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  1. I don’t think they want rid of people, I think they want rid of the emojis. Get people to complain about them so the mods remove them. I got it wrong about the functionality. It’s not on hover, it’s when you click on the emoji that you see who gave you it. Like this:
  2. I don't want to comment on this really because it's basically giving the person, or people, the attention they clearly seek. I don't go with this Ron/Rolling Hills/Bonny etc etc all being the same person and running the board - though I do think some people have more than one active log in. I've a suspicion on who I think started it all and have said who. Couple of things - I see that besides named people and guests, there's also anonymous people viewing. How do you sign in anonymously? If you sign in anonymously, can you give people emoji's? If you can, that might explain things. Th
  3. And I thought today couldn’t get any worse
  4. The woman has no shame. That's not a nice thing to say about someone's wife. Good job I'm not Ramy. Well Tidy, encouraging Ramy to brown his meat, admiring Fairbairn's bulging wallet and calling someone's wife an old bag. I think you'll get along quite nicely with the humour Back on track, another series I didn't expect to enjoy is Call my Agent but I am. Tidy will probably watch 5 minutes of it and say it's just like Legally Blond or some other nonsense film but it's a nice easy watch.
  5. Don’t think The Chuckle Brothers like her very much
  6. You probably won't take my recommendation having only watched two episodes of Home for Christmas. Even though it's not until 3 and 4 that the characters start to emerge. Anyway, I thought it was brilliant, it does push the boundaries a bit humour wise but I know a lot of people that have seen it and some that I thought would hate it, really enjoyed it. If you don't want to listen to me, here's a picture of my man bag as we left the theatre. He loved it
  7. I think Brown will be a good assistant and thought that might be his next position at Celtic. If I’m honest I never liked him at Celtic but I did when he played for Scotland. I also liked when he went over to Kamara the other day. He does seem to have a winning mentality and also seems like a good leader. Will be interesting to see how it goes for him if it’s confirmed.
  8. Trilogy? Soundtrack? Seems you know more about Bridget than me Give the third episode a go and I’ll never mention it again.
  9. Typical, it doesn’t really get going until the third episode Bridget Jones? Away with you, nothing like the 10 minutes I’ve seen of that.
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