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  1. wait until christmas it's going to be a complete shitshow 🍿
  2. Of all the social media platforms twitter is by far the worst. Even when I was on it i hated the person I became on it. It's an echo chamber full of ego's. I posted something a few years ago and it went viral and it was the worst experience Ive ever had, something like 14.5k retweets and 35k likes. I got banned for calling george galloway a cunt, ive never looked back, awful platform
  3. Thanks for that fella, not sure I'm ready to make the leap to that level yet but going to keep it going. It's amazing when some of it just clicks and you realise your understanding the language of your forefathers.
  4. I was in New York a few years ago and me and the wife (massive Motown fan) walked past BB kings club on times Square. Playing tomorrow, Martha Reeves and the vandellas. Thought, we'll never get tix. But went to the box office, 2 tix acquired. Night of the gig rocked up to the club, fella took our tix and told please wait to be seated. Young lad comes up to show us to our seats in a really busy club and I said, how ye doin'? He replies, where you fae? East Kilbride I replied. I'm fae coatbrig follow me. Sat us at a table front row, absolutely incredible night. My Martha Reeves was outstanding.
  5. Pretty much nailed trèana aichean is like the surname Aitken buy the tk is ch like loch
  6. Trèana .....train Trèanaichean....trains Just add an s FFS 😂
  7. I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago. 😉
  8. 😂 I took 45 seconds off of last weeks time at parkrun this morning. Starting to build on where I was pre pandemic 👊🏻
  9. 7 years today since we collectively voted against our own sovereignty. It's marked today by 50 sectarian marches through Glasgow, supermarket shelves empty due to Brexit and an encumbant SNP government that have done nothing to promote the cause of independence and missing every open goal served to them by an incompetent Westminster. When I think back to the hope that I had 7 years ago today is an utter abomination
  10. I wanted to learn Gaelic because I didn't want people listening to me and my wife speaking on our travels and then being asked, are you English. My plan fell on it's arse when Michelle said she wanted to learn French as Gaelic sounds too hard 🤔
  11. stick with it, i think i read somewhere that learning a language when you're older is excellent for the brain
  12. You've had your pandemic, now for a world war.
  13. Good luck fella, you looking at a time or just happy to be running?
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