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  1. JECK

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Devlin also. That's a shter for soutar though. Starting to come on leaps and bounds. At least we now have options at the back.
  2. JECK

    Jensen Weir

    Jesus christ, tell me thats a photoshop?! did the whole rangers team have that on their top or just Weir? Beliefs or not that is possibly the most cringeworthy thing ive ever seen. Who on earth does he think he is?
  3. JECK

    SFA cut yer losses

    Just to add Mcleish had looked right for months before his appointment when doing tv punditry for the BBC. Just something not right about his speech and demeanour in general. There's something up...
  4. JECK

    SFA cut yer losses

    Couldn't believe what I was watching last night. It was so bad I genuinely thought it wasn't real at one point in the second half. I wasn't really for or against mcleish being appointed thinking he'll do a good job. I now read this morning he's pretty much going senile and allegedly an alkay. If the latter is true as well how on earth do we keep doing this to ourselves and picking someone thats just not up to it. Mental fkin mental
  5. JECK

    Team for israel

    That would be my team also
  6. JECK

    Team for israel

    Fixed that for you
  7. JECK

    Team for israel

    Well spotted.
  8. JECK

    Team for israel

    Well the suggestion is he's been struggling fitness wise. Their was a bust at half time during the Belgium game. Both had tried to phone each other to talk it over in the days after but kept missing each other's call which was wrongly interpreted as Griffiths blanking Eck. I don't believe for one bit Griffiths wants to chuck it like Boyd and fletcher did. I think Griffiths is probably starting to get paranoid about picking up an injury (due to lack of fitness)with Scotland then losing his place with Celtic and being back to square one so I think this more of a mental issue going on here. By staying at Celtic working on his fitness and losing some excess pounds he's no apparently been carrying he can be fit and firing on all cylinders come the November fixtures.
  9. JECK

    Team for israel

    Ha, didn't know that. Was listening to it earlier. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Michael Stewart revealed management must have went through Griffiths during half time of the Belgium game and this how it all started. Probable slanging match ensued I'd imagine, Griffths then dropped for Albania. Stewart referred to previous issues with Steven Fletcher and Kris Boyd, how we have this knack for mis-managing these important players and shooting ourselves in the foot. Peter Grant sounded pretty positive about it earlier. Griffith should sort himself out during this international break and Mcleish should make sure this situation is resolved in time for the November fixtures. As Stewart said "it's mental" that we keep finding ourselves in this situation.
  10. JECK

    Team for israel

    Ah feck sake Griffiths. I reallly thought this game would be ideal for him naisy to play upfront, not the best opposition and opportunity for him to get a goal or 2 and get his confidence back up. In a way I totally understand what he's doing, he recognises he has fitness issues and it is affecting his club form so he's trying to remedy that as best possible. Maybe could have had an agreement to play the Israel game only and go back to Celtic. I don't believe for a minute that "we might not see too much more from him".
  11. JECK

    Oli McBurnie

    Fk i thought he was a dubious grandparent job. Glad I read that, good luck to him this season.
  12. JECK

    Scotland Retro gear

    Am sure John Lewis sold these few years ago. I get the appeal of the 80s ones and down, sort of minimalist retro vibe but am not having the 90s ones, probably cause they are without the Umbro badge. Look like some fake effort you'd get in Spain or turkey or some where like that, no dis-respect.
  13. JECK

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Reminds me of an article I once read in the early the 2000's predicting Stephen Simmons of hearts at the time, would star for Scotland at World Cup 2006 and Stephen hughes of rangers would be Scotlands main man at Euro 2008. All a big fcukin LOL all round looking back now.
  14. JECK

    Team for israel

    I really want to see griffiths and Naismith play up top together. Its not as if we're going away to top side where we'd prodominantly be sitting back not seeing much possession. We're likely to have more possession. I reckon they would cause them damage. Perfect foils for each other, on paper anyway.
  15. JECK

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I see McKenna back for Aberdeen today, no idea how played. Both he and Souttar part of clean sheets