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  1. Oh aye . The Tories reducing your restaurant bill by 50% ! Hell yes, don’t you see that is just as much a gift to those that work in supplying the restaurant, the chefs , serving staff etc , etc . tory largesse unbound 🤪
  2. The Trickle Down effect !! Wow, that’ll work as ever won’t it . Such generosity from property buyers can always be relied on . Has to be better than not giving students a mortgage to go with the their degree .
  3. I don’t get the level of cringe about the folk legitimately showing their opinions on the border . To try and reduce the ire of Unionists? That would be impossible. Not provide ammunition? The control of and use of all the UKers media is all the ammunition they need to twist what ever they want . Have people not been keeping up with the disgusting but increasingly predictable dishonesty that must accompany any Tory of any colour uttering. supporting any hint at independent thinking for the benefit of Scotland let alone actual independence is an assault on UKers as far as they are concerned. Why would one appease folk who are loathe at your very existence? That’s fucking cringe.
  4. I have never found it an assist in typing out text . In most recent months I have actually grown to accept it is there to troll me , take the pish , frustrate , annoy and generally do owt but help . Fuk face is the worst, there it feels like some individuals are devoted to replacing my efforts with words that don’t exist in the English language . that’s without mentioning the jumpy about texts that seem ever increasing . Is the rise of the machines subtle this way ?
  5. When the UK government announce a couple more lockdown locations in England and Wales then it’s on for the Scotland border which would be shite for folk off to Newcastle and Carlisle ( would you go to Carlisle for a drink ?) the weekend.when pubs are opening .
  6. Bollo. have to disagree as a folk who leaves the dug safely secured out shops , did today as part of a walk . And good luck to anybody nicking him not just because he’s 50 odd kilos. regards stolen dogs I don’t underestimate what a common and lucrative thing it is but thankfully more dog folk are acquiring their dogs from homes and mongrel is most popular. So those who buy “expensive “ breeds are likely all part of the same problem .
  7. End of the United States and Kingdom and a wonderful plan for global bettering?
  8. I will dare ask if anyone would still object to his having declared his preference for England over Scotland? It wouldn’t bother me as he knows it could only help his professional career to perform well if it ever happened. glad to hear Gordon going back to his old club. Pleased for both parties and reckon he’s been a good ‘servant’ for the national team . Though away to look at his career stats.
  9. Will never catch on . but must say the BBC even smells different the last 24 hrs in reporting news.
  10. Some bitter sarky nasty sniping fekkers on hear as you know bud and that’s just us good ones great to have neighbours you can connect with . Your description gives a wonderful set for future deep philosophical discourse through the activity of football both verbal and sometimes via a loud musical medium. Have a great summer BR .
  11. Waaay, so our elliptical planetary speed varies massively on our annual ca 280,000,000 mile trip around the sun !
  12. Happy summer solstice, mid summer’s day , first day of summer , world humanist day everybody.
  13. I think the first statement was neutral from the correct Police stance and is able to point directly at the politicians, maybe the media too indirectly. They’re so right though. It was civil disobedience from both sides regards public assembly
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