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  1. Well summed up. Due to our current lack of quality alternatives we have to keep McBurnie in the squad. Start him as the main man against San Marino & see if he can break his duck, a goal against them might just be the catalyst for a run of form not many on here would think he is capable of. Totally agree with your support striker choices. Whoever is on better form between Christie, Fraser & Turnbull should start. I've not seen enough of Gauld to pass true judgement but from what I've read support striker suits him & he is certainly a better shout than any of our potential
  2. You might be right though i would imagine Sheff Utd will play a different style in that far inferior championship.
  3. Currently they are all much of a ordinary muchness I'm afraid. McBurnie has had a poor season & is struggling for confidence but if we could fast forward 12 months my money would be on him out scoring the rest of them & also being close to the top of the championship leading scorers list.
  4. There is absolutely no chance Armstrong will miss out whether McLean makes it or not. At club level Armstrong has arguably had the best season from any of our midfielders. I would imagine Clarke spends more time considering how he can get him into the starting 11 never mind the squad. As mentioned previously i hope he is thinking about trying him at RWB, he has the energy & intelligence for that role & could be the solution at least short term to our weakest position . O'Donnell played well in Belgrade but with a player of such limited ability its only a matter of when he wi
  5. Just agreeing with some of the up to date guys here, Fleck has been in excellent form the last few weeks. He has certainly played himself back into contention. A few mentioning how well Mckenna has been doing for Forest, well your right he was doing well prior to be injured, don't think he has played for 4 or 5 weeks. Our biggest concern form wise might be Dykes , subbed the other night & QPR turned the game around without him. From their forum most QPR fans don't think he is even championship level. Reality is there's so many tough choices for Clarke to make, he needs to keep th
  6. Great news, he needs a good game & a win. Cup starts & perhaps a Chelsea run to the final combined with a few cameo appearances from the bench in the epl might just be enough to get him in the squad. Personally I'd like to see him & Turnbull in the squad for next months WC Qualifiers. In fact start them both against San Marino
  7. Thought you might have some personal knowledge of Kents Scottish granny 😁
  8. It is, he sounds a grounded hard working lad. He was on the bench last night against Atlético, let's hope he can stay in the first team squad & get some game before the end of the season.
  9. I believe that nickname league one Liam is quite widespread within the Leeds fans, my mate who is also a season ticket holder mate also calls him that & still doesn't rate him. The way Leeds play it must be pretty tough being a central defender at times especially against the top 6 to 8 Epl clubs. He was very solid last night & seems to have handled the step up in class so far. Leeds also this season signed Spanish & German international centre backs ( both injured currently) so he needs to continue in his fine form to be sure to start. If he can for another month
  10. Your right in saying there's a lot of competition but apart from the Tierney/Robbo debate it's only in midfield where we have a abundance of good quality. Central defence plenty of solid pros but no stand outs. I'm sure we can debate them over the coming months. 3rd choice keeper is up for grabs as is O'donnell's probably back up in our by far weakest position RB/RWB As for the Forwards, there's a abundance of potentials, the one who has been key for us lately Dykes hasn't scored for what seems months. Really hope for his confidence he can bag a few for QPR especiall
  11. Zac Jules now there's a player i never thought we would be desperate enough to mention on here again. I read the Walsall forum & the fans rate him highly, apparently as well as being big & strong he is lightning quick. He has been playing left back a lot for them so he is decent on the ball also. Fair play to him, maybe it was a confidence issue earlier in his career & playing regular football has transformed him. Doubt he will reach the level required but you never know with those attributes. I see another centre back often mentioned here Tom McIntyre is having a g
  12. Don't think he even got a touch tonight but he did well in when he came on in the cup game against Arsenal. He looks a decent sized athletic lad who is apparently comfortable with both feet. Nice to see Clarke taking a serious interest in him, they must think he has a real chance of stepping up if they are watching him already. Fingers crossed having 2 ex Newcastle guys Carver & Dillon on our coaching staff will help him commit to us. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/elliot-anderson-newcastle-scotland-scout-19647315
  13. I agree with a lot of what you say here, I don't like slating any player but i think it's quite obvious due to how their careers have stagnated that players such as Middleton, Maguire, McLennan & 2 or 3 others who started in Greece will never be good enough to step up to senior level yet they still stayed mainstays of the under 21 team during qualification while players with much more potential such Banks, Soutter, Turnbull & even Nathan Patterson where either benched or not selected at all. Surely forward thinking associations don't let that happen. As for Banks he
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