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  1. Spoke to ssc today about tickets for Oslo or Belgrade,no chance of anything being done about tickets until the Israel game is done then they are going to sell tickets point wise on the hour .eg 32 points first hour then 30 points next hour and so on till they sell out
  2. Hi Davy,can you put me down for 2 from Larnaca please cheers
  3. Hi Davy here is a extra £5 for bus previously sent £20 so here is balance from big chis (Ross chisholm)
  4. From big chis Davy sent you another £5 for bus previously sent you £20 so here is balance,payment will come thru from Ross chisholm

  5. Hi Davy could I book 2 seats please
  6. Have been watching scotland home and away since the 70’s,watching celtic tonight is there a worst player than James forrest
  7. Everybody that wants a ticket will get ,no way will we have over 2500
  8. Davy could I please book 2seats on bus from Tirana to shkoder
  9. davy,money sent thanks

  10. Davy if still available can I book two seats.if you confirm i’ll Make payment right away thanks

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