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  1. Hah, interesting. Also interesting to see the curated BBC comments.
  2. Sad to hear this. 'Wallpaper sticks to the wall' to be sung by 50k at Hampden as a tribute (if we're ever actually allowed back into Hampden).
  3. Next time! When all this is over it'll be like VE day. Nah, no ye don't. When i see folk wearing them not covering their nose, i'm the same. Good to hear
  4. What are compliance levels like generally though in Scotland? I've been getting the bus to work in Dublin city centre each day, and i'm yet to see anyone not wearing a mask (haven't bumped into any groups of young folk having a drink though... only commuters). One morning i forgot to put my mask on (the bus driver never challenged me, neither did any of the passengers) and only put it on halfway through the hour long journey. I wonder if the Irish version of Tidyer was boring the evils intae the back ae ma heid
  5. @dohadeer conveniently said he couldn't remember. I looked for the exchange of PMs where we organised the meetup and sale of the ticket, but i must of deleted them (the inbox size is way too small on this forum).
  6. I met Chripper in a bar once. He went by his original profile back then - dohadeer. Must have been back in the mid-2000s. Sold him a spare ticket and had a pint (one) with him. Was a nice enough guy. Short. Ginger. Quite intense. Spoke only about fitba and the team/tactics. Short on eye contact. Seemed a bit awkward (he was only about 19 TBF). Had no idea he'd turn into the TAMB hero he is now (dohadeer, Chripper, TheDarkKnight, Taylor1996). Quite the rise to TAMBer stardom.
  7. That might be his politics, but to be fair that's not how he comes in his commentary/analysis, to me anyway. He's critical of course, but that's kinda the role of the co-commentator. I find that he tends to say what i'm thinking. But Crocker... he sets the tone, and its one of snide and barely hidden ridicule. And Faddy, if you're reading this, it's not just because he has an English accent ya numpty.
  8. Not sure about that. This team have the ability to put Israel away... We've seen them do it. Then we appointed Chripper as manager....
  9. You weren't in Milan in 2005 Jamie, and it shows
  10. I hear the RTE commentary on Ireland games all the time. Their team is just as shite as ours, but at least their commentators don't revel in it
  11. "You didn't think this would be sorted out in 90 minutes, did you? That's not the way we do it here!!" Aye aye, fuck off Ian.
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