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  1. Just finished watching that. Fascinating guy. Cheers for posting
  2. Dave78

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Agree. That game (the 2nd half anyway) was begging for a Villa player to 'step up' (wanky phrase fred candidate) and win the match. Was hoping McGinn would do that, but naw. Don't get me wrong, i love all about him as a player, but Liverpool/Man City? Steady!
  3. Dave78

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    It's true. Perception is all relative. I only saw the 2nd half tonight, and yes, he did make some good contributions (a goal-saving sliding block for one), but he was unable to grab the game by the balls, and his set pieces were poor. Edit: Maybe i just expect higher standards, i dunno
  4. I remember watching that Channel 4 documentary when it first aired. It underpinned my (perhaps misplaced) skepticism over this whole man-made climate change argument. @biffer i genuinely value your contributions to this fred. It's an interesting debate.
  5. Interesting that The Guardian headlines the Russians as those to blame. If you want to appropriate blame, then go for the Moldovan's (who feel personally slighted by recent UK immigration policy): https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-17/how-tiny-moldova-s-brexit-grudge-could-cost-u-k-1-7-trillion
  6. She reminded me of Spud from trainspotting in that job interview.
  7. Dave78


    I'd try a VPN before changing broadband provider. Free 3 day trial from one of the big players here - https://free.nordvpn.com/
  8. Dave78


    That's it.... Stick all the channel variations in your favourites, and if one starts lagging, switch to the other.
  9. I think he meant dying with a hangover the day after getting back to shore after spending 3 weeks on a dry oil rig.
  10. Agree. A very 'Yes friendly' question, and that's the result?
  11. Willing to let him in? Ye must be joking. They're shit scared he does a '2007 SNP', i.e. implements a load of popular policies (directly borrowed from the SNP btw) and becomes the most popular Labour leader since Blair.
  12. 'Could be'.... By who though? Also, does the fixed term parliaments act not change that calculus? And why would the Tories and DUP vote 'no confidence' when they're shit scared of Labour winning?
  13. Dave78


    The loan terms include a minimum number of appearances maybe?
  14. I have some sympathy for her. After Cameron resigned all the Brexiteers like Johnsone, Gove, Fox saw the utter mess they'd have to steer the UK through and duly backed out of the PM contest. They (and the Tory MP's) left remainer May to be the shit magnet. Edit: Changed 'steer the country*' for 'steer the UK'. *not an actual country