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  1. I have some sympathy for her. After Cameron resigned all the Brexiteers like Johnsone, Gove, Fox saw the utter mess they'd have to steer the UK through and duly backed out of the PM contest. They (and the Tory MP's) left remainer May to be the shit magnet. Edit: Changed 'steer the country*' for 'steer the UK'. *not an actual country
  2. Aye, but there's more to it than that. I think Labour socialists have always looked at the historical context. The sight of the British army slaughtering innocents in Derry and Ballymurphy - set against the backdrop of plantation and partition - challenges and overrides Labour's unionism. The same context doesn't apply in Scotland. It's the 'George Galloway doctrine'.
  3. No, the rise in demand will be due to millions of gammons deciding to 'eat British'. After the brexit vote there must have been massive queues out the door at chip shops in places like Hull and Portsmouth.
  4. Tim Horton's has been selling hash browns for ages.
  5. Dave78


    I have that memory too. Gary Naysmith was in the Andy Robertson wing-back role...i think?
  6. Dave78

    Clapping the opposition's goal

    I've only clapped 1 opposition goal... sitting the home end in Alicante when Spain made about 40 passes and knocked it in.
  7. Dave78

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    That's part of the reason why i push IPTV to anyone that'll listen. Watch it, and pay them nothing
  8. Dave78

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    Watched the Slovenia-Scotland game with Irish mates. They couldn't believe how negative Crocker is, or why we'd put up with it. But then they're used to having their own media that doesn't cater to England.
  9. Dave78

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    There should be a rule that yer only allowed to slag wumman's fitba if you're a better player than anyone on the wumman's team. That rules out 99.9999% of TAMBers, including you sir
  10. Dave78

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    I'm planning on going. Hopefully we get drawn to play in Rennes as my parents stay near there (cheap digs!). I've been trying to get my daughters interested in fitba (and supporting Scotland), so this would be the perfect opportunity
  11. And yet your adopted countries (USA and Canada) have massively different rates of gun murders, mass shootings etc. Both countries are awash with guns, but only one seems to have a problem with them (the USA). There are European countries where gun ownership is similar to N. American (Austria i think? Might be Switzerland, can't remember), yet you don't get the same gun madness. The problem is deeper than just gun availability.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzuVPsKu4gs
  13. Because thankfully they don't need them. Criminals don't have guns, unlike the US and Canada.
  14. Dave78

    U17 comments from McGlaughlin.

    From the interview with McLaughlin..... ""You made the point regularly about your last Under-17 group that they really seemed to buy into the idea of being Scotland players. Judging by the social media output of the current crop, they seem to be following in the same footsteps. I think that’s important. As soon as the boys meet up the first thing they see is a massive Scotland badge on the screen. They should feel proud to be playing for Scotland. They need to realise who they represent and they do. When Kai Kennedy scored the second goal we saw the full squad – including two injured players – joining in the celebrations. It wasn’t just that it was a great strike. It was about celebrating a Scotland goal. Regardless of whether or not it came in a friendly, or whatever age-group it is, that should mean something."" I think i like this guy
  15. Dave78

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    He was excellent, although I'd have given it to one of the Brighton defenders to be fair