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  1. He’s been bought as a back-up. Liverpool want 2 players per position, they’re alternative to Robertson is an ageing Milner. But yeah I think it’ll mean a bit more rotation for Robertson. Assume he’ll start 75-90%...so could be good for Scotland.
  2. Cercle Brugge were 13th out of 16 in the Belgian top league last season. It probably is his level if that’s about mid Scottish Premiership standard. And mid table Scottish Premiership centre backs are in contention for Scotland call ups. But yeah, he might not even get a game for them. Still only 23 mind.
  3. Worst twitter reviews I’ve read since McTominay began starting for Man U. Hopefully he’s just rusty.
  4. He could definitely be converted to a centre back. It’s not ideal but its an option particularly when we have a lack of quality at centre back. I reckon if Man U (somehow!) had McKenna is their squad they’d play McTominay at centre back over him. It probably is a waste of his talents but we’ve got good players to come in for him in midfield. It’s just an option for us if Clarke is tempted to play 3 at the back. I wouldn’t try him as part of a 2 man centre back pairing.
  5. Even more unbelievable is that Maloney had 10 total years at Celtic and didn't win one Scottish Cup. Yet Fyvie did..at Hibs!
  6. Our midfield would be weak defensively if we play both. Both try to dribble a lot and play risky passes. We need someone who can do the basics. Palmer would be by far the worst player in our starting 11 if he played. Playing 3 at the back or playing Tierney at right back removes him.
  7. Yeah, a lot of our better players play similar positions. Would be hard to leave McGinn out, he can clearly score for Scotland. Wouldn’t mind him playing just off the striker or off the right. So I’d go McGinn. Armstrong is good at coming off the bench and injecting a bit of energy with his positive runs. Would be my first sub if we needed a goal.
  8. I was unconvinced about Tierney until recently as a LCB in a back 3 but he's played really well there in a class side. It's definitely something Clarke needs to think about. Realise that Robertson isn't as comfortable at LWB but it seems a good compromise to get both of them in without one of them at RB. The difficult thing is who to play as the other two centre backs and how to fit Ryan Fraser in...as his best position is also on the left. I think Cooper has to be the central CB, he's obviously played well there for Leeds and will captain them next season in the Premier League. The RCB is really tough, we don't have many right sided defenders of quality and I don't fancy McKenna there at all. Ideally Bardsley could do a job there but I assume he's unavailable. I guess Hanley could play there but he'll be injured for our next games and has poor distribution. My choice would be McTominay, good quality on the ball, can run with it, good in the air and has played there a couple of times before. But again not his natural position...but we need to compromise. I think Fraser could still play off the left in a forward, 3 as per Aubamayang at Arsenal. Clearly playing wing backs and a forward 3 is very attacking, so we also need to make sure the central midfielders aren't ones to take too many risks going forward. I think we'd need to play McGregor and Jack, leaving out McGinn and Armstrong. The obvious choice for RWB is Forrest who was done well there for Celtic in the past. Line up for this would be: GK - Marshall (I guess) LWB - Robertson LCB - Tierney CB - Cooper RCB - McTominay RWB - Forrest DM - McGregor DM - Jack LW - Fraser FW - McBurnie RW - Christie (or McGinn) Would this be better than what we'd expect... GK - Marshall LB - Robertson CB - McKenna CB - Cooper RB - Tierney CM - McGregor CM - McTominay ACM - McGinn (or Armstrong) LW - Fraser RW - Forrest (or Christie) FW - McBurnie
  9. Spurs interested too? Here’s a Spurs twitter stats guy doing analysis of him. Pretty interesting.
  10. Tierney looked good. Arteta must see him as his first choice LB/LWB McBurnie was causing Arsenal all sorts of problems in the air. He’s definitely an asset in our squad. Fleck looked ok but we’ve got slightly better CMs.
  11. Yes! Would love to see the full Bulgaria game again. Probably the highlights I go back to on YouTube more than any other. Love that Chris Burke goal.
  12. Dykes is a much better player than Brophy. Hornby has barely played professional football and he’s not done well on his loan. Rhodes is past it, there’s no way he should be considered. Naismith isn’t as good as he was and should only be considered due to experience. Dykes has all the attributes to be a good standard international player and play at high level English Championship. Not sure why he’d pick us over Australia though.
  13. UEFA currently considering delaying Euros to 2021. Think that’s looking likely now. Wonder if they’d delay the play offs too.
  14. He’d be in my next squad for the Nations League. He’s going to be that division’s player of the year. Been playing a Ryan Christie type role. Would be a good back up to him. Would love Harvey Barnes (scored 2 tonight) but Clarke’s chat with him must not have been positive in a Scotland sense.
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