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  1. What’s this lad Hepburn like then?
  2. He was playing brilliantly prior to lockdown IIRC and scored in the manc derby. I thought he had played well all season up and till that point really, something’s went wrong.
  3. Aye pretty much my thoughts. Not that I don’t think this is great to see a young Scottish player having all this interest from big clubs and on the cusp of a good move. I mean every time I’ve seen him you can see the potential but it’s not “wow, this kid is def the next big thing”. Makes you wonder what all these big clubs have at their disposal for scouting young players. Half thinking its all computer software generated that only they are privy to now.
  4. Aye he done the right back for his assist, noticed he’s been getting better at beating his man as times went on which puts him on another level.
  5. McGinn done well according to Twitter
  6. Much happening in McGinn v Tierney the night? Not watching
  7. Could be bollocks but Steve Bruce reportedly in for McGinn once Villa go down. Signed him for Villa of course. Good move?
  8. But he put it in the net? 🤔
  9. And nutmegged Barry Robson on the rebound to score, in true Faddy gallus style .
  10. How does it work, does the transfer window not need to open first before he can move surely?
  11. Watched him on of those Si Ferry shows on YouTube, he comes across as beyond laid back he’s horizontal. You couldn’t imagine much at all affecting him. Could be wrong though.
  12. Very true. Wee Barrie McKay had a decent run at it with Rangers but can’t think of many others.
  13. Given the obsession at Rangers to “stop the 10” and all that sh**e I can’t see any young players at Rangers getting a chance next season. Same with Celtic. It will be the tried and tested and the big money signings.
  14. And a striker or 2. The centre forward/striker area is shocking. Barring an if fit Griffiths we’ve got an ageing hardly clinical Naismith who won’t be around much longer then next to nothing imo.
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