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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Yep - that was how I remember it too. Not exactly how to go about winning friends and influencing people. An example of how to be right and be wrong at the same time.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I agree. But being vocal in opposition to such an appointment helps make sure it never happens. If fans don't make a stink now, I'd put money down on him getting the job. Cannot be allowed to happen... it's bad enough that he's performance director. About the only good thing that could come of this interim appointment is that given his development role at the SFA, he should be championing our up and coming players by sticking them in the squad and getting them experience for the next manager coming in. If he doesnt, and picks a similar squad to this month, he should be immediately sacked from both roles. He'll want the job permanently though - this is all about his rehabilitation in footballing circles and getting back to management. He can f*** off though.
  3. Before we

    Been talked about many times before. The fans have little power and the power they do have, they're unwilling to use it. We'll turn up to the games that matter, time after time after time.
  4. Friendly Next Month

    Malky Mackay?! F*** off SFA.
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    No to job sharing. No to pretending that Brendan "nice guy" Rodgers wants anything to do with our failure of a national team. No to sheep shaggers. Note: only joking about sheep shaggers - would take McInnes but doubt he'd be willing to take a risk of his career coming to a grinding halt.
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Likewise. I'd happily trade in a manager to a big club for play offs or qualification. Contract should have big financial penalties for any mid-qualification poaching though. What happened with McLeish cant happen again. They get two campaigns with a break clause after first. Any manager getting us to a major championship will become an instant legend and they'd be owed us nothing. Can walk away if they like.
  7. End of the Road for.....

    I'd definitely keep Brown, it's more a case of whether he wants to keep playing. Not convinced he'll be committed for another campaign. Fletcher showed he's still our best passer of the ball, he just doesnt have the legs for it - and it's athlete's we are missing. McArthur, Morrison, Anya, Steven Fletcher, Chris Martin, Whitaker and Phillips can all be thanks for their service. As others have said, I'm confident enough to drop any defenders yet because we are very thin. Hopefully a new manager can freshen things up here. A lot of work needed on the first team - I wouldn't be waiting too long to make an appointment. Successor needs to get to work.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    List of candidates is pretty depressing. Michael O'Neil: Aye, in a flash but doubt he'd be interested. McLeish: Would have him back if it stops us appointing some of the others - his record at least stands up to some scrutiny. Will forgive him abandoning his post if he takes us to a major championship. Malky Mackay: F*** right off. Moyes: The good thing about Moyes is that he has a lot on the line. Making a success of the Scotland job would resurrect his career. One of my criticisms of Strachan was that for a long time I just don't think he wanted it badly enough - he'd had a good career and had little to prove, and didnt seem that bothered about coming up and watching Scottish players in action. Moyes needs to make this work bad and I hope he'd put everything he had into it. Big risk but I don't think he'll be as bad as we think. Fergie: Hasn't answered the call when he's been needed previously and won't now. Other than that, I'd be inviting foreign candidates and giving them a fair crack of the whip. A minimal requirement must be to live and work in Scotland for the duration so you can get out and see players.
  9. Strachan's gone

    In an era where we bemoan parochial and churlish journalism, thon Tom English piece is absolutely devastating for anyone clinging to the idea that Strachan was the man to save us. For sure, he's not the only problem at the SFA but you only have to read the paragraph about the caps Michael O'Neil has handed out to appreciate what a good manager can achieve.
  10. Strachan's gone

    Ach, not going to stick the knife in - he was a big improvement on what came before and we should be thankful for that. Would really have loved if he was the one to take us back to a major but it wasn't to be. Cast the net wide. Manager should get two campaigns and it's his second campaign he should be judged and the best thing they could do is get some of the hungry, younger players into the squad as soon as possible.
  11. BBC Sportsound

    Im undecided but I do get impression players are playing for him. It's important not to underestimate that - I dont think that would be the case with many of the possible alternatives being touted.
  12. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    That is a fantastic photo. As others have said, drop the pitch, add rows down to pitch side and work on infrastructure around stadium - job done. The hardest thing about Hampden is improving the atmosphere and crowd at middle and lower tier games - would be good if SFA got innovative about engagin supporters instead of pi$$ing them off chasing every pound.
  13. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Stirling suffers for the same reason Perth does - just doesn't have the infrastructure. Train station isnt even close to supporting 40000 fans passingg through, never mind the rail network having the throughput to get trains going north and south quickly enough. Does Stirling have enough pubs - been a while since I was out there, but it has a handful at most. Bottom line, you just cannot have a national stadium (and a UEFA approved venue) anywhere other than Edinburgh or Glasgow.
  14. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Let's discount the easy stuff first: 1. No to a new stadium in the middle of nowhere; yes to a city stadium. 2. No to lining the pockets of any club team, especially the Old Firm. That leaves us with a solution in either Glasgow or Edinburgh, Dundee or Perth (apologies to Aberdeen and Inverness). Location wise, Perth would be ideal but just doesnt have capacity required and Dundee just doesn't offer enough to beat a national stadium in the two main cities. Edinburgh doesn't really feel right. Sharing Murrayfield feels a bit naff and to be blunt, I just dont think Edinburgh locals would want it bad enough. Rugby feels more their game and it would seem an injustice to have the national team play there (and I say this as a resident of Edinburgh with a healthy dislike of weegies!). There are a couple of sites around Edinburgh prime for a new shiney stadium with transport links (near Gogar springs to mind), but a lack of pubs would kill that idea stone dead. And it seems ridiculous to to add another good sized stadium in what is a pretty small city. It's either Murrayfield on nothing for Edinburgh IMO, and there would have to be a major investment from both to create a fantastic sporting arena (effectively rebuilding it) and I just don't see SFA investing in it, nor the rugby community being open to it in any way. As such, it's the Weej for me with the only question remaining whether to stay at Hampden or move. Unless there was an opportunity to build a city-centre stadium (such as Cardiff), there's just not enough incentive to move. It's worth remembering that even if we could build a city centre stadium, the transport links are still crap. Anyone arriving at Queen Street an hour after a game can see how woefully under-prepared we are to transport tens of thousands of fans from the city. Having them all descend on Queen Street 20 minutes after a game would be carnage - the hour it takes to get to town at least tapers the demand somewhat. On the whole, I'd probably opt for Hampden. It has it's critics but when it's full it's an absolutely incredible atmosphere. But it needs to be owned by the SFA and it needs a massive investment to modernise it. I'd probably support a whole rebuild but I kinda like the bowl. But those discussions are pointless until the SFA own the stadium. One question though: if the stadium is owned by Queen's Park, rented by the SFA, hosts numerous football games and sells out for concerts... where does all the money go. How come Queen's Park aren't minted and challenging the Old Firm. Who profits from Hampden? Either way, Hampden for me.
  15. Sam alladyce

    I didnt realise this "Allardyce for Manager" stuff was an actual thing. I thought it was a bit on an in-joke. F*** me. Have a word with yerselves.