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  1. I'm going to recommend 2 series again to see if there's any takers this time. Home for Christmas. Norwegian series on Netflix. Better watched with subtitles than dubbed but only 30 minutes per episode. @TDYER63 I think you'll like this one. Ray Donovan. This is on Sky Atlantic On Demand. It's not about the mob but there's lots of similarities to The Sopranos. I'm on the last series of seven and apart from one series have really enjoyed it. As with a lot of series you maybe need to watch a couple before making up your mind. Would be interested in other people's views on eith
  2. £80 - £100 on the spot fine for that depending on where you live
  3. I think I’ve misunderstood this theme I went from Boys Keep Swinging to Swing Easy.
  4. Wasn’t me but I agree with you.
  5. It wasn’t a particularly great theme to be honest. I’d been asked to suggest a piece of music for a football video. Imagine you worked for Sky or whoever and they’d put together a video of a team (Scotland) scoring goals, some great tackles, full stretch saves, collecting trophies. What music would you put to it? The video was for my friend’s son’s team to send round to the other parents because they couldn’t get together for award presentations. Anyway, back to the letter A
  6. Only way this can be solved is if admin make the emojis transparent as I’ve suggested a few times. There’s another board I’m on and if you hover over the emoji it reveals who left it so it is possible. We’d also find out who the weirdo is that follows you around and leaves an upvote on ALL your posts
  7. Despite everything, Celtic have only lost two games and that form would normally win them the league. I don't think it's done yet but it'll be interesting to see if they stick with Lennon until the end of the season. Some of this team will leave, some they'll want to leave and some like Brown are done. The lad Soro looks good, Turnbull is quality but they look like they need more than a few new signings. Will they want Lennon involved?
  8. A friend was producing a video for her son’s football team and asked me for a piece of music that would be great as a backing track. Either upbeat or one that would pull on the heartstrings when the parents watched their kids scoring goals, making tackles, hugging each other etc. It was tricky but might be a good theme?
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