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  1. I thought there was more to it than just wishful thinking from fans , just googled it & it has been rumoured by various publications including talk sport. Though most rumours don't amount to much but do think if it's going to happen it will happen soon as Christie's switch of position has opened a place for a player like Barnes. Misprint in my previous post it's Harvey B of course , Ashley B is the ex Burnley battering ram forward.
  2. Totally agree, looks like Christie has finally found his most effective position. His form playing deeper has surely been too good to ignore by Clarke. Don't know how you'll feel about it but reckon Frasers injury may mean if Ashley Barnes is going to commit to us this is his time.
  3. Ryan Fraser out for a month, so if he is to be recalled by Scotland it'll not be until the summer.
  4. Archie plays right back but he switched to left back late on in Leeds last game assisted in a goal. Actually think the lads naturally a midfield player so he can play a few positions, as can Livramento so for us would be a huge coup to get either of them committed. Highly unlikely to happen sadly even though I'm sure Clarke & Co are trying.
  5. Enjoy & look forward to a positive report👍
  6. My baring injuries automatic choices would be GK. Gunn, Clark, Gordon FB. Robbo, Hickey , Patterson CD. Tierney, Souttar, McKenna MID. McGinn, McTominay, Gilmour, Christie , McGregor , Ferguson, McLean ATTACK. Adams , Shankland, Dykes, Fraser, Barnes. That's 21 & a bit defensively light so 1 from Hanley, Hendry, Porteous & in my dreamy head the last place goes to Livramento or Archie Gray😊
  7. Totally agree with nearly everything you've written apart from the re-emergence of Fraser being a potential threat to Christie's inclusion. What Christie's emergence as a deeper midfielder may have done is end Ryan Jacks international career unless he plays a pivotal role for Rangers from now until the seasons end. I'd go as far as to say Christie deserves to start next to Gilmour against Netherlands in the friendly & if they pairing works well against Germany also. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💪
  8. Pretty impressive job being done by Burke & Killie considering the old firm will have such a bigger budget , it's no fluke either when you see killie's far superior goal difference .
  9. Ramsay isn't even starting in league 1 with Bolton currently, he really needs a run of games to build confidence.
  10. Definitely good enough now I reckon as no disrespect to Ralston who always gives his all but Gray will be a class above already . I know what you're saying & maybe if Archie had grown up watching his dad have a successful Scotland career it would have influenced him but the reality was his dad who was also born in Yorkshire only got a couple of token caps under Berti Vogts.
  11. Be a huge coup, I've never seen him kick a ball but read he could be a £50 million player within a season or 2. Wont happen though, seriously can't see it though as he is very highly rated & loved by the English.
  12. 🤣 Ok you've a deal for now but be prepared in a month's time his name might be hot on here😉
  13. Yeh sadly of the other fringe strikers only Hardie is having a good season & I can't see him coming in from nowhere. Though let's not forget Harvey Barnes, if he commits & Clarke classes him as a striker then Dykes place could be in jeopardy .
  14. The fans have opened an appreciation thread about Leonard & Kieron Bowie 👌 Most seem confident Leonard is destined for the EPL
  15. 🤣 McLean played in the back 4 partnered by Hanley today. Not saying he should be ever start there for Scotland but having versatile players like him is a real asset especially with only a 23 man squad
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