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  1. Hah, brilliant. I see the culprit is QuinnBet. Have sent that to my Irish pal who used to work as an odds compiler, along with a load of invective 😄
  2. I think there's a lesson there for us all lads. There's still hope of us playing for Scotland
  3. Hah! You got a link? Did some googling and couldn't see that
  4. If the Scottish parliament had powers over broadcasting, we could do as the Irish did in 2002... https://www.irishtimes.com/news/government-publishes-list-of-protected-events-1.430156 "The Government has drawn up a list of sporting events it believes should be permanently available on free to air television. The proposed list was published after the Minister for Communcations Dermot Ahern and Minister for Sport John O'Donoghue met representatives from the FAI, GAA and IRFU. It includes the Republic of Ireland’s home and away European Championship and World Cup qualifiers and finals matches, All-Ireland football and hurling finals, the Olympics, the Irish rugby team's matches in the Six Nations and Rugby World Cup and in racing the Irish Grand National and the Irish Derby. The move comes in the wake of the FAI’s decision earlier this month to sell the rights for the Republic of Ireland’s home internationals to Sky television, a subscriber-only channel."
  5. I agree with what you say about The National. Though i think thplinth is spot on when he points out who owns The National. They would never allow the only pro-indy newspaper to become a genuine rival to The Herald. Assume you mean the Morning, comrade?
  6. Great observation. Self confidence in your ability really makes a difference, and let's be honest, that's something we've always struggled with as a nation in general.
  7. This is the Indyref2 thread, but it chooses to identify as the Trans Stuff thread. You absolute bigot ye! :-P
  8. Wondered if that was why i've found myself warming to Croker lately, but nah, i think the main reason is swapping Provan for McCoist. ThistleWhistle nails it above.
  9. You've done it now. Scotland wins like last night are the most powerful drug known to man. Your boys are already addicted, and all their future heartache and disappointment rests squarely on your shoulders. 😜
  10. Well worth a watch this... There must be the odd Tamber or two featured?
  11. You must have missed the late 90s / early 2000s?
  12. It's a real axis of evil in that photo. Sturgeon, Cortez, and reduced sugar Irn Bru. Not sure which is worse.
  13. Agree with this. He seems committed to us from what he says in the interviews, so i don't think we need to worry about losing him to another country (if he's even eligible). And IMO it's more important that he consolidates his position in the Bologna 1st team. And can we blame him when scouts are looking at him for a big transfer to AC Milan or Aston Villa?
  14. Used to be my weekend local when i'd go up to Glasgow to visit the future missus who lived on Bath Street. Is The Griffin still going? That was a crackin pub too
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