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  1. Squad and new players

    Good for you. Enjoy!
  2. The walking dead

    Continues to disappoint with way too many sub-stories. Used to be unmissable but maybe it's time they called it a day.
  3. Squad and new players

    No doubt it'll be Russell Martin.
  4. Squad and new players

    Well let's no' go THAT far! Armstrong as captain for me, otherwise Robertson.
  5. 2 from Scotland's George Best: Genius from Willie Morgan at 4:47:
  6. Scotland v Costa Rica

    Give thanks that that's the case for you.
  7. Squad announced and what it tells us.

    Has there ever been a more depressing selection of forwards? A total rookie, some guy who's come running back up the road cos he can't cut it at the second level in England, and a CV whore who sh*tes out of tackles in case it stops him appearing for his club the next week. The depressing thing is there's nobody else although I'd play empty space before Phillips.
  8. Squad and new players

    Cheers, never realised that about Berra. I thought there was nothing up with him other than the head knock the other week.
  9. Squad and new players

    Fkin pish! WTF have Murphy and Martin done recently other than get a loan move to Ibrox? Ritchie? Phillips??? Neither of them give a flying fk and should be hunted. No Berra or Lindsay or Souttar is utterly baffling. As is the inclusion of McLean and exclusion of his far superior teammate.
  10. Sevco vs Celtic

    Let's hope Boyata hasnae got a Scottish granny.
  11. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    When did he do that?
  12. Sam Gallagher

    You know he's already chosen England over us, don't you?
  13. Squad and new players

    Probably been on Google Maps as well trying to find where Scotland is.
  14. Sam Gallagher

    There's club fitba for watching foreigners that couldnae have found Scotland on a map. Total fkin joke even mentioning these folk.
  15. Best Scottish International player you've seen live?

    Back in the early 70's Jock Stein was asked to provide a team to play against Scotland in a warm-up match just before an international. He sent his reserve side - the so-called Quality Street Gang" - and they wasted Scotland 5-2! Back on topic - Gordon Strachan. He was phenomenal for us.