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  1. Nah, it's just our thplinthy. A long time member who adds colour to the board (and god knows the Tamb needs it these days)
  2. If - as expected - Trump wins in November, what will have gone wrong with the Democrat Election Stealing Machine (TM)? I assume Trump will have won in spite of the machine doing its job, right?
  3. It's a good job Tidy's local SNP branch gave her the cold shoulder when she suggested they should be more open to working with Alba etc. She might have started with free pens, but she'd have been buying fancy motorhomes in no time! Or maybe the free pens were a Brit establishment attempt to bring her into their fold? "I gave Mornay double his pens in Scotland with matching pens in England. Tidy turned for much less."
  4. True. You mention the internal market bill. I think the big opportunity for some proper civil disobedience was the supreme court decision, but Sturgeon and the SNP were completely unprepared. It was Lesley Riddoch that managed to hastily arrange a protest at Holyrood (literally within hours) when the decision was handed down. According to Riddoch, Sturgeon had to be cajoled into making a speech to the crowd. Fucking amateur hour politics from Sturgeon, and another example of her playing her cards all wrong since Brexit. Thinking of civil disobedience, the only recent example of it in Scotland i can think of was 'the battle of Kenmure Street' in defence asylum seekers. Was there any during the campaign for a Scottish parliament in the 80s/90s? I was too young back then so can't remember any.
  5. Where do Alba go from here? I want Alba to be the radical vanguard of the indy movement. I want their leadership and membership willing to be arrested / be imprisoned (like the Catalans). I want them to be identifying areas where civil disobedience can be targeted. I want Salmond back as FM and a big bag of cans. Not much to ask, is it?
  6. Ignoring that he says "independence from Scotland" (i assume he's not a Dumbartonshire nationalist!), i was thinking he's the type of voter that Alba would expect to hoover up. Google tells me they didn't stand a candidate in that constituency though. However, the fact Alba didn't attract more guys like him (11,000 odd Alba votes in total was it?) tells me there probably isn't too many like him around.
  7. Agreed. This is why i no longer have any qualms about describing Scotland as a colony. In the past i had reservations about doing so as it was never clear that we had no exit path. All that unionist 'voluntary union' facade fell away with the supreme court decision. As an aside, everyone in Ireland (including the political class, media, academics etc) are all comfortable using the colony word to describe pre-independence Ireland. Scotland will get there too one day
  8. I'm 100% certain they would not have recognised it as a mandate for indy negotiations. However, i think they probably would have accepted it as a mandate for a proper legally binding indyref (like 2014 was). I think that was Sturgeon's plan, but the defacto idea seemed to be dropped when all the Murrell-flavoured shit hit the fan
  9. I agree. Scotland is a different country with different politics. We shouldn't be surprised if Scotland bucks UK voting trends
  10. Turned it off as soon as i saw that. Thankfully i did, as i caught Andy Murray's goodbye speech to Wimbledon 😢
  11. I saw that tweet yesterday. Campbell is absolutely obsessed with the trans stuff. The Tories and unionist media have weaponised the culture war perfectly against the SNP, and oddballs like Campbell have been recruited as active combatants. Again, the same self-ID laws have existed here in Ireland for years, and nobody gives a fuck. The government that brought it in haven't been divided or paid any political price because the opposition parties haven't weaponised the culture war against them. It's really sad to watch it all unfold from over here
  12. When we scored against the Swiss someone behind me launched a full pint. It came down and either caught my leg, or bounced up and caught my leg drawing blood. I didn't notice until the 2nd half as i was too busy celebrating. It's no big deal, but did make me wonder what would have happened if it landed on my napper and split my heid open.
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