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  1. France game going ahead as planned Massive chance handed to us...
  2. Tough opening game...attacking back line from GT Ingerlundshire will play their usual strong arm and kick game, need a bit of magic from Finn and everyone to step their physicality up massively
  3. I listened to the Tony Livesey link Exile, no need for your clarification as I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth and I don't want this to become a two person debate Apart from the statistics he mentions, this stood out.. "Black lives need to matter more than they do now, they need to matter equally as much as white lives. Saying white lives matter is not a campaign stance its stating the bleeding obvious" Surely saying Black lives matter is stating the bleeding obvious
  4. Thanks, I had a read over it. BLM - you are supporting an injustice in society WLM - you are racist and oppressive Every life matters - you are ignoring the injustice in society and therefore giving preferencal treatment to racism and oppression
  5. So, if you say "Black lives matter" you are supporting an injustice in society? And if you say "White lives matter" you are racist and oppressive?
  6. Took this as the original 'Tartan Don' was taken and thought, and let's be honest....naebody can beat.... Shunkyboy and the Fluffer
  7. One change for the game on Saturday... Bradbury in for Haining, who had a decent game in Dublin Scotland: Hogg (capt); Maitland, Jones, Johnson, Kinghorn; Hastings, Price; Sutherland, Brown, Fagerson, Cummings, Gray, Ritchie, Watson, Bradbury. Replacements: McInally, Dell, Berghan, Toolis, Haining, Horne, Hutchinson, Harris.
  8. He got drunk and when told to stop he didnt, he missed training and so was told he was not playing the first game. Got invited to training and said no...
  9. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-union/news/12505/11916033/finn-russell-omission-from-scotland-squad-for-ireland-game-came-after-drinking-incident
  10. Massive call, been worried that this might happen ever since the Twickenham half time argument..
  11. Six Nations: Scotland's Finn Russell will not face Ireland after 'protocol breach' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/51222874
  12. Aye, looking at 2020 after the 6 nations we play South Africa twice then New Zealand, all away from home...followed by the autumn series, Japan Argentina and New Zealand. Could be a long year... Still if anybody has tickets for Dublin and France at home give me a shout
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