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  1. My view is . A parliament representative of the people will be respected better than one that is not. The current Scotland has a slight indy majority and a parliament showing that would be representative of the country. A parliament having a massive or even just a super majority of indy representative would not be representative. Look at what Strathclyde regional council was, a massive labour run sibolith with only a small majority of voters on a low turn out. We need to show London and the World we are serious, we are not playing games. We also need to show
  2. It's phukkin everywhere.. Get Sunny G on. 👍
  3. I think bojo will do something similar. What's the logic of 20000 fans on Friday night ( Scotland game);and 90000 on Monday night ( Croatia game)? none. I don't think There will be any travelling fans from Europe So the London boozers will want 20-25000 Scots drinking in London, pushing pressure on Boris i see Bilbao has been removed from list and Dublin could be as well. What is happening to Tix bought for these grounds? IMO only logic solution is refund All tickets already bought. And put on sale in host cities at say £100? Can you imagine the uproar
  4. I think that's what will happen. On s selfish personal note. Start afresh and open an empty stadium to ta point holders Phukk the ballot . Ta first 😉😊
  5. I'd tune in for that.. 200 years of ego .... Would be great telly..
  6. To me that's the only way he can redeem himself in any way. Say , I'm not going to win so vote SNP both votes if you want referendum. Everyone knows already if you want a referendum you need to vote SNP twice. Would be good if he realised his gamble hasn't paid off. Cannae see it tho....
  7. Aye, was that Rooth the mooths seat? SNP losing there gave Andy whiteman a seat, iiirc if the snp had won the mooth would have got in on list anyhoo.
  8. THIS WITH PHUKKIN BELLS ON. If you want a referendum vote SNP1+2. Anything else means you are not serious on indy and just wanna play politics. This is our chance for 15-20 years to come. Get a grip SNP 1+2.
  9. Aye, but again tonight he doesn't close players down quick enuf. Their great chance in first hay should have been closed down quicker my mctom.
  10. A draw for Austria and Denmark tonight with a win for us puts us in second. Austria will have drawn at home with a team ranked above them and drawn away with a team ranked below and beat Faroes. Same as us. So a draw Tonight and a wee 2-0 /3-0 win for us... Far from over....
  11. No, nothing has been agreed or ruled out. But as we both know there is precident. If we have less of a %age than before , how can we say the mandate is stronger.
  12. In 2011 majority SNP got us a referendum. 2016 majority indy did NOT get us a referendum. Westminster will wiggle out of anything that is not a SNP majority. Anything else is pie in the sky This is serious, probably our last chance of s referendum before 2040. Both votes SNP= referendum.
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