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  1. Aw bless, any good things to watch? You have had plenty time lately on Euro nights to see All the Fringe events.
  2. Proclaimers out with a new one about Edinburgh. Pretty good!
  3. He signed a deal with Red Bull Salzburg but Molde getting to keep him for rest of their season.
  4. Think the Hibees will struggle tonight. Molde have their star striker back on loan who missed the first leg.
  5. Zac Clough from Notts Forrest being talked about for Hibees along with Mulumbo interacting with a Hibee fan on twitter saying he can do what McGinn did for us! Would love Mulumbo at Hibs, we desperately need a hard tackler in the midfield. Take him or Kamara from Dundee.
  6. giblet

    league cup

    How did you find Livi today? Also did you go to the tap shop?
  7. Hibees sign Daryl Horgan from Preston North End. Irish international winger. Looks to be of decent standard.
  8. giblet

    league cup

    Get your bus to drop you off at the Livingston Civic Centre rather than the stadium, its a short walk to the away stand.
  9. giblet

    league cup

    Think Tap Shop in Mid Calder would be your best shout. Its a football pub, has a Tartan army supporters bus I think?
  10. giblet

    league cup

    closest one is up the stairs behind the stand on the right as you look at the stadium entrance and turn right past Bubbles. That is a Beefeater type venue, but its very walkable. I think there is actually one now in the stadium to the left of the main entrance, might be worth an enquiry as it maybe just for home fans. The Livingston Inn is another that is walkable( 1 mile). This is the one that I would recommend as they have Sky and decent grub. There are two great pubs in Mid Calder, the tap shop and the black bull, they would be worth a shout before the game (would need transport though). Another potential pre match one is in Bellsquary, again, you cant walk from there, unless you fancy a hike.
  11. That’s a weird result given how well Zenit played Celtic off the park last season.
  12. Molde were a stuffy side. Our keeper didn’t have a save to make and Mallan hit the bar and forced the keeper into a couple of good saves. kamberi is carrying an injury just now and looks off the pace, also Boyle is much more effective on the wing rather than the 2nd centre forward. thought Porteous was outstanding at the back, he is going to be some player for Hibs and hopefully Scotland in the future. still in with a good chance, there’s goals in the team.
  13. Whats the Mulumbo situation? a lot of Hibees saying that is who we are going for but I cant see it myself as I reckon he will be trying to get at least a Championship club?
  14. giblet

    league cup

    work very close to Livi stadium, pitch took an eternity to be laid. All set now, they have been training on it only since Monday.