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  1. SSC Renewals

    How about leaving the away points system as it is but also keeping a tally of home games attended (or season tickets bought) and using that as a tie breaker when away tickets would otherwise go to a ballot. I.E a scenario where game that goes to three points but needs a ballot sees the tickets being given to people who have the most home points?
  2. SSC Renewals

    Fairly sure that the answer will be "cos I currently benefit from the system the way it is and don't want it to change", even if those aren't the exact words that will be used.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    The Smith nonsense seems to have grown arms and legs since Craig Brown mentioned it on Sportsound yesterday. Hopefully it's just the ramblings of an out-of-touch former coach and not something that's actually being taken seriously.
  4. Angus Robertson Quits as SNP Deputy Leader

    There's more to being involved in the leadership than public persona, being a firebrand etc so I think it's a bit too early for Mhairi Black. The deputy has to play a part in shaping the direction of the party behind the scenes, working on campaign strategy etc while Sturgeon gets on with running the country. That's the reason I think it'll be almost impossible to replace Robertson with someone of similar quality if you look through the current crop of MPs and MSPs. I could be wrong, and to be fair I don't know enough about all of them, but I don't see anyone there who can step in and do the same job as well as Robertson did.
  5. SSC Renewals

    But if it turned out that the rules don’t suit a majority of the membets, those running it would need to be daft, archaic and set in their way not to consider changing it. Oh, it’s run by the sfa isn’t it?! any you’re right about the finals being a bit pie in the sky but maybe one day...
  6. Angus Robertson Quits as SNP Deputy Leader

    His resignation letter seems to suggest that he was seen as an ideal foil for sturgeon due to being an MP rather than MSP and representing a rural constituency compared to her urban one. on that basis you can see Blackford being pushed for it.
  7. SSC Renewals

    I get it - those who the system currently suits don’t want it changed, whereas those who don’t like it at the moment want it to be different. forget whether it’s two or ten points that Mr never goes to hampden has, they still shouldn’t have any more right to a finals ticket than mrs goes to all the home games so the system needs to be changed in some way to accommodate both.
  8. SSC Renewals

    So if we ever get to a finals again (stop laughing at the back), are those advocating keeping the system as it is ok with someone who potentially hasn’t set foot in hampden in 20 years but has been to a couple of away games recently getting tickets for a the finals ahead of someone who has been to every home game? Doesn’t seem fair to me and it’s even worse when you consider that any away game only people contribute about £25 per year to the sfa, whereas those who buy home game tickets contribute a hell of a lot more.
  9. SSC Renewals

    They’re not separate categories of fixtures - if I’ve understood what you mean by that correctly - they’re both about watching Scotland play football. If there are seriously any Scotland-based supporters who only go to away games then I find that a bit strange. They’d be the only ones who’d lose out in any system that rewards attendance at home games as surely - surely? - supporters who are interested enough to go support the team away from home also care enough to go to hampden as well? If not then the ssc is really just a glorified travel agency and I can’t believe that it should really be run for the purpose.
  10. Scottish Player Transfers

    Surely he won’t be taking Dylan mcgeouch’s place in the team 🙀
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Whether we like it or not, international management isn't likely to be seen as the "top job" for many managers these days.
  12. European Nations League

    Albania and Israel.
  13. But they could get him on a pre-contract now, as could anyone else, so paying Aberdeen money doesn't guarantee his signature really.
  14. This might be unlikely but maybe McLean said "show me how much you want me; give the mighty Dons a couple of shekels now and loan me back or I'll hold off signing until June to see if I get any better offers" or words to that effect. Unlikely as I say but can't think of another explanation that makes any sense.
  15. I don't think "international" loans count so they could fill their team with loanees if they want to (and if that isn't what they're already trying to do).