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  1. Don't know where to start with that...Think it doesn't help we're comparing 2 different positions granted but on pure footballing natural ability there's no comparison actually. "Once in 20 games" might give you a wee clue.
  2. I'm willing to overlook the "abusing" line if you are lol, but if you want to use Fleck as an example the difference is night and day. Fleck was a better footballer at 15/16 than Burke will ever be. That's just life.
  3. This lad looks incredible. Still only 19 I believe, yet another goal last night. An athlete and built very well. A quick check says there's another 8 games (including Serbia) for him to pick up an injury. Norway have been dug sh*te for years then they go and produce this absolute beast just in time to possibly play us. Looks very ominous and typically bad luck for us.
  4. Hopefully he has been yeah great. I really hope he becomes the player everyone thinks he will. There's just been too many times I've been left thinking "wtf was that" when I've watched him whether it be a pass or a first touch.
  5. Hooked after 57 mins. Wouldn't surprise me if he was poor. Doesn't have the basic ability to play at that level imo.
  6. Aye those players mentioned as part of the squad also failed to go to Italy, Ukraine and Georgia and get any points because they weren't good enough and so they earned fk all aswell essentially.
  7. You couldn't build a better footballer than Oliver Burke, trouble is ability wise he's no where near top level. English championship and that's at a push.
  8. Which is the exact care free attitude that got us no where at tournaments all those years ago and led to the apathy there is now. Roy Keane amongst others, quite rightly would tear strips off you for having that "we're only here for the party" mentality.
  9. Good point about writing players off too early. Fleck has been outstanding this season and if your remember Snodgrass pissed about in league 1 and championship for years and must have played 5/6 years by now in EPL. A fit Gauld shouldnt. Shouldn't be written off just yet.
  10. Fleck first name on team sheet for me. Been immense all season. Hopefully avoids injury though.
  11. I'd be amazed if any of those lads get a sniff at rangers. To many mentals in the rangers support to appease and diddy trophies to win against horse shit, than risk playing youth players.
  12. JECK

    New jerseys?

    Was dubious on first viewing but probably is it. Same template as N.Ireland new home kit. Is that a nod to the infamous "leisure" kit or whatever its was from 1990 wc era? 😍
  13. Wouldnt be surprised if they've just put him on an extensive gym programme and left him out completely untill he gains upper body strength. No doubt about his talent but he's far too lightweight for PL.
  14. According to twitter Fleck was immense v Man City today. Although they'll not get relegated this year he'll likely stay in the EPL for the next few years if it's not with sheff utd.
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