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  1. Think you get it that Scottish Nasty People match any the WASP can match . Even have the leaders in the biggest fekkers from the UK and USA
  2. Echo. Only online member atm . There’s 30 dirty lurkers mind you 🧐
  3. Neither just put the Out do you often consider Ying and Yang ? That’s at you kumnio
  4. The fossil fuel industry was determined after the WW1 as The means to hinder a people’s economy. it’s never been a conspiracy as the story has been written in books for centuries. according to the scientific time line from the report that led to the creation of Extinction Rebellion in 2018 , we are into year 4 of 12 of the Anthropocene extinction.
  5. Embody remember the Tory Over Wide stand a few years back ? now I think the Tory Smirk is the thing , just it’s been a slow burner. rees smog has been doing it since prep school and now he’s the nanny . look out for it increasingly amongst the wannabe Tory MPs . Smirky Pattle is their Mossad sponsored instructor.
  6. What is you on the black scale. What is black ? not being flippant. was Barak Obama a black man or mixed . the white racist definition that I learned was that a drop of black in your breading meant you were Black . Other experiences have taught me that for some people the same applies to the elements of ‘white’ you have in your heritage. I was born in Scotland to parents born and raised to parents born and raised in Scotland. That takes be back to the late 1800’s with four grandparents. The next generation back gives me 8 eight Great Grand parents from where I do not know.
  7. I love this site. it functions at the level I do . Barely, don’t care if there is another day but surprisingly there seem to be not just interesting even noteworthy developments.
  8. Guess who with a cracker for Villa 👍🏻
  9. McGinn, Gilmour and Robertson having good games. Great to see. Hopefully these players continue is the same thread.
  10. Cheers guys, don’t know why my pissed & stoned rambling did remind yous of two Wildreds I have known of since childhood long since. Very different lives but fascinating to me. Feel more Wilfred Bramble myself.
  11. Beyond others, when we try still to convince our children there are not beasts intent on hate and pain infliction. Then we have people ( that’s what we’re told they are) like the Smirky in government. It is known to be in service to a cuntry in another continent. it has long declared its allegiance to enemies of humans. Was very vocal today at PM questions. ( if hissing and spitting venom whilst giving death stares counts) well , given a system that affords less than 30% of the electorate a massive majority, if you hang a fuck me sign on yer self then you can’t complain if they don’t care about hygiene, jonnyies or owt else. The devil might be negligent.
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