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  1. We were 11-1130 for the game last Monday but steward had said it is just a guide
  2. Does anyone with experience of these tout sites know if the price of these tickets will get cheaper as kick off approaches as the fear of not selling them on kicks in?
  3. If anyone can get any spares I need 3 please
  4. Looking for any category tickets for Tuesday if by any small chance someone who previously got bumped by uefa get the chance to buy again and could purchase more than they need
  5. was just randomly checking every now and again and noticed they were available. At one point offering both cat 1 and 2
  6. just got the ticket through. we are in D2 and new ticket D4 with different entry time slot. It edited his name automatically when i transferred it to him. Happy days but stressful for people with little technology skills
  7. Not the best with technology these days.Purchased 2 tickets on Friday for Czech game and the site allowed me to put one in my name and 1 in my mates name. Purchased another 1 just a short while ago but would not let me modify ticket holder details from my own name. How would i go about changing this one to someone elses name?
  8. tickets available again on the uefa ticket portal. Just got another one for a mate
  9. Tickets through now. Thanks to everyone who replied. I can relax now
  10. Yeah tried that earlier. It said no tickets linked to this email address
  11. They’ve done me over once, They better not do me again 😂
  12. Bit worried now. Haven’t had an email with the link to the ticket app but have my confirmation and invoice
  13. Where do you get the entry time from. I haven’t seen anything
  14. Just picked up 2 cat 1 tickets for £170 each. A lot more than the £43 we got refunded but happy days
  15. I returned our Croatia v Czech tickets, but have kept the Scotland v Czech ones.Email from Uefa says result of the ballot will be communicated some time in May
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