minds, and that for this to be an issue that has divided the Yes movement is: just. fucking. bizarre? I notice you stop quoting the article right before this sentence: "The prisoner is accompanied by two officers at all times while in the common area
  3. Aye, that's it... I follow Scottish politics and see how the trans stuff has played out online (specifically twitter), but i contrast it with Ireland and how it's literally a non-issue, then try to square how this has caused so much division in the Yes Movement. Get a grip, all of yiz.... You Judean People's Cunts
  4. You're right, the legislation came in along with the same-sex marriage stuff in the Irish referendum. All the debate was focused on gays being allowed to be married. The trans stuff flew under the radar. Point is, it's been here in Ireland for years now, and nobody (not even the women with legitimate concerns) give a shite. Honestly, i't just not a issue.
  5. Jeez, and i thought the STV (no the TV channel) ballot sheets were long!
  6. I'd say he's probably been repeating that mistake ever since.
  7. It's fucking bizarre watching the Yes movement tear itself apart over this. Had GRA in Ireland for years now, and..... NOBODY. GIVES. A. FUCK.
  8. It hasn't sunk into your average British nationalist's conscience that the RoI has left the union, and that was 100 years ago.
  9. Pff, that part of my post was obviously directed at you Taylor, not Texas Pete.
  10. I was making a joke, obviously. Didn't know dohadeer was a grammar Nazi. I hope to meet him/you for a pint again sometime
  11. Ok, i know you're a 3 at the back zealot, but i didn't think you'd go that far.
  12. We would have beaten them. Israels own version of 3-5-2 nullified our best attacking weapons (they pinned back our fullbacks). By moving to a 4, the Tierney/Robertson overlapping double-act, and 2 proper wide midfielders were able to find more space. TDK/Chripper/dohadeer, you should accept that we need to be flexible with our formation, depending on who we're playing.
  13. With all the talk of Sturgeon's "double life" rumours (and frustratingly nobody actually telling us what they are), it's time for me to update my odds book. We have a new front-runner. PM me with what you want to stake and i'll send you my paypal address... Evens - Sturgeon is a trans-woman, her deadname being Nicholas. 2/1 - Lesbian sex-tape of Sturgeon and Liz Lloyd, with a cameo appearance of Peter Murrell in full leather as 'The Gimp'. 3/1 - Sturgeon is planning to make rape allegations against Salmond in order to MAGA (Make Alex Guilty Again). 7/1 - Topless photo of Sturgeon on
  14. Aye. That was the case with the GFA, so no doubt it'd be the same for unification.
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