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  1. Which in normal circumstances would make him the ideal candidate. But we're not in normal circumstances. Scotlad is right to say the Tories usual never pick the favourite, but this time they need a big popular personality to push through a likely no-deal Brexit. Boris is the only one that fits the bill.
  2. Nothing really. Just the fact they're never slow to make enquiries. Finding eligible players has been a part of the FAI's strategy for decades.
  3. I'm fairly sure they'll have already approached him. The FAI are "predatory" (to use former RoI manager Brian Kerr's word).
  4. Yep. My postal vote arrived on Monday while i was out the house, so the earliest i could get it into a postbox was Tuesday morning. No way it was reaching Glasgow in 48hrs using the pishy 'freepost' service, so i binned it.
  5. And yet of all the EU countries, opinion polls report Ireland is.... BTW, those numbers are the highest pro-EU figures across the EU 28. Why? Because everyone in Ireland knows that it's the EU that has allowed Ireland to flourish. A relatively poor former vassal of England, dependent on 'betters' in Westminster, has grown up to be a normal independent nation with a per capita GDP that's almost double that of the UK's. You carry on with yer Better Together pish though. Folk in Dublin look and laugh at that.
  6. Yep, it's certainly an issue, and will probably be the strongest card played by the No side in indyref2. For me, keeping the rUK in the SM and CU is the ideal outcome with regards to winning (or at least not losing) the economic argument come indyref2. Failing that, we'll need to wait and see the specifics of the trade deal made between rUK and the EU post-Brexit, as like you say it'll have a big impact on an indy Scotland.
  7. No, just prouder...or something. It's a pissing contest basically. Doesn't matter what your country's quality of life is like, it's how big your total (not per capita) GDP is. Britnat-o-nomics, init bruv? We won 2 world wars and 1 world cup, don't ye know?
  8. The rUK will have already lost all that, as Scotland would no longer be paying into HM treasury, so i don't see what that has to do with the rUK's willingness to wage economic war on a former vassal which they've always considered 'their own' (see the Tory attitude towards Ireland throughout the Brexit process for evidence of that). Thplinth is basically right i think. And i think the SNP high-command know it too, which is why they compromised on their strictly anti-Brexit position and voted for a form of Brexit which kept the UK in the Single Market during the indicative votes. They know by keeping the UK in the Single Market, they eliminate this issue.
  9. Pff, i won't be watching. I'll be playing Fifa 19 (which is similar in that it's scripted theatre designed to drive you mad!)
  10. She'll be there to highlight the 'being part of the EU isnae real independence' / 'what's the point of leaving one union just to hand all the power over to Brussells' anti-indy argument.
  11. Because it probably works like this... Mentorn producer emails the SNP media guy/gal, asking for an SNP representative on the upcoming show. SNP media person knows it's their job to decide on a panelist. They send out an email request to the party bigyins, detailing the 4 to 1 opposition, and ask who's available. Nobody replies apart from Swinney, because he's in need of profile and has experience.
  12. You're right. But then, like UKIP, the Brexit Party don't need to win seats to achieve their main objective. All they have to do is threaten the Tory majority to get their No-deal Brexit, just as UKIP did to secure a referendum. Polls show they're doing just that... https://twitter.com/britainelects/status/1128258417733316608
  13. The GERS figures are an accurate representation of Scotland's economic position within the union.
  14. Careful now, you'll have former Labour leaders defaming you in the Daily Record for jokes like that.
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