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  1. really enjoyed it. We only ever got close since once in 2006. That ended up with not that great a golden generation as well!
  2. Good to see Bzzzz still on here being the mad raving Jambo.😀 Hibs need a period of stability. Ross played eye bleeding football and his signings were shocking. Felt sorry for Maloney but you could clearly see he was a rabbit in the headlights. Trying to get the current calibre of Hibs team to play out from the back at all costs, lost us 2 or 3 games that would have seen us qualify for top 6 and probably Europe. He had to go. As for Lee Johnson, will keep an open mind, we just need to start to build again. Recruitment has been particularly poor last 3 years.
  3. Going to be in Atlanta for the Ukraine game. Any TA based there? Just looking to watch the game with other Tartan Army people.
  4. Clearly Wembley is disease ridden and should have all its matches taken away for player and fan safety.
  5. Good to see this place is still batshit crazy with juvenile humour and good old fashioned outings going on. TAMB hasnt changed a bit! 😉 Twitter probably did more to change the TAMB, people had the opportunity to spout their pish to a wider audience (including me).
  6. I cant help feeling if this horrific crime hadnt happened to a white female living amongst the chattering classes in London, this would not nearly have got so much reporting and indeed the following on grief mongers looking for any excuse to go out and demonstrate. There absolutely should be a conversation had in respect of the safety of woman being free from the hassle and threats of predatory individuals.
  7. Binged this at weekend, thought it was decent. No plans for a second series at the minute but its based on an Israeli show that has just done a second so fingers crossed.
  8. Finally watched Narcos, god knows why it took so long, but it was brilliant. About to start Narcos Mexico next.
  9. Hibs signed Jackson Irvine yesterday and Chris Cadden imminent apparently.
  10. Sturgeon going before the election would be a real blow to Indy hopes. Any new leader would have a short time to shore up the SNP vote, ultimately there are a lot of SNP lite individuals who are voting SNP because of Nicola. For what its worth, yes I think Salmond has been fitted up, he showed a real lack of judgement though during what was our most significant moment during Indyref but its clear there was a source of motivation to sideline him. The fact they almost put him in jail is disgusting. Without Salmond, we wouldnt have had indyref, without Sturgeon, I cant see we will get indyref2. At the moment, its probably Cherry but she is a marmite candidate similiar to Salmond. Angus Robertson to me is the natural heir apparent.
  11. its certainly looking like its plateaued in Scotland. Fingers crossed that we managed to get into lockdown earlier in the COVID timeline than down South.
  12. well, been away for a while and the just want to say the chat is as good as ever! Had a wee chuckle to myself for last hour.😀
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