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  1. Dave78

    Car crash

    They say auld yins never recover after their first fall. Does the same apply to car crashes?
  2. Dave78

    Car crash

    Prince Charlie himself was bang on when he called him an 'insufferable moron' (or words to that effect) when he forgot his mic was on during that skiing trip
  3. Dave78


    Chripper, you're by far my favourite relatively new poster. You're able to start arguments (not always through your own volition!) in random threads
  4. Dave78


    It's worth signing up for Real Debrid. It's an extra expense, but really useful for getting good quality film/TV provider links.
  5. On the other hand, having a second brexit referendum massively weakens the argument against a second indyref.
  6. "Call it Nicola! Use the mandate!" or even "UDI now!" is all you hear from commenters on Twitter/Facebook. Do they not understand that she has no power to 'call it'? All she can do is call for it, as the headline in that article correctly states. Can anyone explain to me how we get indyref2 without the SNP being kingmakers in a hung parliament?
  7. Staunch unionists often complain about Scotland being a one-party state, with the SNP acting as a dictatorship. The more bug-eyed Yoons even compare Salmond and Sturgeon to Hitler and Mussolini. Surely if this was the case, then at the very least they'd be able to make the trains run on time.... so which is it? 😛
  8. Dave78

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    As Ally Bingo says, it's obvious why this is the case. In the 'hostile environment' of being an insurgent political party - filled with members of disparate political leanings that coalesce around the goal of independence - then party loyalty has to be enforced. I look forward to the day (post-indy) when Scottish political parties aren't driven by the constitution, and can find their ideological homes.
  9. From The Telegraph...... "If MPs stop Brexit, Middle England could stage its biggest revolt in modern history"
  10. Dave78


    I got a 48hr trial from @Mazziessc . All in all it's a great service. Same price as GenIPTV, but with better presentation and slightly better quality streams for Sky sports. Better EPG too. I'll be switching over when my current geniptv sub expires
  11. Was a good rammy there between Brillo and Owen Jones on This Week
  12. Dave78


    One thing i've never understood re the quality of IPTV stream is the frame-rate. With my provider (geniptv) the American channels like NBC SN are much smoother. When watching a game on the Sky Sports streams if someone makes a long pass which forces the camera to pan, it goes blurry and hurts my eyes/heid. Howcome the US streams are more fluid?
  13. Dave78

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    That's right. I stopped applying for all the top manager jobs in world football based on my outstanding achievements in Championship Manager after i proved to myself how easy it was to manipulate the player ratings. I'm still gutted i was passed over by the Barcelona board after the heroics i achieved with a virtual Ayr Utd.
  14. Dave78

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    I remember emailing the guy that did the Rangers players for championship manager. I was telling him how good my wee cousin was (he played for Scotland u19s at the time). The guy obviously took it all on board as he was like Ronaldo in the game. He now plays for East Fife