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  1. Has it a number on Sky? Thanks.
  2. That serious absolutely no arrests have been made. Funny that eh? Anyone would think none of this actually happened...
  3. Who blamed a referee? I’m only asking if any arrests have been made in the light of the alleged death threats that the MSM relayed to us.....none yet I take it??
  4. One hell of a wanky phrase alert there....
  5. Crowd prediction for Celtic’s game on Saturday? 12315 given as 36000. Why oh why was this match chosen? Others that are way more attractive to watch.
  6. No wish to bet on something I hope to happen. Let’s hope he stays.
  7. £14m for Ntcham with that fella the toon had thrown in. Must be a made up story. Mbemba is only 25/6 maybe and will be worth about that alone I’d have thought plus he’ll be on significant wages.
  8. A lot of Tim social media blog/outlets claiming McKenna is on his way. 🤔
  9. 100% correct he’s come out of this looking like a twat. He’s also denied another player the chance to compete when clearly he is done and can’t. Attention seeking cunt.
  10. Honestly? Really? Netball? Anyway Murray kept up the Nations mantra of “plucky loser” I see. I’ve seen his performance described as heroic and that he played like a giant. He got best ffs.