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  1. There's no way we should be playing anyone who's had 2 games back after months lay off They'll be well below par
  2. Read same for any other sofl team Average foreign overpaid dross populating every side People like Curtis Main, who are willing runners
  3. You going for a Mikey Devlin mulgrew combo
  4. Depends how attack minded the coach is
  5. I wouldn't say they're the same Why they are given a different description One has two dm's, screeners in front of the back 4 Then a number 10 behind the striker 433 just has three central midfielders No deeper dm's or no 10 Both really 451's as you say but they are different From what I've seen and he's said, Clarke plays the 433
  6. Clarke only plays a 433, not a 4231
  7. Tbf he won't go with anything other than his 433 which he plays every game regardless of opponents or personnel But I would have liked to seen that formation tried in a friendly at least
  8. Mcginn and mctominay are injured maybe just returning Christie and Armstrong don't start for their clubs At present only jack Fleck and McGregor are playing regularly
  9. Would another centre half not aid the em... centre halfs Is someone who is playing every week for his club in a position, if did same for us, playing out of position? Is playing two strikers together up front who both flourish when playing with another striker, playing to a weakness?
  10. Could use the Celtic recent formation May solve a few of the problems Marshall Souttar Gallagher McKenna Forrest Robertson Jack Fleck McGregor Mcburnie Griffiths
  11. Haaland scoring hattricks for fun for Dortmund Slightly worrying
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