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  1. I know 😂 I was tempted with that one but thought I’d best leave it. Browning your meat 😂
  2. Sorry about that, I took the thread off track. Here’s (Jim) Baxter Dury, Ian Dury’s son. Nice track.
  3. I did miss that but I’ve read about it on here. I wish I’d been around when that was happening. Crazy stuff and yes, that does beat Ormond and RH being the same person. 😀
  4. Well you’ve been on here longer than me so I for sure take your word. I wasn’t here at the start of the board then came off for a good few years when my maw was suffering with dementia around the time Rangers went belly up. This place became as repetitive as she was around then and I couldn’t deal with it. Maybe you could PM me when you’re out the bath? 🙂
  5. Not sure about Glasgow but I’ve heard people there singing There’s no, no soap in Rome
  6. I ran out of hand wash and soap a couple of weeks ago so I mixed some shower gel and Dettol together and put that in my hand wash dispenser. My fingers look like tortoise heads. Fancy a massage? 😀
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