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  1. Bino's

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Also, as pointed out above, our clubs don't like to play Scottish people They prefer to over pay average foreigners, who they get to lump it up the park
  2. Bino's

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    They actually play football Passing, possession, ability We continue to just lump it up the park
  3. None of their youths will play for their clubs and will end up ebbing away
  4. sit back against france their one weapon is the pacey guy who looks like Donatello from ninja turtles do them with a set piece as you will likely do to a choking croatia side tonight or don't actually, please
  5. the Scotland football team being shite for 20 years has had something to do with that
  6. wtf was Martinez up to last night Chadli switched due to right back suspension but then hazard played left back. Changed from the Brazil game diamond with De bruyne at top, to De bruyne further back along with addition of dembele who did nothing. Didn't work so pulled dembele for mertens but playing right wing, did nothing. . When things again not working pulled fellani and put De bruyne even further back. Had the biggest team in tournament but never played a long ball in latter stages even though that's how got out of trouble v Japan. Went out with whimper but cheek to say one set piece was difference and not challenged by any journalists, panel members
  7. Martinez tactical genius for finally moving De bruyne further forward What a difference Also revelation, lukaku's actually good
  8. Bet on Belgium at 11-1 to won WC Delighted Neymar diving cunt Why did Marcelo not close De bruyne for his goal Same with griezman fumbled goal, Uruguay right back made no attempt to close
  9. watching the games on a wee delay and fast forwarding through the half time pish helps!
  10. They haven't got any quality sides to play Croatia who choke
  11. In 98 they lost to Argentina who lost to Holland who lost to Brazil who lost to France The draw has just wonderfully opened up for them, now they've won a shoot out too!
  12. Welcome to football
  13. How many have they won, lost 1 to 6 or something
  14. They were forced to go two up top which has brought them out of the shell
  15. They've all got it in them So would we if we ever got near one