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  1. Paddy Power just released odds on the content of the email... Evens - Lesbian sex-tape of Sturgeon and Liz Lloyd 3/1 - Sturgeon to make rape allegations against Salmond 7/1 - Topless photo of Sturgeon on Irvine beach showing a Union Jack tattoo on her left breast
  2. You've mentioned this a few times, and i think you did give an example a while ago (that i've since forgotten). You should write a blog dissecting the dissector!
  3. She mentioned that he predicted there wouldn't be a 2nd wave.
  4. This is a good question. Been wondering this for ages, and i don't know the answer. I had a look at the stats there, and it seems Ireland and Scotland have had roughly the same number of cases (155k and 153k), yet Scotland has had over twice the number of deaths. A higher rate of testing in Ireland doesn't explain it, as Scotland has completed more tests (3.6m to Ireland's 2.7m). My guess would be Ireland has better shielded the elderly population somehow?
  5. I've never forgotten the embarrassment i felt as a 13yr old when i tried to convince my dad that JFK was actually shot by one of the secret service members running behind his car. He told me i was talking shite and to wise up. I had downloaded a text file from a BBS (bulletin board system) that explained the conspiracy theory in detail. This was the early 90s, before the internet was really a thing.
  6. Ireland now has the worst 14 day average in the world. Public health system really feeling the strain. They were using ambulances parked outside a hospital in Letterkenny to treat patients yesterday. Seems to have completely blindsided us. Or most of us anyway.
  7. The pubs were opened up for December, plus restrictions on house visits were relaxed. There are also thousands of Irish that work in England (London mainly) and come home every year for Xmas. Some folk took the piss with the pubs opening up. I know of 1 person that organised meeting up with a different set of pals every night of the week. In short, lots of super-spreading is my guess.
  8. The polling backs up what you say. Sturgeon has won women voters over to indy.
  9. Judean People's Front shite. Getting sick of it....
  10. Fair enough... But the media has made clear (rightly or wrongly) that the AstraZeneca vaccine is based on traditional tech, hence why it doesn't need special storage
  11. Why are youse all assuming the person quoted by the doctor wants 'the English one' simply because it's English? Could it not be they had legitimate concerns about the new technology of the Pfizer vaccine, preferring the traditional style vaccine, and had forgotten the (bit of a mouthful) AstraZeneca name? If he'd said "i want to wait for the Oxford one", this wouldn't be a story.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-55385989 "Mr Livingstone said the increase in Covid alert levels from midnight on 26 December amounted to a "blanket ban" for mainland Scotland. But he added: "I remain clear I do not consider it appropriate or proportionate for officers to establish check points or road blocks to simply enforce travel restrictions "These restrictions are a preventative measure to halt the progress of Covid and Police Scotland will support this approach with a strong operational profile to deter those who would put others at risk. "Today, I have au
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