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  1. Robertson benched

    Noticed this in most of the games so far. Seems very reluctant to get forward for large parts of game and keeps things very simple. I presume he's been instructed to keep it simple if he wants to keep his place. Seems to be working though and is growing as a player.
  2. The entire BBC Hogmanay offering was dire. It's not as if noone watches it so they they cant justify a budget... Im assuming most folk tune in at some point even if it's just for the bells. Only an Excuse and Jackie Bird?! F*** off.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I was, aye. Partly because I player I had a lot of hope for turned out to be gash and partly because the commentary team glossed over the quality, probably because it's "The Championship" and you know, English fitba is the most exciting and unpredictable. Naw. It was pish. Really, really pish. Apart from the last 10 minutes. After Paterson went off. That was pretty exciting.
  4. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    I disagree with some of his reasoning but some of conclusions are bang on. Especially about the Hampden redevelopment and highlighting that the ownership model is pretty farcical. In general, the current model of leasing can't go on and I've resigned myself to the fact that this probably means the end for Hampden Park unless they somehow manage to find money to buy the stadium or build a new one. Cant see that happening. I expect we're looking at touring the country - Celtic Park, Ibrox, Murrayfield, Easter Road, Tynecastle, new Aberdeen stadium when eventually built. I've kinda softened my stance and think it'll probably be OK to be honest. The flexibility of always being able to pick a stadium to reflect the opponent has benefits. What I wont tolerate though is it going to Celtic Park or Ibrox (or both) and nowhere else. Unacceptable. The financial benefit to clubs of hosting internationals should also be very modest.
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Paterson subbed. Probably because he's done fack all. He should be happy though - I wouldn't want to be associated with this game any longer than I had to.
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    This game is fucking appalling. Standard is totally shocking. Actually getting the rage watching it and I have no support for either team. Paterson looks pish.
  7. Indy Ref 2

    Incredible that support has help up so well to be honest. A very soft 47% if you ask me though.
  8. Scottish Labour

    I actually think she's a pretty genuine politician. When she came across as ridiculous or overly partisan, she did so because the role and position of Scottish Leader demanded her to be. It was difficult to reconcile her persona as Scottish Labour leader, the passionate and principled campaigner and the partner of the SNP MSP. Of them all, the least authentic was her as leader of Scottish Labour and having to fight Blair McDougall or Alan Roden's fight. And I think having been in that position, she's seen the absolute worst of what motivates the people with power in Scottish Labour. And being in a relationship with Jenny Gilruth and despite disagreeing on some high level constitutional politics, she must have questioned what she's doing in Scottish Labour. I'm not overly bothered if she comes round to supporting independence, but I think she'd be a breath of fresh air, and make a much greater difference as a minister in Nicola Sturgeon's government. You can't see how she's going to ever get same influence on Scottish politics trying to sort Scottish Labour out. I think she's realised this and chosen not to waste the best days of her life. While I disagree with her going on I'm a Celebrity, I can't really blame her.
  9. Scottish Labour

    In fairness to Scottish Labour members, they might as well as have been voting on their favourite colour of sh*t. Two candidates terrible candidates is indicative of how their biggest names are incredibly poor or incredibly toxic. And say what you like about Leonard, if the only other candidate is Sarwar, I'd have no problem voting for the guy I'd never heard of. Sarwar epitomises everything that has been wrong with Scottish Labour over the last 20 years and is the by-product of their culture and attitudes. An absolute ring piece and en electoral liability, so in that sense, the membership did well to reject him. Again. Absolutely no way Leonard going to turn that ship around though. As for Dugdale, she's wrong to go on the show but I get the impression she's absolutely had enough of Scottish Labour and thought f*** it. The reaction from Scottish Labour folk since her announcement has been incredible - the vitriol and anger has surprised even me but it goes some way to explaining why she's not giving a shit. Imagine working with those people day in, day out and suffering those attitudes and being under pressure to play politics their way. In some way, I respect that she's willing to tell the party to f*** off, but going on a celebrity show when she's been elected to parliament is not the way to do it. Either way, I've stocked up on popcorn because I don't think she's finished yet. I don't seeing her coming over to the SNP but it's clear there are those in Scottish Labour who fear what's she's got to say. Ideally, she stays in Scottish Labour but comes on board the Yes campaign because she's realised the attitudes and politics of 21st century Unionism are no longer good for Scotland.
  10. Michael O Neill

    Don't disagree about the SFA - I would spread the net far wider and invite applications rather than jumping at best candidate that looks like he might be available.
  11. Michael O Neill

    I don't think that's a fair comparison. In McLeish's case, our problem was never with Birmingham approaching or appointing him, it was more that he seen that job as a more worthwhile job than the one he was doing for his country. I mean, Birmingham ffs. I've never had a problem with them trying to get him though. In this case, I think it's perfectly fair for us to approach him but it's Micheal O'Neil's decision to make and justify. And again, it's a different circumstance to McLeish - O'Neil achieved something and he'd be leaving at a juncture that minimises disruption for their national team.
  12. Michael O Neill

    While Im not convinced he'll be up for increased scrutiny and pressure that comes with the Scotland job, especially when he lives here and will no longer be able to enjoy relative anonymity, I don't really see why he'd stay with Northern Ireland. He's done as much as can reasonably be expected with them and owes them absolutely nothing. I mean, what can he achieve that he hasn't already? He's got some big names retiring which makes it an even harder job just to maintain what he's achieved. I think he'll walk away and feel proud of what he's done. The Scotland is another level up by every measure you care to mention: money, exposure, pressure, scrutiny, relative potential in terms of recent (lack of) success. Those are it's strengths but also it's weaknesses. You can't really blame managers for side-stepping it unless they have a particular appetite for international football. He'd be bat$hit crazy to take the Sunderland job, don't know enough about him to know if he'd want the politics of the Rangers job and Everton would require relocation. I think he'll be tempted by club football but the available jobs aren't exactly stellar - the risk/reward ratio isn't any better compared to the Scotland job if you ask me. I think there's a good chance he'll be interested in being the next Scotland manager.
  13. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    I dont know if it's a bad deal or not. My main gripe is with the lack of a controllable asset - if it wanted to, can the SFA bulldoze and redevelop the end stands, for example? It's actually a shite state of affairs - no asset to sell that might help fund the development of a new stadium. Ideal final solution would be for a new purpose built stadium in city centre (eg: Cardiff) but it's pretty hard to see how that will ever happen. Even a partnership with council to build a multi-purpose stadium that could host large concerts might be a better solution than we have currently. I dont really see how paying rent to Queen's Park and there being a load of bureaucracy preventing redevelopment is good for the national game. I'd accept five years of touring other stadiums if it helped fund a solution to this problem. As always, we're going to get left behind in the modern game. Binding ourselves to another 20 year lease with limited control or scope for redevelopment is a massive commitment to be honest. It'll be 2040 when that lease ends and it's pretty inconceivable that we might be left with the same Hampden that sits there now.
  14. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Touring big stadiums not an option for me. Has to be a dedicated stadium. In order of preference: 1. Buy Hampden from Queen's Park and take control of the stadium. 2. Share Murrayfield with SRU. 3. Build a new stadium from scratch. IMO, 2 wont happen despite SFA appearing to contemplate it. Rangers v Celtic would be an absolute disaster. And given we cant afford to build new stadium, we're pretty screwed.
  15. Michael O Neill

    Fair points. I think excitement around him is more that he's not one of the usual suspects. We're on the threshold of having a whole new generation of players breaking through and it seems a good time to take a punt a fresh face (in Scottish fitba terms at least). The question around Northern Ireland's poorer finishes really need to be taken in a context of whether they were because or despite of O'Neill. That he even got them to a major championship once (and almost did again) suggests he's good enough for us regardless of the draw. The suggestion of drink driving is concerning though. I expect he'll be under a whole new level of scrutiny in Scotland and I've no time for a manager with skeletons in the closet or someone who'll find himself on the front pages and out of the job in a years time.