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  1. Started watching 7 seconds after seeing it mentioned on here. It’s very good. Not so good is Reckoning on Netflix. I enjoyed the first few episodes but it fell away badly.
  2. Fair play. I agree, if you have a view it should stay the same no matter who it is that's involved.
  3. Where is this? I've not seen it anywhere except on here. What if it had been Edouard? 😀
  4. The pressure on both Celtic and Rangers is to win every game which makes it harder for them to introduce the kids. It's maybe one of the reasons Rangers suggested Colt teams. Yes I know there'll have been other reasons too 🙂 I'm sure this has been asked before and I think Fairbairn answered? It was more than I thought, more than a handful, but still not many.
  5. Get away, what you doing washing an old pair of knickers? Something very fishy about this.
  6. Thanks, but the Killie game tomorrow is still being played. Or have they not announced that one yet?
  7. Trying to catch up but haven't Celtic said that all playing and backroom staff including Bolingoli have been tested twice and were negative? So why can't the Celtic game go ahead?
  8. I visited my maw in hospital the other day and even though she was in a side ward I had to wear a mask all the while I was there. Even with a light cotton one it was stuffy at the end of the day. I'd hate to have to work with one on. The company I'm working with is a product design company and sales were down by near 90% but they started to make face covers (not medical grade) to fill time. This month, sales are up by 20% on the same month last year.
  9. Wow, less than 2 minutes to reply. What a fun, interesting, healthy life you must have. 🥱 Oh, I’ve warned you before about the stalking accusations, call me anything you like but leave that out. Or man up and pm me? Or provide some evidence. Anything really, otherwise all anyone can hear is an attention seeking loner crying in the distance.
  10. Rambling again 😂 I can see that you’ve typed some words out (well done for that) but they make absolutely no sense to me. I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry for you. Following all these imaginary people round telling them what a great, healthy, interesting life you have. Then when challenged, you run away to this great life shouting mods, mods, the board is dead, I’m never coming back. Then what? You’re life is so interesting, as soon as there’s some shite thread and some bullying going on, you leave your healthy interesting life and come back day and night posting nonsense. 🤣 You really are for the watching. Enjoy your healthy sweem. 🥱
  11. You really are in a bad way. 🤣 I’m busy at the moment, watching Reckoning on Netflix, pretty good. We can chat tomorrow or you can pm me like I’ve suggested 5 or 6 times instead of destroying another thread with your pathetic insults and cries for attention and help from your cry bully chums.
  12. 😂😂😂 How long this time before you run away shouting ‘That’s it, I’m done, this place is dead’? Paranoid.
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