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  1. Someone mentioned those who aren’t following restrictions. Seems to me that some places have long given up on any attempt to restrict social closeness. Here in Anglia most folk are out and about as normal . Thousands in Jesus Green yesterday enjoying the live music being played , zero plod . Punting packing the river . This is , as it all is , a case of who you are perceived to be by the state . Do as you’re telt ya fek in plebs.
  2. Proudscot , what ! “shite and we know we are “ is your favourite singalong? englandshire takes the piss just because they can .
  3. Hope this starts a trend that normalises the idea that she’s the last of it.
  4. It’s just the predictable UKers way . I do wonder if they’ll be proposing to keep embra castle out of Indy Scotland too. The borders perhaps, other bits too.
  5. Not sure your point is. All the combatants in the Tory civil war were/are unconditional Friends of Israel * . I would suggest we are now closer aligned with the far right in Israel and the US than ever. Smirky Patel is Israel’s. * Friends of Israel meaning not an unconditional support for the existence of Israel as I have , rather the corruption as with the anti-semitism accusations that are used for any critics of Jewish Supremacy and far right fascistic practices. ‘by way of deceit ‘ as a policy that is becoming increasingly popular .
  6. Israel and guys like Murdoch choose who the candidates for US President and UK PM can be and have done for decades . Yet some will lie about it regardless and throw the tired and trusted abuse at anyone refusing their bull. Fucking tiresome but so predictable.
  7. A perfidious cunto is being er, perfidious. Marinade in your treacle of hate , it’s all you have left.
  8. Thank yous kindly . Itinerary is developing for the day .
  9. Gilmour aside , as I think he’s well ahead of others, who do people think are Scotland’s best U21’s . Haven’t watched them live for a while but it doesn’t seem to be a false dawn to think a half decent National team is soon here.
  10. Sorry, there is a young statistician from Berkshire who provides some genuine insightful stuff. The rest can be snuffed.
  11. Aye yeah . The Union folk don’t care about Ek Fish . Nah, why would they even bother about the man who has been the main orchestrater of the campaign for Scotland Independence. Nup, he has had his time . The intense effort by the UK offices , the Scottish Officials, the Polis , the media , all a distraction . Fuck royal Berkshire and all that flails in her . Perfidious Kuntishness infected to the nth .
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