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  1. I believe he is involving himself where he shouldn’t be yes.
  2. I wouldn't - at least Milne let the Manager get on with the job he wasn't qualified to do....oh sorry I forgot.... Head Coach who isn't to be trusted to hire the right staff.
  3. To be fair there are still plenty of Cornack cultists about.
  4. I have never heard the answer and I wanted to hear it and I am sure I am not alone. I shouldn’t have to go and find another interview. He was on to answer questions and that one was a completely relevant and valid one.
  5. What was his answer - the only one I remember was the one aaid posted which was basically, I answered that in another interview 🤔
  6. People have spoken about it but they are not speaking about moderating their behaviour due to vaccine waning. I would say it is the opposite and they are talking of doing more
  7. I have spotted a similarity with some Aberdeen fans unwavering support of Cormack to that of Rangers fans from the Craig White years. 🤔 Now I am not saying Dave Cormack is a Craig White but he is most certainly not the messiah 😂 I have to say though that this wasn't the worst i have heard from him 😳 Highly strung is the least of it....
  8. Thought it said all that needed to be said to be fair.
  9. In all seriousness I don't think many people are thinking about this. Cases are likely to start rising again and most people have just gone back to normal and won't react. Hospital admissions could start to rise much more rapidly that they were and we will also have flu!
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