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  1. We started watching swat on Netflix. It's utter l, utter shite but we are 7 episodes in and I think we're going to keep going I fear
  2. The English appear to have lost their collective shit
  4. I was listening to a podcast called fortunately, apparently this is going to hurt was misogynistic
  5. I see my own snp mp Lisa Cameron is managing to make an arse of things. I've always said, the SNP are held up to a higher standard, they need to be squeeky clean, unfortunately since 2014 there's been scandal after scandal
  6. A few years ago a schoolboy was murdered in east Kilbride. Ek celts kid was at school with the victim. On the day of the murder I'd driven past the site and seen a large group of lads. Ek celt sent me a DM saying I should go to the police, we talked a couple of times about the incident and I was saying that the amount of conspiracy theories of what happened was off the scale. He absolutely went off on one with me. It was from then on I considered him an unhinged twat and never spoke to him again. Thoughts with the family etc
  7. I'm with ally here, capitalism is the problem. Fracking? Seriously? As for finite resources, the wind is always blowing. Were we not told that energy prices would fall as our energy would come from sustainable resources? It seems like paying shareholders a premium comes before everything else. Unfortunately nothing will change in Scotland as we're a bunch of shitebags.
  8. So from just about paying £55 a month then a whole load of gobbledygook about sim cards I'm now paying £29 a month.
  9. currently on a whattsap chat with virgin, these things are tedious as fuck. amazing how helpful they can be when you say you're leaving
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