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  1. Squad will be announced on Monday according to Twitter.
  2. Fraser Hornby going on loan to KV Kortrijk in the Belgian top division apparently. Would be a good move, although it would have been nice to see him in the Scottish prem.
  3. He was benched at the weekend to be fair. But then came on and played the final 20 mins at right back. Interesting.
  4. In the prem. Then flopped at rangers even in division 3. Harper gets an assist and Sandaza’s replacement gets the goal.
  5. Starting up front with Fran Sandaza today...!
  6. McGinn was very very good yesterday, puts him in the driving seat for that central attacking role against Russia. Fraser was ok. He slipped the ball through for king to win the pen. Missed a really good chance at 2-1 but did well to get himself to get into that position. Still seems pretty integral to Bournemouth, we need it to stay that way!
  7. Had a think earlier and solved our right back problem. Alan Hutton had a good season in the championship but was released when Villa got promoted. He’s still without a club. The SFA should have offered him a 1 year contract (in a coaches role or whatever) but told him he must come out of international retirement. The SFA could then go around Scottish Premiership clubs asking who wanted Alan Hutton for say £2k a week, you’d have to promise to play him for match fitness but also keep him fresh for the Scotland games. A win for all parties. Scotland go to the Euros, Hutton continues his playing career and Hibs get a decent right back.
  8. It’s a really interesting question. For me the two interchangeable players are McGinn and Christie (would have had Armstrong as a choice too but don’t think he’s going to get the minutes). Both McGinn and Christie are best in the role behind the striker but give us different options. Both work really hard off and on the ball with McGinn working a little extra and has more physicality. You can rely on McGinn pressing very hard and winning possession in the final third, Christie can do this too but he’s got more technical ability on the ball and is a little more of a goal threat. It’s 50/50 for me, probably would make the choice on form leading up the the first game. I think McTominay and McGregor should both start. Both barely give the ball away and will let the two wingers (who have to be Fraser and Forrest) and whoever plays out of McGinn and Christie have more freedom. McGregor is massively underrated by some on here, he’s an all round centre mid with probably the best technical skill in the squad. I feel like McLean is unlucky not to start but is a good quality back up.
  9. These articles really annoy me. The home nation teams can’t take advantage of these rules. The press know that but there’s still pieces like this every year. There’s more chance that you or I will play right back for Scotland than James Tavernier.
  10. Because we're lacking so many options at right back Chris Cadden is worth taking note of. He's played at right back his first two games for Oxford United (and been given the number 2 jersey!) so has clearly been signed for that position. Played really well as a winger for Motherwell the season before last ( and was capped twice). Got a serious injury at the start of last season and played a bit part in the rest of Motherwell's season...think we played wing back on occasion. Still only 22. He's definitely got scope to improve in this position and give us a half decent option. Not too keen on him going to the MLS next season though, hope if he plays well a Championship club picks him up.
  11. I only watched the 2nd half and he actually did pretty well at keeping the ball and playing the right passes. Most of the time I’ve seen him play otherwise he’s looked poor though. Isn’t a good crosser of the ball and always looks rushed. Can’t see him making it at Celtic. Maybe a couple of seasons at a Scottish premier club or bottom-ish of the championship might benefit him. Regular games will hopefully help him being more comfortable on the ball. Looks a hard working player so could be a good option in a couple years time. But can we wait that long without a half decent right back?!
  12. Not sure, assume if he does well on his loan he’ll be called up to the under 21’s. Let’s see.
  13. Luke McCormick (central attacking mid) signs a 3 year deal with Chelsea and goes on loan to Shrewsbury. Had a standout season last season in the uefa youth league. Turned 20 this year. Definitely one to watch.
  14. I sold 2x Iceland v Hungary Euro 2016 tickets in Marseille 5 mins in to the official re-sale period. Was amazed.
  15. Liam Lindsay gone to Stoke for £2M rising to £2.5M. Another young centre back, and one that can’t even make the squad. Surely at least 2 will step up to the standard required to qualify for tournaments.
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