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  1. This it they thing many people don't factor in. Even if you don't die a significant number of people suffer long term effects.
  2. So Scotland has the least supply? I don't think that is is. But you are right the Unionists want to defect away from the appalling death and infect rates.
  3. We now seem to have been overtaken by Wales in the rollout so are now at the bottom of the tree. I hope we are going to start seeing things pick up next week!
  4. This story back up my anecdotal experience. The definition of Health and Social Care seems at best loose and at worst being abused. Groups such as Prison Officers, Police and Teachers are not being vaccinated and there seem to be many examples of people who should not be getting the vaccine before the older groups either. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-55779269
  5. It was meant to be but Northern Ireland have departed from it in the case of Care Homes although Nicola Sturgeon is pretending not to know this. When has a four nations approach ever turn out to be successful?
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-halve-the-gap-between-vaccine-doses-senior-doctors-urge-12196068 BMA now trying to put the pressure on!
  7. Finally getting around to watching Fargo. On the third series now. Loved Billy Bob Thornton in the first one and Kirsten Dunst came into her own in the second.
  8. They are and they are are all trying to sound like the are totally confident which is another thing that makes me not trust them. The fact that the 4 CMOs apparently agreed only for Northern Ireland to decide to stick with the original timescales for Care Homes also makes me wonder. No one seems to be picking up on this and asking why they have deviated for this group. Wise move I say.
  9. I had to amend my post because I misread the end of yours ๐Ÿ˜† Anyway - I really want to know how these people have spun the Sweden herd immunity claim now that their situation appears to b e worse than the first wave which they did particularly badly in. No doubt they have found some way to prove that Sweden is still a roaring success story.
  10. It is worse than that. There are those that didn't do all of that but create a persona that looks like they are some sort of expert. Sometimes they are an expert but in an entirely different field but they are obviously really clever so must know what they are talking about. They then create a flashy website and write some books and start coining it in when the guy who doesn't want to be mundane starts sharing your videos and buying your books
  11. I find it eternally fascinating that conspiracy theorist go around calling everyone who doesn't buy these sheep. They appear to lack total self awareness.
  12. I know a GP in Canada who told me this so took it she would know ๐Ÿค”
  13. Think this is appropriate to post in repost to some on here.
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