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  1. Cyprus 2 - Scotland 0 Scotland 1 - Kazakhstan 0
  2. The Wolf of Wall Street was on the telly last night. You're basically this guy, int ye?
  3. My wife did that a few years ago! 😐 Said something like 'hold on, you can talk to my husband, he's more into politics".
  4. I'm trying to say that the 'hard/soft/no border' issue is a much bigger deal for Ireland because it's central to questions of identity, not just economics. It's a bit different for Britain. We already accept there's a border, because we accept we're different countries. It's been there for a thousand years and was formed 'naturally' (in as much as these things can be), as opposed to being arbitrarily drawn during an imperial withdrawl. You say there'd be no chance of a Yes vote passing if it can't be shown there would be no meaningful border between Scotland and England. I'm not so sure. It can be countered with: 'It's England's choice to isolate us with their leaving of the EU. It is they who are putting up borders. Are we just to follow along?' Plus, as i said, Scots need to be comfortable with the possibility of one to be truly ready for independence.
  5. I think here you're guilty of looking at the issue of borders through an Irish prism, and misapplying the logic to an entirely different context. Ask yourself why the unionists are fine with a hard border in Ireland, and yourself and other nationalists aren't? Caledonia Craig is right. If the possibility of a border (hard or otherwise) between Scotland and England isn't something that Scots are willing to stomach with independence, then we were never ready for independence in the first place. Borders - quite literally - come with the territory.
  6. Hah! I watched that game today, and you're right, they were impressive. I thought to myself 'TDK will be impressed...i bet he's watching. I wonder if he'll mention it on the tamb'
  7. That's essentially what we're seeing at the moment. I was hopeful the EU might be more explicit once Brexit actually goes through.
  8. Even when the UK is a 3rd country? Hmm, that's a bit disappointing.
  9. But what about before we vote that way? That'll be kinda important come indyref2.
  10. Ach, i wouldn't say i'd be totally against her being the WM leader. I'm just basing my opinion on the TV interviews and debate performances i've seen her in. I seem to have some memory of her missing open goals, or not adequately defending attacks by pointing out something or other. I think i remember having one of those talk-out-loud-at-the-telly 'why didn't you mention X' moments while watching her. Maybe she'd be great, but i imagine nobody will measure up to Robertson.
  11. I was about to post that it sounds like a bit of a win-win to me, as i'm not that impressed with Blackford. Then i remembered who the deputy Westminster leader is. Can we not get Robertson back somehow?
  12. Cheers. I never bothered with the follow-ups. Only so much of him i can take.
  13. I'm hopeful that a disastrous night for them might finally force them to reconsider their loyal pro-union stance. After seeing the yougov poll, Blair McDougall was on twitter tonight talking about Labour being on the "wrong side" of the independence debate.... SAY WHAT!? I think Scottish Labour's stance could be the difference between winning indyref2, and fucking walking it.
  14. Hopefully he doesn't teirney him.
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