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  1. Dave78

    Next Manager?

    Actually, that's not a bad shout. Lets do it
  2. Watched that this morning. Immediately afterwards the smiling BBC politics reporter (forget his name) said it was a fantastic lesson to any young journalist on the importance of persistance. Just the state broadcaster doing their pro-government thing again.
  3. UK has 310 tonnes of gold after Broon's sell-off, according to Wiki. 1 tonne is worth $64m, according to this: http://demonocracy.info/infographics/world/gold/gold.html So the UK has nearly $20bn worth of gold in its vaults. Scotland's share around $2bn. By my (uneducated) reckoning, we're still well short of having enough to launch a currency on Day 1 of indy. I see no alternative other than the growth commission proposal of a period of sterlingisation while reserves are built up.
  4. The UK and Denmark have permanent opt-outs. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/summary/glossary/opting_out.html Edit: Remains to be seen if Scotland could negotiate the same.
  5. They had to boost reserves by $43bn, on top of their normal level. In 2015 the 'normal' level was at $70bn according to this: https://www.ceicdata.com/en/indicator/denmark/foreign-exchange-reserves The UK currently holds $173bn worth of foreign currency. So, Scotland's share is around $17bn. Is that enough to launch and defend a Scottish pound? The Danes hold around 3 times that.
  6. Also, i haven't yet seen an explanation - from those that advocate a Scottish pound on day 1 of indy - explain where we get the reserves of foreign currency required to defend the Scots pound from speculators. Denmark holds around £50bn worth of foreign currency to defend its Krone.
  7. Brilliant, i'm nicking that When you say "put off" what do you mean exactly? Do you mean put off the section 30 request, or do you mean put off a consultative referendum that holds no weight, will be boycotted by the No side, and likely found illegal by the supreme court?
  8. Have a look at Part C of the growth commission report for more detail : https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5afc0bbbf79392ced8b73dbf/t/5b0a988c352f53c0a5132a23/1527421195436/SGC+Full+Report.pdf
  9. It may well be the case that Sturgeon is too progressive, and has strayed from the SNP's centrist course that has served it well over the years. However.... "virtue signalling", "the Rothschilds", "do-gooders".... Seriously lads, just join the Tory/UKIP parties already. You'll feel better for it!
  10. Interesting contribution from Wings Over Scotland on the transgender debate (with polling data)... https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-rights-of-women/
  11. It's obvious to any SNP/pro-indy Scot what's going on (or at least is should be)... I'm glad the SNP haven't exploited this 'Corbyn hates the Jews' pish to score a few political points. Would be disappointed in them if they did.
  12. Oh that would be fucking beautiful. Please let this be true...Please let this be true...Please let this be true... That's a nice shot in the arm Aaid, thankyou! Pah! Aye... the only historic country to vote against their own independence will be manning the barricades in revolt against the denial of a re-run of a vote we had just 5 years ago. This isnae the Age Of Nationalism (19th to early 20th century).... It's no even the 1980s. We'll stay at hame, watch reality TV, eat our cereal, and moan about it on Facebook.
  13. Do you have a point to make, as i'm not following?
  14. Nobody will have to move, but what gets me about these Alans who believe their British identity will be diminished by Scottish indy is their hypocritical lack of respect for any opposing view. 'Scottish independence would destroy my British identity, but 300 years of union with England hasn't diminished anyone's Scottish identity, oh no. Now shut up and eat your cereal'.
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