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  1. Got 3 tickets category 3 easy enough panic over
  2. Got my 3 emails for tickets going to be fun tomorrow on website
  3. CYPRUS | We have been advised by the Cyprus Football Association that photocopies of passports will be accepted on entering the stadium. Members are not required to take their passport to the match.
  4. Got passport back today just been over a week since been to Edinburgh visa centre all good wasn’t that bad
  5. How do u delete this thread never seen it
  6. Allan Mcgregor announced his retirement from Scotland today on twitter , who will we have in goals now
  7. I seen a scotland fan chatting to a camera man at the front of our end and he got load of them of him
  8. Cheers Doontheslope if can’t find any might just watch in hotel room
  9. is their any bars still be open in Glasgow city centre at 1am be showing the Mexico v scotland
  10. Yep it’s open already Got 5 tickets for Hungary easy
  11. I see ok, I was sweating their we are flying from Manchester to Eindhoven on the Monday then in to Budapest
  12. Where u flying from to Eindhoven on the Monday with Ryanair stevie
  13. Blackpool78 what flights did u book for Manchester to Budapest return looking to book up from Manchester any help be appreciated
  14. Just to keep eye out on social media
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