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  1. Tartan_Don


    Was there this time last year mate. Fine wee place, plenty of boozers and restaurants. Nae too busy and reasonable prices. Waterfront area is nice and the auld style buildings are quality (if you like that kind a thing)
  2. Tartan_Don

    Taxi from Skhoder to Podgorica airport on Sunday

    Early bus from Tirana to Podgorica fir me on the Sunday morning
  3. Tartan_Don

    Doddie Weir Cup - Wales v Scotland

    Scotland squad to face Wales Dell, McInally (captain), Nel, Toolis, Gray, Ritchie, Wilson, Watson, Price, Hastings, Dunbar, H.Jones, L.Jones, Kinghorn, Seymour. Replacements: Brown, Berghan, Fagerson, P.Horne, Allan, Gilchrist, G.Horne, Graham
  4. Tartan_Don

    Teesside TA?

    Aye can imagine that was hard going min !! The good lassie's family are still in Eaglescliffe, as a said a nice part a Ingerlundshire. Nae far from the lakes and only 3 hours back home. The only place a can think that might have any TA is maybe York but as you say it's definitely Ingerlundshire set around there
  5. I'm nae expert on the UFC but definitely a fan of it and other mixed martial arts tournaments. I have been tae a few live events and aye you get plenty a wannabes but that's the same at any boxing event a have been to. Plenty a decent folk who respect the skill, talent and baws it takes tae compete in this sport. I have followed it for years now, but lost track for a while (pretty much when McGregor made his name) through no having sky/BT. With regards tae McGregor, he is the biggest name in the sport because he sells him self the most. Managed to catch up on his career, name doubting he's a talented fighter but he realised early that as with all fighters you have a shelf life (If yer clever) and has set out tae make a fortune. Aye he's comes across as a total dick at times but that sells tickets and makes him money. Completely different in the far East when its aw about respect , but as its the Yanks, they love his antics and the whole "Irish" heritage thing the Americans have is easy pickings for McGregor. Quickly on the actual fight, Nurmagomedov is an animal and did exactly wit he said he would do. Nae excuses for the aftermath mind
  6. Tartan_Don

    Teesside TA?

    Spent a lot a time in Yarm mate and never heard about any TA, most a the boozers are kitted out in Ingerlundshire flags at any excuse (and before anybody says anything, aye it's Ingerlundshire so wit'd you expect) Nice wee place mind
  7. Tartan_Don

    Doddie Weir Cup - Wales v Scotland

    Aye mate, heading doon Friday...staying central Cardiff Always a good night
  8. Tartan_Don

    league cup

    This. Anyone that can't see that has issues.
  9. Tartan_Don

    Davy Bus

  10. Tartan_Don

    Davy Bus

    Hello Davy, tried to pm you but got a message saying you canae receive messages ?? Looking to bank transfer the bus money Cheers
  11. Tartan_Don


    4 BTA in the Best Western
  12. Tartan_Don

    Matt Ritchie

  13. Tartan_Don

    Matt Ritchie

    Exactly this..
  14. Tartan_Don


    Any ideas when the tickets are being sent out ??