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  1. Parents had no interest in football so went with my pal and his Dad from age 10 to see Celtic and watched them home/away/Europe till I was about 30 then just stopped, and didn't miss it in the slightest. When my son was born I started taking him to see Clyde from 4 y.o. onwards as I wanted him to enjoy football but avoid the Old Firm as I'm only too aware of the sectarian baggage surrounding it, and being honest it's the best decision I ever made. We've both watched them now for around 14 years and he was even the mascot the day Clyde knocked Celtic out the Scottish Cup!! I admit it's odd to change your team and I suppose some people will never accept you can/should, but Ibelieve I done it for the right reason and I'm glad I did. And you can hardly call me a "glory-hunter" Mon the Bully Wee!!
  2. Andy North Croy

    Robert Wagner

    Great news they narrowed down the suspects so quickly.
  3. Local band called "A New International" are playing the Glad Café on Sat 27th January....once managed by a young up and coming Tartan Army DJ......absolutely brilliant if you want a night of superb live music............
  4. Andy North Croy

    Coldest you have been..

    Under 21 match night afore the big game in Moscow 1995, in the Torpedo Stadium if ah remember, Kevin Harper scored. Ah swear I almost froze to the seat.
  5. Andy North Croy

    July Talk - Glasgow Tonight!

    There's no way they could have improved on their first album tbh, it was sensational. Agreed the second isn't as good but it's still a belter.
  6. Andy North Croy

    2018 movie thread

    "Wonder" is a fantastic film, and will huv ye bubbling like a wean, guaranteed. Oh, and Julia Roberts is in it
  7. Andy North Croy

    If moving to Scotland....

    Cannae wait till she reads these answers................ Nae mentions for Perth anyone? And is Dunbar not officially the sunniest place in Scotland? (wae 2 hours sunshine per year)
  8. Someone I know is planning to move to Scotland from Germany and asked where I thought was a nice place to live. Has to be near major airports and have decent schools.... Thoughts anyone?
  9. At least trial it at all levels for 4-5 years...............Yes or No? YES
  10. Shane McGowan and the Popes at the Barrowland sometime in early 90's....he was even more pished than we were and was shambolic....it's rude to boo, so we just left after 2-3 "songs" and went to the pub.
  11. Anyone heard fae Ulli recently? Ulli if ye read this gonnae pm me, thanks.
  12. Andy North Croy

    2017 Gig Thread

    Saw Fufanu the other week at Nice n Sleazys in Glasgow....worst venue ever? Managed to get tickets for the Sparks/Goldfrapp/Future Islands gig at end of March...cannae wait as big fan of both Sparks and Goldfrapp...Future Islands sound decent too....
  13. Couldn't hack it in League 2, goodness help The The Rainjurs if he ends up there in any capacity.... Last couple of months was some of the worst football ever seen at Broadwood since the days of John "Bomber" Brown's management. Never thought he'd resign, not the type....so there must be something afoot.
  14. Andy North Croy

    Basque Region

    Ah brought a couple of bottles back....an acquired taste Visited Getaria for few hours, gorgeous place.