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  1. wee-toon-red

    North America 2026

    Cheers. Forgot about the whole provincial capital thing - doh! Also hadn’t realised their stadium was as big as that so it all makes sense.
  2. wee-toon-red

    North America 2026

    Any idea why Edmonton is in rather than Calgary?
  3. wee-toon-red

    The Weather thread

    It can snow from November to March if we get this weather all summer as far as I'm concerned.
  4. wee-toon-red

    Peru - Match Thread

    Positives - I thought McKenna continued to look like he'll be a fixture in the team, McGeouch was promising and McTominay and McLean did fine Negatives - Archer (obviously), McGinn was disappointing as he must be capable of impacting a game more than that, and Murphy was useless. Neither full back is likely to get a look in for the full strength team so no major harm done there, although McDonnell would maybe be ok against weaker opposition in an emergency so the experience won't have done him any harm. Oh, and we really, really, really need Leigh Griffiths to be fit for important games.
  5. wee-toon-red

    Annual New Kit Thread

    That Dundee top is a cracker, as is the Dons one.
  6. Interesting injury that Jordan Jones got 😲 anyone see his tweet regarding it having been a “cla55” season and shed any light on the 55 bit? Seen it mentioned that it’s for killie’s current points total but got to say I’m a bit sceptical about that...
  7. wee-toon-red

    Commonwealth Games

    For a minute I thought it was Tattie Marshall in the bowls but I see we've got a diving gold now too
  8. wee-toon-red

    Indoor athletics

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/43666438 naive if you’re feeling charitable, stupid and hypocritical on the surface and, obviously, potentially dodgy.
  9. wee-toon-red

    Callum Paterson

    From what I’ve seen of Paterson, he’s the absolute stereotype English championship player. Big, strong, good in the air and a bit of an athlete. Kinda dire technical attributes and won’t get a sniff of the team next season if they were to go up. if we play him in centre mid or behind the striker instead of mcginn, Armstrong, McGregor, mctominay, McLean etc then we’ll deserve all we get when we fail to qualify yet again.
  10. wee-toon-red

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Are you suggesting Douglas ahead of tierney and/or Robertson? Can’t see it. Even if he stays in the wolves team in the premiership next season then both KT and Robbo will still be playing at a higher level, let alone still being better players. how many players have we had in the past who’ve been good in the championship and never made it for Scotland or at a higher level - snoddy is one who looks like a top end championship players and Ross McCormack too. Bit early to be suggesting we drop one of our two best players for a guy who may just be having a career season in england’s Second tier.
  11. wee-toon-red

    SSC Renewals

    Haven't renewed yet and to be honest I'm probably unlikely to. The only thing tempting me is the possibility (ha ha) of making 2020 and at least being in with a shout of tickets as there's no chance I'll make any away games in the next two years.
  12. wee-toon-red

    Cricket balls

    One year bans from international and domestic cricket for Smith and Warner, 9 months for Bancroft. Smith and Bancroft won't be considered for captaincy positions for 12 months after their bans and Warner won't be considered for a leadership position again. I think Cricket Australia have done pretty well here, swift and reasonably severe punishments, even if there are likely to have been more than those three involved and it's an "offence" which probably happens all over cricket but rarely called out.
  13. wee-toon-red

    Under 17s

    4-4 in our game now 😲
  14. wee-toon-red

    Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    Allowing for the centre forward typo, that's not far off what I'd go with although I'm not fussed which of the three keepers plays. However, I think it'll be Mulgrew and Hendry at the back if we go to a back four as McLeish will want to see how Hendry does, having given McKenna his chance on Friday.
  15. wee-toon-red

    Cricket World Cup qualifiers

    Looks like rain may screw us over as we're behind on the DLS score with play currently stopped. Annoyingly, we'd be ahead of DLS on our current score had Berrington not been given out.