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  1. They've always had mediums in their service. Queen Victoria had the services of Lees - a medium from Leicester. When they bought Balmoral she couldn't get him to travel there. Instead he foretold she would find a equally fine medium, in a young Gillie up there. She did John Brown . not a lota people know that
  2. why is Clarke waiting so long to sub people
  3. They are hardly world beaters.
  4. I think the Danes will put on a few subs at half time.
  5. Yes until we unearth a proper no 9, it will be hit or miss , so to speak.
  6. We can't afford to wast so many corners . Every one of their player looks taller than ours. Try a different corner approach 2nd half I am sure we will see that.
  7. Danish manager said this their 2&3rd striing
  8. Wonder what like Jacob Brown is will he be our saviour might as well give him a try at some point
  9. Anyone on this message-board would've tapped that in. It was all down to the great build up play. How many chances has he wasted ? Still glad to be proved wrong though.
  10. anyone connected with Southampton should be subbed at half time
  11. No pen Ref must've rejected the half time brown envelope
  12. Thankfully our goalie has been our best player so far....touch wood
  13. we could be a couple down already
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