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  1. Ian blackford there, going out on about it being a "national embarrassment". Curious choice of words for someone speaking on behalf of the SNP. I would massively distance the party from being associated with anything referring to the United Kingdom nation if it were me.
  2. JECK


    I always thought taxi drivers were minted. I used to work with a guy who done taxi driving at weekends but quit his main job then wentfull time taxi driver as he made far more money. Maybe an Edinburgh thing. I basically avoid tipping at all costs. Worked my fair share of low paid service jobs in supermarkets etc and rarely got tipped/or received a share. Didn't bother me then, knew what I signed up for.As has been alluded to the whole thing is inconsistent/an unwritten rule that gullible folk shell out for.
  3. Again, someone basically going off topic. You've got to question why folk holds these beliefs. The complete and utter clusterfk that is broadcasting in Scotland is the reason. How ridiculous is it really to live in one country but get the the feed/production from another country. The English would be in uproar if it were the other way round. It's blatant antagonism, arrogance. What is the thought process? The jocks will love watching us to cause we would support them like we did when wales reached the semis of the euros (where they equated it to great night for "British" football).
  4. See, this is an example of what someone will comment after years of English broadcasting in Scotland with no Scottish output available. This is unhealthy, unfair and completely wrong and there has to be a change.
  5. Talked about the broadcasting of the World Cup from another country's point of view with the output geared towards not my country's audience. What do you refer to exactly?
  6. Ok yeah fair enough thought you were referring to Scotland only. Just trying to make the point that I genuinely don't think it's fair or correct that we get (in footballing terms) another country's feed/production. As I said it could be any countries feed we get and it be no less ridiculous.
  7. 90%, fkin lol 😂 I've heard folk complaining in my work just about every mornin about English bias for the past month.
  8. so we get the English broadcast for every other match that Scotland aren't involved in?How is that fair and how does that make sense to you?
  9. Don't think your grasping the point. The pundits nationality isn't the problem per se, it's the coverage where by almost everything is geared towards English bias. The pundits, regardless of nationality will be paid to discuss and promote all things England as that is what the content is based on. A sportscene/stv production for every match surely would be correct way to broadcast the World Cup in this country.
  10. Yip watching biased towards England pundits for pretty much every World Cup broadcast. Last time I checked I don't live in England
  11. Folk say don't watch it or mute it. The issue is we don't at the very least have the option to view from our own country's perspective.
  12. It isn't really. That's a completely separate point.If we had the Australian or say Irish feed for the World Cup that would be equally ridiculous.
  13. Folk actually write in to newspapers complaining about English bias of commentators yet fail to mention that we don't have to have the English broadcast. I've just read it in the metro opinions section this morning. I'm utterly convinced it has been the same across all the newspapers during the last couple of weeks. I mean how dense are folk in this country. I think I'm actually more annoyed at the complainers who don't highlight the issue of English perspective broadcasting. Every 2 years this is going to happen it's a scandal.
  14. I'm sure this has been mentioned in various threads during this World Cup and it may seem a non issue to some folk but this really is starting to annoy the crap out of me and something has to change. Ok fair enough, everyone knows we are not quite good enough to qualify for tournaments at the moment. But how on earth is it acceptable to show all matches from an English-afied/English perspective at the World Cup in Scotland? Every 2 years it's the same: folk come into work complaining about commentators, or you'll discuss it with your mates in the pub or with relatives or in the street when you bump into someone you know. This happens all over the country. I'm effing sick to the back teeth of it. How is this healthy? This ongoing arrogance of of the BBC/itv or the folk that make these decisions is an absolute joke. Can you imagine viewers England having to have the feed from another country. Just wouldn't happen. What is so wrong with sportscene or an stv production showing all the games with not the same English bias pundits? It's mental really. Call me delusional but Im convinced this would help in some way to change the mindset of this country in its obsession with all things "hating" England. The fact that so many are oblivious to the issue yet still come complain about it just makes all the more worse.
  15. JECK

    Scottish player transfers

    Got a feeling Tierney would rather stay in the Celtic bubble for the rest of his career. ten in a row an all that pi*h and beat the dross every season. Depends if Celtic want the 20 odd million.