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  1. Thanks fella. Parkrun tomorrow. Going to try and get into the Hertha Berlin game tomorrow but we'll see
  2. I'm in Berlin, arrived today. Everyone, and I mean everyone is wearing a face mask. To get in anywhere you need to show your vaccine passport and photo ID
  3. It was the folks that lived like stig of the dump that did it for me, the timescale must have been maybe 7-8 years since the start but these cunts had their own language.
  4. I'm still watching the walking dead, fuck knows why, final season, but on the mid season break. They better finish it well but i very much doubt that'll happen.
  5. I just finished gentefied on Netflix. Thought it was superb
  6. I think the difference is I was coming home on a train full of pished people
  7. Does anyone actually trust any newspaper? All of them bar none have an axe to grind, you're not getting news, you're getting opinion.
  8. Any replies to thread now are going to get my hopes up
  9. I was in Glasgow on Saturday night. Place was heaving, train home I'd say 20% of the train passengers were wearing masks
  10. I'll be due the booster in January. I'll be taking it. I'm off to Berlin next weekend. Hoping that Germany doesn't go into a lock down. I'm worried that Austria might be setting a worrying precedent. I have the COVID passport and sorted the lateral flow tests for our return.
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