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    Does anyone know how you apply for a refund with easyjet…..all I can see in "Manage Booking" area is how to change your flight which is no good to me. There does not seem to be a "get refund" option.
  2. Well done Davy....absolutely magic and brilliant
  3. Hi Davy, Any luck with your request to get the buses closer to Paphos harbour? Cheers Gordon
  4. Thanks McChouffe for the advice on "Howard Likes Craft" and "Rolling Stone Bar". I'm an auld geezer myself but I'll give them a go.
  5. Great info McChouffe. I'm staying in Red October area. Any tips on good pubs/restaurants. Cheers
  6. Hi Davy, Just paid £14 for the Paphos bus into your bank account. Cheers Gordon

    Russian visa

    I'm stuck on the application form. Not sure if I'm having a senior moment but under the section "Visit Details" there is a question "Which institution you are going to visit?" it says "In the case of a tourist visa select Travel company from the list and give the name and address of the travel company. But I am not travelling with a travel company. So what do I enter?
  8. Davy, I don't use paypal but have paid before via your bank account. Is it ok to send the money via your bank account and is it the same account number as previous (Israel and Albania). Cheers Gordon
  9. Hi Davy, One more seat from Paphos please. Cheers Gordon
  10. Thanks to you Davy for organising the buses....fantastic effort and to Bus No 10 steward Neil Forbes for a well run bus. Davy - Do you have any idea where the Cyprus game will be played? Cheers Gordon
  11. Hi Davy, £12.50 paid via your Bank Account. Thanks again for organising Gordon (Kentta)
  12. Hi Davy, Don't use Paypal I'm afraid. Would it be ok to pay into your bank account (tell me the bank charge and I'll add it to the £12.50). I used your bank account for Albania. Is it the same account? Cheers Gordon (Kentta)
  13. Hi Davy, One seat for me please Cheers
  14. Just got my ticket....no problem....have you signed into your account??? Got the message "tickets currently not on sale" at first then logged into my account....then ok.
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