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  1. Mccoist might be the worst football manager of all time
  2. The most alarming thing is the rank average sides but also with no Scots in them Just rank average journeyman who've been signed from your Cambridge's
  3. It's truly a farce Scottish football is no longer Scottish
  4. Russell spent most of the time going backwards with the ball
  5. Expect him to retire early He clearly can't be fucked
  6. He gave him the opportunity to block him It was begging to be hit first time
  7. Sack everyone, board, manager, players
  8. Bates and McKenna can count themselves very lucky to be starting too
  9. Realistically we need Cyprus to beat Russia in Nicosia Us to beat Cyprus home and away And us to reach at least parity with Russia IE not happening
  10. If astros were that bad Glasgow warriors entire squad would be injured as would the whole sport of american football It's total made up pish
  11. They have players who aren't a bunch of cunts
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