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  1. Well aware of that Nah... My kids were at a birthday party on Friday though and came home with a 'Double Dip'. Brought back memories!
  2. But...but... it does! Or better than tap water anyway. Cheers! <Raises glass of 'Summer Fruits' juice laced with aspartame to you>
  3. Interesting. What are your thoughts on aspartame? I drink roughly a bottle of diluting juice every couple of weeks which uses it as the sweetener. I've been told it's seriously bad for me.
  4. Anyone else watching the last ever episode of This Week? Fuckin hell... Bunch of establishment bawbags all furiously wanking each other into a frenzy. I will miss it though, bizarrely.
  5. Managing the saved Aberdeen player's souls to perennial Champions League success.
  6. Really hard to answer that, as i only have a good knowledge of the political culture of 1 other EU country (Ireland). That sounds like a cop-out i know.
  7. Yeah yeah, but can they do it on a freezing rainy January night in Stoke though?
  8. You are fundimundily correct, but winning independence is about selling a 'vision'. It's a difficult ask to get voters to back indy if the party entrusted to take our new state through those sensitive 'birthing years' has a vision that isn't aligned with your own. This is why as an SNP member for 20 odd years, i've always believed the SNP should be as centrist as possible. NS has undeniably moved the SNP towards the progressive-left end of the spectrum, and it's starting to concern me a bit.
  9. TDK (a much better name that Chripper to be fair) specifically referred to "Greek teams, Danish teams and Romanian teams", not Scottish teams. Is he right? We'll never know cos they don't play each other competitively. His Burnley v Aberdeen point stands up though.
  10. I'm not seeing an answer to Caledonian Craig's question. Are ye Yes or No plinthy? I know it's going to take you so much nose-holding you'll probably need rhinoplasty, but the SNP are our only route to indy. Edit: Got the poster's name wrong
  11. Corbyn's labour party can hardly be described as "establishment".
  12. One was the guy who runs the 'Young Turks' blog/podcast. I'm sure you're familiar with him. I can't quite remember his name (let alone spell it), so i'm just going to call him Chunk Erdogan The other puppet masters were the people behind Bernie Sanders campaign.
  13. His conclusion begins at 21m 55s in.... "She's fake. She's a fraud. She's not real. None of her tweets are actually her tweets. None of her speeches are actually her speeches. Her answers to questions in interviews? She was coached to give those. She's not a real congresswoman. She's an actress."
  14. Exactly. I like how the guy in the video characterises a mundane Democratic party candidate selection process as an "audition", describing AOC as an "actor". Cmon dude, party politics has been done this way since...forever.
  15. Easily the best scene in the whole series. I rank the 3rd series above the 1st. Really good
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