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  1. It would be hilarious and The Jakeball would no doubt still survive it.
  2. Why on earth do you feel sorry for that cunt??
  3. Give over. They’ve all got experience of it. With that many in mind I take it they’ll be absolutely hopeless on grass then?
  4. Listen, it not matters one fuck. Belgium, Russia and Cyprus will all finish higher than us.
  5. I hope to awake tomorrow to news of Eckzit.
  6. macy37

    Next Manager?

    I’ve just watched his after match interview. My god where do you start with it?!! We started bright, Olly Burke looked a little bit up for it. They were on fire. Playing in to out. Can only impart what we know on the players. He’s shot, totally out of depth. Looks terrible too. Get him away tae fuck ASAP.
  7. That shows up how utterly hopeless our cunts are. Split arses more valuable than the Scottish game.
  8. It won’t happen. The fact they even hired EBT Eck tells its story. The association is corrupt to its core.
  9. Piss off with this horrible surface pish. They’re professional sportsmen ffs.
  10. macy37

    Next Manager?

    Be a great selection of alcohol available though.
  11. The real concern is that he’ll not get the bullet nor will he resign. There’s dozens I’d take before him. Ffs I’d rather employ Johnny Harvey.
  12. He should have gone a while back. Look at his results ffs.....dreadful stuff against poor sides.
  13. Let’s sit back and take stock of what this result means. None of our close competition will actually go there and drop points let alone get tanked. We are dead in the water after game 1. Absolute laughing stock of international football.
  14. Do we all agree he has to go now? Surely no cunt wants him to continue??
  15. I haven’t though. We limp through the NL and the happy clappers are clapping hard while ignoring how good awful we actually are under this drunk.
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