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  1. Different type of player but I’d be in favour of dropping Fraser for Ryan Gauld. We don’t play wingers anyway. And Patterson is a better wing back.
  2. Connor Gallagher called up by England.
  3. Does no one think that Ralston’s best position might be right centre back? Particularly in the Scotland system, similar to Tierney’s role. He’d be half decent at stepping forward, has lots of energy and he’s really strong in the air. Although realise he does have mistakes in him but they should be less frequent with age. He’d be back up just now but a good player to cover RCB and RWB. He’s a very obvious replacement for O’Donnell, hopefully this switch will happen next year assuming he’s still playing for Celtic.
  4. Yeah good point on Gallagher, could end up being brilliant. He’s got the choice of Ireland too. We’re stacked in his position at the moment but might not be in 5 years time.
  5. Smart from Southgate. He’s got strong connections to Scotland and Portugal. Neither his parents are English! So clever move to suggest that Livramento is in his thinking. Probably the kind of thing we could do with Scottish guys that qualify for other countries. Seems like Harry Souttar’s mind was made up with Australia because he didn’t think that he’d be selected for Scotland any time soon.
  6. Wonder if he considered Siriki Dembele, 4 goals in the championship too as a winger/striker. Has a wee Scottish accent too if that pleases anyone. Got a feeling he’s more confident that Brown can fit in the 352, and has the work rate required for Clarke’s system rather than being of a higher quality than Dembele, Russell, Ross Stewart, Watt etc.
  7. Problem for Russell is thats he’s a forward that strictly plays off the right as part of a three. He doesn’t really fit in to Clarke’s system. However, Gauld could easily be back up for McGinn or play a Christie type position behind the number 9. He really should be called up…
  8. And one for Aaron Pressley too. Not sure why neither him or Joseph were in the last under 21 squad.
  9. No, he’s potentially back next week. Gilmour was also carrying an injury, so must have played a part in him remaining on the bench.
  10. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Armstrong in for Gilmour. Probably would have been Fleck but I don’t think you can bring him in cold. McGinn will probably sit deeper to allow for this. McTominay is massive for us at centre back. And wasn’t great in midfield last week. Armstrong gives us a better first 11 but slightly less balanced.
  11. 99% chance of going through with any type of win now! And should hopefully be 100% by tomorrow!
  12. 2nd place will play an in form Italy, it might be better to finish 3rd. Although I do agree mostly, I just think the situation will lead to a draw. Particularly if it’s even mid way through the 2nd half.
  13. Why risk a 99%+ chance of going through for a slightly better draw. Although, I do think it’ll be a relatively normal game up until 60mins ish. And if it’s a draw at that point we won’t see much attacking for the rest of the game. will be interesting but probably a very frustrating watch for us..!
  14. I think Group B is fine but Austria and Ukraine will both be more than happy with a draw. Austria will have a 99% chance of going through with 4 points. we probably need an early goal but they’ll both be unadventurous. Bookies have a draw at evens.
  15. Using bookies odds and rough calculations I think the probabilities are: if we win by one goal v Croatia: 85% of going through if we win by two goals v Croatia: 99%+ of going through Or can anyone see where I’ve gone wrong?
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