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  1. Labour & Tories both losing their deposit in Shetland - has that ever happened before?
  2. Ruth Davidson stepping down, an unelected PM and unelected Head of State shutting down Parliament just before Scotland is dragged from the EU against our will... Team Yoon have pulled the goalie - ATTACK FFS!
  3. For those who like things a bit louder. New Slipknot album is tremendous and on track top the album charts this weekend - https://www.nme.com/news/music/it-looks-like-slipknot-are-on-their-way-to-having-their-first-uk-number-one-album-in-18-years-2537478 And a lovely name for their new single...
  4. Germany. The burd is German. But she supports Iceland... 🤔
  5. McKenna handing in a transfer request according to the state broadcaster. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49238176
  6. Doesn't look like it - https://www.skysports.com/football/hearts-vs-celtic/402279
  7. Apparently this was the highest attended football match in Scotland in 30 years. A pre-season friendly between an English team and an Italian team, in a rugby stadium.
  8. Bundesliga 2 kicking off today and again no sign of Bates in the Hamburg team. Injured? If not surely a transfer needed
  9. For me, football shouldn't be at the Olympics at all. Events at the Olympics should be the pinnacle of the sport. Although given the recent increased profile of women's football at the moment from the world cup, I'm sure there will be plenty of political pressure with some token appointments from Scotland to make up Team GB.
  10. He hasn't been playing regularly for a while and Hamburg have been rotten. Confirmed that they are staying in 2 Bundesliga for another season so hopefully he gets out during the transfer window.
  11. They’re back https://stv.tv/news/politics/1437632-scotland-s-bottle-return-scheme-deposit-to-be-set-at-20p/
  12. Nice and straight forward to get some tickets just now. We've got a decent allocation and I don't imagine it'll be a sell out for Belgium so even more may become available.
  13. Have you looked into Now TV? You can get a Day Pass for Sky Sports if you only want to watch the odd game now and then. Although, like others have already said, BT's coverage of Scottish football is far superior to Sky's.
  14. What's Jurgen Klinsmann up to these days?
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