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  1. Is this thread still about The Mighty Celtic ? Just thought I would ask prior to posting anything.😀
  2. Congratulations, welcome to the T.A
  3. Whether we like McBurnie or not, if the guy is in decent form then we need in the squad at least, we are not exactly well off for strikers.
  4. Never been a big fan of his but McBurnie has had a good gave v Spurs this evening and scored
  5. Queen and David Bowie would have to be ones, along with Deep Purple. Never thought I would see the Rolling Stones but managed a couple of years ago so that's off the list now. Seen the Killers a few times but would love to see them again.
  6. Just watching the CIS game, had to laugh when they were lining up as McPherson was at least a foot taller than anyone else. Looked a decent team back then and Paul McStay is class at times. Just a bit young to remember them all but looked a decent side
  7. Killers, Rolling stones(was lucky enough to see them at Twickenham a couple of years back). Saw Fleetwood Mac mentioned as still think Rumours is a great album. Enjoy some of the old glam rock like T Rex.
  8. We all know that the parents were in the wrong and they have to live with this, so any closure either way is for the best. It is the poor wee girl I feel sorry for, who through no fault of her own has had her life taken away from her.
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