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  1. Liam Lindsay gone to Stoke for £2M rising to £2.5M. Another young centre back, and one that can’t even make the squad. Surely at least 2 will step up to the standard required to qualify for tournaments.
  2. We can't really expect the quality to be great/anywhere near men for a number of reasons. I don't understand slagging them, it's literally the best they can be at the moment. And it's Scotland, and if you're on here so you're clearly a football fan so I don't see why you can't support them. Men have a physical disadvantage over women, they won't be as strong or fast etc. But we need to realise this whilst watching. I don't care that a boys U15 could beat a women's team. They're completely different physically. There are barely any professional players worldwide. Not sure on the actual number but as far as I am aware there are 12 professional clubs in England and maybe around 20 more in Europe. Assume there are around 12 in North America too. Also read that 83% of WSL players are on less than £18k even as professionals. We also need to realise this, this is the very beginnings of the women's professional game. Its not a career unless you are one of the very very best on the world. Earlier in the 20th Century we virtually banned women's football. The players playing now have no-one to look up to. There has been obvious improvement in the women's game and with that comes larger crowds, the media might have to force it a little but they deserve it after after the way the game has been treated over the last 100 years. There are clear glimpses or brilliant play from Scottish players recently - you can tell the potential is there. I think when we see the best teams play against each other we'll see the real quality of top level international women's football and that'll give us an idea of what most team's level could be at in 10-15 years time. I feel the sport will grow and I think international football will be at the forefront - that's where the media attention will be and where they'll get the big crowds. I think as international football fans this will be exciting for us.
  3. I wouldn’t say it’s highly likely Portugal will qualify through their group. If they get beat from Serbia away they probably won’t get top 2. And if they draw they’ll have to match Serbia’s results...Serbia have a home game against Ukraine and Portugal have an away game against Ukraine. That group is incredibly tight.
  4. Yeah 3 out of the 11 that started the 6-0 game are likely to start on Sunday.
  5. Portugal have still got Ukraine and Serbia away though...long, long way to go in that group.
  6. Tadic, Jovic, Matic, Milinkovic-Savic, Mitrovic, Milivojevic. We don’t want to play them in a one off game. Fück knows how they’re losing by 5 tonight though.
  7. Yeah, my opinion based on watching all our games and taking in the stats that are available. Not merely looking at the goals we've conceded to judge (and gain an opinion on) our right back performance level. Agree centre backs and defensive midfield are an issue. McTominay coming in could help defensive midfield. McGregor is great at coming deep, picking up the ball and progressing it up the park, it shouldn't be his job to protect the defence.
  8. It’s an example...you’d need to watch every minute we’ve played over however many games again. You’d probably find that right backs aren’t generally at fault for conceding many big chances compared to centre backs and goalies, they’re the ones in the firing line. Anyway there are so many more aspects to a right back’s game other than being at fault for conceding goals/big chances. You can’t just crudely base your judgement off that. It is our main weak point at the moment closely followed by centre backs.
  9. Yes, depending on the goal conceded. A good example is probably the Israel home game. A manager would be far more concerned about the huge chance we conceded at the end of the game rather than Kayal's wonder strike. One goal involved a shot from 25 yards that found the bottom corner. Kayal could have tried this 50 times and scored once. Yes, McGregor could have closed him down slightly earlier but the goal is caused by the quality (lucky) strike. The other involved allowing a player to run into the box completely unmarked and take a shot from 6 yards out from a ball over the top. Looking back at it now, Callum Paterson (playing right back!) probably is the man that should be tracking this player. If I was an opposition player I'd watch this game and be looking to expose whoever's job it was to track this player into the box rather than McGregor's apparent inability to close down at the edge of the box.
  10. The facts he has used aren't the sole indicators you use to gauge performance though. Centre backs, due to the position they play are more likely to be involved in the loss of a goal so clearly can't be compared in this way. Although, I do agree we are weak at centre back too. They've definitely got more potential though. It's more likely the centre backs in and around our squad will step up to the level that's required than Palmer or O'Donnell. It looks as if we are needing a striker but we've got Griffiths, McBurnie and hopefully Fletcher to come in.
  11. No it’s simply not a fair measure. That’s what I’m disagreeing with you about. An Achilles heel is a weak area. We are weak at right back no matter how many goals we have conceded directly from our right back making a mistake. Weak areas cause stresses on the teamp on different positions all over the pitch. Their lack of ability did make us struggle under Mcleish. Do you really think managers forget about mistakes that didn’t lead to goals and judge players on if they contributed to losing a goal only?
  12. Really silly to analyse anyone's performance on goals conceded only. How about the times our right back got easily dribbled past but the left winger was greedy and should have squared it to the man open, or when the right back was out of position allowing a striker through but fluffed his lines, or when an awful pass directly to an opposition's player resulted in a brilliant save from our keeper, or when the right back should have stepped up to play offside...etc. (these are all hypothetical extreme examples) What I'm getting at is that the right back might have caused more big chances to be conceded than any other player but by luck we didn't lose a goal. And this isn't mentioning the contribution going forward. Which clearly O'Donnell and Palmer have been weak at for Scotland.
  13. http://www.allwhitekit.com/?p=16943 Found this article incredibly informative and gives an unbiased view of the Scotland squad from guys who clearly know the woman’s game. In short they give us a good chance of going through. They think 3 points and a even goal difference could be enough, I think 4 points would almost guarantee it. They rate Kim Little massively, suggesting she’d get in the USA team. Also rate our centre backs, Caroline Weir and Erin Cuthbert. I tend to agree, thought Weir was brilliant against Jamaica and of course Cuthbert too. Hope the supporters of the men’s team get behind them and make the effort to watch the games. Scotland play some really really nice football, majority of the time on the deck involving lots of neat play between players like Little, Cuthbert and Weir. And these players LOVE playing for Scotland.
  14. Yeah not convinced myself but Brophy, McNulty or Burke... Dont think Brophy is your typical poacher forward but his non penalty goal record is not good. For me McNulty hasn’t impressed since he’s been in Scotland and ditto for Burke.
  15. Would anyone play Forrest in the centre of a front 3? He’s done a job there for Celtic before and allows Russell to play in his best position. Unconvinced about Brophy, McNulty and Burke as our starting centre forward. Would have liked the look of this squad if Fletcher and McBurnie were available. I’d go with; Bain, O’Donnell, Souttar, McKenna, Robertson; McTominay, McGregor, McGinn; Russell, Forrest, Fraser. McGinn should play further up the park like he does for Villa. He likes making tackles and getting stuck in but he’s definitely not a defensive midfielder. Having said that I like Armstrong and Cairney too so don’t mind too much who starts here. The attacking 3 could alternate. Don’t think it’s a long term solution but should be okay against Cyprus. We might need more of a focal point against Belgium but we could see how this goes.
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