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  1. Fair point. I was just thinking in terms of a strong opponent to try out newer players, backup keeper and so on. What's your view on the Wales suggestion?
  2. How about Wales? Not far to travel. They'd be a challenging opponent for us (hopefully they'd see us in a similar light?). Might be good for our players and coaching staff to see close up how a team that has consistently been more successful than us goes about its business? Or maybe a highly skillful Eastern European team like Poland or Serbia?
  3. That's a good point. Both Tierney and McTominay seem the type of players that a manager can trust to "...reliably get to their designated spot..." or follow any other tactical instruction. Managers, understandably, value such players (especially when they are also very good footballers). Anyway, what's the news on Tierney's injury? Really hoping he'll be back fit for pre-season and can quickly get back to his best.
  4. mcguffin


    Thanks! That is a good article. I particular like this quote: โ€œIf we have just drills in training, that leads to automation and players donโ€™t think about why they are doing that. Players are not developed for automation, they must be able to think.โ€
  5. Are you comparing Mussolini to Boris Johnson? (I'm not keen on PM Johnson, but that seems a harsh comparison in my opinion)
  6. I like the those characteristics of Alex Salmond: he's confident, calm under pressure/attack, and optimistic (but at the same time pragmatic). I sometimes think, in a different circumstance, he might have made a great Scotland football manager. (Can you imagine the half-time talk he would have given at the recent Scotland-Ukraine game for example?) One of Scotland's great orators in my opinion.
  7. mcguffin


    That's phenomenal for Croatia ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  8. Wow! The interviewee did seem very angry (more so than the fairly reasonable questions merited). (Who was the Andy-Warhol lookalike on the far left? He didn't seem very involved in the discussion? )
  9. I get your point about McTominay as a centre back. I personally think he's one of our best footballers and like to see him on the pitch. My concern is that I think McGinnn, Gilmour, McGregregor and now Armstrong (maybe even Jack?) are all ahead of him for a midfield slot. Unlikely I know, but I'm half-hoping that the new Man Utd manager will play McTominay as a centre back. If he was playing in a back 5 week-in, week-out, he could potentially become very good centre back? (One of the Nevilles, I forget which one, said something similar a few years back about McTominay).
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    Yes, i think you are right.
  11. mcguffin


    Your comment got me wondering: if England had a referendum for English independence, would Scots living in England get to vote? Maybe I'm being naive, but I would like to think they would? (Actually, maybe that would be the quicket way for Scotland to become an independent country: England-based Scots campaigning for an Independent England ๐Ÿ˜€) But anyway, it does seem Croatia is miles ahead of us in terms of mental strength on a football field. Maybe being a small independent country might play a part in that?
  12. That's a fair point (especially given we were at home as you pointed out).
  13. I thought Ukraine were better than us to be honest so didn't consider it a managerial 'blip'.
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