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  1. Celtic beat Inter Milan in 1967.
  2. Apparently £450 for Goodwillie, basic. Sorry, 3rd. Time flies.
  3. A friend who’s involved with BRFC. It’s huge considering it’s only your 2nd year and currently renting ground wise. Hope it is sustainable.
  4. It’s not phenomenal? It is for that league. The majority of the clubs are between £60k (Albion Rovers) to the norm of £120k yet City are up, way ahead at £200k. That’s a huge difference, huge.
  5. The cash that City have spent is phenomenal for that league. Where’s the money coming from, private or sponsorship? £350 to £400 a week against the £200 to £275 norm or in Berwick’s case £185. 😂
  6. No wonder on your budget. If they don’t win that league your gaffer needs punted.
  7. He deserved to be punted from the platform and the whole station. I’d fear for players lives with a creepster like that kicking around. Anyone thinking his performance is acceptable needs to take a look in the mirror.
  8. And who actually thought Hendry was good enough to play for Celtic? He’d struggle to command a slot in the team he left. Brutal player.
  9. Killie well worth that. We are a shambles at present. Something severely wrong internally. I said a month back he’ll not see Xmas but I’d say he’s struggling to see October.
  10. Killie doing what we can’t cope with...being physical. Brown seems very deep and it’s causing us issues. Christie about the only player I’d give pass marks to so far.
  11. And as for that stupid bitch referring to Killie as the Huns...twice.
  12. Watched MOTD this morning and jug ears was telling us that Burnley should fire on now after being hampered by their Europa League exploits. Did they not play 4 games only, 2 of which was against a pub league side? Incredible pish from jug lugs.
  13. Amazing to see what the two teams have achieved for Scotland.
  14. Re Aberdeen’s statement I seem to be the only one who thinks it isn’t all that fantastic. All they have done is reiterate the fact they find the decision puzzling. Now.....if they actually played the player that would be a statement to get behind.
  15. See folk from other nations??? They must pish themselves laughing at our game. Mind so do I, comical stuff from the SFA. As inconsistent as the referees who we watch week in week out.