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  1. Scottish Labour

    And how does that make him different to any other leader of Scottish Labour ever? He lives in Scotland and represents a Scottish region at Holyrood so he's as entitled to lead Scottish Labour as anyone else. If Christian Allard ever led the SNP (probably not very likely but no-one had heard of Richard Leonard until recently), would it be a big deal if he said he supported France at football and not Scotland? Can't believe this even merits discussion.
  2. Scottish Labour

    After the BBC doing their best to turn the fact that an Englishman supports England into some kind of big issue, I honestly wondered who the hell even thought about it far less cared. Looks like I've found someone.
  3. Golfers Forum.

    Some more good stuff from the Scots boys today. Syme now up to tied 3rd after a 67 and Macintyre inside the top 25 after a 66 leaves him tied 16th, which is actually right on the "cut" line as there are nine of them tied on the same score. Syme's score is 4 inside the qualifying mark. David Law slipped back a bit after a 69 for tied 31st but he's only two shots off the top 25 so plenty left to play for tomorrow. Scott Henry went round in 68 to climb up to tied 58th and will need something special tomorrow as he's six off the pace. Best of luck to all of them.
  4. Golfers Forum.

    Finished with a 67 and is now tied for 6th. Four Scots in total made the cut, David Law in tied 25th, Bob McIntyre tied 35th and Scott Henry tied for 67th. Hopefully they can all do well over the next couple of days but for two guys just turned pro straight from the Walker Cup Syme and McIntyre are doing really well.
  5. Golfers Forum.

    After a pretty average first two rounds at qualifying school, Connor Syme shot 63 yesterday to get back into contention for his card. That's some going. He's now on the same score as fellw Scot Bob McIntyre and they are tied 22nd going into round four. I think the field is cut to 70 after today then the top 25 after two more rounds get their card.
  6. Netherlands match thread

    Funny how people can view a game differently. In the first half McLean gave one of his typical “minimalist” performances but I thought that as the game wore on he was mainly responsible for picking the ball up and moving us forward and did so quite effectively. mcginn and mcgregor both did plenty running about but gave possession away quite a bit, although mcginn, like McLean, got better as the game went on. i thought Jack was the best of the newcomers and while Christie looked lively his passing was a bit off, though I’m sure the more he’s involved at that level the more it’ll pick up. tierney at cb was our top man by a distance imo.
  7. Hamilton

    I think that sums it up pretty nicely.
  8. Malky's Squad

    I wouldn't particularly disagree with that and I think had it been a "normal" squad under a permanent manager he wouldn't have been anywhere near it. Aye, I was just yanking your chain a bit :-)
  9. Malky's Squad

    McLean's a year older than McGeough, who I bet you wouldn't have complained about had he been in. Not to mention that McLean's been playing at a far higher level for most of his career.
  10. Hamilton

    Artificial pitches in the top flight are an embarrassment, regardless of how FIFA approved they may be or otherwise.
  11. Malky's Squad

    To be honest I'm not even convinced that Paterson is any great shakes so anyone who isn't better than him really isn't up to much. Ralston has got time on his side and hopefully some other youngsters will appear to challenge him but I'd rather swap all 11 players round to accommodate moving Tierney to right back, or maybe even play your one-legged man, than most of the current alternatives.
  12. Malky's Squad

    I don't disagree with that at all. When Paterson is fit and playing well then Robertson and Tierney have both got to feature on the other side of the pitch. However, I don't think it's correct to bring in a sub-standard right back as deputy when Tierney can shift across to cover for Paterson if needed. I'd argue that we're still a better team with Tierney only performing at half capacity on the right than some of the other names mentioned coming in there.
  13. Malky's Squad

    Surely there's no point calling up haddies to be back up right back when Tierney can switch across, even if that isn't ideal? If Paterson and Tierney are to be the first choice full backs, if Paterson was to be out then Tierney RB and Robertson LB is a better combination than any of the guys you mention at RB and Tierney at LB. If Tierney was our only decent LB then I'd see your point but we've got Robertson and a couple of other left backs who are a lot better than most of the right back options once you go beyond Paterson.
  14. Owen Jones used to make some decent points until he decided to jump on the Corbyn bandwagon for the benefit of his career. Now he's just another soundbite specialist whose every move is designed to help him get elected in the next GE.
  15. Oliver McBurnie

    As stated in the link, he was due to go on loan to Barnsley in August but it fell through.