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  1. I like Dykes and probably would start him against England. I just wouldn’t expect him to win much against Maguire. Both Dykes and Adams would be interesting. Pace and directness on a counter attacks will likely cause Maguire more problems. And why not include Dykes as an out ball and extra aerial threat at set pieces.
  2. This is one game, everyone has poor games. Over the season Maguire is top 5% of all EPL players in aerial duels won and aerial duel win %. He’s obviously not been ‘constantly bullied in the air’. Stop making things up to suit your argument!
  3. They play again on Wednesday. Likely he’ll start there. Dykes also didn’t start 3 in a row in March. But has come out firing once back in the team.
  4. Yeah maybe not a full season actually. He has the advantage of these remaining games and a full pre-season. Mad that he played Premier League football when he was 16. Massive talent.
  5. Was promising to see John Souttar start for Hearts last night. Hopefully he gets a full season in the Premiership after the summer to see if he’s fit/still at the ability to play for Scotland.
  6. There’s quotes from 3 years ago saying he’d like Portuguese citizenship so assume he has it now. Don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be eligible for them if he is a citizen. Obviously he’ll want to play for Scotland though.
  7. Netherlands in Faro. Stars are aligning for Ryan Gauld.
  8. Yeah, I hope someone creates a video of his highlights from this game. I guess because he’s out of contract in the summer. And covid means clubs don’t want to pay transfer fees. I doubt Farense would have accepted a fee either, there’s no chance they’re staying up without him. And Gauld himself is probably happy to stay till the Summer - he must want guaranteed minutes and chance of the Scotland squad.
  9. Yeah, I don’t get it. I forgot Taylor was included. Another explanation for Gauld is that he hasn’t actually watched him which would be really disappointing.
  10. I watched Gauld tonight. He's genuinely so good. Created so many chances for himself and others against a good Braga team. He's levels above his team mates. Still can't believe Clarke didn't call him up. It was a massive oversight picking too many centre backs and not Gauld in the March fixtures.
  11. I think they’re similar in quality. Palmer also gives a bit of versatility, has played centre back and left back this season too. Clarke could probably leave out a centre back if he chooses Palmer. https://streamja.com/A0Bwd Some goal. Didn’t think Paterson had this in him.
  12. It was their decision to start each of them, if they thought Tierney or Robertson were injury risks/had played too many games then they shouldn't have played. Can't blame it on Scotland. Some England players were left out of their club's starting 11s after playing on Wednesday. Stones, Chilwell, Mount.
  13. Of course you can change. Changing your opinion, listening to others and taking opposing opinions on board is healthy. I’m saying that it’s likely that your original bias against him is probably distorting your opinion on him.
  14. Not sure if someone who stated, due to non-footballing reasons, that they might 'throw the towel in' and might 'chuck posting on here' if Adams started/was on the bench against Austria qualifies as having a unbiased opinion.
  15. We have a 0% chance of getting into the play offs via the nations league unfortunately. If we had won against either against Israel or Slovakia we'd very very likely already have a play off spot. Those were much worse results than these two.
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