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  1. I had hoped to at least have a tiny bit of influence on party policy. Shifting power from the NEC/those that attend conference, to the membership would do that, which is why I support it.
  2. Very true. I'll renew my membership if the proposed changes to the membership having more control get passed. Edit: My local branch was 'International'..... Basically zero influence donors. Feck that.
  3. Yep, it's the content and the people he targets that's changed really. The style is still the same to my mind.
  4. No more 'bile' than you'd get in a quality rant on the TAMB though. edit: Besides, it's a blog, so has a tabloid style. It's not the Financial Times.
  5. Moves in this direction being made. By Alyn Smith no less! https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-stench-of-rotten-stables/
  6. Is it ok to describe a politician as hysterical if they're a woman, since the old Greek definition related to the womb/uterus? That term will be cancelled soon enough surely.
  7. Use this site to get round paywalls. It also removes all the unnecessary shite. www.outline.com
  8. He'll be cutting his Tesco bought milk with 50% tap water. Gonna make a fortune
  9. Interesting, ta. But in terms of it affecting anything, it all seems like a storm in a teacup (vodka shot glass?) to me.
  10. In exactly what way are the Russians supposed to have influenced the Indyref/Brexit referendum? A few hundred twitter trolls in St. Petersburg. Is that it? How many Yes/Leave votes was that worth? An insignificant amount i'm sure. And while we're on the subject of twitter bots, what the hell do we think the 77th Brigade of the British army do each day?
  11. And of course there's the higher level of familial links. If i remember correctly, about 10% of people in Scotland were born in England, but in Wales that figure rises to 21% according to the last census.
  12. He'd just taken a corner on that side, if i remember right.
  13. For the avoidance of doubt, i am not a mod. That was a joke. Yes i knew what he did. IIRC, the joke was in a post about my belief that TAMBers would get on well if we were all on a Scotland trip sitting in a pub together, and not in lockdown typing pish into our computers. The joke was based around my perception of you as an argumentative guy, firmly on the right of today's politics, and the idea that you might suddenly 'lose it'. I'm sorry you found that offensive, and won't make the same mistake again now that i know where you draw the line. As for it being a smear rather than a joke... If i had meant to smear you i wouldn't have tagged you in it thereby deliberately drawing your attention to it. I'd have tried to be more underhand. Interesting, i've never thought of myself as being woke. I'm fairly sure i've made posts criticizing today's culture of identity politics. Can i ask what makes you think that? If i call someone who is obsessed with other forum members using correct punctuation/spelling a 'grammar nazi', would they be justified in reporting me to the mods, crying that i'm making unacceptable comparisons with yer actual nazis? All seems a bit snowflakey.
  14. I saw your complaint, and deleted it. Considered sanctioning you for wasting the mods (my) time, but decided to give you a reprieve.
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