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  1. The SNP will probably fragment into different parties once the ultimate goal has been achieved. Have seen some comments suggesting that some career SNP MPs / MSPs might want to drag indyref2 vote to maximise their time in a job.
  2. The SNP got 950,000+ Regional votes in 2016 that returned 4 seats. If these votes went Green they'd be the second biggest party and Holyrood would have an absolutely stonking pro-independence majority. With exception of the South region, SNP on the Regional vote is a waste if they are expected to do so well on the Constituency seats. SNP Regional votes return Murdos.
  3. The Dross effect working well I see. Although will be interesting to see how Labour's Northern Branch vote holds up in the next round of polling now they've got rid of their manager. 82 / 129 pro-independence an encouraging majority.
  4. Unless Labour's Northern Branch become a Scottish party and embrace independence, they will continue to remain an irrelevance. 1 MP, 3rd at Holyrood and Local Government and plummeting membership since 2014. Alternatively they should just formally merge with the Tories Northern Branch. 2 cheeks of the same erse.
  5. Where to even begin with that one. The far-right are a strange breed.
  6. Good news. Anything that splits and thins out the far-right vote is to be welcomed. Although still find it strange that some people choose to vote for political parties that are managed, funded and loyal to another country. Can't think of anywhere else in the world that happens.
  7. A far-right publication known for its accuracy on economic affairs. Yeah, I'm sure this is legit.
  8. Glad I logged back onto the board and saw this. No comms from easyJet or Lastminute which I would have expected. Was originally booked on this flight to go out the morning of the game - albeit as something to pretend to look forward than hope I guess.
  9. That's not a bad draw at first glance for us. Was always going to be Israel again though!
  10. 1990 World Cup Final I think is my earliest football memory, West Germany v Argentina. Picked back up again around Euro 96 and World Cup 98 before starting to become a regular from 2002 for Euro 2004.
  11. There was a guy called Joseph that was kicking around Germany the first half of the 20th Century that used to come out with stuff like that.
  12. See it's Starmer's shift to be dispatched from London to tell Scotland that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid. What do we think the impact of this will be? 56% Yes? 58%?
  13. Exactly. This is 2020 and they are the electorate of the United States of America. Trump for the win.
  14. We do indeed, I stand corrected on the order.
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