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  1. Red Square was mental the night - it was like Mexico City after their win! 👍🏼 Only saw a couple of Germans......spewing no doubt.
  2. McTeeko

    Russia 2018

    I agree totally. However as I’m going with Polish family to support Poland I’d rather go wearing a kilt rather than have folk think I’m actually Polish 😩
  3. I’ve been watching the official FIFA WC films on History over the past week or so. It’s weird how all you can see at England games are fans draping themselves in Union flags. They’re like Royal Wedding wanks or those twunts who stand outside the hospital for about three weeks before a Royal baby is born 😩
  4. I know a couple of others going, no sure if you’ll know them though. They’re going to 4 games all in - Portugal/Morocco and Poland/Senegal in Moscow and Brazil/Costa Rica and Argentina/Nigeria in St. Petersburg 👍🏼 You taking your kilt aye?
  5. McTeeko

    SSC Renewals

    Aye the wee man’s arrived today and that’s the same - white line through his foreheid.
  6. McTeeko

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Great thread lads! 👍🏼
  7. McTeeko

    James Tavernier

    I was in Tesco this morning getting my rolls. Halfway up an aisle a blind guy picked his guide dug up by the tail and started swinging it about. The manager ran up and asked what the hell he was doing. Guy replied “I’m just having a look around”.
  8. There’s a line like that in the film ‘Hidden Figures’. Probably taken from the story you’ve just told 👍🏼
  9. McTeeko

    Berwick Rangers v Hibs

    Favourite away day for Edinburgh City games - get there at lunchtime, wee stoat about the town walls, wee man gets a lift over the turnstile, brass band in the stand, fish and chips at Eyemouth harbour on the way back up the road 👍🏼
  10. McTeeko

    Peru - Match Thread

    The second goal ffs. The boy on the left tries to thread through the pass, it’s blocked back to him and he’s allowed to play the exact same pass where the guy scores 😩
  11. That exactly why he took him out the way he did. Make it look like an accident to avoid the red card. Anyone else trying that you’d maybe question the intention, but no him. 100% deliberate.
  12. £600 for 6 meals on the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, Hogmanay 2014. Set prices for new year, £100 per head. The ONLY place we could find that had a table available 😩
  13. Sort of. When you officially buy your tickets you then register for your FanID which is linked to your tickets. No entry into the games unless both tie up. The FanID is your ‘Visa’ and also let’s you travel free between each city on selected trains and gives you free public travel in those cities. Need to wear your FanID like a press-pass around your neck though. We’ve decided not to use the intercity trains though as the travelling time was 24hrs - would be epic on a Scotland trip with the boys but as this will be our family holiday this year we’re flying to Kazan and Volgograd (Aye, I know all about the apparent dodgy Russian airlines!).
  14. Good stuff. Maybe see you lot for a beer over there. I’ll be wearing a Poland top and kilt 🙈
  15. Thanks Dandy! We arrive in Moscow on the afternoon of 17th (16.40). Germany/Mexico would’ve been a go-er for us if it was the late ko but it’s too tight for us. @allywilson - mind you can’t just sell them randomly. You need to return the tickets to FIFA and get the name changed. If the name doesn’t tie up with the name on the FanID you’ll no get in 😕