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  1. daviebee

    Iceland is a Nice Land

    She obviously wants you to mak her bedrock again.
  2. All converts to Yes are welcome but this guy has a hell of a lot to make up for. He should start by dishing some dirt.
  3. Dewar believed in devolution cos his career in Westminster was going no further. "Father of the Nation" my fkin arse.
  4. Eh??? The same guy who made blistering, impassioned speeches against the privatisation of various industries while all the time lining his pockets? THAT Donald Dewar? If he and the rest of the Feeble 50 had any balls back in the 80's we'd be independent by now. Liked their gold-plated expense accounts and their path to the House of Lords too much though. First thing we should do after independence is melt that w*nker's statue down.
  5. daviebee

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    I remember as well that Ally MacLeod said before the tournament that Willie Johnston "would be a sensation in Argentina!" Don't know if this one is true but apparently one of the other players reported that after his miserable performance Johnston said, "All I need now is to fail the drugs test..." Maybe just one of these stories - like the one about Derek Johnstone not being picked against Iran cos he'd been taking the same pills. I'd love to live through all the euphoria again, but only if the Good Lord took me before the WC actually started.
  6. daviebee

    Toulon Tournament

    Quite a coincidence. Both remind me of a young Derek Ferguson in that they're light years ahead of anyone else in their age group. Hopefully they'll both go on to have the career he should've had.
  7. daviebee

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Had we beaten Peru the result would've been changed to a 3-0 defeat cos of the drugs issue. Performance enhancing drugs FFS - Johnston played like he was on sleeping tablets!
  8. daviebee

    Toulon Tournament

    Dinnae hold yer breath with the jobs-for-the-boys dinosaurs in charge of oor players.
  9. daviebee

    Toulon Tournament

    Not looking forward to this. Gemmill will absolutely sh*t himself when he sees these white jerseys and string 11 men along the goal-line. Had them sitting back v S Korea U20's when we were 2-0 up FFS. 3-0 humping on the way I think.
  10. daviebee

    Your World Cup memories

    1982 - first ever away game was v New Zealand. Awesome experience even if 2 quick Kiwi goals had us brickin oorsels. On to Seville for the Brazil match and had the immense privilege of watching the greatest team I'll ever see. How they didn't lift the trophy was a mystery. We actually played well but annoyed them a bit by scoring first. Then the USSR and big Joe stroking the opener in like it was a training match. Wee Strachan was brilliant that night. And then the "Oh FFS" moment followed by the late equaliser that gave us 2 or 3 minutes of hope. 1986 - had the cash but didn't go to Mexico cos I would've had to travel by myself and am not the best flyer in the world. Regretted it ever since. 1990 - Ian Sharp's bus to Yugoslavia and then travelled down for the games. Made pals on that trip that are still pals today. Some mental characters on the bus - Jimmy aka The Tasmanian Devil, a binman from Edinburgh. Got on the bus at Leven and nobody would talk to him by the time we reached East Wemyss cos he was such a fkin arse. He got utterly rat-arsed every night and eventually got levelled for being a complete twat. Came doon for breakfast with his pus in a state next morning - "Did somebody hit me last night?" The less said aboot the games the better though. Would happily have gone straight hame after the Costa Rica one. Great atmosphere for Sweden though but we then stank the place oot against Brazil. If I remember right we would've gone through but for a last-minute goal somewhere in another group. We were rank though and wouldn't have deserved it. 1998 - only ("only!") got a Brazil ticket cos the French wanted us all in their country spending our cash in their bars and restaurants but didn't want us in the grounds. Galling to see so many suits at the game when us and the Brazilians could've filled the stadium. Went home afterwards but was planning the trip to the next round right up until the Morocco game. In between there were 2 Euro Championships. I've been more than privileged - 5 major tournaments - and desperately want these days to come round again for those that haven't experienced any.
  11. daviebee


    How though? The press and TV won't be saying anything any time soon. The only thing that could realistically be done would be for the local Yes group to leaflet every door in the constituency with the above graphic. We're being asset stripped, there's no doubt about that.
  12. daviebee

    Zidane Resigns

    If you're employed outwith Celtic Park you'd be considered a miracle worker.
  13. The Rangers must be kicking themselves over that premature move for Gerrard.
  14. daviebee

    Toulon Tournament

    Finished 1-0. Sat hellish deep all 2nd half though.
  15. daviebee

    Toulon Tournament

    Shows what he can do when he bothers to make an effort.