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  1. Never said we were and I wasn't advocating getting Strachan back. Never answered the question tho
  2. Were we playing better under Strachan before he went or are we playing better under Mcleish?
  3. He has to go, unfortunately the shambolic SFA will let him stumble on to the next disaster. Strachan had us playing well, a cohesive, organised unit. Any progress has been thrown away, we have regressed badly under Mcleish. There are plenty managers out there that would improve us immediately.
  4. True bud. Years of being told we're too poor, too wee and too stupid have taken a toll. It needs to change, we need to start believing in ourselves as a nation again. It's hard when your getting pumped off Kazakhstan tho 😂
  5. I would have Strachan back but he's slavering some pish on sky
  6. I am sick of the crocker and provan being so negative. They revel in it and love reminding us of failures. Why do we put up with it? The English wouldn't
  7. Aye his shot for the goal went backwards 😂 nobody played great but at least he was looking for the ball
  8. I thought Russell has been quite lively. Russell and Armstrong were the best of a bad bunch
  9. Robertson and Fraser would've been as well as skiving off again tae. Garbage
  10. McTominay more creative than McGregor aye? One pass and?
  11. Armstrong was playing well and then subbed, McGregor probably our most creative midfielder taken of for a very defensive player. McLeish is clueless, get him out!
  12. Woeful. Utterly unacceptable! McLeish is a clueless charlatan and needs punted asap. A couple of decent displays v Albania and a lucky win v Israel just doesn't cut it. We need to start again but does anybody have any confidence in the SFA to make the correct decisions? I certainly don't.
  13. Maybe because you're a wanker?
  14. Ffs I thought Bonny was the biggest fud on here but Chripper is taking it to a whole new level!
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