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  1. New jerseys?

    JD have all their new Scotland leisure wear discounted just now. You still get your SSC discount on top of that. Only ONE decent trackie top that doesn't have Vauxhall plastered all over it though.....
  2. First Scotland games

    TV - Scotland 1-0 England, Rous Cup 1985. Home - Scotland 1-1 Poland, WC warm up match just before Italia 90. (Funnily enough my wee boy’s first match, he’s half Polish, was Scotland 2-2 Poland in the Euros qualifier, 2015.) Away - Euro 96, Scotland 0-0 Netherlands, Villa Park. (First overseas game was Sweden 2-1 Scotland, Gothenburg April 1997).
  3. McTominay starting again.

    Watching that You Tube clip, I have to agree. 80% of his passes went backwards. Good possession and ball retention obviously which is vital at international level but with him coming from Man Utd folk will be looking for more. Get him in though and let’s see what he can offer 👍🏼
  4. Umbro Away 1986 Shirt (Adult Large)

    I have Jim Bett’s player issued No.10 away strip from Mexico 86 (mesh/airtex fabric). Never worn in the tournament right enough but an extremely rare strip. I’ve been offered £750 worth of various Scotland strips for my one from a strip collector. Every now and then he comes back with another offer. I’ll be keeping mine 👍🏼
  5. A deflected sclaff and an open goal tap-in?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Second was good right enough. Great thread by the way! 👍🏼
  6. St. John’s shut doon a couple of months ago. Barbeque was never a favourite of mine but often has queues right outside the door.
  7. I’m no talking schools - I’m meaning what chippy did she go to!! 🤣 The Barbeque always has the reputation but St. John’s for me everytime 👍🏼
  8. I’m from Corstorphine a’naw and she’s talking pish! 😆 (was she a Barbeque girl or St.John’s?)
  9. Thought Baby Driver was utter guff. Three Billboards though was the best film I’ve seen for ages 👍🏼
  10. “Wee chicken baws” 😩
  11. McTominay starting again.

    Man United ‘home’ fans aren’t real fans though. Stadium is full of half and half scarfed twats looking to be entertained. Roy Keane was right about them all those years ago. Ill take Mourinho’s opinion of McTominay any day 👍🏼
  12. Barca v Real Tickets?

    Seconded. Used them for El Clasico two years ago. Cracking service, if a bit pricey 👍🏼
  13. Shame for your wee hamster but if your son is old enough to have his own phone then I’d just get him a proper pet like a dug 👍🏼
  14. Best Scottish International player you've seen live?

    Apart from that time he pulled out the squad for Czech Rep away as he was getting married 😏 (Unnecessary dig that. You’re right, he WAS a very good player for us 👍🏼)