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  1. Cracking Motherwell home and hibs away kits. I see macron have signed up Dundee Utd also, expect that will be decent to.
  2. I reckon there's going to be loads for this. The first one I thought of was Georgia away 2007, stonewall penalty in the first 20 odd mins not given when McFadden was brought down. Would undoubtedly have changed the game. And would have had a bearing on the Italy game. ps - good topic by the way
  3. Struggling with this one. Eoin Jess seemed to be linked with rangers for at least 3 years or something, so not sure what happened there. I'd imagine there must have been loads of youth players in the 70s/80s that said no given how many Scots used to play in England back then.
  4. The only way to appeal to their thicko old firm fan readership. Try to find a old firm angle to every story. Sickening to be honest.
  5. Im sure i mind at the time Ferguson would have acutally have missed both euro 96 and france 98 regardless due to injuries. Keeping him fit was actually the bigger issue
  6. What, he should fk off because Celtic have got important matches against Livingston, st mirren and Hamilton next season? Not to mention those close battles he'll have against some seasoned English league 1/championship level midfielders. The leagues virtually won already next season and at least 1 cup and lets face it probably another treble. But no it'll be a disaster if mcgregor leaves.
  7. At what point does it become boring for Celtic fans.
  8. There been far worse, trust me.
  9. Forrest has been done for weeks to be fair. Games made for Fraser to change the game late on. Taylor, fk me, good luck son
  10. Lets be honest regardless of Mackay getting caught out the folk booing him were probably fktard morons just looking for someone to boo. Either that or mental rangers fans (Mackay ex Celtic of course)
  11. Will be interesting to compare the attendance with similar games around Europe this weekend
  12. They play in a better standard of league, Tierney plays against English league 1/2 equivalent week in week out, if he's lucky he'll play English championship level when he plays against rangers and Aberdeen.
  13. I get what your saying here but I think you've underestimated him slightly, I genuinely believe he could play top for any club in England outwith city and Liverpool really. Barca not right now, Dortmund yes. He's young enough and good enough to be at that level and get even better. If he gets any older they won't take him. I agree with you in that the trouble is I don't think he wants to leave and is very much in the Celtic bubble of repeated hollow victories. (Reminds me very much of Barry Ferguson)
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