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  1. Only because their Commander in Chief across the Atlantic is doing that too. Wonder when they'll start talking about TV ratings.
  2. There's what I've learned today. I thought the Chancellor was next senior of the 4 "Great Offices of State."
  3. Class. Just wait until this is rescheduled - the mother of all pre-match warm ups! Until then comrades
  4. On what should be Independence Day, keep the faith. It's coming. Let's deal with this current mess first.
  5. Nicola Sturgeon just announcing the recommendation of cancellation of mass events over 500 people. Likley if this game does go ahead it'll be behind closed doors now?
  6. Evanescence & Within Tempation next month Guns N' Roses in June Ozzy Osbourne in October (hopefully)
  7. Just as polls showing support for Scottish independence is growing and Sinn Fein do well at Irish elections. Diversionary pish.
  8. When the house lights go down at a gig and the intro starts
  9. This is the one we went to. Doesn't have the infrastructure of the Blue Lagoon but feels much more authentic https://guidetoiceland.is/best-of-iceland/the-5-best-hot-springs-in-iceland#Secret Lagoon
  10. Went to see 1917 at the weekend. Very decent and think will do well at the Oscars, particularly around the cinematography / editing. Definitley worth checking out.
  11. I've been twice, once for a boys' trip and once for a gig. Depending on how touristy you like things, I would avoid The Blue Lagoon and visit another spa instead for a more authentic experience. There's plenty in Reykjavik to see but as already mentioned, it's really expensive for food and drink. The supermarkets are a strange mix of American / British but as everything is imported, it's quite pricey when compared to home. Nightlife generally starts pretty late so bars etc aren't busy until midnight but there's plenty of good bars in the city.
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