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  1. That's Djokovic oot of the tennis No golden slam for him🎾🎾 In other good news team geebee beaten by the Aussies in the fitba ⚽
  2. Tydy, how often do you check your hubby's spam? We need Tae know...🤔😉
  3. @TDYER63 That's Mrs Mitchell's new series starting on bbc2 tonight.. Swoon.❤️
  4. Should the next referendum be a choice between independence and abolition of devolution.? Has Devo gone as far as it can? I wonder what the result would be.🤔
  5. There's a guy on the telly who would disagree with you.😆😆 His name is Rio, and he spouts a load o pish.
  6. Well this group qualified for a major competition the 2011 squad didn't I would call that progress
  7. Who was/is Craig Forrest? Don't think I've ever heard of him Is this a typo? Steven Naismith named twice I'm presuming it was meant to be Stephen Fletcher. Miller, Fletcher and Naismith have a lot more goals in them than Dykes,Adams and Nisbet. But generally we are stronger I think..... Hope. We have a much better team spirit. Which can help
  8. Missus Dave Mitchell is supreme top tottie.. The wife thinks I watch only connect cos I like the quiz.. Tydy if you make your move on Dave I'll happily console his heartbroken wife Victoria,❤️👍
  9. I'm thinking that when Billy got substituted he must have at some point sat beside/with Mount and Cherwell for over the prescribed time . Then afterwards all regulations must have been adhered too
  10. anglosplaining. 👍👍👍🤔😆 brilliant
  11. Surely the Czechs to hump England 3-0 would be a lot better
  12. I watched it on stv hub last night..
  13. Stephen O'Donnell has revealed that Scotland teammate John McGinn gave him tips on how to handle England attacker Jack Grealish. McGinn stars alongside Grealish for Aston Villa in the Premier League and he made sure his teammates were well versed on how to handle his quick feet. O'Donnell has hilariously revealed that he wound up the 25-year-old by complimenting him on his good looks and his large calves. And his tactics appeared to work as he kept Grealish quiet after he was introduced from the bench in the second half at Wembley. Motherwell defender O'Donnell told Scotland HQ: “I think (for the booking) I was just starting to get a wee bit fed up. “He had just come on and normally when the fresh wingers come on and you’re a wee bit tired you’re just thinking, ‘I need to hit him here’. “I was getting fed up with him trying to take the mickey out of me so I gave him a wee hit! “John McGinn had been giving me some tips. He said if (Grealish) comes on I had to get nibbling in his ear. “But don’t be critical, be complimentary. So the full time he was on I was telling him how good looking he was and that I loved his calves! “I was asking him how he get his hair like that. John said that if you tell him he was hopeless or to kick him really, really hard he gets up and gets back at you. "So maybe that was the advantage against Jack Grealish the other night. “I also noticed he doesn’t shave his calves! "Most boys shave their legs as it’s good for the masseurs but Jack’s got massive calves and he doesn’t shave them. “So I said to him they must be so big the fact that he doesn’t shave them and they still get spoken about!” O'Donnell was immense against England at Wembley and he is hoping for more of the same as Scotland ...... From today's paper
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