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  1. You need to put a name to each ticket you are purchasing. I got 2 there for myself and mate, we're both on 6 points.
  2. Cheers Davy. Can you change my booking from 4 to 3 seats now and I'll send money your way.
  3. Davy, Is it possible to book 4 seats?
  4. I was in Aqua Bar for a while on Friday afternoon and the fat bald guy that was screaming at one of the lassies to get behind the bar and start serving was a disgrace! I was sitting at table next to this guy and his 3 mates, he looked like he was gonna have a heart attack after his rant.
  5. Edinburgh-Copenhagen on the Wednesday, night there. Copenhagen-Moscow-Tbilisi arriving early hrs of Friday!
  6. I think it's a slap on the wrist if yer a first time offender with the threat of being expelled if it happens again. IMO a points deduction or wiped out should be the punishment.
  7. Aye, was there when we played Morocco in 98. Thought it was a bit of a shithole to be honest.
  8. Got 4 tickets for games in Marseille 11th June and in Lens 21st June!
  9. Think you could only apply with a credit card.
  10. Yes they do. I was given the code on condition I used it for 2 tickets (that's all I needed) as code was been given to somebody else who needed 2. We were both successful.
  11. Will there be any issues with ticketmaster posting tickets to Scotland? I'm waiting for the dreaded email saying they're refunding me as tix only available to people in Ireland.
  12. Yip. Must be available to Irish customers only.
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