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  1. macy37

    league cup

    Diet Huns caught cheating.
  2. As amusing as me being called a fenian cunt. Church of Scotland Proddy me. Club open to all indeed.
  3. I’ve said it before but it’s not just two clubs that have the issue. Many a time I’ve been called a fenian cunt by other clubs supporters. Scotland as a nation has a huge issue and not just in sport. Those who deny it are part of the problem.
  4. 100% agree however we’ve all been thinking it’ll go tits up for a number of years now yet the cash cow keeps mooing.
  5. Sad indictment when Rooney goes there. Shows you the cash gulf between Scotland’s 2nd best team and Salford bloody City.
  6. Bartley is at least as decent at him. He’s a different player to that the Huns had or at least was when he turned out for Leeds. Since returning from Leeds where he played very well he’s been fucked with injuries.
  7. There’s asking and there’s ripping the piss though.
  8. Financial meltdown I see. Liam Henderson back as being a Celtic asset?
  9. Thanks folks. I’ll just play the diabetes card and inform them I’m carrying insulin in my bag so it can’t go into the hold as it might freeze. Job done.
  10. I’ve just checked in for a flight on Friday and see they now say as a pikey non priority boarder I can only get a wee 35cmx20x20 into the cabin. Now that’s silly small. I’ve a bag that I use all the time that fits under the seat in front but it is certainly larger than those dimensions. Will they insist it goes into the hold and will they charge me for this? Thanks folks!
  11. England have done well. Great achievement. First British side to tally up 3 defeats at a finals.
  12. Let’s sum up their “brilliant” World Cup then....didn’t need to play Brazil, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Spain nor Argentina. They lost to a country with a population of 4m folk and 11m folk and narrowly defeated Tunisia, scraped past Colombia on penalties and narrowly defeated an extremely poor Sweden side. Brilliant?? Bottle crashed big time. Their campaign brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people but some of the subsequent assessments of the strength of the England team are laughable. That's the closest any team will ever get to a bye to the semi finals, and the avalanche of anti-Scottish social media posts after every game went way beyond banter.
  13. 100% agree with all that. Really is a competition that we as a club strive to get into (group tables wise) but bar getting cash in our pockets it’s a waste of time as we just cannot compete.
  14. Farcical. Champions League.....why on earth is it even named that? Last years winners were not reigning champions of their League were they? The tournament gets more and more boring and predictable every year.
  15. Anyone seen it? What on earth??