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  1. Amazing how well Boris spoke yesterday, and Charlie. Not even the slightest cough. Boris’s pal looking wonderfully tip top on QT tonight too. It’s almost as if they’ve not had it nor had any symptoms.
  2. What I don’t understand is surely there’s a rule in their membership to cover this?
  3. Fucking hate dugs so would be win win for me. Fucking ridiculous these cunts that are walking them 4/5 times a day.
  4. Why the fuck are dug walkers out umpteen times a day? Shot dogs, would help contain this virus.
  5. Far too early? Did I not read you said it was due to 5G?
  6. Why do people call tickets “briefs”? Never understood that.
  7. That’s been parked. It’s all about saving hearts.
  8. My informant tells me it’s 3 leagues of 14 next season. Huns voted against it, only club.
  9. Boris won’t have it. That’s all show, good tactics.
  10. Berwick Rangers paying their players fully to completion of their contracts. Putting several bigger clubs to shame. Absolutely brilliant from the new BOD’s.
  11. Only 48 deed today. It’s on its way out. Time to get back to the boozer.
  12. I think 8.30 press conference will be parks shut and public transportation adjustments. Half arsed measures when lock down should be the option.
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