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  1. Beyond others, when we try still to convince our children there are not beasts intent on hate and pain infliction. Then we have people ( that’s what we’re told they are) like the Smirky in government. It is known to be in service to a cuntry in another continent. it has long declared its allegiance to enemies of humans. Was very vocal today at PM questions. ( if hissing and spitting venom whilst giving death stares counts) well , given a system that affords less than 30% of the electorate a massive majority, if you hang a fuck me sign on yer self then you can’t complain if they don’t care about hygiene, jonnyies or owt else. The devil might be negligent.
  2. Black & White is just so wasp in a world where that discounts most people. Typical. in a cuntry with a front bench government that includes a bunch of characters from mind your language like Richy for the rich and Smirky Pattle of horror movies , it just goes to show that cuntish ness knows no colour or religion or race . fascism is so alive and kicking the cunts don’t care. They dare not be honest. Coming from a cult that has had do deny itself since the wee Austrian it’s understandable. Especially since the most fascist state since then is Israel. The biggest victim of fascism if you ignore reality in favour of what you are told.
  3. Quite, well done Phart . Learning anything is an achievement. Forgetting more than I learn is something to get used to but such is it. following football, more so the Scotland national football team is my oldest wtf activity. A country that isn’t, a game that doesn’t matter. Still, I make no pretence at being rational though I will give a defence of it. Football is the best alternative to much worse alternatives to mass disagreement. Team against team instead of war. Why the fuk was it Scotland v England otherwise. Did take the England ‘till 1983 to overtake Us in head to head for the first time in a century. But let’s not stop them editing history, cos it’s what them and us do . my positive is that this Scotland squad is the most enjoyable I have known . Play football in a way I enjoy. I don’t care that those who manage the old firm and sfa do NOT support Scotland. Fuck them and their deceit.
  4. Plenty good enough to be champions of Scotland. whilst Scotland inhabitants wish to be in an abusive relationship at the top of every aspect then denigration is the result. Skippy has upgraded to the back end of Engerland’s second city and biggest neglected region. Still an upgrade from The Rangers and the last colony.
  5. Might sound daft , given Tom Stoltman won World’s Strongest Many months ago without fanfare m, much, but when it’s showing on Cooncil tv over the Christmas, then it will register with many more . He’ll be toasted more then .
  6. For me . Impossible to compare. Bremner was my first roll model. Wee and belligerent. He’s the reason I supported Leeds. His career beggars belief. Top flight from sixteen. I just wish the guy good health . He already tries to play in a way that inspires those around him and supporting is a pleasure.
  7. Nice to see Rangers supporting Tom on football focus today with the spoiler for his achievement.
  8. Disagree with the op Stuart Hogg became the top try scorer for Scotland today .
  9. Good again today. Great to see one of our creative people doing just that. had wondered if the lack of Scotland matches before the playoffs was a negative, but now just want the team core and wider squad to have good club football the next quarter year.
  10. Just a lazy observation since he’s been in Chelsea, Scotland and Norwich first team matches he seems to have a rare number of Man of the Matches. made me laugh at lunchtime hearing a bbc 5live chap saying Moldova away doesn’t compare to English premier. Must have missed the boy away to mighty England a few months ago. great to have a wee billy at the heart of it.
  11. It’s the coverage Scotland get on itv and beeb , or lack of that gets me and always has. I am not prepared to suck satanic cock and pay SKY , never have been. Though I do sometimes venture to a drinking hole for the privilege. living abroad in England the weekend was typical. The England against the worst national team in the world obviously comes first . So we had live coverage on free to view of that . Then just in case they had live commentary on TALKshiteSPORT, and just to keep us in our place on BBC5live they ALSO had live commentary of the England. fortunately at half time on BBC5live the did indeed switch to a packed Hampden , so that’s us had our license fee justified. the SFA are not even Scotland supporters. I don’t believe there is that level of incompetence to do such a poor job . Just an ingrained nature to do down Scotland.
  12. According to ranking we are already above our tournament expectations. Above Turkey , N Macedonia and Russia. In each game we had a handful of chances, which I take great comfort from. Tonight we saw some very good play from Croatia and I thought Modric lasted better than I had hoped. What a player. we’re out . Enjoyed it. More to come . The future looks bright. And didn’t the crowd in tonight give it a go 🥃
  13. As it stands a win tomorrow sees Scotland through. Easy then . 🥃
  14. Quite enjoying the Partridge nature of some of the beeb and itv stuff. favourite read today was some anglosplaining that after the Scotland team had given so much effort to gain a point from England it’s a worry that they will manage another match. I hadn’t considered that.
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