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  1. I find it incredible that we have a Government on the verge of collapse, a non-existent opposition and silence from the Holyrood branch offices and people in Scotland still don't think we should be an independent country. Indy should be polling 60%+
  2. McDange

    Four Game Ticket Package

    I'm sure this will affect the pricing too!
  3. He never should have been given that position in the first place. Total buffoon of a man
  4. To be fair, that would actually explain a lot about how Westminster has been handling Brexit negotiations
  5. McDange

    Croatia support thread

    If they trash an IKEA and an ambulance when they win, what will they do once they get beat..? Realistically the final is tomorrow. France or Belgium will comfortably see off either Croatia or England.
  6. McDange

    Russia 2018

    France v Croatia in the final.
  7. TBC according to Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2026_FIFA_World_Cup#Qualification
  8. Will be interesting to see how they determine automatic qualifying for 2026. They might just let all 3 hosts in considering it's an expanded tournament.
  9. Can't see that being an issue as the UK / Britain has never existed as far as FIFA is concerned. Makes more sense than a stand-alone England bid after finishing last for 2018. I'm sure having the options of including some of Hampden, Celtic Park, Ibrox, Murrayfield, Millennium as options would boost chances. I think joint bids will become the norm going forward as these major sporting events are so incredibly expensive to host.
  10. Seconded. We usually go for a weekend most years. It's like a cleaner version of Scotland with loads of bikes.
  11. Did we really expect anything better from Tory vermin? Lowest of the low.
  12. With the World Cup approaching I'm sure we'll be treated to many contributions to this thread from the various punditry teams.
  13. Do - Event Manager Prefer - Rock Star
  14. McDange

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    It's also a chance for the coaching staff to see new players in training too. Not all about the game at this stage.
  15. McDange

    David Bates

    I watched this game and the police were clearly anticipating this. Within seconds they were in position, was really impressive