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  1. Same and I follow a club in the lower divisions
  2. David Bates

    Good turn of pace ? Watched him at his previous club and thats something he wasnt overly blessed with.
  3. SSC Renewals

    Surprised its as high as that
  4. David Bates

    Hes no more than a decent defender and theres a multitude of them around.Were not blessed with exactly outstanding defenders in our national team but Bates touted for Scotland,c,mon
  5. Bids to replace Hampden

    Well if the Daily Mail is to be believed this is not as cut and dry as it seems.SFA wont bully us on Hampden sale vow QP They met on Wednesday with SFA for preliminary discussions.No fee has been discussed,no date set for next meeting and SFA still talking about the summer to come to a decision.Although transfer of ownership has been agreed in principle it will not go ahead unless terms of transaction is acceptable to QP
  6. Ronaldo

    Tries to keep a low profile in an attempt of avoiding the tax man
  7. Portugal

    Three days after Israel game SFA will use Ronaldo as a sellling point and he,ll end up not playing
  8. Portugal

    At home being touted in the rags the day.Talk of a mini season ticket to cover two friendlies against Portugal and Belgium and two nation league games against Albania and Israel
  9. Bids to replace Hampden

    Havent a scooby how much it would cost to upgrade Lesser Hampden as dont know what it entails but it,ll more than hee haw and it,ll be part of the buy out so Hampden will have to take a back seat.Leave some of the suits at home for the away games and we,ll have the money in no time
  10. Bids to replace Hampden

    By the time the SFA finance upgrading lesser Hampden for QP there,ll be no money left to do anything to Hampden
  11. Bids to replace Hampden

    Queens Park have agreed in principle to selling Hampden to the SFA apparently
  12. Match Thread - Hungary

    Fairish comment but McLeish isnt able to judge how much a player is or has learned from a higher standard of coaching and training with top players.Selection should generally be on the back of playing regularly and well for your club something which McLeish and his staff can judge.As I said,he was playing well at Dundee but didnt merit a call up
  13. Match Thread - Hungary

    Dont think it was anything to do with him being called up,its the fact he didnt merit a call up whilst at Dundee but did after he moved to Celtic and playing a couple of games
  14. First Scotland games

    First home game,same as Flure, italy at home First away game Zaire WC 74 Many highs and many lows since
  15. Squad and new players

    Exactly this