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  1. Not sure if Campbell got injured but I agree with you I think he might surprise a few on here & do okay for them in their inevitable relegation battle.I He has a great work ethic & attitude as well as more talent than people give him credit for. Ryan Jack seemed to finish the season poorly if he doesn't start next season well I can see Campbell replacing Jack in our squad. There should always be a place in the squad for a player like Campbell or Jack , nothing spectacular but willing to sit & put their foot in when necessary💪
  2. Yeh the Fulham model this year seemed to work, i prefer that than a complete overhaul of a squad which like you say Luton won't have the money to do . I'm pretty sure my English team Burnley as long as they don't lose Kompany will also try to add a handful of higher level players & hope it's enough to survive Sad reality of the alleged best league in the world is half the teams are just battling to stay up . Apologies to the majority who might not interested in this post😉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💪
  3. He has started nearly every game this season & it's only been since the play offs he hasn't. It wasn't that long ago, around the time he got the Scotland call that I read that the fans love him & where scared they might lose him. Luton will be odds on to go down as i guess the majority of their squad is thought to be championship standard but it doesn't mean some of them including Campbell can't take their game to a bottom half EPL level. Players like Kenny McLean & Scott Arfield where never thought good enough to play at that level but they did even though with limited success & I'm pretty sure Luton will give Campbell that deserved chance also.
  4. Yeh just noticed ha.. No disrespect to the lad as we know How proud he was to be selected but to say he is limited is putting it mildly. Though with Adams out maybe his pace or for that matter Oliver Burke's pace of the bench might have been handy.
  5. Didn't know it was being announced today. Anyway no surprises though very disappointed Adams isn't fit enough to be selected. McLean I thought hasn't played for months due to injury, he can't be anywhere near match fit, idk but maybe he is good character in the dressing room ,I wonder sometimes if players get selected partly for that as much as their abilities.
  6. Good info even though there is probably very little chance any of them will get on. Was hoping Doak might also be selected but not to be.
  7. Excellent season from him. Be interesting to see if a bigger club comes in for him but Bologna seems to suit him well, might be better having another season with them than moving on to possibly warm the bench with a club with a bigger squad.
  8. Surely Souttar should play ahead of Hendry who is unlikely to be match fit
  9. Crikey had almost forgotten about him. There's still a chance then as he has done enough to get a new contract.
  10. Nut job of the highest order, good looking though so you can't blame Mason Mount for having a go😆 Billy had a rough time also it seems without even touching her. Hope the silly girl learns from a stiff sentence.
  11. There's a few posts about him on the Man City forum, he is very highly rated & they would prefer he trained with the first team squad or went out on loan but the rumour is he could be off permanently with PSV Eindhoven favourites .
  12. I agree, if he starts again at the weekend & plays well, that's 2 league starts in a row for a top 4 EPL club , arguably he has done enough to be offered the call up .
  13. Exactly he hasn't only the under 21's & I wouldn't blame any player for pulling out of coaching session with Scott Gemmil, especially a player who is trying to break into a premier League side. My memory might be playing tricks with me here but i thought when Anderson came on as a sub for Newcastle 2 or 3 Weeks ago there was no flag next to his name or maybe even a English one. Last night it was definitely a Scottish flag. Only a wishful thinking geek like me thinks what sky class you as might matter😆
  14. It's good to watch when possible & try to predict who will make the A team in the future. Part of the fun of being a fan for me.
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