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  1. . Hmm ... I'll figure it out eventually... [edit: it worked - no idea how ...]
  2. Were you at their Leadmill gig three or four years back? Enjoyed it. Saw them at V in 2000, I think, as well. I'm here so infrequently now, I've no idea if we're still meant to be following a theme - and can't figure it out from this page. Stuck in Japan for more than a year now. Had tickets to see the only band from back in the day who I'd never seen but was willing to get off my arse and put that right - due to play Osaka and were an early Covid cancellation; so I guess it's just not meant to be. Last gig I saw out here - bit of a change from the Leopard ... Hope you're doing well, silverbear - all the best to your good lady. Edit: I've evidently forgotten how to embed these things; ah well ...
  3. I've forgotten my log in for there Any road, something actually Celtic football-related ... thank fuck for that.
  4. Well, I bollocksed that up good 'n' proper, but for what it's worth ... clickity
  5. Aye, spot on. Put me in mind of something Dalgety Bay TA posted a while back so I went to have a look. Turned out he was replying to you - and it was pretty much exactly a year ago: Nowt's changed in a year. What a fucking joke this place has become ...
  6. Aye, that's true, right enough. Still, looking at the front page, seems that no one's been allowed to register since February, which means we went into lockdown impressively early. Maybe them in charge are just waiting for us to all die off.
  7. May 2020: 4,145 So much for the Covid-19 bounce ...
  8. Que? I don't think Peters and Lee ever recorded a song about Satdee - if they had, I'd've known. Quite a fan of 'the Russell' however:
  9. First dateable memory is FA cup final 1970, and getting excited in the build up to the replay. It must've left me thinking football would always be that good. Looking it up, that was the April, remember the world cup during the summer pretty well. Couldn't understand why players weren't tearing around the pitch (had no concept of foreign heat).
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