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  1. And if they're slightly not good enough yet They'll have an overpaid average at best foreign journeyman ahead of them As the clubs can't possibly take the risk
  2. Brendan Rodgers did, Neil Lennon and the club itself don't
  3. They will never impose that on themselves
  4. The spfl teams have nil desire to develop youth
  5. If we're calling up Craig Halkett and Lawrence Shankland we're in even more trouble than we thought
  6. Rush Hughes Radcliffe Southall We did very well to get past them
  7. A club that was in a European cup semi final and a uefa cup final ( which meant something then)
  8. Dave MacPherson would walk into our side now, sadly
  9. Aye it's a 451 masquerading as a 433
  10. Who are they made of We should hire them whoever they are
  11. Belgium used to be at a similar level They completely changed the way they coached youngsters, went very technical They persuaded all the clubs to play 433 at youth levels, as did all the national youth teams This is the result It doesn't just happen We will change nothing Our clubs will change nothing
  12. Bino's


    Kosovo are light years ahead of us Keep the ball infinitely better than us
  13. Bino's

    Liam Cooper

    What the fuck are they coaching centre halfs at Scottish clubs It must be the worst coaching standards on the planet
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