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  1. It could be? No accusations of anything here. I just find dates in usernames interesting.
  2. Not you because I’m sure I read on here that you remember Craig Brown times as manager and he was Scotland manager in the late 90s. So if 1996 was your year of birth, that would make you full of shite which of course you’re not. So not like you at all. Nah.
  3. Fleck’s a good little player and when fit is better than most of our midfield players. It’s not just about playing our best players though. Always interested when people use numbers in their username. Often a bit of a give away unless it’s something like 67.
  4. Watched this because of your recommendation. Loved it, really well written, acted, filmed and edited. Got a stressful, tight deadline job on at the moment and so working long hours. To sit down after a long day (about 10.00) and unwind watching this was just perfect. So thanks. Loved this too but I could watch Bob Mortimer all day. If you’ve not seen him in Would I Lie to You then try catch it on YouTube. You describe the series really well and The Detectorists above is very similar in style, even though it’s scripted. Well worth watching if you enjoyed Gone Fishing.
  5. Sorry to read this. I always found him to be a nice guy. Two youngest daughters loved him, came up to sing to them years ago when they were wee. Always seemed to remember them and seek them out at away games even when they’d grown up. They’ll be sad to hear this too.
  6. You done it? I need to read through things but now I can't find my way round here on my phone anymore I don't bother so much.
  7. This guy called Simon on Stars in Your Eyes. Matthew Kelly says, "I hear you have a sad story, why don't you tell the audience?" So the guy says, "I was in a horrific car crash with my uncle. My uncle died and I lost both my legs. But the surgeon performed a miracle operation and transplanted my uncle's legs onto me". Matthew say's "What an amazing story. So tell me, Simon from Liverpool, who are you going to be tonight?" Guy says, "Well tonight Matthew, I'm going to be... Simon and half uncle".
  8. Aye, all this talk of browning your meat has made me rather hungry.
  9. If you scroll all the way down the emojis on your phone, all the old ones are there Right, that’s two posts. No more.
  10. It’s just become too much hassle to bother on a phone so here’s my one post of the week from my computer. I see you. There you are. I’m checking you out.
  11. The three horizontal bars are no longer there on a phone. That’s where you used to sign in and out, get notifications and send/receive messages. How do you do any of those things now on a phone? I’m all for upgrades but I don’t think you should lose functionality. It would be good to get some sort of explanation as to why they’ve removed it.
  12. Stop trying to kid on you don’t know. Here it is. Featuring a young Mrs Tidy.
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