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  1. See, now your mammy sounds exactly like my granny used to be (god rest her soul). What a treasure!
  2. This thread is my attempt to bait Him into posting, but like an omniscient god He has seen through my ruse.
  3. Have yiz never read the bible? Simple wisdom, padded out to fill the word quota like it's a school essay. That's what we're dealing with here. Look on TDKs posts like they're divine inspiration from our lord God. We should capitalise His pronouns.
  4. Can't believe there's been 19 views on this fred, and nobody has spoke up in solidarity with our political prisoner.
  5. All fair points. And to be fair, there is a european precedent. But nah, i just can't see it.
  6. Dave78


    I get what you're saying, but i can't recall anyone ever posting 'i told you he wouldnae make it' on here. Don't get me wrong, i'll get excited about players (i posted this below about Gilmour...) but we're talking about a 16yr old that has a long long way to go. Caveats are just realism at this stage.
  7. This idea is just mad. If this sentiment really had any sway among the English establishment, why didn't they offload the 6 counties of Ireland as soon as it became a political and economic drain?
  8. Feel i have to speak up for one of the board's much-loved posters. A man who draws admiration and respect from all quarters of the TAMB. He made a bet that we wouldn't score against Russia (we did, as you saw, luckily). Despite him being <almost> correct in his bet (we were pish and never looked like scoring after their keeper threw one in), he has been defeated by a legal technicality thanks to a shite Russian goalie. This is a huge miscarriage of justice. But TDK - displaying a level of stoicism that Marcus Aurielius would have been proud of - has stuck to his 30 day self-exile. I'm posting this to raise awareness. Please share on your social media feeds. A candlelight vigil will be held in Independence Square, Glasgow from 9pm on Sunday night. Hope to see you there.
  9. Dave78


    Agree with this. How many 16yr olds have Bayern signed, and how many have played for the first team? You're talking a tiny fraction. Sorry, but the odds are still against him making the 1st team. That's why the caveats are put in. It's just realism.
  10. Well there's your first mistake. Dinnae offer them! But i'm struggling to understand the problem. Do you not get on with them? Are they really that insufferable? Why exactly?
  11. Mind all those folk that said they'd move to England if the SNP ever won Holyrood? Even Michelle Mone never followed through, and she had the means to. I doubt legions of nordie Orangemen will uproot their families and turn some Ayrshire ex-mining village into New Londonderry! How many is a real heap?
  12. And anyway, Scots indy will happen long before Irish unification (IMO).
  13. They're 99% empty threats. Sure, some might come over, but it'll be a handful. Certainly not enough to sink independence. Adair came over (to Maybole in Ayrshire...3 miles from where i was living at the time) because he was in fear for his life. That's not going to be the case for his fellow mad nordie bigots.
  14. Have posted this before, but.... We have nothing to worry about. Wales. They're going to Wales.... (click the vid and it should start at 1:45)
  15. What did the software do? 2 years to fix a few date fields? Typical lazy programmers ye's are!
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