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  1. Bino's

    Scottish player transfers

    Rodgers continues to try and develop young players As opposed to most other managers methods The longer he's at Celtic the better for our national team
  2. Bino's

    Scottish player transfers

    Surely must be reason he's been signed
  3. Bino's

    First 11

    He was ok, passable when playing week in week out at Blackburn It was when he was bit part at best at Newcastle that wheels fell off, he doesn't seem to do rusty very well But if playing every week at Norwich would consider him
  4. Bino's

    Scottish player transfers

    Hopefully gets some game time Should do him the world of good
  5. Bino's

    2018 MVP

    Allan McGregor all day long
  6. That's what I meant Not a racist shout not nothing
  7. Bino's

    Andew Robertson

    I wouldn't be changing the McGregor Armstrong Forrest Christie Fraser midfield
  8. Can't say I've heard a racist chant at any Scottish game I've ever been to
  9. Bino's

    League cup final thread

    Should have been a sending off and a penalty
  10. Bino's

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Don't you mean Bates and McKenna or Souttar and McKenna
  11. Bino's

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    If it was the nations league final play off game None of those that start this weekend would have pulled out
  12. That explains why Scottish newscasters, print media barely brought mundells behaviour into question Where channel 4 news rightly ripped him to shreds over it
  13. The position is so entrenched against anything sturgeon, against anything SNP They have forgotten who they represent, both politicians and broadcasters
  14. He is this country's representative on the board that runs the UK He represents nothing but himself