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  1. Missed you, you’ve no passed on with Covid then?
  2. Had 18 on Sunday for the first time since July. Birdie birdie finish for a one over 73 off the medal tees. I’ve reminded myself that I’m not bad at the sport and should really play more often. Best part was having a craic with my mate again though, that and the fact the course is burnt to fuck and is proper linksy for the first time in a fucking age.........proper golf.
  3. If this had been a black police officer on a white man what would be happening in the US of A right now?
  4. What’s the deaths per million? I know the internet is a wonderful thing so that’s why I rely on other folk to give me the answers as I’m a lazy cunt and would rather someone else did the work for me. Thanks in advance. 😂
  5. That’s just opinions not numbers of deaths etc. I’m looking to see if the actual numbers back up the claims that she’s done a better job than that cunt in England.....
  6. Has she though? Numbers wise, not the fact she’s actually fronted up unlike that cunt Boris, has she???
  7. Very good light entertainment during these harrowing times. Give Terry a star for his shirt please.
  8. Yes however it was the correct call. Clubs wouldn’t/couldn’t play behind closed doors due to finances was the biggest reason. It’s a shame it wasn’t played to the end as we’d have won by a huge distance however as I’ve said the correct call was made.
  9. Because Peter is in charge. Surely you didn’t need to ask?
  10. When I get seething I don’t usual smile and laugh like this signing had made me do.
  11. Great signing, he’s made a huge difference to your side since he arrived.
  12. I have. Apologies for being a dim cunt. What happened to the IOW track app? Surely that should be rolled out by now no?
  13. I’ve now read this 10 times and I still haven’t a clue what it’s supposed to say. Anyone??
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