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  1. I watch ONE Jordan Peterson video on YouTube, and suddenly they have me down as an alt-right tiki-torch bearer. Edit: Ok, it was more than one. The guy makes a lot of sense.
  2. Was it though? I was out (twice, at 15 mins after launch, and also 10.15pm when i read i could see the rocket)....and saw NOTHING. Also, the landing of the booster 'conveniently' lost signal during touchdown. FLAT EARTH CONFIRMED. SPACE IS FAKE!
  3. It's worth remembering that the Tories in Scotland never supported devolution. They'd be happy if our parliament was closed down. For them to now claim Sturgeon should have acted out of lockstep with Westminster is fucking laughable.
  4. Yeah. We all know if Sturgeon had said she wanted to lock down at the same time as us fenians over here in Ireland (impossible given Holyrood's lack of fiscal power), that Jackson Carlaw, Murdo Fraser, Alan and his Ibrox chums would have been spitting feathers in a frenzy of apoplectic rage.
  5. The theory i've seen mentioned is his travelling to Westminster despite having an "adequate" home broadband connection. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/moray/2206152/north-east-mp-blames-slow-broadband-for-return-to-house-of-commons/
  6. How many times do you estimate Shapps has texted Cummings (or indeed Boris) with the words 'YOU FUCKING OWE ME' by now? I'm guessing 47
  7. Not even she can save him now i think
  8. 10 quid says you can't guess my christian name or year i was born.
  9. Just reading through her Wiki page... "In December 2016, Kuenssberg said a source had told her that the Queen had made comments supportive of leaving the EU in a private lunch at Windsor Castle. She initially decided not to report the comments because the BBC generally requires a story to have two sources before it can run.[19]" She seems to have decided to drop that editorial policy lately 🙄
  10. I remember reading this on Wikipedia a while back. Quite the British establishment background... "Kuenssberg was born in Italy in 1976 to Nick and Sally Kuenssberg.[3] Her father is a businessman and her mother worked in children's services and received a CBE for this in the 2000 New Year Honours.[4][5] Her paternal grandfather was Ekkehard von Kuenssberg, a co-founder, and president of the Royal College of General Practitioners.[6] Her maternal grandfather was the Scottish high court judge Lord Robertson and his brother Sir James Wilson Robertson was the last British Governor-General of Nigeria. Her older brother David is executive director of finance and resources at Brighton and Hove City Council.[7] Her older sister Joanna Kuenssberg is a former diplomat, having served as high commissioner to Mozambique."
  11. I might be completely misunderstanding how these viruses work, but ironically for that bam, doesn't the virus cause an overwhelming reaction from the body's immune system that ends up killing you? Or the "Go to Wales" Rangers fan....
  12. It's the colonial mentality laid bare. England calls the shots.
  13. Lightweight! In my drunken macabre musings I found this site interesting, as it counts the excess average deaths (scroll down to the map of Europe). https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps Scotland and rUK are a disaster zone, relatively speaking. Edit: forgot to say, on that website, play with the week slider.
  14. *Log on late at night* Ooh, this thread.....It must be Deek, it must be Deek posting! *sadface*
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