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  1. Sh*t move to a shi* club in a shi* league. Hopefully acts as a stepping stone to bigger things in a better league. Be aswell staying at Motherwell until such a move arises for him.
  2. After last weeks semi final and the quite frankly laughable impending treble treble I've come to the conclusion that Scottish football truly is shi*e and this is the worst it's been. You've got no clubs in England raiding Celtic for their best players. Says it all. Celtic fans will be lapping this treble treble shi* up/10 in a row bo**ocks and its all completely and utterly farcical. English league 1, most of the English championship and spl is just full of sh*t. Look at the current rangers side that now have likely 2nd place wrapped up, full of sh*t players, let's be honest. Hearts are an embarrassment, Aberdeen are bottle merchants. Pass marks to Steve Clarke (little resources) and Heckingbottom for teaching hearts a lesson in attempting to at least play football.
  3. Thats the thing, so many of their fans lap this up. At what point do you say what your watching is complete boll**ks? Not the standard as such but the whole non competition? I think i heard earlier (could be wrong) Neil Lennon said after the game that James Forrest "is one of the best players in Britain". Well why the fk is he still at Celtic, theres only one league he should be playing in if that were the case. I cant for the life me think that Callum McGregor couldnt play for a decent side in England, Spain or Germany. However if there is not a bidding war for him this summer what am i to think? Thats he's actually no where near that level? Exact same applies to Tierney, he's even younger and played tonnes of games, looks tremendous most weeks yet no one has seemingly tempted Celtic with a bid that surely top clubs could easily afford. Its mental.
  4. JECK

    New kit

    Right mate request time, its time to bring an Adidas version of this back https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/archie-gemmill-of-scotland-during-the-israel-v-scotland-news-photo/88614918 And a radge design similar to this http://kirefootballkits.blogspot.com/2014/05/czechoslovakia-kits-world-cup-1990.html I also feel we should have dibs on this Argyle design. https://footballshirt.online/shop/belgium-2018-home-shirt/ Get these sent to your Welsh pal.
  5. If English premier league clubs, or any other major European league clubs for that matter, arent raiding Celtic for their players this summer, (especially the Scottish contingent) what are we to make of the current standard of the league? They're about to be part of a team that has won 9 trophies on the bounce, surely thats got to interest better teams?
  6. Totally agree. This Celtic side should be decimated by now from their players moving on to better English teams but they don't seem interested.
  7. The ongoing nightmare that is Scottish football continues. Never been in a worse state. And they've got a terrible hearts side to play in the final.
  8. It's all gone depressingly and predictably quiet...
  9. McGinn been a superstar by all accounts in that league in his debut season in England. He was also one of many who struggled in Kazakhstan obviously. We just need the right manager to get the best out of him. Would he make the Ni, wales and Roi squads and play? I think the answer is unequivocally yes
  10. We won the Kirin cup final did we no
  11. Scott Marshall, of course.
  12. Paul Dickov (cue bonny78's impending drivel) and think there was a bit part defender in the 90s that also played for them.
  13. Not necessarily re Owen. His father and brother both had serious hamstring and other muscle problems so he was essentially fecked due to genetics.
  14. Also agree. Too many folk jumping the gun on Tierneys commitment. Totally wrong. He's played ahell of a lot football for club and country the past few years.
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