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  1. Players were tired. Poor lambs. Imagine having to do a bit of overtime this week and no being able to handle it. It’s a tough life.
  2. Just a shame no other clubs have done their bit. Imagine where we could be.
  3. Worked fantastically thanks to the magic cash oot button.
  4. That Columbia’s cunt gets picked on in Scotland apparently.....9 yellows and one red in Europe so far this season. ‘Mon the Braga, 3/1 was fantastic odds.
  5. The state of these two. Mods can I suggest you ban the two of them for a couple of days, it might just end their startling stalking.
  6. No on the night shift that you said you’d be on last week?
  7. If not is. Pedantic cunt. No doubt they’ll not shift their small amount of tickets though.
  8. Make for a full house is they can move their small amount of tickets.
  9. The Farmers giving is 3 stands I see. Well done to them for putting the Green Pound first.
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