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  1. Fvck you, you absolute cunt. There was nothing sectarian about my post. It was based upon clubs with a record of bringing through youth. I'm not even sure what the sectarian connection here is. That you somehow saw a sectarian connection shoes you up for the wanker you are. Get fvcked.
  2. So what makes Rangers the best candidate for this. Hibs probably have a better record of bringing youth through. I'd imagine they would be delighted to pay under 200 grand a year to blood their youth in a competative league. Would you support the proposal if it was Hibs and Celtic?
  3. I watch the YouTube videos from Siccas and GSI and I see the lovely wood cabinets with guitars and I think that is what I would waste my money on. Sadly that won't be me. I had a shot of my teachers guitar which cost 10,000 dollars when she bought it 20 years ago, it was incredible. What was interesting was the stuff I played well sounded great however my sloppy play sounded way way worse. You should have bought the RS, pound for pound the best car of the last decade. A bag full of fun.
  4. Whilst Scotland may have fallen behind other European teams lets not get all misty eyed about our national team. We have won 4 games, that's all, 4.fvcking games in the world cup. We have always been shite. We as a nation love our football but we're crap. If you think this will somehow make us better it won't. I don't know what the solution us but this is a load of shit. Rangers have a really poor record of developing youth. That can't be ignored. They had the perfect opportunity to blood youngsters in a stress free environment and they achieved nothing. We would be better letting colt teams from England in if they would guarantee a certain number of players were Scottish.
  5. Seriously, Rangers proposal is not for the betterment of Scottish Football. You cannot believe this surely.
  6. I think Celtic's silence is because they see most of the recent proposals as useless and don't want to be dragged into any nonsense. Like him or not but Lawell is a very good football administrator and runs his club extremely well. Their consideration is probably better judged than Rangers.
  7. How will this improve our national team. I don't agree with the proposal because it will be shit and will have absolutely no impact on our national team. I asked this question earlier. How many players have Rangers brought through this Millennium who have gained a cap? They are crap at bringing through youngsters and no amount of playing against part time teams in the lower end of Scottish Football will.change that. If anything the future of the National team will be brought up in English Football.
  8. I have no idea what the fvck Celtic are proposing however their silence is noteworthy. With regards to change why is change needed and why now specifically.
  9. Really, so some simple maths. 250,000 split between 30 teams (I'm assume all teams below the premier league are getting this sweetener) and two home games with 200 tickets. It's about 15,000 before VAT and tax. That's just the first year, if will be less following years. So you're blue and green pound (in itself.a laughable phrase) are sure as shit not make or break money for these teams. However Rangers would likely walk off with over half a million after deductions. So overall, shit for Scottish Football. As a Rangers fan I'm sure you think this as a good deal and a noble proposal however let's see how fans of the actual teams involved consider it. Rangers are not doing this to make Scottish Football better, no chance.
  10. It really doesn't seem good for Scottish Football, however I will never be able to convince you of this. It's not that good an idea, in fact it's shit. When have Rangers acted in the best interests of the game here. They are like most other clubs and acting out of self interest. I believe this current charade to be the same. I reckon they will make around a million pounds a year from this endeavour if it goes through. That's their motivation, not the 'good of the game'
  11. What I genuinely don't get is that Rangers have been shit at bringing through youth for at least the last 20 years despite 'hoovering' up talent (I'm not sure taht is true) but they can't seem to produce players. So why do they get to lead this charge. I don't trust Rangers motives and I suspect the prospect of an 'Old firm' Colts derby which could easily have 30,000 @ 15 quid becomes a much bigger driver for this situation. Actually it's all the home games, the investment of less than 200 Grand for the first season will be delayed many times into Rangers coffers.
  12. I'm about to buy an expensive guitar that is way beyond my ability. That's my mid life crisis. Oh and I bought a Focus RS two years ago.
  13. Fair enough, i suspect organising a major change to the scottish game in such a time of uncertainty is madness. Have Celtic made any comment about this proposal?
  14. So do you think in a time of uncertainty that this is when we should implement change. Wait and see what the post Covid landscape looks like and then look to implement change. They're may not be 18 teams for a 3rd division and scraps thrown from the Rantic table won't change that.
  15. Celtic and Rangers both loan players to the lower leagues. Who has been a success in the last few years and stepped up to the first squad never mind the national team. Callum McGregor would be the obvious one but hr went down south. As i mentioned Celtic appear to have a system of bringing their youth through. I see no benefit of this. So let's hear who the success stories are.
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