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  1. It is. To think it isn’t is exactly why the issue repeats.
  2. Another one who finds what he’s subjected to fair game and just banter?
  3. Ffs...no wonder there’s problems. You’re part of it.
  4. We are only days away from the annual James McLean racism bash however that’s all completely acceptable.
  5. macy37

    Norn Iron

    Both wear the red face almost as well as the red hand.
  6. macy37

    Norn Iron

    Just got off flight to Edinburgh and about a dozen of their team were on it. Had a quick chat with Jimmy Nic and he was upbeat about how well they’ve done but felt Dutch result was a missed opportunity. When I said if Scotland had played those 2 sides over the weekend the aggregate score would have been about 6-0 he laughed and said without a doubt.
  7. Does anyone think we’ll collect 9 points in the last 3 matches? It’s a minimum requirement or he should be emptied. We’ve gone backwards under him so far so he needs to show something over these matches.
  8. 100%. We are backwards in everything we do from training methods, diet to picking our head coaches. Fuck me Peter cunting Grant got a gig as did McFadden!!!
  9. This country is more interested in banning a lowly clubs kit man for gambling than investing in their game.
  10. KK has been out of football for years which explains why no cunt wanted him in you clown. You’re one of these happy clappers aren’t you? Bet you were in faro.
  11. There was plenty wanted KK back in the day. The point remains Clarke is a footballing nobody in terms of achievement yet Wanks on here demanded he was the one. Mostly because he had no connection to the Huns.
  12. What the fuck has King Kenny got to do with this cunt?
  13. What to people expect when we appoint managers that have achieved fuck all? The height of Clarke’s management achievements is taking Killie to 3rd in a rank rotten league full of rank rotten sides.
  14. San Marino will give us a match.
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