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    David Bates

    What I find most encouraging (and without downplaying Scottish football too much) is that a big team like Hamburg is even looking at Scottish teams in the first place for players. Good luck to him. I'm sure this will do wonders for development. I'm sure loads of Hamburg players will have a relegation clause in their contract and will be offskie if they go down so hopefully this means he'll get game time.
  2. McDange

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    Just back from the game. By no means a classic with a highly experimental squad with lots of changes and what were effectively auditions for some players. Thoughts • McDonald way off the pace and very uninspiring • Back 5 worked well with the full backs pressing. Even pleased to see both caught offside! • Far too defensive. So many players first instinct was to play back every time, even after going a goal down. • Stuart Armstrong & Callum McGregor significantly changed the pace when they came on and pressed forward a lot • Would have liked to have seen one of the other goalkeepers get a half Far from a full strength team but that’s what friendlies are for. Another game to prepare for on Tuesday to test more options though
  3. McDange

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Think it's safe to say we'll see subs galore on both games - i.e. the whole point of friendlies.
  4. McDange

    First Scotland games

    10 year gap between my games: First Home: Scotland 1-0 Australia in 1996 First Away: Lithuania 1-2 Scotland in 2006.
  5. McDange

    Charlie Mulgrew new captain

    Makes sense. Captain of his club and loads of Scotland caps.
  6. McDange


    You need to link them to your profile on the SSC website. Once you log in there should be a Friends button. You'll need their full name, membership number and post code. When you order tickets, you can use multiple numbers so everyone sits together and gets the right points allocated to their account.
  7. McDange

    Kris Boyd

    Looking at the squad, current firepower is a concern - ok, these next matches are friendlies but still... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland_national_football_team#Current_squad 11 caps and 0 goals from the 4 forward players called up. And only 9 goals from the whole squad. Someone like Boyd in the squad would be good for the forwards to mingle with etc.
  8. McDange

    Players we will never give up on

    He's only 28 as well...
  9. McDange

    Squad and new players

    Lots of new faces which I suppose is the whole point of friendly matches. Lack of firepower up front still a concern from a squad perspective, realistically Griffiths that's missing and Snodgrass as more of a forward than striker. And need to remember the time of year for these 2 games with loads of clubs fighting for final places - how many were approached and were unable to commit?
  10. McDange

    Best Scottish International player you've seen live?

    James McFadden during the Euro 2008 campaign.
  11. McDange

    Gigs 2K18

    The Rolling Stones playing Murrayfield 9th June.
  12. McDange

    Replacement for Brown?

    There's really 2 questions on this thread isn't there? Position - holding midfield enforcer. Captain
  13. McDange

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Definitely now my favoured option. Murrayfield is a great stadium but the SFA would have to lease it meaning we would have football money being pumped into rugby. That said, need a commitment that the SFA will reinvest in Hampden and other facilities and not going into blazer pockets
  14. McDange

    Mcleishs management team

    Al Pacino for Motivational Coach
  15. Landed himself an Assistant Commissioner gig at The Met. Some retirement plan.
  16. McDange

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Perhaps settled for a safe option but he’s the man in the gig so let’s support him as we do the players. Will be interesting to see who he brings in to complete his team
  17. McDange

    SSC Renewals

    Renewed. Never in doubt for the chance to experience moments like this:
  18. Better keep that image off the Flat Earth thread...
  19. Oooft. Thought this was a "Deid" thread. Almost started lowering the flag to half mast.
  20. McDange

    Regan Gone

    Leann Dempster apparently favourite for the gig? Any Hibees have any intel? Suppose it's a different kind of role but still a Chief Exec
  21. McDange

    Regan Gone

    Good news. Hopefully this means a complete overhaul of how the SFA is managed and get a football person installed.
  22. McDange

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Sky Sports reporting Scot Gemmill now the front runner... If true, a serious lack of ambition and will surely be the end of Reagan
  23. McDange

    European Nations League

    Had a scan and started planning for Albania. BA doubled their price in less than 2 hours.