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  1. The Australian picture is interesting. I don't believe a flattening of the curve is happening. Testing is at best sporadic. However the death toll remains remarkably low. I honestly would have expected Australia to be ahead of most of the European countries. We are heavily exposed to Asia. A vast number is students would have returned from China at the middle/end of January. It is very strange. There has been a marked ramping up of critical care service which still makes me fearful thens storm is coming. It was an unusually hot Jan and Feb so maybe there is some truth in the climate aspect. Still.veru worried though.
  2. So Scotty, is this all due to the 5G network and coronavirus is not a problem?
  3. If I'm reading the numbers correctly New York has tested 138376 and have 44800 proven cases from which 519 have died. That's 0.4% of all people tested. Or 1.15 of proven cases that die. That actually seems on the money with other places. This will be a catastrophe for the American health care system.
  4. The denominator will likely never be known. However the numerator is fvcking the health care systems of every country in the world. Not to mention the economy. It may end up having a mortality of around 0.1 like the flu. However the current state is unlike anything I've ever seen. H1N1 in 2009 didn't feel like this.
  5. The data is out there to see ICNARC published data for the first 225 cases in England and Wales. There are some heartening aspects like length of ventilation however the age, gender and BMI spread are a bit concerning. There is a wealth of information, a lot of it very good. The trouble is there is an incredible amount of it. The speed some of it is moving is amazing. Interestingly none of it is behind journal paywalls.
  6. Nope, the outcome of this will be the NHS failed.and that private firms should take over sections of it. I will go for pathology and radiology first.
  7. The Hammer and Dance talk about the collateral damage. If your ICU is full ov Covid 19 then you limit other people who can access it. There will be massive collateral deaths.
  8. I read all of their statements and looked further into a few. They pay no heed to the health system being overwhelmed. Italy isn't venting patients for fun. These are people who need vented or they will die. The data for the first 225 ICU patients admitted in England and Wales has been released. It does not reflect a simple Coronavirus or respiratory infection. Currently 1.5% of all deaths worldwide per day are due to SARS-Cov2. 😮 This is a biblical infection, I think we're fvcked and that scares the sh!t out of me.
  9. The numbers are getting horrific. The link I think Ally provided a few pages ago is coming to fruition. 800 US deaths by 26th March. They are so fvcked. I go to bed looking at worldofmeters and wake up even more horrified. The Hammer and the Dance is a great article to read. I am genuinely scared now of this virus 😕
  10. We're 12 weeks into this infection and it's roughly causing 1% of all daily deaths. That's quite stark by any metric.
  11. What virus has a society successfully achieved Herd Immunity with. Smallpox, measles, polio all achieved it through vaccination. The reservoir of disease will not drop enough to achieve this. This does seem a very risky strategy.
  12. And Italy has more ICU beds per head of population than the UK.
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