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  1. So folk find it truly acceptable then? This place never ceases to amaze. Imagine a Scotland v England World Cup qualifying match being officiated by a dyed in the wool England fan. I’m no sure it would be acceptable then. Refereeing should be a global organisation with officials allocated matches so for example a Norwegian could do Hearts match on Saturday with Beaton doing Ajax’s match etc etc.
  2. Is it? Is it really? When you have a referee with the history of brother Beaton I’m struggling to see what’s incorrect with questions to his integrity. I mean it’s not like he goes drinking in a Hun pub after games or glaringly misses decisions that can be seen by thousands yet not by him from a few feet away is it?
  3. Joking apart what is it that Boyd has said that’s incorrect?
  4. Gerrard was untouched when he blurted his outburst out however Boyd is taken to task?
  5. Del is the biggest myth in Scottish Football. You’ve been up against nothing for the vast majority of those years.
  6. Is this not the 3rd Qualifying round? If not I’ll apologise and say they’ve never got beyond the 3rd with Del Boy. Not sure what Lennon has to do with this as the point is about what a fraud Del is.
  7. This is as far as Aberdeen have ever got under Del Boy. The frauds record is fucking horrendous.
  8. As I said no different to last year. All learnt while doing that terrible job you think he did at Hibs...
  9. He’s not doing anything different to what his previous incumbent did last season.
  10. Did he do that bad a job at Hibs? Bolton was a ridiculous job for him to take. Sir Alex couldn’t have succeeded there. The bare facts are he’s done very decently at Celtic especially in Europe in comparison to many.
  11. Who has a pretty decent record for us. It stands up very well. Your post is puzzling.
  12. I’m not sure what Hibs fans expected, he’s another person masquerading as a manager. Terrible appointment.
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