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  1. Stress? Why would you get stressed today? Watching not the team you support?
  2. Folk that diss our game should have watched that game today. 2 awful sides. To think some folk were touting Ross as a candidate for the Celtic job.
  3. Since the Huns have got promoted into the top league Celtic have won ever cup available. Each and every one.
  4. Not a good appointment however we’ll still win the league . That’s how far ahead of the rest we are. The chasing clubs will remain in our shadow despite this appointment.
  5. What a time to be alive. The seethe in here is tremendous. Hail Hail.
  6. Rogic is a waste of a jersey. He hasn’t showed up in a year. Should have punted him.
  7. No fucking wonder he wasn’t. People on here cling onto any players that get game time at decent sized clubs thinking this is it a star has arrived without actually analysing how poor that player really is. Bates will end up playing for a Pompey/Donny levelled side.
  8. Yes, you can’t legislate for people shitting it and backing out as they fear the step up is way to much for them can you?
  9. That is at odds with what the Chairman of Livi has informed somebody I know well. Interesting.
  10. We don’t usually like it when we get kicked about and this will happen on Saturday so it’s about how we handle it. Think it might be closer that many think with the hammer throwers digging in deep. Add to the fact we are struggling to perform I can see extra time.
  11. It’s pathetic that these cunts can’t sell out their allocations of 6k for a European Final regardless of where it’s being held.
  12. It’s a done deal. They approached Livi on Friday and agreements have been sorted.
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