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  1. Near seven years ago you were in a minority of Scottish in Scotland against independence(under 50). Don’t know if you were old enough to vote . Now you are in a minority of all voters in Scotland if you are against independence.
  2. That Donna Kinnair gave a good representation for Nurses.
  3. Is there not some poem about a doctor and a big puddle in Banbury
  4. Edit 29% of the electorate voted Tory last offer to give them this ‘majority’
  5. As So Crates understood it. if all can vote and the system allows , then all you need are the majority of the below average intelligence folk to fall for your BS and....... you win . They forced him to off himself for daring to state the obvious and millennia later we endure the same outcomes. gon yersel Davy . Unless you’re no an imbecile, and a Tory hunt just taking advantage of the fact that half of folk are below average intelligent. In which case I would enjoy kicking you in the head. 😎
  6. I would post the pick but ...dkh . 🐙did take a couple as when I txt a mate to let him know , he said to as neither of us has seen that .
  7. Greetings to all . Decided last night to hang up a couple of Saltires and some saltire bunting I hadn’t used since a delayed flight in Germany a few years back. took a dug mate out just over an hour ago to the Castle mound across the road at Shire Hall and for the first time in my memory they were flying the Saltire ! This is Cambridge, England. slanj
  8. We’re all subjects not citizens. in a feudal system of serfdom. It is true that this was Britannia whilst the angles and Saxons had yet been rejected by Germans, a bit like us sending crims to Aus. And the ruling Normans were mostly still Norsemen without the acquired French accent. embdy see Sturgeon being harassed by marr this morning. What a hunt he is , stating before being macabre that it would be macabre to do so . Only a hater could watch this without wondering what his problem is . Not a dig at his obvious increasing neurological struggles btw
  9. Can’t imagine there being a lack of interest for this . London looks pleasant from the river.
  10. Think bjornsson has other things on the go as a successful commercial brand himself and kieliskowwski injured. I only catch up on some of the stuff posted on you tube by the brothers and loz sharlia . there’s a proud history of strength competition in Scotland that I enjoy. I remember attending a World Bagpipe Championship on Glasgow Green early noughties and a Heavy events display was most enjoyable.
  11. World’s Strongest Man . Enjoyed this since Bill Kazmiar (sp) and Geoff Capes . the Stoltman brothers Luke and Tom are awesome. Their efforts already as strong man siblings are unrivalled and it would be good if their country could support them in promoting hard work and positive efforts from Scotland. ah yeah . Younger brother Tom just came second to a very interesting chap in this year’s competition finals.
  12. Fanzones coming to most homes where fans are . this will be Great.
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