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  1. It’s not about it being complicated it’s about making a simple design change to improve it.
  2. The picture also looks like the original fold only. So you could equally read it that you use the original fold.
  3. And I did that! Since they are already folded they could however make them fit without further folding
  4. I hadn't been aware of this until recently - I don't pay a lot of attention to the honours list. I was as bemused by her accepting it at that time. I suspect she remains a Tory at heart.
  5. How come they cannot design the papers so they easily fit into the envelope for postal votes!
  6. It is not that long ago men had an issue with gay men using the men's loos because they thought they wouldn't be able to resit them. Not to mention the fact many people seemed to think they were all paedophiles
  7. That isn't pessimism that is realism. I can't believe people think we are nearly out of this. I can't actually see an end to it!
  8. So why should trans women be in a man's prison again?
  9. How can that nutter Alistair Mcconnachie get to call his party the Independent Green Voice! There should be a rule against misleading names. No doubt some people will vote for them thinking they are the actual Greens.
  10. Do you have an issue with gay men being placed in a man's jail?
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