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  1. Popping this back up.. As it's in the news this week.
  2. This campaign was really all about progress and becoming a pot 2 team and qualifying for the 2024 euros. Qualification for Qatar is still a long way off and will be very difficult. Remember it's only 13 teams from Europe that qualify. This time last year we were 24th in Europe (last to qualify for 24team euros) We are up to 21st? In Europe after euros. A win in Moldova and a good draw in the playoff semi..... Then we will see.
  3. Would tonight be a good time to play a new keeper? I'm hoping Paterson could be brilliant tonight, poor first half on sat, but this is the sort of game he could Excell in. Cristie and dykes for me up front. We'll see what SSC picks. I'm confident in his judgement.
  4. Gonna post something in it ,so it comes back up. I could do with a read anaw..👍👍
  5. @Tyder63 's reasoning suits my/our agenda better... Although now really excited to see next series of taskmaster.👍😎
  6. Well. I'm in shock .... @TDYER63 mrs Mitchell has dyed her hair red. now I love a red head, ( still not sure about VCM tho) however has her colour change been brought on by marriage disharmony? 🤔 what causes a beautiful woman to change her appearance so drastically? has it been the bookmarks that have done it? Do we need to make our move. thoughts 🤔🤔
  7. Ooops, please ignore the above post. I made an arse of it.⏫ I should know better than correct Mr Poke.😉
  8. Take away out Moldova points and goal, And we drop down to a more realistic place. 5 points + 2 goals. Just above Ukraine.. still there... Still much to play for.⚽👍
  10. @TDYER63 We could plan our strategy around this....
  11. How much did Celtic pay for brooonie? What about Gough to spurs and then to rangers?
  12. Radio Clyde saying Jack Hendry is £8.5 million
  13. Very good...👍😎 While I missed the TaMb being down, I now think differently.... I now think we should take it off line every time Celtic and Rangers play I certainly didny miss all that pish and whatabootery
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