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  1. The 55+ demographic is key. This is the most that are reluctant to any kind of change and easily duped by the establishment media. I do take comfort in knowing that there's only a 6% swing needed next time to win. I know lots who voted No that would now be Yes which is welcome for next time. My biggest fear is that if we mess this up again then it's game over.
  2. McDange

    Scotland u21 squad

    Great stuff. 5 goals in 2 games for Hornby is encouraging
  3. McDange

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    Didn't hear any boos when Jack came on or when his name was called in the squad. Likewise with Allan McGregor. Strangely, only comments I'd seen were on Twitter from Rangers' fans who were unlikely in attendance playing the victim card again. Club allegiances mean absolutely nothing on international duty. Pulling on the dark blue is much bigger than that.
  4. McDange

    Nation League Group C

    Northern Ireland playing Israel in a friendly tonight on Sky.
  5. McDange

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Aye. Happy with that decision but as always we'll see what developments are actually made. The new turnstiles and floodlights are being made because they have to for the Euro 2020 matches. Not knowing much about construction, I'm not sure what's involved in bringing in the East & West stands or how long that would take but that seems to be a lot of folk's issue - I sit in the North Stand so don't have this problem.
  6. McDange

    Why oh why sfa

    Has to be though 💪🏻
  7. McDange

    Why oh why sfa

    Should have played Vanuatu. Might have even got a draw. 3 points tonight though. Anything less is Game Over.
  8. McDange

    EURO 2020 Qualifying

    With Albania coming in on the back of a win, anything other than 3 points tomorrow is a disaster. Hopefully a better support and atmosphere than Friday given the importance
  9. McDange

    Pre match

    We've done the same spot at the Counting House for the last 15 years. Gets the job done
  10. How many people still buy a printed daily or weekly newspaper?
  11. McDange

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Usual SFA result. They'll be trying to milk Queen's Park to drop their asking price for the already low cost of the stadium. The opportunity for any development was there after the Commonwealth Games - if it involves spending money, the SFA won't be interested.
  12. I like that our police officers don't routinely carry firearms, and there are specialist officers with this capability that can be called upon when required.
  13. McDange


    If anyone is still having issues, I managed to book last night by ordering them in reverse order - start with Israel game, allocate members then do it that way.
  14. McDange


    You are meant to get a £10 discount if you book all 4 games but now showing something for a free Belgium ticket that then returns an error. Staggering incompetence once again from the SFA on this.
  15. McDange


    Anyone else having problems booking tickets? The Israel tickets seem to be causing problems for me.