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  1. He hasn't been playing regularly for a while and Hamburg have been rotten. Confirmed that they are staying in 2 Bundesliga for another season so hopefully he gets out during the transfer window.
  2. They’re back https://stv.tv/news/politics/1437632-scotland-s-bottle-return-scheme-deposit-to-be-set-at-20p/
  3. Nice and straight forward to get some tickets just now. We've got a decent allocation and I don't imagine it'll be a sell out for Belgium so even more may become available.
  4. Have you looked into Now TV? You can get a Day Pass for Sky Sports if you only want to watch the odd game now and then. Although, like others have already said, BT's coverage of Scottish football is far superior to Sky's.
  5. What's Jurgen Klinsmann up to these days?
  6. Kazakhstan 0 - 2 Scotland San Marino 0 - 4 Scotland
  7. 2100 kick off local time. Seems quite late. Hopefully the players get out there sharp to adjust to the +6 hours difference
  8. Bundesliga 2 is still a decent standard, especially with a team like Hamburg who'll be back in the top tier next season. 2nd lowest goals conceded as a team in the league at the moment too. https://www.google.com/search?q=bundesliga+2+table&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB802GB802&oq=bundesliga+2+table&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.3494j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#sie=lg;/g/11f40zrg6p;2;/m/09fj8w;st;fp;1;;
  9. 100% agree with this. We should be looking at these fixtures to top up the goal difference and get confidence high, not experimenting
  10. I tuned in for Still Game prematurely at watched some "news" programme that was awful, and I'm generally not one for the cringe. Basically had news topics that were discussed by actors pretending to be punters. Although they forgot to get Billy on this time. Those running it have failed to see the obvious issue that it doesn't really matter what programming they produce, the BBC has become a toxic brand in Scotland.
  11. Agree it would be great to co-host the tournament but would be interesting to see how the bid is structured and the branding so the member associations are all clearly represented and not an England plus bolt-ons to make up the numbers. Interestingly the 2026 bid went under a United brand which has Canada and Mexico giving 3 each and the US 17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_2026_FIFA_World_Cup_bid
  12. Exactly. Surely a flaw in the system. Generally, I'd imagine people vote parties instead of individual candidates. An excuse for politicians to milk the gravy train for as long as they can. The most incompetent government in recent history and the opposition are nowhere to be seen. Labour should be miles ahead in the polls.
  13. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro at work and it's superb and would probably look this way if I was replacing a personal laptop now. I think the newer ones would make a bit of a dent in the wallet but all depends on what you need it for and willing to spend I guess.
  14. The Yoonstream will be pumping out the "look how bad Brexit has been, Independence will be worse" as Project Fear II. This is how they'll try and win over those most resistant to any form of change. Although I must say that I love the idea of Holyrood running circles around Westminster after seeing how incompetent they really are...
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