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  1. Been using BBTV from this guy for the last 6 months. Best i've seen in my 3 years of IPTV.... https://thebeastip.tv/billing/index.php
  2. If we apply Tory logic, there'll be no more UK general elections until Nicola Sturgeon is in her grave.....
  3. Naw.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-portable_air-defense_system
  4. He's been brilliant tonight. Link up play has been fantastic, and brilliant in the air
  5. "Totally ruled out"......Does he think planes hit by missiles just explode in the air, completely destroying the target?
  6. Did you know that over here in independent Ireland, we can watch the BBC/ITV on free-to-air, with the entire UK TV output (including BBC Scotland and Only An Excuse!) on Sky/Virgin?
  7. Maybe, but then the tobacco industry wasn't able to stop the rise of vaping/e-cigs.
  8. Someone on here made the point that a large section of the new intake of Tory MP's are hardline brexiteers, so the ERG have actually been strengthened and hold even more sway. I'm not sure if this is accurate or not, but it certainly sounds plausible.
  9. Re the 'Salmond said once in a generation' shite. He also said this....
  10. Ahh, now that's more like it. An AUOB march in Westminster. I'd be up for that myself. But as for the shutting down the tube stuff (proposed by George Kerevan).....no.
  11. Nah, i got ya. I'm just joining in on your sarcasm.
  12. Good call. I was thinking some of those extinction rebellion lads. The surefire way to win independence is by annoying the fuck out of everyone so much that they eventually say 'Aye, awrite then'. What's that Mr Soft No? You need to drive your taxi 12 hours a day to buy Christmas presents for the weans? Fuck you, we're shutting down the clyde tunnel.
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