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  1. I expect my appearances will be brief and infrequent. There's quite a lot going on ... [edit: maskless in Japan]
  2. All in the wonderful OED. I no longer work for an organization where I can access the online version, but I recently acquired the print version (all twelve folio volumes) from a school library that was chucking them out - a library throwing out one of the greatest reference works in the language: just insane.
  3. Derives from 'gallows'. The noun had developed into an adjective meaning 'born to hang' by the 15th century (the earliest OED quote for the adjective is c. 1425: "This gallowus man toke him by the skyrtis of his palle or mantyl". It evolved from there to mean someone 'uppity', and then, for some, to the more neutral 'over-confident'.
  4. Isn't it obvious how all this will be paid for? They'll print the money. Every government in the world will print money. Pension pots won't be touched. The value of what's in those pots will be fucked. But since it's liable to be a global devaluation, there's a chance that the fuckedness might be only relative to today. The global currency system has long been an agreed fiction, ever since the gold standard was done away with, and agreed fictions can survive most anything, so long as people continue to agree.
  5. Surprised it wasn't mentioned earlier. Great sound track.
  6. The Archive Board was still available a few weeks back via the tab at the top of the page. I'll pm TAMB1 about it - might be retrievable; the archive went missing once before when the board changed hands.
  7. There was a lot being made of the economic argument in the States a week or so ago, and some of Trump's varied responses were due to listening to those on Fox espousing it, but it's more than just the economic damage. We're social animals who have created cultures built around social interaction. I know I'm personalizing this, and it's not fully rational, but my mother not being allowed to visit my dying father after sixty years of marriage seems fundamentally wrong. And this must be happening to so many families.
  8. That lays out things that have been troubling me (and no doubt many of us) for a while. The figures in, say, Italy and Germany don't make sense unless it's a different form of the virus, or remarkably different populations, or they're recording death rates differently. "Rushed science is usually bad science." Indeed.
  9. It was Balloch Thistle, which led to him claiming credit for the final unmasking, like the cock he was. I think it all unravelled around May / June 2007.
  10. The archive board seems to have disappeared again. It contains Pistonbroke's thread that led to the whole thing unravelling; always worth a re-read so hope it's not gone for ever.
  11. That may be the case (I've no idea), but I'm talking about the lock-down's effect on 'care' in a wider sense. My siblings hadn't been allowed to visit at all since Monday, and by Thursday they were told to visit as it may be the last chance - he wasn't good before, but those three days had seen a real deterioration. Before that, there had only been two people allowed in a visit (I have three siblings). One of my sisters drove 40 miles and wasn't allowed in as my other brother and sister were already there - they weren't allowed to simply tag-team. Just spoken to one of them, and the place (a Parkinson's facility) has patients with dementia who don't understand why their family have stopped visiting (my dad understood - he has a functioning brain in a failing body), but he's stopped eating, and so had many of those with dementia. I'm not suggesting we're in any way exceptional or worthy of exceptional treatment - this must be happening all over the country. It use seems that the balance of risk to harm is skewed.
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