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  1. I think you answered your own question there, to a degree. Union above all else, which is their prerogative, of course.
  2. Quite. Like many I am unsure about how all this will play out. However if you believe the narrative about it all being about a "super majority", that it's all about picking up list seats where an SNP vote may be wasted, there could be no more powerful demonstration of that then standing down in a region where that is unlikely to be the case. To be clear I'm not saying they SHOULD stand down, that's entirely up to them and everyone has the right to make their case. However if they DID, then I think they instantly become far more credible in the eyes of folk who are currently sceptical a
  3. I do too, and ironically the sense I get is that a lot of this is offending some people's sense of "British fair play" (whatever you think of that concept). I'm slightly distanced down South, but there's no shortage of people highlighting the double standards at play, given the various transgressions of numerous people within the UK government BUT, she and the party really do need to come off the back foot and start fighting back.
  4. I re-joined last night. A means to an end is exactly what it is.
  5. ^^^ And this, sorry I can't seem to use multiquote, so 2 separate posts. I'm no political strategist, and I wouldn't argue with the success of the approach in recent times, but for me it's high past time that they start getting on the front foot with a few things. Starting with calling out people like Sarah Smith, Wark, Neil and Keunssberg (I'm not going to check the spelling). The other big one is for me is debt/deficit, when they don't even have borrowing powers and international law regarding "successor states" seems crystal clear. I could be misreading the public mood comp
  6. Indeed. Up out of my scratcher in South Yorkshire at 6am, on the road before 7 to get to Aberdeen for half one, pick up rowies, game, then home for midnight if lucky? That was scarcely sane when I had the season ticket in 2016/17, nae chance I'd be doing that right now, lockdown or not. At the moment, as Uncle John from the Broch would say, "I widna ging the length o' masel".
  7. Going mad in my old age - I meant the Esplanade! Always park there.
  8. Quite. Won't be the same experience without parking up at Beach Boulevard and being practically blown to the stadium, unable to feel my ears.
  9. I agree, might as well go back to Sky as pay that. Good luck to them though if they've got anyone prepared to pay it.
  10. Aye, for "multi-room", but that's only 2 connections, I need four and there's no price for that, he just told me straight out, it would need to be 2 "multi-room" subscriptions at £35 each. Not realistic. The range of VOD is a little light as well, but he is very reliable. I take a single connection back up service in case the other service's servers get attacked when there's a big game on, but at that price he can be the back-up, at best.
  11. Many thanks for your help, I've sent a message. Your fears are unfounded, I assure you.
  12. Pal of mine tried to register a couple of weeks ago, when using the log in details it's saying his account is still awaiting validation. Any idea how long this takes, he's wondering if he unknowingly put something the site doesn't like on his registration details? Many thanks!
  13. I've had a look at that and I'm going to give that a go at the end of the month, cheers for the 'heads up'!
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