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  1. When I was tought to drive i was told there is only one driving lane The other lane or lanes are called overtaking lanes and that's all they should be used for. There is no ', middle'or 'fast 'lane'. There is a driving lane and overtaking lanes. Don't get me started on people who presume entering a motorway from a slip road gives them right of way, or people who are on motorway jam on brakes and slow down to allow slip road traffic the right of way.....
  2. Uberyoons think Scotland would struggle with anything. It can only be done if it's done by London. Using the Euro wouldnt bother me at all.
  3. Well he threw on a Neanderthal.... He did get sent off tho ....
  4. Was that the guy who played for Arsenal in champions League?
  5. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/news/crystal-palace-starlet-scott-banks-linked-with-dunfermline-athletic-move/
  6. We have a game v the Faroes coming up in march. Including these guys and playing them in that game ( if it's going well)would be a sensible thing to do . It would get them integrated and Steve would see what they were like....
  7. Scotland boss Steve Clarke sends scout to run rule over Elliot Anderson Newcastle United youngster Elliot Anderson is interesting former Toon coach Clarke. From Newcastle chronicle. Anyone know anything him?
  8. This is all about the Yoon vote. They are aiming to be second whoever takes over No way London would allow independent thought or leadership.
  9. Naw I meant Ruth the mooth, that cannae speak a word of truth. Forgot about 'comrade ' Clark.
  10. Tierney to Napoli rumours in today's Telegraph and Guardian. After arsenal I think only Barca or Real is suitable for Mr T.
  11. I still think a Velvet Divorce could be an option.. That way the yoons wouldn't lose face. There would be no winners or losers, which could help Scotlland afterwards. Everybody accepts indy is coming , this could be a better way.
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