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  1. Agree with that. the clubs include 8 of the ten richest in the world . Only missing PSG and of course Bayern Munich. People should focus on the owners of the 6 clubs from England that are in that top ten. Some of them owners have been using their cash cows to pocket tens of millions for years and some are rich enough to spunk millions for the prestige/brand and in the knowledge there will be a financial payback eventually. I am enjoying the handwringing on motd 2 from those who have had no problem with the global branding that brought such wealth to the ‘Premier League’ in England . W
  2. 🥸 I don’t mind flower power , leaf lickers and tree huggers. hippies on the other hand want chucking on a pyre. They are just Tories waiting on inheritance. Cunts.
  3. Still hope for the boy yet to be in the squad .
  4. The yoons are going to yoon with their usual reliance on deflection, dishonesty and plain old hate for other. No change there and no surprise. Quite looking forward to developments over the next month toward the May elections. Though down here in Anglia I just have City Council , County Council , County Mayor* and County Polis Chief to elect. * like most things here the incumbent is a Tory who pledged an initial annual budget of < £1m . Last year alone it was near £6m and five Tory buddies had earned six figure salaries in new positions. Got to admit they trough bloody well . M
  5. Has Ramy been banned again ? Any of you Tim , Sheep , Hun or Tartan Trannies know ?
  6. 👆 regardless of how miserable a git I am I have the fortune to walk an absolute star of a dug out whenever. He’s a large lap dog at 150 lb + yet has spread so much love to folk and dugs who had previously not encountered a real live Scooby.
  7. Happy Birthday you stranger . Never been to Belfast myself. Would love to visit, and Canada. flat land hereabouts. Are you scared of the future RH ? Do you think you UK Unionists will start being violent in Scotland too after the Duke is interred ?
  8. Miller is the guy that clattered into Hansen and gifted the goal to the CCCP to get Scotland knocked out of the Spain ‘82 World Cup, right ?
  9. It’s all sounds a bit SNP at the moment. quite like the chaos mystery . I’m not under attack from the phantom pie chucker and they donut seem to hurt.
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